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Aim – change they should make in their lives tonight
Establish relevance, why is this important
Build the theme (flesh out)
End on an up note = provides hope and encouragement
Because Jesus Christ has came and said people can be saved, healed, live with Joy
Give people Hope
Re state the theme and aim.
Cast the net.
Give them an opportunity to respond
Key Point of the Preaching:____________________________________________
I Introduction of Your Purpose: (Main Point of Sermon)
The Next Step
The trial is for a reason, season and it is our responsibility to take a step forward because God is already working it out in our favor.
Driving through Jeff this last week coming in on 50 heading west.
There is this old stone building off of Jackson St that I always thought was a beautiful and neat building.
The tornado had gotten it and right then God reminded me that things change and not always for the best.
We will face struggles in this life and we will be caught in the valley sometimes.
Then as I drove I saw the flood waters.
I thought to my self what dispair people find them selves in sometimes.
Then I was thinking we will rebuild and those buildings will be even better and newer then they were before.
God revealed that is us.
Even though we might get tore up sometimes and it seems it could not get any worse it can be.
BUT for those who love the Lord, God has a plan and He bought us with His son and He will build us up even better than we were before with new hardware and tools for life.
IT is never over with God.
Go to scripture:
When we find our selves in the storm and the flood waters are coming up just remember God gave His son and he is not about to let you go.
We just have to take a step froward because we can know God is working everything out.
Not every time a leap is needed but a baby step is what God is looking for.
Reminds me of a story I heard about a lady that went Celebrate Recover (CR).
Story of this lady named Jennifer.
She found her self in the pits hooked on drugs and with a man that was beating her.
One day she was invited to CR.
You know she didn’t make it inside that day but she made it to the parking lot for two weeks strait.
Hey its ok to be in the parking lot just take that step.
You know that next week she went inside and set in the back and ran out at the end of service.
You know after a few weeks of that she set a goal to stay 10 mins after service and talk to one person.
Its the steps people.
Keep moving forward, God will do the rest.
She is now a leader at CR, off drugs for 15 years and remarried.
- No matter where we find our selves we have to remember God is for us.
He gave His son for you.
He hasn’t let you go but He is building us.
God choose you and is there every step of the way.
It is never too late for God to use you.
All he ask is for us to take a step toward Him.
State problem and solution
Lets breakdown because it reveals some powerful points if we grasp we will not fear the valley but know if we keep moving forward God is working it out.
Go to Frist point
II Introduction of Key Scripture : (Why did you choose it)
- No matter where we find our selves we have to remember God is for us.
He gave His son for you.
He hasn’t let you go but He is building us.
God choose you and is there every step of the way.
Aim (Action) - God is calling each of us to take the next step.
III Statement of Problem and Solution-Why is this sermon necessary
-Problem- People do not understand who they are in God and get stuck where they are at.
-Solution- The next step!
IV Introduction of Key Points: (No more than three Points)
Point #1- ____God is For You_________________________________–What point are you making?
What Scriptures are you using to support this point?
God is for you.
Some people do not take the next step but fall backwards because they forget God is for them.
We see clearly in scripture God has our back even went it seems life is crumbling around us.
Look at the life of David.
David is anointed and the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon David from that day forward
David was a great warrior and started to find favor with the people and Saul became jealous and tried to kill David for years.
We see this in through chapter 25.
Some scholars said this went on for around 8 years.
Now talk about a rollercoaster.
Called by God then chased by Saul for years and then King.
God was always with him and he was always putting God first.
Some of you hear need to trust God and know He is for you.
God has a plan and He is for you even though right now it may not seem like it.
We can stand on the word of God and know we have a future in Christ.
WE are ANOINTED just like David.
WE have the Holy Spirit and the power of God rushing out of us.
He gave his son for you.
Take the step.
David had opportunities to kill Saul but he choose to give his battle to God.
David chose to take the step forward in the valley and believe God was for Him and He put his faith in Him.
Point #2- _______You are chosen by God for such a time as this_________–What point are you making?
What Scriptures are you using to support this point?:
God chose you.
We are drafted into His family as Sons and Daughters.
What would you do for your child?
Well how much more would God do for us.
We must start acting like we know who we are and not let the world tell us who we are.
Sometimes though we let that child learn from failure/trails because we know it will build character and perseverance.
Heb 12:7
DISCIPLINE Learning that molds character and enforces correct behavior—from a Latin word meaning “instruction” or “training.”
To discipline a person or a group means to put them in a state of good order so that they function in the way intended.
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