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The Anatomy of The Church

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Because the church was God's plan for His kingdom here on earth, we are to embrace it with whole hearted devotion.

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We live in a day when people look at the church or going to church, as another thing they add to their calendar; a tradition at best, or an irrelevant, out-dated part of their life at worst. We hear phrases like, “That service did nothing for me," or, “the music just didn’t move me," or, “I wish the pastor used more jokes and less bible," making it somehow all about me and my experience. Some have even suggested that if church is about worshipping God, I can certainly do that in the woods, or on some mountain somewhere, or even in my back yard.
So, why the church? Does it have a purpose in our modern technological age? Is it culturally relevant? Why do we need to go somewhere and meet together in a group, at a prescribed place?
Well, this morning I will attempt from God’s word to answer these questions by looking at an all familiar passage of scripture in the New Testament in which Jesus specifically addresses the issue of the church with his disciples. Please turn in your bibles to , and we will read verses 13-20.


Main Idea: Because the church was God's plan for His kingdom here on earth, we are to embrace it with whole hearted devotion.


The Gospel of Matthew was written by Levi (Matthew), a tax collector chosen by Jesus to be his disciple. Matthew is very Jewish in its focus, and presents Jesus as Messiah and King of the Jews. The context of our passage this morning is a time which is almost three years into Jesus public ministry, where during this time, the people and his disciples heard him speak of the Kingdom of God in the beatitudes, and parables, and verbally wrestle with the religious leaders over their traditions. They saw him demonstrate who he was through various healings, feedings, and control over creation, and now it was time; time to declare who Jesus really is. As Jesus posed the question in an area about 25 miles north-east of Galilee, he was setting the stage for the most important revelation of God’s eternal purpose, the unveiling of his eternal Kingdom, the Church!

1. The Head of the Church (v. 16)

A. The head is the Christ

B. The head is the Son of the Living God

2. The Revelation to the Church (v. 17)

A. The Revelation did not come by man

B. The Revelation came by God the Father Alone

3. The Foundation of the Church (v. 18)

A. The Foundation is Supernatural

B. The Foundation is Unstoppable

4. The Activity of the Church (v. 19)

A. The Church actively unlocks the Kingdom of God

B. The Church actively Binds and Looses

So What?

So What?

Do we realize that the church was in the plan of God before he made the worlds?
The design and purpose of the church was given by divine revelation.
The church is the only institution that is unshakable and unstoppable in all of God’s creation.
Are you part of the church?
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