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*18-03-2007 *
Scripture Reading *GEN.
37:24-27* \\ \\ When a man applied for an insurance policy, the agent asked him, “Have you ever had any accidents?”
~* After a moment’s reflection, the applicant responded …….
\\ ~* “Nope, but a donkey did kick in two of my ribs last summer, and a couple of years ago a snake bit me on the ankle.”
~* “Wouldn’t you call those accidents?”
replied the puzzled agent.
\\ ~* “No,” the man said, “they did it on purpose!” \\ \\ That story reminds me of the biblical truth that there are no accidents in the lives of God’s people!
\\ ~* Everything that happened to Joseph in his life was not an accident … It was God’s plan!
\\ ~* God is in control of our circumstances … We are in control of our responses!
\\ ~* I want to give you four things I see here in the life of Joseph ……. \\ \\ *(1) HIS DREAMS PUT HIM IN THE PIT – V.20-24!
\\ * \\ *A)* The Holy Spirit led Joseph in many ways, but chose to speak to him through dreams!
\\ ~* In v.3-4, Joseph’s brothers hated him because of their father’s love and favor for him.
\\ ~* Joseph had done nothing wrong … It was the actions of his father that had brought forth this hatred.
\\ ~* And his father made for him a coat of many colors and presented it to him …….! \\ \\ *B)* To make matters worse, Joseph shared his dreams with his brothers, and they hated him even more – v.5!
~* Can I tell you today that not everyone is going to be in tune with God as you are? \\ \\
~* God gives us dreams to accomplish and as soon as we share it and make it known, there are people waiting to oppose it and cause strife against it!
~* Our desires for Utawala Baptist Church God has been good to us! \\ ~* The many children we minister to on Saturdays.
~* God has given us a coat of many colors … We have the favor of God!         ~* The people God has added to the church.
\\ \\ *C)* *Joseph told his dreams of his promotion to his brothers – v.6-8*!
\\ ~* Then he had another dream and told it to his father and his brothers – *v.9-10* \\ ~* His father first rebuked him (probably because of the attitude of his other sons) …….
\\ ~* But then, *v.11 *says that “his father observed the saying.”
*                  Daniel 7:28 Luke 2:19; 51* \\ \\ *D) But now, look at the consequences of his dreams – They put him in the pit – v.24! *
\\ ~* Here was Joseph, the favorite son of his father in a stinking pit, not placed there by some enemy, but by his own brothers … Brothers, who cared nothing for him!
\\ ~* Brothers who only a few moments before was conspiring to kill him.
~* *v.25* sat down to eat … \\ ~* This teenager had dreams for the future; he felt in his heart that someday he would be important!
\\ ~* But here he is in a pit, left there to perish with hunger and thirst.
\\ \\ *E) Some of you this morning may be in the pit!* \\ ~* Someone or something put you there, and there was nothing you could do about it.
\\ ~* You thought everything in your life was going good.
\\ ~* You may have achieved success, and life could not be any more satisfying.
\\ \\ \\ *F) The road of life was smooth and graceful, with just a few minor bumps along the way! \\ *~* But then, you found yourself in the pit, and you cried out to God, “God, what am I doing in this pit?” \\ ~* You lost your job, and you said, “God, what am I doing in this pit?” \\ ~* You come home and find a dozen messages on your phone from those you owe money to, and you \\ say, “God how did I get in this pit?” \\ ~* Your children are about to give you a nervous breakdown and you cry out, “God, what did I do to deserve this pit?” \\ \\ *H) Some heavy trial comes along and you say, “God, what am I doing in this pit?”* \\ ~* “I paid my tithes, I’m faithful to my church, I treat my neighbor right, I’m good to my children, I’m a faithful husband or wife, why am I in this pit?” \\ ~* “I’ve got more problems than I know how to handle, why am I in this pit?” \\ \\ *I) Joseph may have also wondered why he was in the pit! \\ *~* What did he ever do to deserve being thrown into a hole in the ground?
\\ ~* But God had everything in control!
~* Those dreams of his would surely come true! \\ \\ *J) Listen, when God places a dream in your heart, don’t let the pit stop you!* \\ ~* When God promises you His favor and grace, don’t let the pit stop you.
\\ ~* When God says He will bless and prosper you, don’t let the pit stop you.
\\ ~* When you have a goal in life that will bless you and bring honor to God, don’t let the pit stop you! \\ \\ K) Listen, we learn important lessons from God when we get into the pit! \\ ~* You see, Joseph didn’t realize, and his brothers certainly didn’t know it, but God had a reason for Joseph’s pit … *Joseph was in the center of God’s will in the pit! \\ *~* If you’re in the pit this morning, just keep on waiting on God, for He has a way out.
\\ ~* And when you come out, He has a plan, He has a purpose, and He has an idea for you.
\\ \\ L) Listen, sometimes pits are necessary!
Listen to this email I received a while back …….
\\ ~* If you never felt pain, how would you know that I’m a Healer?
\\ ~* If you never went through difficulty, how would you know that I’m a Deliverer?
\\ ~* If you never had a trial, how would you know that I’m a Comforter?
\\ ~* If you never made a mistake, how would you know that I’m Forgiving?
\\ ~*If you never were in trouble, how would you know that I will come to your rescue?
\\ ~* If you never were broken, how would you know that I can make you whole?
\\ ~* If you never had a problem, then how would you know that I can solve them?
\\ ~* If you never had known suffering, then how would you know what Jesus went through?
\\ ~* If you never went through the fire, then how would you become pure?
\\ ~* If I gave you all things, how would you appreciate them?
\\ ~* If I never corrected you, how would you know that I love you? \\ ~* If you had all power, then how would you learn to depend on me? \\ ~* If your life was perfect, then what would you need me for?
~* His dreams put him in the pit …….
\\ \\ *(2) HIS DISCIPLINE PUT HIM IN PRISON **– 39:20**!
Here’s the story …….
\\ \\ *A)* As the brothers were eating while Joseph was in the pit, they looked up and saw a caravan of Ishmeelites, and Judah said in *Gen.
37:26-27* *…….* \\ ~* Then Midianites merchantmen passed by and they helped lift Joseph out of the pit.
\\ ~* He was sold into slavery for *20 pieces of silver* and his brothers concocted a story – *Gen.
*~* The Midianites then sold him to Potiphar, who was an officer of Pharaoh, captain of the guard, and an Egyptian – *Gen.
39:1* …….
\\ \\ *B)* God blessed Joseph …*Gen.
39:2* says that “the Lord was with Joseph.”
\\ ~* God blessed him so much that he became second in command under Potiphar.
\\ ~* *v.2* says that Potiphar moved him into his house and *v.6* says that he was “well favored.”
\\ ~* *But look at v.7-9 …*                                                                               ~* But she never stopped trying to get Joseph to sleep with her – *v.10 …….* \\ \\ *C)* One day when Joseph went into the house to do his business, Potiphar’s wife and Joseph was alone … There was nobody in the house with them!
\\ ~* But this time she grabbed him by his garment and said, “Lie with me.” \\ ~* And being the disciplined man he was, he ran out of his garment and fled from her. \\ ~* And when she realized she had his garment, she began to scream, “RAPE!”
*WE NEED TO BE VERY CAREFUL OF WHERE WE GO! \\ * \\ *D)* And when Potiphar came home, she told him the story of how Joseph tried to rape her! \\ ~* And look what Potiphar did to Joseph – *Gen.
~* But again, *v.21* …….
\\ ~* Do you know what the Lord told me right here?
*                   **ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING!* \\ ~* Because if you’ll always do the right thing, God will always help you in your situations! \\ ~* He did Joseph … In fact; he gave him favor with the keeper of the prison – *v.21-23 …….* \\ \\ *E)* While he was in prison, God sent two more people into his life … A butler and a baker!
\\ ~* Do you know what a butler does?                                                              ~* A butler is the chief male servant of a household.
\\ ~* The Hebrew word means “cupbearer.”
\\ ~* You just keep on with Jesus; He’ll send somebody to open doors for you while you’re in prison!
\\ \\ *F)* The Lord also sent him a baker … The Hebrew word here means a cook!
\\ ~* A baker takes something small and makes it bigger … HE ALSO FEEDS YOU! \\ ~* A lot of people when they get in the pit or prison, they want to quit …
*DON’T QUIT!!!!!!!*
\\ ~* The Lord will be with you and send you a butler to open doors and a baker to feed you! \\ \\ *G)* The butler and the baker both had dreams and Joseph interpreted the dreams for them!
\\ ~* Both of these guys did something that made Pharaoh mad.
\\ ~* Things didn’t work out too well for the baker however … He was hanged … The butler was restored.
\\ ~* But look at *40:23 …*
His discipline put him in prison …….
\\ * \\ *A)* For two full years, Joseph remained in that prison because the butler forgot about him!
\\ ~* God didn’t forget about Joseph while he was in the pit or the prison … Joseph didn’t forget about God \\ when he was in the pit or the prison!
*Joseph remained faithful to God …….*
\\ ~* He stayed with God and God did exactly what He said He would do with him!
\\ ~* You just stay determined friend, God will take you from the pit and prison and put you in the palace!
\\ \\ *B)* God doesn’t forget about you when you’re in the pit or the prison!
\\      ~* Don’t give up …
          Keep on doing the right thing …
          God will deliver you …
          Stay determined!
\\ ~* God fulfilled His promise to Joseph …
                   His family did bow down to him chapters *42-49 …….*
\\ ~* His determination put him in the palace … You may be on Satan’s most wanted list … Stay determined!
\\ ~* Let me give you this …….
\\ \\ *(4) HIS DEATH PUT HIM IN PARADISE* *– 50:22-26*!
\\ \\ A) Joseph was seventeen years old when he got put in the pit! \\ ~* He spent 13 years in slavery and in prison … He was thirty years old when he was taken out of prison and placed as second in command in all of Egypt! \\ ~* Joseph died when he was one hundred ten years old.
\\ \\ B) *Can I tell you today … There is more good times with Jesus than bad times!
\\ *~* He was thirty when he came out of all that and he lived to be 110!
\\ ~* If my math is correct, that is 80 years of blessing!
~* 13 years of pit and prison … 80 years of blessing!
\\ ~* You may be in a pit this morning … An emotional pit, struggling with various problems … Personal, \\ work … School … Family … Financial … Stay determined and always do the right thing! \\ \\ *C) Spiritual pit …* Struggling with sin and sinful attitudes … Stay determined and do the right thing! \\ ~* God’s going to help you … He’s going to deliver you … Don’t quit while you’re in the pit! \\ *~* Physical pit …* Struggling with health problems … Stay determined and always do the right thing! \\ ~* Maybe you feel bound by these problems as though you are in the prison …….
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