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Oh gracious Father here we are this afternoon far from our home with You and we are walking upon the narrow road…in life’s rough way!
Father, we’ve come to pray. We pray and ask that You teach our hearts to say, “Your will be done!”
Lord, if You ask us to give up anything, even what we prize the most, it never was ours, we only give up that which was Yours, “Your will be done!”
Oh Father, for some today, their spiritual hearts are weary and faint but with Your indwelling Spirit to accompany and guide us we leave all our troubles and anxieties upon You alone, “Your will be done!”
Oh Father, when our time on this earth is through and we breath no more, our prayers (that were often mixed with tears) we will sing on the glorious shores of glory, “Your will be done!”
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PERMIT us, gracious Father, to come very near to You. May the drawings of the Divine Spirit now sweetly attract us to You dear Father; and, most blessed Jesus, O that You would fulfil Your office as Mediator, bring us now near to God by Thy precious blood. Oh, for the power to pray right this morning! May Your servants be blessed greatly by the power of the Spirit, as we are led close to the mercy-seat!
Glorious Lord God, our inmost hearts to worship You Father! Oh how humbled we are that You would stoop so low, so as to hear the cries of Your people.
That You would bring us poor sinners out of the dust, us needy sinners out of the dunghill and set us among princes! O truly who is a God like You? may our praises never cease, from the rising of the sun to its going down of the same, Your Name is to be praised!
Our hearts desire is to adore and bless and magnify You, our God; not only, O God, for what You are to us, but for what You are in Yourself, for You are incomparably glorious. In You, all perfections shine. Through the rebellion of our flesh we cannot delight ourselves in Your ways, yet we do delight in You, and we will (at all times) rest our souls in the excellence and goodness and lovingkindness of You, the Most High. As You have revealed Yourself to us in Christ Jesus, You are now the object of inexpressible delight. You have bidden us to delight in You, promising to give us the desire of our hearts. We trust we can, many of us, truly say that You are our exceeding joy; the thought of You, dear Lord, does bring to our soul exceeding pleasure. Our soul exults in our God:You are our God and we will extol You, and we will glorify You. We seek to do that now in our time of singing. And as we hear the Word, Your Word, may You shepherd our hearts!
Seated upon Your throne, we ask that You shed those beams of glory to light up the passage from the sacred text and provide a feast upon the riches of Your love and allow us to drink full the joys from living streams!
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