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Climate Change

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Climate Change, A Hoax or a reality I do not believe that this question is an honest consideration of what is going on in our world today. If anyone has done the least amount of research into this subject one comes up with two very different and extreme views. People today don’t bother finding out the facts for themselves but look for others to tell them. So, if people have an agenda you are being given the facts that fit that agenda, not the truth. You then are standing for something that you have no knowledge of. The question itself, which has for so long a time been plastered all over the place is itself deceptive and misleading. I believe that there is a hoax that is going on and has been since the late 20th century. We were introduced to Global warming in the latter end of the 20th century. Then at another time during the late 20th century we were introduced to another phenomenon called Global cooling. Both of these were terms employed during the same time period. At one time it would be Global warming and then Global Cooling. Then in the 21st century that term was changed to Climate Change. We have had some very prominent people even the Vice President of the United States, Al Gore tell us, as he has flown all over the world to give predictions that never came to pass of the global crisis. One such prediction was that the waters were going to rise and some land masses would be underwater, within the next 10 years which never happen. Today, we have representatives, Senators and even presidential hopefuls shouting out that we have ten years and the world will be destroyed unless we do some extremely drastic things, that will devastate our economy and the way we will live forever. I on the other hand do believe that there is a change in the climate, and that the weather patterns are changing, to ignore that is to be ignorant of the reality that is out there. The big question that needs to be asked is, is this because of what man has done or is doing or just the course of the earth? Back in the early 19th century we already had some scientist and Mathematicians that were talking about the earth holding heat that would not escape back into space and causing the earth to warm. In a documentary that I heard on television about the Vikings in the land of Greenland. How they lived there for some time and then disappeared and the historians wondered why? The documentary went on to explain that during the latter part of the 12th century [or around there] the Vikings were an agricultural society and was living off the land, but then a change happened. The land that was an agricultural blessing began to become cold and eventually turned into an Iceland. The Vikings unlike the other peoples of the land didn’t adapt to the change and start to make the water and the abundance there its food, so they died off. My question is this, was anything the peoples did in the early 1800’s or in the early 1300’s or late 1200’s have anything to do with the climate change. I believe that I would be safe to say that no one would believe they did anything to cause the climate to alter, I believe the same today. God had spoken to Noah and to all of humanity through him in saying the earth will have harvest, seedtime, cold and heat, day and night and they will not cease until God appoints it to [Genesis 8:22]. Even as the we have the seasons of the year, there are seasons of the planet also. Let us put our trust in God and His Word and not in man and their predictions.
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