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The Greater Pentecost: Born of the Spirit

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For this observance of Pentecost, we review and refresh our knowledge on the subject. Just before Jesus was taken to heaven, He told His disciples that He would be sending them “power from on high”; that they should tarry and wait in Jerusalem for it. 10 days after His ascension, at Pentecost, His promise was fulfilled. Ancient Israel was used to planting in the fall and harvesting in the spring. The fall brought them a light, gentle rain to help germinate the seeds, followed by a dry time, then a generous outpouring of rain after the wheat harvest. God's prophet Joel foretold two rains, one "early" and one "later." The power Jesus’ sent at Pentecost was the light rain of the planting season. We are living during the dry time before the great harvest. What is this harvest in the allegory? What will the spring “rain” be? Listen in to learn more on this very important topic!

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