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Psalm 23

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In our savior, we praise you today we give you a thanks. You are so worthy of Praise in every season of the soul and although the darkness would hide you still you are great. You are how old are you are just two are perfect. You're Our Redeemer. You are Avenger. And we wait for you. We wait in the shadow of your wings. We wait Jesus for the ultimate display of Vengeance and Justice when you come back and you set the world to write. And on this side of that we just want to wait with Thanksgiving with hope with perseverance in our faith in our trust that you are good that you are in control and that you will bring all things into order. We asked for that that would start with our own Hearts. Our own minds. Our own attitudes aren't thinking our own behaviors. and all of that starts with belief believe that you are who you say you are. Belief that you say we are your son and daughter if we will just come to you.

So God, we ask that you would do that working us today that you would. Help us. Turn our hearts from centering our lives around our self and that we would send her our lives around you. We pray that you would fill us with your spirit that the fruit of the spirit would be evident in our life and would be increasing each one of those nine that are listed. We ask that you'd be increasing your ways in US. We ask that you would do so through your scripture through your word that comes to us today through Kodi. I pray it in Jesus name. Amen. Amen. You guys baby seated?

Thank you so much worship team.

Bring me up just a little bit. I hope you guys are doing well. I'm going to invites. Justin Hillary which one it which one of you are Justin, I'm going to invite Justin up to do the scripture reading for this morning.

If you have your Bibles, go ahead and go to Psalm 23.

Let me get you a Mike. You might need that.

There we go. Hey Hugo as a big Bible.

Psalm 23 The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want he makes me lie down in Green Pastures. He leads me beside Still Waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in Paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for you are with me your rod and your staff. They comfort me you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies you anoint my head with oil my cup overflows surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Thanks, Justin. Hey, man, father. We thank you for your word. We ask that this morning you lead us in your word Lord with a familiar song. Give us fresh eyes. To see it fresh ears to hear it. Holy spirit. You are welcome in this place. We ask that our hearts be attuned and aware of your presence this morning and it's in Jesus name. We pray. Amen. How many of you have heard that song before? Every hand in the room is up. Let me tell you that the first time I heard it we lived in the projects in Denver when I was little if you familiar with the Denver area, we lived in Federal Street really close to downtown and it was not a very great area and hitcents has been pushed out things have changed is not the artsy District. But when I was little I've heard a hip hop artist a rapper named Coolio. And Coolio had a song called Gangster's Paradise. And I remember hearing that song everyday when I would get off when I get out of my mom's car to walk into our apartment. I would hear living in a gangster's paradise every single day and there's a line in there with Coolio. All he says from this song as though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. It's always us from the song but that's the first time I've ever heard any reference to that song was when I was little and then over the years you hear more and different context, but it was interesting because the more I said that song and I remember repeating that song and my mom thought I was wholly, you know until I saw the rest of the song and edit my mouth will be get washed out with soap and I couldn't understand understand why. What is a very popular song and its popularity as seen in Hollywood nearly every graveside service and movies? You hear the you hear the priest or the pastor in the background giving the song and it's in real life at funerals or talk somebody this morning. It was just reading it off and it's appropriate for that. It's also popular from Hollywood to hospitals. This is something that people read to loved ones who are sick or trying to experience Wellness. We are very familiar with the song in the church and a lot of times what you find in scriptures you find some of the passages that you're so familiar with that you become kind of indifferent towards it. So familiar becomes indifferent, we lose it. We lose the weight of it. We lose the beauty of it and I'm not convinced that many people in the Church of actually integrated this song and experienced the song. I'm only in my life just scratching the surface of what this song is teaching the door is kind of been cracked open on peeking through and I'm realizing that life isn't necessarily difficult, but equally remarkable when you're walking with God

There is some Pro the profound nature of the song comes from its Simplicity and its Simplicity made it very hard to prepare because you don't want to overthink it you don't want to overdo it some songs. You just need to integrate in this is one of those songs. So we have no context for the song. We really don't know when David wrote this what point does life was it when he was being chased in the desert by his mentor. Was it when he was being sought after for his life from his son who wanted to assert his authority? Was it after David and Bathsheba when you realize how long or how much you grieve God and harmed his neighbors and created conflict. Was worth in his life when he was taking his final breaths looking back. I don't know but that's the beauty of this song is we don't know a lot about it. Antifreeze us a little bit to integrate it personally. I want you to view this song as a journey. Of of the human sheep. Navigating through life going to reach a destination. In the Psalms of the top of the destination is death. Actually the destination is life.

removing on a journey here And in ancient world Shepherd's this is a term for the humble lonely Shepherd but also for royalty and kings. Ancient Kings not just in Israel were called Shepherd Kings and David was called a Shepherd King. Swift keep it in mind. There's this mixing of metaphors between sheep and our humanness between the shepherd and his royalty and us as Citizens in his kingdom. So think through that has were talking about this journey through Psalm 23 and ultimately it's interesting that Jesus compare that the Bible entirely considers a sheep. I want people sit with us because she for stupid humans are stupid now.

I know you're not thinking this about yourself it. Would you agree? Generally that humans are kind of slow. We think everyone else is slow but ourselves right there definitely sheep. Yeah, I'm the dog or I'm down the smart want to hear people talk about dog trainers hear people talk about dolphin trainers your people talk about elephant trainers hurt. Somebody say, what do you do for a living? I'm a sheep trainer. They don't exist. You know why they can't be trained.

They are entirely all their life depended upon the shepherd. It's not that we're compared to sheet because they're simply dumb as that were compared to shoot because they have to be fully dependent. In the church oftentimes focuses on the dumb and really we need to be focusing on the dependent because there's a lot of wisdom in sheet from we watch how they behave in accordance with their Shepherd.

So what we going to walk through this the title for the sermon today is because because God is my shepherd because God is my shepherd. Is he I want to save you first one as a premise a thesis for what the rest of the song is. It's a starting point. God is my shepherd. I shall not want and everything else flows from that and that's how we got to do it so you can almost put the word because the Lord is my shepherd. And so the first thing we're going to move to this in four ways we can talk about the Lord is my shepherd. So I have all that I need so that I can be relaxed instead of restless so that I can walk through the valley. And because Lord is my shepherd. I know I'm pursued by goodness and love and don't worry. If you didn't write those down in the blanks, you'll get there eventually as we move through them. The first one because the Lord is my shepherd.

This will be on the screen. I have all that I need that's really what this is saying. I have all that I need misses. I like nothing. I shall not want it saying I have everything I need all the time Tuesday to think about God as distant disinterested.

And indifferent towards our life.

The song opens up in a very personal way. It says the Lord capital L capital O capital r capital D. The Lord is my shepherd what this means is a personal name of God. Yahweh. Yahweh is my shepherd is a personal relationship happening here between the ship the sheep and the shepherd and they are in close proximity with one another. It's not that God is distant. He's actually extremely close to the situation and because of that we have all that we need

And this is an important point because it's often not the case that we feel that way in life. We feel like we don't have everything we need but we have to start with that the fact that the Lord is Our Shepherd. Now this what this means this means that there was no one else leading my life. Where to begin there and we start there with our vision to get to change there was no one else leading me. We are all Guided by something by someone by a principal by a concept by a political persuasion. We are we are Guided by something political season is ramping up. I'm seeing more and more just like normal people banking on their political beliefs being Guided by their political beliefs being disrupted when their political beliefs are disrupted on both sides of the fence. Each side is operates often times out of a fear. This Shepherd is term again. The Lord is my shepherd. This is not just humble lonely Shepherd. This is a political word. For the people in the ancient near East listen to what James May's one of the commentators on Psalms James Mays. He says this is going to be up on the screen. He says

to say the Lord is my shepherd invokes all the richness of the steel logical and political background as well as the Pastoral. The statement is a confession. It declares commitment and trust. It also has a political thrust against human rulers and divine Powers the psalm and Trust the support guidance and protection of Life only and alone to the one whose name is the Lord.

It does not matter who whines up ultimately as president as Prince. Jesus is Lord.

Anytime just historically anytime Christians have a married the state and demanded the state recognized it to be legitimate historically. It has never worked out well. We find our identity our lordship in Jesus first and foremost. This is not to say we should not be political. We are called to be we're not called to be a political we can have our position to have our persuasion to vote for what we think we have the freedom to do that here, which is beautiful but keep in mind the end of the day Lord Is Our Shepherd.

another challenging at times I shall not want if God of Everything Is Our Shepherd and then the result is that we have everything we need now the opposite of this is true. So many times I hear this quoted for people who don't know the Lord people say, you know, you're in a better place you're going to be in a better place and all is well know. This song is only for those who are walking with the Lord.

The prayer the opposite is as actually true as well. If the Lord is not my shepherd. I will never have enough.

That's the flip side of this. If the Lord is not my shepherd, I will never have enough there's a difference between being Shepherd let himself LED and we see all the times in my own life and I'm sure and yours as well that we have this tendency to be self-led now self-led is like this when we have a lot we fear of losing it when we have nothing we kill ourselves to get it. We never have enough. I've never heard anyone say I think I finally have enough money power influence. I've never heard anybody say it.

We try to protect what we have and we live in desperation of trying to get what we don't. And it's exhausting and it leads to angst.

We come to the Lord is the same physically God is meeting our physical needs and that God is is meeting our spiritual needs when we have the Lord. We have all we need for the moment that we are in whether we believe it or not is the question. He is either fully in charge now. This is not remove your responsibility.

He creates jobsworth opportunities for us to provide he provides for us through various means it's not saying just sit there and wait. No, the sheep have to follow if they are to be fed. That's an important distinction. The bird has to leave the nest to get the worm to bring it back to the it. It's not just going to fall into the nest the same rhythm of work happens in our lives when we follow Jesus, but he has made access to what we need for the moment. We are in

Is he being self-led leads to angsten exhaustion and this is what Jesus would call ultimately the losing of your soul. Losing the very part of Who You Are by knockout not but not calling on God as a shepherd.

I have everything I need take it up with him talk to him about it.

Urban scenes in my life where man died I felt like I was. Do you know what you're doing? Because I was like, I have everything I need. and looking back It's easy to see that God has given me everything that I've ever wanted. My life will be miserable. Give me that relationships that I wanted. My life would have been miserable. If you were giving me that. One other item that I really want a baby was a music on Music are only from the miserable cuz it what it is reinforced my own desires. You see what the Lord calling the Lord my shepherd is saying I am only dependent upon God only. And we do this in perfectly. So don't hear me up here saying I've got this thing ironed out and no I don't. That's why the sheep for the shepherd has to go after the Sheep. He goes and gets them back. It doesn't kill him just because they leave he brings them back. That's all we like sheep we go. Astray. But we're still fully dependent upon God.

So when we get to the sex and exhaustion we desire rest, but don't know where to find it because we're trying to find it and something else other than God, but because the Lord is my shepherd. This is the second point because the Lord is my shepherd. I can be relax instead of restless. I can be relaxed instead of restless. You say you don't know my situation. He does listen to the way is to the psalmist puts it he makes me lie down in Green Pastures. He makes me lie down in Green Pastures. What does the saying is that he has paved the way created the space for them to be in Green Pastures? And for when when they get there, they lie down and see William Keller. This is going to be up here yet on screen, but he wrote a book called saw a Shepherds. Look at Psalm 23. He's a agricultural shepherd and a theologian and he said there are four things that makes you fly down. You can't get them to lie down a list for things are happening. They are free. They must be free from Fear they must be free from friction with one another they must be free from hunger and free from parasites. They will not lay down unless all those conditions are met and the only thing that can do that is the shepherd the Sheep cannot rid of its own parasites. The Sheep cannot remove its own fear that she cannot work it out between them.

The only thing that works is the presence of the shepherd. Listen to what? The shepherd says. The name is William Keller. He's not related to Tim Keller, but he says this. The unique aspect of the picture is that only the shipment himself can provide released from these anxieties. It all depends on the diligence of the owner whether or not his flock is free from disturbing influences in the course of time. I came to realize that nothing could so quiet and reassure the Sheep.

Then to see me in the field the presence of their master and the owner and protector put that I put them at ease as nothing else could do in the supply of day and night. Nothing else except just seeing the shepherd He tells another story when he walked out his or him and his wife walked out his wife started talking to the shoot. They wouldn't come but they heard his voice they all come running.

when they just see

the presence of the shepherd it begins to aliviate are all the friction.

That's what Jesus does for us. It's amazing something about the sphere elements. We are quickly fearful people right? I think if we're being honest how many times have you walked heard a noise in the house at night and immediately you think somebody's busted in there coming after me. forget the other possibilities like it's a a wind crack in the door. Forget the ice. The ice machine ice machines the worst because I swear somebody is in there with a knife waiting for me, right? We freaked out immediately. Our mind immediately goes to the most extreme thing. I can bring us fear.

That's how we are. We are peaches default towards fear.

Man, I've gotten almost several fights of my ice machine. Got my baseball bat.

so fearful

What up friction when your relationship with your friends are spouses are disconnected and not well, are you well?

No. We often hear this passage. Talk quite often Matthew. It's a Matthew 18:20. Matthew 18-20 says For where there are two or three or more gathered? I am among you the presence of Jesus is with you. Welcome here. This code at the beginning of service a there's two or three more of us got our God is here it was he not here when it's just me. Know the context is off the context of conflict. You read Matthew 18. The context is conflict. Where there is dissension where there is problems where there is conflict there. I will be in the presence of Jesus Like a Shepherd is meant to refocus our attention and say what's the most important thing about what we're talking about here Jesus. How do we reconcile the name of Jesus? How do we relieve the tension is because Jesus is present. The friction factor and now the parasites is he was cheap flies mosquitoes all sorts of stuff kind of they really like sheep and so they can get in their nose and cause some severe brain damage cause ear infections of the shepherd has to go in and clean it out. That's disgusting. But that's what God does for us. He cleans out of parasites and scripture point to the fact that sin is actually a parasite. It's something that infects us that leads us to death. It's a parasite one Theologian a meal planning app. He says this and this is this is a really good book out encouraging pick us up. If I'm not the way it's supposed to be but Neil says this is a parasite and Uninvited Guest that keeps tapping its host for sustenance. Nothing about Sin is its own all its power persistence plot and plausibility or stole or stolen goods. Sin is not really an entity but a spoiler of entities not an organism but a leech on organisms sin does not build Shalom the peace of God it vandalizes it.

Send is a parasite.

And only the shepherd can read as a parasite sick people cannot make sick people well.

Lost people cannot found find lost people. 11 Mark 2:17, this is how Jesus puts it. Mark 2:17, Jesus says when Jesus heard that he told him healthy people don't need a doctor sick people. Do I have come not to call those who think they are righteous. But those who know they are sinners. In other words know who they are sick. Jesus himself Associates the sin problem in one way as sickness. We talked about it last week as relational disruption. This week's end of the Destroyer has a the sickness the parasite that only Jesus can apparently deal with but then the hunger they won't lay down in letters unless they're free from Hunger.

The shepherd's shop to provide the food. And that's a testimony to sin scripture all over the place is Jesus again sing. I am the bread of life. In me you find your fullness Colossians. I know we're going to a lot of scripture but it's good Colossians 2:8 through 10 says this Griffon are fullness. It says see to it that no one takes captive. No one takes takes you captive by philosophy of empty deceit according to human Traditions according to the elemental spirits of the world and not according to Christ.

Should be another slide there. Okay, it finishes by saying Christ is the for in him the whole fullness of diety dwells bodily and you have been filled in him who is the head of all Rule and Authority what this is saying is if you want to get to know God you first start with Jesus you look at him cuz he is the fullest expression of God. And then you have been filled in him who is in charge as a Shepherd. Think about that when we get a full picture of Jesus he fills us and we are satisfied it goes on to say he leads me beside Still Waters in the in the Hebrew. It really literally says Waters of rest. Waters of rest all over the New Testament rivers of Living Water

You shall not thirst blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness?

The idea is that we are still then we are satisfied. We are refreshed and renewed he restores my soul the word Soul here literally just means me the entirety of my being. Not just my emotional state not just my circumstantial situation know me. Didn't say he restores the situation doesn't say that he changes the opposition. I'm facing it says he changes me. He restores me.

He restores my soul life can be really hard can't it? When get worn down and what I love about the Psalms is that they teach that that's okay. It's okay to struggle. It's okay to be weak. It's okay not to have the answer to it's okay to be confused. It's okay.

Life is hard.

We all have complexities that we face.

God is not asking us to solve them. He's asking us to be dependent like sheep.

We cannot restore ourselves.

Does he leads me on the paths of righteousness for his namesake? This is not saying he leaves me to the way to be righteous. He saying he leads me on the right paths. That's what it's saying. That means wrong paths. Following the Lord when the Lord is Our Shepherd, we will find the right path. That's what it's saying. How many of our mistakes are because we have chosen to take a different path. We found our self caught in the brush of life. Is good enough to go get us and to put us on the right path why it does for his namesake.

Because his reputation of the shepherd is on the line if he doesn't put us on the right path, that's what it's saying. another challenge for us to reflect The path in which God is putting us on. Is it a metaphor breaks down here because we are volitional where were sheep or not? We can respond by not walking on the right path that we know is clearly and still claim to be part of the fold.

Are we reflecting the heart the posture the love of the Good Shepherd?

When people look at our lives, they see a distinction. Because the Lord leads us on the right path if we're on the wrong path and things are happening. That's not his fault. butt sores But still he's good enough to go on that wrong path of full is back to the right one. He's good like that.

Next one because the Lord is my shepherd. I can walk through the valley instead of ignoring reality.

I can walk through the valley instead of ignoring reality. Notice the intimacy is changed here. He says the Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want he will leave me he will do this. He will do that and then in this part of changes. You and I listened to the change the intimacy as this journey is progressing is getting closer and closer. They're growing closer and closer with each other. the brutal honesty of scripture is that we have to walk through the valley not around it. A lot of times most times. That's the brutal honesty scriptures about Christianity is that it was brutally honest about the Brokenness that we see in the world brutally honest. Cuz you got to walk through the valley not around it. Sorry, it's not how it works. If you have a Christianity that tells you all will be well you get the you're in the wrong Christianity. Life is tough. There are valleys there are darknesses. There are Darkness there. I mean there is there is there is death. There is the reality of pain and suffering. It's real. The Bible is honest enough to tell us that other worldviews tell us to ignore its Summitview cells to try to escape it. Those are not plausible. Those don't work if you've been human for 5 minutes, you know this Scripture is brutally honest. We have to walk through it not around it and that there is evil in the most dangerous part of the journey moving from one field to another is the valley for the sheet. That's the most dangerous part of it. It's dark there could be Bandits. There are predators that are lurking. In this in this context these valleys they kind of whittled their way up to plateaus. There was an uphill climb. It was difficult. It was hard but the beautiful thing about this part is the shepherd is no longer leading from behind or guiding them in the front. He's actually with them right next to them with his rod and staff. He's with them right there. So the shepherd has never closes to the Sheep. Then he is in the valley. That's when he is closest. To his sheep he fights off predators. He has a rod and a staff the staff brings them close it come it's a comfort bring them close. The rod is a defensive maneuver.

Did we see this in God's word in the New Testament? This is displayed his rod and staff are displayed as his word his people and his spirit. His word his people in his Spirit. That's the rod and staff of the New Testament is word as people. Anna spirit

that is how we get through the valley that is how he is with us. The holy spirit is within us in the valley. So close. And here's the thing accepting this adversity is the Central Foundation and beginning to move through. It's getting to the point where you say. Okay, this is where I am.

This is my situation.

This is my disease. This is my financial picture. This is my job. This is what you insert. Whatever you need to in that blank. But the biggest step you can take is the first one in accepting the adversity in beginning to move through it not ignoring it or trying to walk around it.

The beautiful part about the valley is that there's fresh water coming off the top of the hill. So not only is the valley difficult. It's also developmental. It strengthens us as we move up. Its it strengthens our body as we drink from the valley. It's nourishing us. It's a developmental place.

Well think of the valley as death is the end know what this is teaching is that the darkest Valley the valley of death is not a dead end. It's not.

Life can be found in the valley as we move through it. instead of Elemental but here's the thing a sheep. Without a shepherd and not make it to the valley. A sheep isolated from its flock will not survive long.

Mama that sit with you for a second. now what we find in this Valley of Death is that death is a disruption. a God intended design Valley of death and for many people may be in for Dave. This is a literal place the valley of death. Death is a disruption of God's intent design. That's why I always hurt so much. We talked about this all the time death lost its Eternal sting in Christ. We will live death will not defeat us we have to fear death because of what waits for us on the other side. We don't have to fear death, but death while we're here is still stings and still hurts. It's like a wounded Beast put in the corner lashing out. Death has been defeated just doesn't know it yet. And so it still causes pain.

Death is a disruption. But again, it's not a dead end.

It is not a dead end.

It's foreign to our bodies. No one will ever get used to it. Are some people have grown complacent about it? Because they're still around is so much going to becomes personal it changes and these dark valleys whether it's a death or something else or a difficult situation some other kind. I want to encourage you one way by saying this if you're in that spot right now follow Jesus, it will pass you will get through it one way or the other you will get through it because he is with you. He's either the Good Shepherd or he's not one way or the other you're going to get through it. Now. If you're in a place where you're not in the valley and you're on the plateau eating grass and enjoying life this too shall pass.

There's the reality that we're all going to be in this Valley at some point or another.

The last one because the Lord is my shepherd. I am pursued by goodness and love I am pursued by goodness and love I love this part of this is my favorite part of the song. The reason being is because the word hear Pursuit when it says, you know what I'm actually a little ahead of myself. The table it says you prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies you anoint my head with oil my cup overflows when talks about preparing a table. A table is the space for intimate relationship in Covenant in the ancient world to sit around the table as to enter into a covenant or a relationship which is what made Jesus's Ministry. So controversial who he chose to dine with. He was saying I enter into these people's world. That's what made him so controversial who we set with at the table. I hope that's the posture of this place.

the other thing about this table

is that this could be yes a home table where we all enter into but for this for the for the shepherd, they they would they might view the plateau where they're leading the Sheep onto as a table as a Mesa. a massive table And so they would get through the valley. They get up there in the most beautiful things they would see because they came through the valley.

They get to this place where there's fresh grass and Beauty. So the table is a space of Covenant but also deep provision as we come through the valley cuz you've anointed my head with oil just give me a couple of things when we get bumps and scrapes and bruises we put ointment on it. They would do the same thing with oil. So perhaps while going through the valley that she for injured. Put oil on him as a healing mechanism. We see this in the holy spirit's work in the New Testament is healing elements or this or this oil could be prevention. We put oil on to protect us from the Sun to protect us from other parasites. They did this to an ancient near East with oil. So again, the spirit's role is to help prevent the sin in our life from taking hold.

Or it could be a way to show honor Hospitality when traveling to come into would anoint with oil as a show of Honor all through your biblical all three happen to us when we are in Jesus all three. Killing his physical and spiritual the honor in his physical all of its physical or spiritual.

Back to this point of goodness and mercy, I got a little excited scuse me. Is my favorite part of the song it says surely. I'll be by your grace for your goodness and mercy will follow me. The word follow is super weak as a translation. Everywhere else in scripture where this word is used. It's used with a hostile intent. aggressive It's not in really good contacts. What God is doing as a shepherd of subverting it and saying that's the way I pursue you aggressively. What's goodness and mercy, though?

He is chasing us down with his love the worth of Mercy. There is steadfast love think about that.

The word does not simply mean I'm following you. So it's nice. He's behind me know he's chasing you down to give you mercy and Grace. That's what the following you that's was pursuing answer the question. I want to ask you as we close is what followed you in here today.

What is it that follows you in here today? Gilt

Shame pain confusion put language in your heart right now to whatever you came in with what was following you in here? Churches often times they leave it at the door that Jesus doesn't want you to leave it at the door. You want you to bring it inside?

What followed you in here and what do you want following you when you leave

God's grace his love his Mercy is chasing us down as sheep. Isaiah says, we like all sheep have gone astray.

He is relentlessly.

with a positively hostile Manor chasing us down with his grace and mercy is relentless he wants you to find he wants you to find that rest that restoration. That's what he wants for you. Not only does he find you once it follows you with an ongoing thing everyday. He's chasing you down with his love and grace and forgiveness and mercy everyday.

Is he the Good Shepherd?

What's a good place to stop? I was praying a few minutes of conversation father. We thank you for your word. We pray that as we move from here that we've sent your goodness and mercy chasing us down. We pray that we recognize you as a good shepherd. And in you we have all that we need that we can be relaxed instead of restless that we can walk through the valley instead of ignoring reality and understand that your goodness and love is chasing us down once again in Jesus name Amen, amen have a few moments of conversation and Daniel closes here in just a little bit.

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