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The Flood was an act of Gods Love

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Journal of Discourses, Vol.21, p.18, John Taylor,February 8, 1880Thus justice was satisfied, the law vindicated, thewicked punished, the unborn and pure protected andprovided for, and finally, the imprisoned releasedfrom their bondage and salvation extended to theprisoners. Was there anything wrong in that? "Yes,"says the ignoramus who does not know anythingabout it, "it was very cruel." Well, the greatestcruelty there is about such men is that they are cruellyignorant and do not know what they are talkingabout.

| Man Perspective- is in the present·        When man makes a decision he does so with his narrowperspective of the present·        Our decisions revolve around us and the few people we associatewith.God's Perspective- is past, present, and future·        When God makes a decision, he considers what has happened inthe past, what is happening in the present, and what is going tohappen in the future.·        God's decisions take into account those who have lived on theearth, those who now live here, and the unborn spirits that willlive on the earth in the future. When God makes a decision heconsiders all of his children. |

| Five groups of people were affected by the Flood1.  The wicked adults were stopped from their continuous downhill slide intofilthiness. Between the time of his death and his resurrection, the Saviorvisited the spirit world and established a program to teach these very peoplethe gospel (Moses 7:35-40, 1 Peter 3:18-20, 4:6, D&C 138)2.    The young children of these wicked people were taken out of their destructiveEnvironment, and, and, as with all children who die before the age ofAccountability, they became heirs to the celestial kingdom and will receiveevery blessing that God has to give.(D&C 137:10)3.    Those people who were righteous between the times of Enoch, and. Noah wereTranslated and lifted up to join the city of Enoch. Therefore, no righteouspeople were destroyed in the Flood. (Moses 7:27)4. Noah and his family was Bless according to the promise given to Enoch(Moses 8:2-3) Noah and his family were able to start a new society where theSpirit of the Lord was present.5. The unborn spirit would now be born into a world where they would have abetter chance of accepting the gospel and fulfilling the purposes of earthlife.(Moses 1:37) |

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