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Genesis 37 (2)

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And that is where I want to begin this morning with us. Just like we’ve done with Joseph, take a moment, reflect on your life story, Imagine, seeing your life journey from 30,000 feet, seeing those important moments. Think about your childhood, your teenage years, college years, adulthood, think about those times where your marriage was almost lost, think about those times where your family was being challenged, think about the times that have contributed to your journey and path. Maybe you grew up in favorable circumstances - Christian Home, christian parents, youth group, church. Healthy, had enough money. Maybe you grew up in unfavorable circumstances - dysfunctional childhood, trauma, loss, sickness, abandoned, rejection. We’ve all experienced some form of that and we can look down on our life journey and say, “wow, I can see where I have come from, to where I am at now. Look at my life journey, it meanders. Just like the Dora Cannal. Now, think about where you are right now in your life journey. Would you have thought you end up where you are at now? If those distinct life changing markers did not happen in your journey, would you be where you are at now? How do you think your life would have changed? What if you decided to make a different decision in the middle of one of those life altering events, How might that have affected you? your family? and your life path?Maybe youre wondering negatively, how did I get here…
Through Josephs life, we are going to witness how God builds Joseph into the man he wants him to become. God will use meandering circumstances to teach Joseph to be faithful. Think about the Israelites in the exodus from Egypt. They roamed around for 40 years in the wilderness on their journey to the promised land. It doesn’t take 40 years to walk from egypt to Israel, you see God is in the business of character forming, they wandered through the wilderness while God used the most mundane of circumstances to form his people into the people he wanted them to be. Like Joseph and Israel, God does that with us today, using mundane, day to day circumstances to form us into Christ’s image. The question is, do we see it?
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