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Why No Peace in the Middle East

Sunday 1/14/01 p.m.

Text:  Gen. 25:19-26

Gen. 25:19   This is the account of Abraham’s son Isaac. Abraham became the father of Isaac,

Gen. 25:20   and Isaac was forty years old when he married Rebekah daughter of Bethuel the Aramean from Paddan Aram and sister of Laban the Aramean.

Gen. 25:21   Isaac prayed to the LORD on behalf of his wife, because she was barren. The LORD answered his prayer, and his wife Rebekah became pregnant.

Gen. 25:22   The babies jostled each other within her, and she said, “Why is this happening to me?” So she went to inquire of the LORD.

Gen. 25:23   The LORD said to her, Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples from within you will be separated; one people will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger.”

Gen. 25:24   When the time came for her to give birth, there were twin boys in her womb.

Gen. 25:25   The first to come out was red, and his whole body was like a hairy garment; so they named him Esau.

Gen. 25:26   After this, his brother came out, with his hand grasping Esau’s heel; so he was named Jacob. Isaac was sixty years old when Rebekah gave birth to them.

Gen. 25:27   The boys grew up, and Esau became a skillful hunter, a man of the open country, while Jacob was a quiet man, staying among the tents.

Gen. 25:28   Isaac, who had a taste for wild game, loved Esau, but Rebekah loved Jacob.

Gen. 25:29   Once when Jacob was cooking some stew, Esau came in from the open country, famished.

Gen. 25:30   He said to Jacob, “Quick, let me have some of that red stew! I’m famished!” (That is why he was also called Edom. )

Gen. 25:31   Jacob replied, “First sell me your birthright.”

Gen. 25:32   “Look, I am about to die,” Esau said. “What good is the birthright to me?”

Gen. 25:33   But Jacob said, “Swear to me first.” So he swore an oath to him, selling his birthright to Jacob.

Gen. 25:34   Then Jacob gave Esau some bread and some lentil stew. He ate and drank, and then got up and left. So Esau despised his birthright.

Selling Out Your Godly Heritage

Sunday 1/21/01

Gen. 25:27-34

4 areas Satan, the World, and our flesh that will always be under attack:

I.       Family!

            A.        The Ingredients for Sibling Rivalry Stew, 25:27-28

                        1.         First Add a Little Natural Diversity

                                    a.         One loved the country, a hunter

                                    b.         One loved staying at home, the Geek

                        2.         Second, Add a little Favoritism Between Mom and Dad

                                    a.         One wanted to be just like dad

                                    b.         One was a momma’s boy

            B.        A Lesson for parents:

                        1.         Do not compare one sibling against the other openly,

                                                “Why aren’t you like your brother ....”

                        2.         Do not show favoritism

                        3.         Learn, don’t repeat, from your parent’s mistakes;

                                                (Abraham showed favoritism to Issac over Ishmael)

II.      Lifestyle! Outward Walk with God

            A.        What Price Have You Placed On Being Godly? 25:29-33

            B.        Where will you sell out?

                        1.         Could it be a situation? 25:29-30

                        2.         Could it be over a possession? 25:31

                        3.         Could it be over a position? 25:31

                        4.         Could it be over a physical weakness? 25:32

                        5.         Could it be over a moment of weakness? 25:32

III.    Inner Peace! Giving in to Self/Flesh

            A.        “Selling your soul” 25:33

            B.        4 steps to “giving in to sin!”

                        1.         First we see something that appeals to us, Lust of the eyes.

                        2.         Then we think we must have it, Lust of the flesh.

                        3.         Then we choose to compromise self over Godliness, Pride of life.

                        4.         When pleasing God looses it’s value, we will compromise every time!

IV.    Our Name, Who We Really Are When it is All Stripped Away.

            A.        It was just a Birthright, 25:34

                        1.         It was a matter of Possession or great value,

                                    a.  a 1/3 more of the inheritance. Material wealth

                                    b.  Has God promised us a wealth of blessing if we remain faithful?

                        2.         It was a Position, #1 in the family, Others looked to you for guidance

                                    a.  Do you realize that others are watching to see if and when you will fail?

                                    b.  Do we realize how many depend on our steadfast walk with God?

                        3.         It was one of Power, Right to make decisions

                                    If you are in a position to make decisions, I hope your trusting God.

                        4.         It was a matter of Priority

            B.        He despised the greatest gift God could give him;

                                    Respect, honor and a good reputation.

                        1.         Is given to the humble, Jacob was a quiet man

                        2.         Is given to those who regard it’s true value

                        3.         Is given to those who will recognize it’s worth and protect it.

Hey Christian, are you under attack? Are you on the verge of compromise?

The Blindness of a Father

Sunday 2/4/01 p.m.

Text:  27:1

I.       A Problem with a Few Lies

          Issac Lived a Lie and Harmed his Testimony, 26:6-11

            A.        A moment of unbelief, panic and fear of men

            B.        Sought a Temporary man-made solution

            C.        Reasoned within Himself, instead of reasoning with God

II.      A Problem With Leading His Sons

          Issac was Displeased with Esaus choice of a mate, 26:34-35

            A.        Failed to relay the importance of choosing a godly wife.

            B.        Esau may have been spiting his father out of rebellion!

                        (cf.25:18 Ishmaels choice of wives and how the family interpreted it.)

            C.        If the family looked down on Ishmael, then they would not be happy with his choices.

            D.        Failed to teach the importance of the birthright.

            E.        Failed to teach love within the family for one another,

                        Esau hated Jacob, and vice-versa.

III.    A Problem With Dying

          Issac Paniced With Anxiety in his Old Age, 27:1-4

            A.        Issac feared death, and that he would not leave anything to his children.

            B.        Ishmael died at the age of 137, 25:17

            C.        Issac died at the age of 180

            D.        Issac was over 123 (some scholars say 137) when he “thought” he was near death

            E.        Issac suffered a panic attack!

IV.    A Problem With Being a Good Father and Husband

          Issac had a Marriage Full of Deceit

            A.        Lying - Rebekkah thought it was OK, Jacob thought it was OK.

            B.        God allowed Jacob to receive a name to remind dad of his sinfullness!

            C.        Lack of trust and communication between husband and wife; ch.27

            D.        Rebellion in the older son;

            E.        Deceit in the younger;

            F.         Two groups plotting against one another;

            G.        Parents unwilling to discipline their children!

            H.        Truly a typical disfunctional biblical family.

V.      But He Didn’t Have a Problem With Being Blessed By God

          Issac had learned how to be forgiven!

            A.        Noticed by those close to him, 26:23-25

            B.        Noticed and confirmed by those outside of him, 26:26-29

God’s Will Done My Way

Sunday 1/28/01 p.m.

Gen. 27

1).     The Birthright--Material Heir, Esau sold to Jacob thru deception.

2).     Blessing--Spiritual Heir, stolen from Esau by Jacob thru deception.

3).     Regardless, God had no intention of giving His blessing to the ungodly! (Esau 25:34 “thus Esau despised his birthright.” )

4).     It was God’s will for Jacob to be the heir: Gen. 25:22-23

I.         Waiting on God’s will to be accomplished effects us as believers in 4 ways:

            1st sin was a lack of patience and trust

            A.        Time--we don’t want to wait

            B.        Method--God’s methods are too diverse and surprising

            C.        Plan--God is too complicated

            D.        Impatient--I am going to do it my way, at my time, with my plan. Why?                                       1). Lack of trust (faith),

                        2). Reliance on self,

                        3). God is a liar--attack His character and nature

            Sin in the Family:      1. Wife withholding from husband

                                                2. Brother out to deceive brother in the power of his flesh, the will                                                              and work of God. (Gen. 25:29-34)

            Who knew about the prophecy?

                        Rebekah--yes  (Gen. 25:28 – this is why she loved him)


                        Issac--no **                                        


** How do we know this?

            Would Issac purposely set out to disobey God if he knew the prophecy?

II.        Esau did not care about Godly things.               2nd Sin: Heart is far from God

            A.        Sold his birthright--Gen. 25

            B.        Married ungodly women--Gen. 26:34-35

            C.        Cared for nothing but material gain--Gen. 27: 1-4

            D.        He still wanted the blessing so that he could get the inheritance!

III.      Wife sets out to deceive husband;  Ungodly examples.

            3rd Sin: Leads children to believe deception is OK Gen. 27:5-29

                        A.        Lies told; 27:18-19 --I am Esau--lies about who he is

                        B.        My name: 27:19--lies about what he can do

                        C.        Lies about the Speed in which we can do, 27:20

                        D.        God has helped me--27:20

            vv. 21-25 impersonate and imitate others for fear of rejection (afraid to be ourselves)

            vv. 26-27 close relationships for personal gain (kiss me)

            vv. 41-45 Believing that people will forget the unresolved problems between them.

                        1).        Problems don’t just go away.

                        2).        They must be dealt with ASAP!

IV.      The Results of Lies and Deception

            A.        Bitterness in marriages --Gen. 27:12-13

            B.        Physical breakdowns--Gen. 27:33

            C.        Bitterness in families or siblings--Gen. 27:34

            D.        Anger and murder--Gen. 27:41

            E.        Separation--Gen. 27:43-45

            F.         Guilt takes away will to live--Gen. 27:46

            G.        Fear that sins will be duplicated--Gen. 27:46

                        Jacob will marry ungodly women

V.        How do I Stop the Sin Cycle?

            A.        Do not withhold from one another

                        1.  God’s revelations

                        2.  Feelings

                        C. Truths        

            B.        Talk things through

            C.        Confront in love

            D.        Believe that God is at work

            E.        Trust in God

            F.         Wait on God

            G.        Confess the sin to one another, then to God.

Following Jacob Up His Ladder

Sunday 2/11/01 p.m.

Text:  Genesis 28

I.       Following God Demands Great sacrifice, 28:1-9.

            A. You cannot marry a lost woman, regardless of how attractive she may                           be, 28:1. Who we cannot hang with

            B. Marry a righteous woman, 28:2 Who we can hang with

            C. And may El-Shaddai find you and bless you, 28:3

                        Trust God for provision

            D. Do not seek my blessing; it is worthless w/o God’s touch! 28:4

            Learn the difference between doing God’s work in the power of your flesh.

            E. Jacob leaves his family, to follow God (even though he doesn’t realize                           yet) 28:5 “I have come to bring a sword” Matt. 10:34-39

II.      Following God Demands Great Humility, 28:10-17.

            A. What the Ladder represents;

                        1. 1st, it is a dream, not a reality.

                        2. As a dream, it has certain meanings and must be interpreted carefully.

                        3. See John 1:51 and Jesus referral, Angels ascending and descending ministering                                      to Christ.

                        4. It is picturesque of an access to God

                        5. Notice that it is God who is at the top of the ladder

                        6. The ladder itself represents the uninterrupted fellowship between God and His                                      people here on earth.

                        7. The angelic ministers represent the care and watchcare of God for His own.

                                    God’s “ministering Spirits” are ascending and descending

            B. God renews His covenant with Jacob:

                        1. 28:13 I Am the same God of your father and grandfather

                        2. As I provided for them, I will provide for you. cf.28:3

                        3. The land on which you lie will be given to you and your descendants.

                        4. 28:14 Your descendants will be many

                        5. All of the families of the earth shall be blessed through you.

                        6. 28:15 I will always be with you

                        7. I will bring you back to this land.

            C. Meetings with God should knock us off our feet, 28:16-17.

                        1. Jacob was suprised

                        2. Jacob was afraid

                        3. Jacob was humbled in God’s house.

III.    Following God Demands Great Commitment, 28:18-22.

            A. It begins at an altar!

                        The use of oil suggests an altar. 7 facts about an altar:

                        1. An altar is a place of remembrance; It is a marker, starting point. 28:18

                        2. If oil is representative of the Holy Spirit, then an altar must be Spirit led. 28:18

                        3. An Altar is a place where you meet God. 28:19 Bethel

                        4. Sometimes it involves a promise made to God, 28:20 vow

                        5. An Altar involves surrender to God’s Lordship, 28:21

                        6. An altar has the presence of God, God’s house or dwelling place, 28:22

                        7. An Altar is a choice between God and His competitors. 28:22

                                    (mammon or master?)

            B. Commitment to God should not be conditional.

                        1. Conditional promises however can prove our unbelief; look at all of the ifs.

                                    “If God will be with me” 28:20a

                                    “If God will watch over me” 28:20b

                                    “If God will feed me, 28:20c

                                    “If God will bring me back to here in peace” with my older brother, 28:21

                                    “Then I will call Him my God”!

                        2. What kind of miracle do I need to see God Perform to believe in Him?

                        3. Are we guilty of secretly believing at times that God must jump through our                                          hoops?

Uncontrolled Passions and Their Sinful Consequences

Sunday 2/18/01

Text:  Genesis 29

I.       Passion’s Willingness to Impress, 29:1-14.

          Look at me ain’t I special!

            A.        Jacob sees Rachel and falls in love, v.10.

                        People need to be loved

            B.        Jacob works hard to win Rachel’s admiration, v.10

                        People need to be acknowledged when they do good.

            C.        Jacob kisses her to impress her, v.11

                        People need to release their emotions through some means.

            D.        Jacob uses his lineage to impress further, v.12.

                        People should not be ashamed of who they are, or where they come from.

            E.        Jacob works to impress the in-laws, vv.13-14

                        People strive to be accepted

II.      Passion Will Word Hard to Have It’s Needs Met, 29:15-20.

          I’ll do anything to get what I want!

            A.        To work 7 years without a paycheck! v.18

            B.        I want the pretty one! v.17

            C.        Even Laban agrees that lost and saved should not intermingle and marry, v.19.

            D.        Working hard for what you want makes time fly, v.20.

III.    Uncontrolled Passion is Full of Sin and Deceit, 29:21-30.

          The danger of relying on emotion and feelings alone.

            A.        Give me what I am due right now! v.21 OK, deceiver (Laban knows his name)

            B.        See what happens when you party with lost people, v.22.

                        1. Christians need to remain separated.

                        2. Party and drinking crowd is not God’s will for His children.

            C.        Jacob’s sin “comes around”:

                        1. In his drunken state he could not “see well”, vv.23-24.

                                    (Isaac and his eyesight)

                        2. Sin’s paycheck eventually comes, “Why have you deceived me?”

                        3. I wonder how the deceiver felt being deceived for a change?

                        4. You reap what you sow!

            D.        How bad do you want my daughter?

                        Would you work another 7 years? vv. 26-29.

            E.        Passions need is never satisfied; 4 women to satisfy sexual thirst:

                        Leah - Zilpah               Rachel - Bilhah


IV.    Uncontrolled Passions and Emotions Lead to a List of Sins,                            29:30-35

          When I get what I want, I will be satisfied.

            A.        Jacob loved the things that appealed to his flesh:

                        1. She was his 1st love - sight and the eyes

                        2. She was prettier in form and face - pride of life

                        3. She was not as godly as Leah, compare Leah’s childrens names with Rachel’s.

            B.        Jacob chases after what he thinks he wants, v.30.

            C.        God has a way of reminding us who is in control, v.31.

            D.        Rejection is terrible for the initiator as well as the recipient.

                        1. God sees the way we treat others, v.31.

                        2. Leah’s cry for love, vv. 32-35.

                        3. The names of Leah’s sons shows her desperate need for someone to love her:

                                    a. Now my husband will love me, v.32.

                                    b. The Lord knows I am unloved, v.33.

                                    c. Surely now my husband will notice me, v.34.

                                    d. Finally she receives some attention, v.35.

            E.        Why was she finally noticed? To meet Jacob’s sinful sensual needs;

                        1. The low estate of rejection and desperation:

                        2. Her acceptance was not on looks, form, or godliness.

                        3. Her acceptance was based on how she met Jacob’s selfish needs:

                                    Need for sex, boys, bragging (look at what I have)

                                    To drive the knife into Rachel’s soul, “why can’t you produce for me”?

                                    And now Leah becomes just as selfish and sinful.

                                    You may be prettier Rachel, but I am producing the sons.

                                    How does it feel to be unwanted and appreciated?

            F.         Look at the list:

                        sexual appetite, rejection of others, desperation, selfishness, pride,

                        bitterness, and vengeance.

The Wrestling Match Between the Spirit and the Flesh

Sunday 3/4/01 p.m.

Text:  Genesis 29-31 & Galatians 5:19-23

I.       14 Deeds of the Flesh, Gal. 5:19-21 (Character Traits Checklist)

            A. The person who lives after this manner unrestrained is hellbound, Gal.5:21.

            B. The Christian who follows these sins is bound to their passions and desires, Gal. 5:24.

            C. This is hellish behavior after the power of the flesh.

            D. It shows us where sin gets it’s power!

            E. The list seen practiced in the story of Jacob.

                        1. Immorality, Impurity, and Sensuality - 30:3. 9-13.

                        2. Idolatry 31:19

                        3. Sorcery - witchcraft and drugs. (See above?)

                        4. Enmities - 30:6 vindication or vengeance.

                        5. Strife - 31:22-30

                        6. Jealousy - 30:1

                        7. Outbursts of anger - 30:2, 31:36

                        8. Disputes - 30:25

                        9. Dissensions or divisions - 30:26, let me depart.

                        10. Factions, heresies - see #2 above

                        11. Envying - 30:1,8

                        12. Drunkenness and carousing - 29:21-25

            F. Why did God still bless Jacob?

                        1. Because he never followed after a strange God.

                        2. In spite of his sin, Jacob remained faithful to the one true God!

II.      Jacob’s 7 Choices Made in His Flesh

            1. Choice of Rachel - good-looking yet after the manner of the flesh.

            2. Drunkenness at Laban’s party

            3. Immorality. Sex with several women.

            4. Flees from Laban to avoid confrontation and to be deceitful.

            5. Deception of Esau

            6. Deception of his own father Isaac.

            7. Favoritism in wives and his son Joseph.

III.    9 Deeds of the Spirit, Gal. 5:22-23 (Character Traits Checklist)

            Most of these are exhibited in Leah - the rejected one. (Not an accidental interjection)

            1.         Love

            2.         Joy

            3.         Peace

            4.         Patience

            5.         Kindness

            6.         Goodness

            7.         Faithfulness

            8.         Gentleness

            9.         Self-control


What are you wrestling with tonight?

The 7 Obstacles to Obeying A Tough Command From God?

Sunday 3/11/01 p.m.

Text:  Genesis 31:1-13, 32:1-21

What is the name of the Obstacle in your life tonight, that keeps you from obeying God?

God Speaks to Jacob 31:1-13

7 Facts about God Jacob has Learned:

            1.         God has been with me, 31:5 Never Leaves Us

            2.         God has not allowed harm to come to me, 31:7 Protection

            3.         God alone has prospered me because of my obedience to Him, 31:9 Prospers

          I answered God’s call, 31:11

            4.         God sees all of the wrong done to us, 31:12 El-roi

            5.         He is the true God of God’s house (Bethel), 31:13a He is God!

            6.         He is a God who will uphold our vows made to Him, 31:13b Faithful

            7.         Now, return and claim what I have promised you! 31:13C Promises


The 7 Obstacles to Obeying A Tough Command From God


I.       The Obstacle of the Past, 32:3-6


II.      The Obstacle of Fear, 32:7-8


III.    The Obstacle of Division, 32:8-12


IV.    The Obstacle of Unbelief, 32:9-12

            God YOU have called me to these things, Exodus

            A. God YOU said to me that I should return, and that YOU would prosper me, 32:9

            B. Save me from my past mistakes, my past sins, I alone deserve to be judged, 32:11

            C. God I am only obeying what YOU told me to do, 32:12


V.      The Obstacle of Buying Favor With People, 32:13-16

            A. Not being yourself

            B. Gifts and presents will gain me friendships

            C. I can always buy my way out of trouble.

            D. A true friend does not charge or expect gifts.

            E. They are satisfied with your presence.


VI.    The Obstacle of the Fear of Confrontation, 32:17-20a

            A. Sending Someone else to Do What You Alone must and can Do.

            B. Assuming the worst instead of trusting God.


VII.   The Twin Obstacles of Acceptance and Rejection, 32:20b-21


What is the name of the Obstacle in your life tonight, that keeps you from obeying God?

“Fight Night Down at the Jabbok”

Sunday 4/1/01 p.m.

Text:  Genesis 32:22-31

  • Coming back to God and recommitting one’s life involves an intricate process.
  • It is a sad fact, that we wait until we face a situation in life that is dark and dreary, before we will turn and get right with God.
  • Jacob is preparing to meet his past, and the consequences of past sinful actions.
  • Remember that it is God who has sent him back to deal with his past.
  • God will not, and cannot fully bless us while we still have undealt with sin towards our fellow     man. (Horizontal relationships)
  • So now Jacob faces his valley of the shadow of death.
  • It is a dark night; it is a quiet night; it is a lonely night; and Jacob calls on God to come and meet with him.
  • Then out of the shadows steps a man.
  • They stare at one another. They circle, waiting for one or the other to make the first move.
  • Jacob may think it is Esau.
  • Then they meet in a wrestler’s grasp and begin to roll and tumble under the dim light of night.
  • Have you ever been there?
  • Away from God. Desiring to get right with Him. Afraid of the next day’s events. Hoping for a last minute rescue? This is the format for such a meeting.                                                           

I.       Put Away the Distractions, 32:22-24a

            A.        Remove family interrupters

            B.        Remove yourself from your possessions

            C.        Remove yourself from anything you will be tempted to cling to.

            D.        Remember, God wants you to be alone with Him.

            E.        This is always the best way to prepare properly for prayer.

                        (Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, Nehemiah, Jesus alone on the mountain)


II.      Be Prepared to Wrestle With the Lord, 32:24b-28

            A.        Set your face to contend for a battle.

            B.        Surrender to the bold reality that I need to meet with God.

            C.        This will happen usually when you come to the end of yourself.

            D.        Tired of living life your way.

            E.        Do not leave until you have God’s peace that you will receive a blessing.

                        1.         The blessing of confession;

                        2.         The blessing of forgiveness;

                        3.         The blessing of receiving God’s grace;

                        4.         The blessing of being right with God;

                        5.         The blessing of being right with man;

                        6.         The blessing of getting a chance to live fresh and renewed;

                        7.         The blessing of leaving a changed person for the better.


III.    Meetings With God Lead to Changed Lives, 32:25, 27-31

                   “The Mark of God”

            A.        A changed name, from “deceiver” to “he who strives with God”

            B.        Changed “walk” God has now marked Jacob as one of His.

            C.        Sincere meetings with God always result in us being changed.

            D.        The injury is a reminder/warning to Jacob that he cannot wrestle with God again.

A Broken Hip That Led to a Broken Will

Sunday 4/8/01 p.m.

Text: Genesis 33

How Can My Stubborn Sinful Will be Broken?


How Do I Know That God Has Gotten My Attention?

I.       Can only Come When We Quit Wrestling With God, Gen.32.

          A.      God has changed me,

          B.      God has marked me,

          C.      God has warned me.


II.      Can Only Come When We Are Willing to Deal With Our Sin,    33:1-3.

          A.      Jacob’s sin of fear, 33:1a. (Fear of the Egyptian rulers)

          B.      Partiality, 33:1b-2. (Partiality towards Joseph)

          C.      Jacob was still trying to please men, 33:3.

                                    (Sent gifts to win the Egyptian rulers favor)

D.       Jacob by the way never fully dealt with these on a regular basis, they all eventually returned to almost totally destroy his family!


III.    Can Only Come When We Have God’s Blessing on Our Lives, 33:4-17.

          5 proofs of God’s blessing on Jacob’s life:

          A.      Forgiveness not bitterness from Esau, 33:4;

          B.      Joy between the former enemies, 33:5;

          C.      Respect from Jacob’s family towards Esau, 33:6-7;

          D.      Able to see God in the situation, 33:10; (face to face -  Peniel)

          E.      Restoration, “come and live in the land of our fathers”, 33:12-17.

                        Came through invitation, not through battle!


IV.    Can Only Come When the Inner Heart Has Surrendered to God, 33:18-20.

            This altar is Jacob’s outward sign of the surrender within his heart.

          A.      Surrender to God is a place of safety and security for the Christian. 33:18

            B.        Surrender demands an altar, a meeting with God, to whom have I surrendered.

            C.       Surrender must be unconditional.

            D.       Surrender demands a declaration/confession of who was the victor, 33:20.

                        The name of the altar states: Here I declare that God has won the battle between                                       Himself and the “one who strives with God”.

“And Their Works Do Follow Them”

Sunday 4/15/01 p.m.

Text: Genesis 34

Revelation 14:12-13 “And their works follow them”

Galatians 6:7 “Reap what we sow”

  • It does not hurt the Christian to occasionally look behind them and see how their life is affecting others in their path.
  • Ultimately God judges our salvation by our choice of what we did with Jesus.
  • Ultimately the world will judge us by how much we allowed that choice to conform us.
  • A life of righteous works, or sin, we are free to choose either; and reap the consequences.
  • Jacob is now reaping the results of a life of deceit and lying.
  • All the devil wants us to do is to crack the door

I.       Friendship With the World, 34:1-12

Compromise with the world is always the fruit of a fear of men, and being rejected by our peers.

            A. Fellowshipping with the lost! 34:1

            B. Why is it that the world can so easily influence us, and not us influence the world?

            C. Result with flirting with the lost man, rape - 34:2.

            D. The world’s men are spoiled and driven by lust, 34:3-4.

                        1. Why do we give our kids everything they want, instead of what they need?

                        2. The flesh is never satisfied, it always craves for more Gen. 2:16-17, 3:1-5.

            E. Flirting with the world leads to the temptation to compromise, 34:5-6.

            F. Sin always leads to a grieved Spirit, 34:7.

            G. Complete compromise is the desired result of the world, 34:8-12.

                        1. Promise of friendship, (Friendship with the world - enemy of God)

                        2. Promise of fleshly pleasures - “good to the eyes”;

                                    wealth, fame land, peace with men, trade (social acceptance).

II.      Deceit, 34:13-23

            A. Jacob’s deceit is now bearing fruit in the lives of his sons, “like father like son”.

            B. Noble compromise, become Jewish outwardly, no inner heart commitment - 34:14-17.

            C. They that live by deceit, shall die by the same; Satan’s plan exposed - 34:18-23.

            D. (You reap what you sow)

III.    Host of Other Sins

            All the devil wants us to do is to crack the door

            A. Murder, 34:24-27.

            B. Stealing, 34:28-29.

            C. Shame to parents, 34:30.

            D. Justification of the sin, 34:31.

Are you allowing a compromise with the world’s system?

There is a lot at stake here!

Have you cracked the door to compromise, or allowed in the lives of your children?

Growing Old With Sin

Jacob’s Final Chapter and Legacy

Sunday 4/29/01 p.m. Text:  Gen. 35:16-29

I.       Disobedience

            A. v.16 Jacob disobeys God and leaves Bethel? (Cf. 35:1)

                        1. Jacob made a promise to God in 28:20

                        2. God reminded him of the promise in 31:13

            B. Evidently the journey was strenuous to Rachel, severe labor. (The price of disobeying)

(Is this a “type” to be fulfilled in Christ birth? A pregnant mother journeying to Bethlehem?)

            C. It is a short distance geographically (Bethel to Bethlehem)

                        (It is just a small step of disobedience!)

            D. BUT Jacob is Leaving the “House of God” to the “house of bread”.

II.      “Getting What You Prayed For” 35:17-19

            A. v.17 Why is another son so important to Rachel?

                        1.         Cf.30:1 She pronounces upon herself her death sentence!

                        2.         Cf. 30:24 what does she pray for?

            B. v.18 The significance of the different names from:

                        “Son of sorrow, to son of my right hand” (pessimist vs. optimist)

                        1. A prophecy of the painful loss to come in the life of Joseph.

                        2. He is another son from Rachel’s womb to comfort Jacob in the future.

                        3. God is already on the scene preparing us for future pain.

            C. v.19 Rachel dies and is buried on the path. (But bless God she got what she wanted!)

III.    “Removal” of Sinful Weaknesses?

            A. v.20 Jacob marks the grave of one of his “favorites”.

(Does this mean that God has dealt severely enough with Jacob that this sin is gone out of his life?)

            B. Showing favorites was a family tradition!

                        1. Issac was Abraham’s favorite;

                        2. Jacob was his mother’s favorite;

                        3. and Rachel was Jacob’s favorite;

                        4. BUT there is still one more favorite to be revealed!

21 But Jacob continues towards Bethlehem; Significance of the “Tower of Eder”?

IV.    Rebellion

            A. v. 22 Reuben (the oldest) goes and defiles his fathers concubine.

                        Jacob hears of it and refuses to deal with it.

            B. vss. 23 - 26 List of Jacob’s 12 sons:

                        Leah - Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun

                        Rachel - Joseph and Benjamin

                        Bilhah - Dan and Naphtali

                        Zilpah - Gad and Asher

V.      Death, The final Curse of Sin

            A. v.27 Jacob returns to his father, and informs him that all is well between he and Esau.

            B. v.28 Isaac is 180 years old, making Jacob 120 years old, cf. 25:26.

            C. v.29 Fitting end to Isaac’s life, his son’s reconciled.

                        Was he waiting for this to happen before he died?

            D. Deaths in Gen. 35:

                        35:8 -               Deborah Rebekah’s nurse dies; (any record of Rebekah’s death?)

                        35:19 - Rachel dies;     35:29 - Isaac dies.

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