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06.30.2019 | BRIDGE Sunday, pt.1

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Well, good morning. Y'all. My name is Douglas Humphrey. I didn't serve at the lead Pastor hearing from Fellowship Church in this is our second official service in this space and we are still excited as a man song.

We are focused on one specific thing. This week has on our Lord's gospel and as a church, we've done service for the next. That is free Sunday.


I've learned in my life is this is my running my life when we just have the what to do inside. We getting really excited really jazzed up we can get going a hundred miles. What time do tar when the resources that people don't agree with you when the things that should be happening don't have. You can get tired you can't do this anymore. motivation

Are you right now?

And what keeps you going back to the next person I could go back to that same person over and over and over and over again is having to walk is having the Y. It's probably already said our primary goal as a church is to breathe people back to God and This is Gospel that we have a Matthew 19:28 son of the Holy Spirit.

We are the recipients of those hard-working.

Jesus disciples

to charge the charge to go.

Is the man has been handed down to us to disciplemakers is an expectation of society to go and make disciples.

Did I just gave you?

It pleases God it pleases God when you share the gospel and it satisfied our own heart.

Play and people turn to the church people turn to the Lord the Church Road. That's so let's make an attitude the family.

Because the darkness is being further eradicated people have a new outlook on life people live to glorify God not to glorify themselves so far.

You guys know what the current population of Raleigh NC? less than 5000 Is it going to be more? The population of Raleigh is better than 500,000 people.

They moved around do they want to hear the word for whatever? Who are you?


I didn't want nothing to do with Jesus. Go back to save this. We have our work cut out for us. Where the Bible Belt?

the Lord's Church It's our job to keep the gospel to the people. I know if you know this or not what's going on today?

strongest Birds to come inside

read me the gospel to the people and show them the love of Jesus Christ.

Louis Pasteur here for all of us are not satisfied with just one Soul not knowing Jesus Christ. So I have a big goal for us. Our goal is to push back. Then that the number of lost is by 1% and 1% roughly give or take is going to be about three thousand people 1% of the population of Arlington be roughly about 3,000 people that we're going to work to do. And we get that number because we're going to hit that.

Star motivation. It isn't number. Our motivation is God's glory and glorify. And the joy the new believer to get you can't experience is mine.

How much was surance.

I've been training this prayer for quite a while now been praying for the Lord to show me the loss of you. I been praying for the Lord to break my heart with angry or violent.


Read Matthew 9:35 to bring it's quite a while before. We just before Matt it going around to all do something going around to all the towns and Villages teaching in their synagogues.

sickness when he saw the crowds he felt good.

They were depressed.

Therefore praise the lord of the Harvest to send out burger. the Harvest see the thought of one sold off into eternity without God. She called All of Us in one person.

Typically in the mornings I Journal my prayers and pretty much everyone.

we Jesus Christ read to show people love interest and loving God. We need to show them that they desire to have a relationship with them.

Heaven and Hell, I literally came with the bow so we could somehow.

Summer job as a pastor. This church is too full. My job is too far to off tomada what I'm asking you to do for me to make it gospel, but it's also and so we're going to start this day.

What's the weather? sharing the gospel today

the church exists because of the gospel and for the gospel the church would be the body of Believers from all time about

merely speaking. The gospel is the complete and final work that Jesus did it sucks is a complete.

So we're going to work understand why this question why do we need the gospel? Why do we need to download off?

We need the gospel because we're guilty of sent and argue. Every person ever born stands guilty before the Lord Romans. 5:12 says about RH sin. This is there for just as Sin entered the world one man and death spread through sent in this way to spread to all people because all have sinned. He said he can come after him because

workout centers

Wayne grudem parasites of this way No, we did not get exist before I even created God. He began thinking of us as though.

We're born with a big problem and I promise come as result of one man's Disobedience that one person's disobedient. It labels us guilty. Not one person.

We inherit the sins that we can't do anything about it.

This is what Adam did to US Open up a line of credit as a cosigner. Here's the problem. The bill is bigger than the entire human race has ever caught.

We can even come close. Thank the Lord for Jesus.

If you're sitting here, which I think that we were sitting here thinking this you're sitting here thinking.

Here's my response to the plan is in the most loving way that I can stack. Can we all done wrong? Every one of us have committed send guilty the wrongdoer.

Is there judgment we deserve God's Wrath for the wrong that you've done even though even though we didn't commit the first of all.

You still done wrong? You still send against. We still don't know we had no business doing and we still deserve to be punished.

Second grade second response to that ain't Fair, please.

To refuse Adam as our representation of Gill and to accept Jesus as a representation of Salvation. If you can't have one without the other this is what Romans 5:19 says about the whole situation is the movie where babysitter so also through one man's obedience.

So this is how this works out shows Adam to represent the entirety of the human race.

The same way God in his grace he chose Jesus.

Those would have your sins forgiven if those of us who are committed to living for God's glory and when Jesus Paid our send that he passed on to us. When God looks at us you don't ever see the filthy Center.

Jesus set us free from the guilt of sin. We can't say that we want Jesus in order to receive his grace. You also have their own you're wrong to take one.

escaping out of disobedience

recent school

The Apostle Paul reminding the Ephesian Believers you were dead in your trespasses and sins according to the spirit.

We to hear everyone.

among them in our fleshly desires

We were by Nature children under wraps as others were awesome.

You make me in Jesus Christ now, but not The collected by our simple desires they controlled us wherever they wanted us to go.

We couldn't stop ourselves and our tendency what's for send always.

Alarm in the Bible calls us to reflect God's grace in the Bible called us to consider her to keep fighting the good fight of faith that we are blessed beyond measure. It's easy for us to Super reset and liver. We Landon and Dooley Duke and pass Judgment of non-believers. For Those About to walk with the Lord protector time it's easy for us. People forget what it's like to be lost. I used to think that when people who don't know Jesus Christ and they went through hard trials. I had hardships and their life or for something.

What did Guy Fieri eat at Play? What is that day when I heard the gospel God kept my tears quotes.

We're going to be.

Jesus had compassion on the wall.

We should get to know people who don't know Jesus. We should seek to understand how her wired why would the decision that they make we should show them love and grace.

And then when the time is right with the world.

one of those are things to do to have

never sharing

earlier probably mention that we're going to have a special time.

Over here to my left is a sheet of carpet.

Write the names of the Lost underneath the carpet.

Start thinking like right now.

Maybe it's the Tire Guy.

I don't know maybe. Don't know.

I'm going to invite you guys to talk to at least one of those people that you broke down about.

2nd and then he's going to

don't be bashful come up right now.

So as you are riding down the name of Christ.

chapter one starting with verse 3

be the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Bless us in Christ with every spiritual.

Even as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world. If we should be holy and blameless before you. Predestined us for adoption as Sons through Jesus Christ according to the purpose of his will. to the praise of his glorious Grace

In him, we have Redemption through his blood. forgiveness of our trip according to the riches of his grace when she lavished upon us and all wisdom and insight make known to us.

set forth in Christ as a play for the Good night, all things in him things in heaven and things on earth. We haven't changed and inheritance haven't been predestined 40 to the purpose of him works all things according to the counsel of his will. So that we who were the first to be in Christ might be to the praise of his glory. Would you heard the word of Truth The Gospel of your salvation with the promise who is the guarantee of our inheritance until we acquire possession of it to the phrase of his glory? For this reason because I have heard your faith in the Lord Jesus and you go toward all the saints. Nazis to give thanks. liberals set the god of our Lord Jesus Christ Bobby Blue Parts in light.

What are the riches of his glorious inheritance in the Saints? What is the immeasurable greatness of his power to R Us open late? According to the working of his great month that he worked in Christ, but he raised him from the dead seated him at his right hand of the heavenly. barber pole ruling Authority and power to me Every name that is named not only existing also the ones come. All things under his feet, which is his body.

You were dead in trespasses and sins in which you once walked following the course. This were following the prince of the power steering now, it works in the sun among whom all among all once lived in the past about flesh carry out the desires children of Wrath like the rest of mankind. God being rich in Mercy. Because of the great love with which he loved us. Even when we were dead in our trespasses. Play us a lullaby together with rice. By Grace, you have been saved and raised us up and seated us with his grace and kindness toward us in Christ Jesus. Go by Grace, you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing it is the gift of God. Not a result of works, so that no one. We are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good. God prepared beforehand that we should walk.

Download free. Heavenly Father

Thank you for this opportunity. God to be. In the place Bridge Fellowship here. For the purpose of the Gospel in Bayou Grace to reach the Lost. What do I get the names written on this carpet? or any person in Mississippi

Thank you for the gospel that was preached today this morning, but Lord, I pray that. Did you take that mask?

into our places of work into our places places of plague

the names of these individuals as well as those in throughout the father we pray that the holy spirit moves in their hearts conviction conviction of their unrighteousness. Turn into turn back to you into serving Christ the loving you and having that relationship. previous Lord in the name of Jesus

Awesome. I'm awesome. Would it be to be able to the next month or whatever happened?

And if you have someone else answered prayers for us, why are finalizing the gospel? We need the gospel because God punishes sin.

What is the gospel because God punishes sin? Send don't want to talk about it must be dealt with it. Can't be a Shelby to lock the door.

It has to be dealt with. God is holy and righteous and it would be against his very nature to wetsand go unpunished.

Forgot to let sin go unpunished.

Hell awaits anybody lives in sand and never come back?

Life may be good for the person who doesn't know the Lord now like maybe good now.

Is behind them and send it Demands a famous emancipated? Romans 6:23 says the wages of sin is death the words all sin leads to death. God's punishment for unrepentant sin

the damn spoken of the Romans 6:23. It's not a temporary. Dye.

There's no second chance or there's no do-overs there.

And it's important to swallow. I think that someone would knowingly to someone after hearing the gospel say I don't want. salvation

makes me a bit terrified for them. Christian's on the other hand are promised eternal life forever basking in God's presence. God doesn't let Shane go unpunished and it's one of all of us in front of each and every one of us.

The pathway that leads to hell. Hello the middle of place. Hell was designed in hell is reserved for safety and for all of his followers.

Revelation 20:10 Hamill depicted as the most horrific place a place of Eternal punishment a place of eternal torment a place where God punishes sin is final and there's no that's why the time to respond to the gospel is when you hear it.

We don't have tomorrow.

See some people don't want to discuss me. Don't want to talk about your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Because you knew the alternative.

I want to draw this sermon to a close by reading Isaiah 55 67 is please said Isaiah says seek the Lord. While he may be found call to him while he is near let the wicked one abandon his way in a cynical wondersauce. Let him return to the Lord so he can have it on him. Into are. Or she freely forgives. There's still time. Jesus is still near he's still redeeming soles of his gospel on a person turns immediately justify another word for hard. Families that but they get welcomed into the body of believers. They become apart of the family.

Why do we need the gospel? I need the gospel because only it has a power to rescue the perishing. God is in the business of throwing his church with the gospel. He's not in the business of anything, but that there's no God except in the gospel. The gospel is the most powerful device known to man. Nothing else has the power to save so Is Church Christ Church where we exist because of the Gospel?

Anything else is a waste of time as Isaiah just said time not so long ago. We were considered unworthy of his love of the gift of

It's something we do with a church to remember our God great something to do with the church.

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