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Man's Judgement VS. God's Judgement

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God is full of Grace, He is always right, patient, loving. However, man is usually wrong and quick to blame others.

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Wife Going Deaf?

Matthew 7:3–5; Luke 6:37; John 7:24; Romans 2:3; James 4:12

Preaching Themes: Marriage, Pride

A man thinks his wife is losing her hearing. A doctor suggests that he try a simple at-home test: Stand behind her, ask her a question from different distances, and see when she can hear it. The man goes home, sees his wife in the kitchen facing the stove, and asks from the door, “What’s for dinner tonight?” No answer. Ten feet behind her, he repeats, “What’s for dinner tonight?” Still no answer. Finally, right behind her he says, “What’s for dinner tonight?” His wife turns around and says, “For the third time—chicken.”

Jesus taught us to look at our own shortcomings before we blame others.

—Jim L. Wilson and Rodger Russell

I} The judgments of man are full of mistakes

We pass judgement on:
and people
We judge by nature
We have to be careful about letting strangers near our children.
We need to be careful though:
let our judgments be a guide
not a condemnation
We need to keep in mind we are simple humans.
humans are wrong a large amount of the time!
Illustration: Shelby’s boyfriend with tattoos and body rings.

II} The judgement of man is self- condemning

Self preservation is a natural law
this is were judging comes in.
We desire to be better than others.
We desire to be above everyone.
BUT - what is we ask “what is in my past or present that can compare to this man?”
We would be so much more careful about passing judgment.
We need to stop putting others sins in front of our eyes and placing our own sins behind us.

III} The judgments of man are self-defending.

In moral circles the greatest failures are those who criticize
the greatest sinners pass the harshest judgments.
ILLUST: Smokers
3 The Pharisees are an example of self defending
constantly defending their own actions
feeling threatened enough to kill INNOCENTS (JESUS)

IV} God’s Judgement is Completely Without Mistake

God is “all-wise”
He does not make mistakes
The problem is that man looks from the outside
God looks at the heart
God judges on “truth”
Not man’s truth
but His truth
ILL: Mom and Eddie
He knows our hearts and minds
He knows our darkest secrets

V} God’s Judgments are Tempered by Mercy.

He is slow to judge us
Last week we talked about God’s Wrath
But we need also to speak on His mercy
We pray for mercy
but how often does that prayer for mercy from God,
Teach us mercy for our fellow man?
We want our own debt forgiven
Without letting someone else go.
We think god should punish them
but not us.

VI} God’s Judgement are Merciful, and Delayed, but Still Valid

Romans Main Homiletics of the Paragraph.—Verses 1–4

The mills of God may grind slowly, but they grind surely and exactly.

“Once saved, always saved”
is not an excuse to act anyway we want.
“Do you suppose to escape judgement
3 And do you think this, O man, you who judge those practicing such things, and doing the same, that you will escape the judgment of God?
3. It is time for our hearts to move upward into the way God wants us to think and act.
4. We will be judged on our actions as well as thoughts!
Longsuffering - The true translation is “long -tempered.
Forebearing - Ability to take “great punishment from evil people”
5. God’s kindness is not an excuse to do as we wish,
But to repent of the evil we caused.
ILL: Showing kindness to a teenager. What will they do?
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