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Moving Day (Monday Evening)

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Me and We

Who remembers what we learned this morning?
Moses and the burning bush
God is love.
How many of you like to move to a new place?
You know, when your family picks up everything and goes somewhere you have never been before? Do you like leaving all your friends and everything you know and going to a place where you know absolutely nobody?
Some of us might love that. We might love the challenge of a new place. We might like the adventure. But I bet that a good chunk of us like things to stay the same. We don’t like making new friends. We don’t like going to a new school. Because we loved our old friends and our old school.
Everything becomes new and different.
When I was your age I moved a lot. I moved all the time. Before I was 12 years old, my family had moved 8 different times! We were kinda used to moving. But that didn’t make things easier. We still had to change and adapt.
I didn’t like moving day and maybe you don’t either. But sometimes we have to move nonetheless.


Joseph didn’t want to move. He liked where he was. He had great clothes, a good family and friends, he had everything he needed. But then he got thrown into a pit. Which probably had snakes in it. And spiders. Oh look! Joseph is escaping he pit. Wahoo! And now he is getting sold as a slave to a far away country.
That’s Joseph’s moving day. Probably a little different than yours or mine. Joseph didn’t get to take his family either. He went all alone in chains. What was Joseph to do? All alone in a strange place.
Do you like being alone?
Joseph sure didn’t.
But he remembered something. Something his mother and father taught him. He remembered all the times his father told him about God. How God would never leave Joseph. God would always be right there by his side.
Because Joseph knew about this God who was powerful and would always guide him wherever he went. Joseph decided to trust in the God he knew.
So there Joseph was a slave in the field. Joseph was a hard worker. But not just that everything Joseph did was good. It didn’t matter what Joseph did it was blessed. He was always successful. He always did a great job. And people started to take notice.
His boss, Potiphar? He noticed too. He decided to make Joseph in charge of everything he had. Well because Potiphar wanted to be successful too.
Because when you place your trust in God, he takes care of you. But you can only trust those who you know.
And how to you get to know someone? By spending time with them. That is why every morning here at camp, we have TAG. Time Alone with God.
Its vital. Its important.
You, Joseph and I aren’t the only ones who had a moving day. Did you know God had a moving day as well?
You see it wasn’t enough for God to love us. It wasn’t enough for God to save us. God wanted to be with us. He wants to be close to you. He wanted to know you on a personal level. He’s not a God far away that just gives us things. No he wanted to be close and near us.
So God had a moving day.
John 1:14 ESV
14 And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.
God became human like you and me. Yes, He did it to save us from our sins, but he also did it because God suffers from separation anxiety. That means God hates being away from those he loves.

You and We

Maybe you too don’t like being away from the people you care about and love. God is like that too. So he moved away from heaven. He moved away from a world with no pain. God packed up and moved away from a world where you can ride dolphins and cuddle with lions. God moved away from all that so that you could get to know him just a little better.
God moved away from the one place we all want to be. His son Jesus moved away from paradise so that he could be with you.
That is what a God of love does. He moves heaven and earth so that he can be with you and so you can be with him. That’s who God is.
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