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Part 9: The Plagues: Power, Judgment, and Patient Grace

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Redemption: How Jesus Frees Us  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  48:17
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In the plagues, God demonstrates his power over Pharaoah/Egypt, over Satan, over all creation, over false gods, and over our idols. Additionally we see him set apart his people and disguise between them and the people of Egypt. Finally God exhibits his patient grace in the midst of the plagues. He is truly slow to anger. His wrath is measured, he doesn't just fly off the handle. And in his patient grace his desire is that everyone might turn to faith in Jesus Christ.

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Well, we are in a series Through The Exodus into the book of Exodus and The Exodus event in the Old Testament. And this is our 9th week already studying Exodus is going to Mark. I'm kind of a unique morning because we're going to cover just a whole bunch of the text today and we're going to do something a little bit unique when we get into the texture in the moment. I'm just to bring you up to speed. We're at the point where it where Moses has has gone into Pharaoh with Aaron and they've kind of rung the bell and said swallowed the serpent swallow the others he picked it back up and became a staff again. And it was like I'd like the beginning of a boxing match, you know, when the mic drops in the guy in the suit says let's get ready to rumble. Like that's what was happening right there. That was the call like it's on here we go, and we're going to look at the first sign of the 10 plagues today there in the next 40 minutes or so. And so we got a lot to cover. But to give you a little bit of background against your new this morning at what's happening in the text this morning is God's people and they came to Egypt and they stayed there and they prospered there they multiplied. They're just as got it promised that they would that they would grow into a great nation. But now for some years later there's a new Pharaoh who's in charge and he's become fearful of this group of Israelites. This group of Hebrews have migrated into his country and he's afraid of their number. He's afraid of them taking over and ruining and changing their way of life. And in his fear he begins to oppress them and he enlists them as slaves and God as the people cry out to him. Here's their cries for Mercy hears their cries for help. Answers of them by raising up an unlikely hero in this guy named Moses Moses life was miraculously spared he grew up and spent 40 Years of his life in Pharaoh's house as Pharoah's daughters adopted son. But then he he murders a guy and he runs into the Wilderness and spent another 40 years out in the wilderness and hiding And yet God Appears to him through a burning bush. I told you I believe that was Jesus speaking to him in the bush and said Moses you're the one is going to go and rescue my people. I've heard their cries. I know what's going on. I see and I know and you're the guy I'm going to use to rescue them. And so Moses ends up going not without raising plenty of doubts right in the process just like us like we might but Moses goes and he appears to pharaoh and the game is on and now our God is going to do the work to begin ransoming and redeeming his people out from the hand of pharaoh in chapter 7 verse 14 But before we do that, let me pray and then if you want to turn there you can but let me pray father. Thank you again for Jesus. For The Exodus is so powerful in that it points forward to the ways that you redeem us into the ways that you save us. Your grace and your goodness toward us your willingness to deliver us and free us from sin and from an oppressor 2 to Ransom us to pay the cost that our sin it is cost us and cost you. And then also to renew us to renew things into the way that you have originally intended. What Jesus would you teach us this morning helped me to cover a lot of ground and bring to each of our minds as we read the text to see your hand at work and redeeming and rescuing your people and might you also Holy Spirit Guide our hearts and our minds towards seeing how Jesus you do the same for us. Play Spirit of Praise against the enemy is work their servants and effects and said will you change us to make us more like Jesus we pray all this through him and then. This morning. I'm going to I'm going to do something a little bit different in that. I'm going to give you all of the fill-ins right at the beginning. Rights of those of you were going to OCD you're going to be happy all morning long. And those of you who like to fill it in and then you shut down for the day. You got to stay with us in the first of all, he demonstrates his power. We're going to take time this morning. We're actually going to go through all nine of these plagues and in them you're going to see God demonstrate his power. He demonstrates. His power is rescuing his people right? He demonstrates his power over Pharaoh over Egypt. He demonstrates his power over Satan that we also see him demonstrate his power over all of creation. And we certainly see him demonstrate his power over a false gods and over our idols and we're going to see all of that this morning in the place God demonstrates. His power is in the people. He said the part his people we're going to watch this morning when God makes a distinction between the people that are his that have trusted him that are called by his name in the people who are not he makes that distinction very clearly in The Exodus you make sit still today to you realize that right, you know, you kind of off in here in our cultural will people were all children of God. Girl creations of God but only those who trust in Jesus Christ biblically speaking or actually children of God have been adopted into his family Ephesians 2 is very clear about that. Demonstrates his power. He sets apart as people in the plagues. And then finally he exhibits is patient Grace. This might not be one. Maybe you thought about in terms of the plague showing God's patience. Let alone his grace. But in the streets is patient patient Grace, we're going to see that he's actually very slow to anger Psalm 103 verse 8 says that the Lord is compassionate and gracious. He's slow to anger and abounding in faithful love. Is wrath you're going to see is measured. Is patient his wrath is measured. He doesn't fly off the handle and flip out right like a three-year-old just losing their mind. I speak from experience. We have one. Measured in his Rafi needs measured because God's desire is that everyone would turn to Faith in Jesus Christ? I believe when you read this, I think if Pharaoh ever had truly repented the story would have been so much different. But his heart became hard. To the Lord's 2nd Peter 3:9 says the Lord does not delay in his promises some understand delay, but he's patient with you is not wave. He's not wanting any to perish but all to come to repentance 1st Peter 2 says who wants wants everyone to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.

One of the sing by way of introduction. Okay. So we just seen that in the plagues were going to see God demonstrate his power. We're going to see him set apart as people we're going to see him show his patient Grace right now. It was just one of those Thing by way of introduction but psycho and it's the the cycle that kind of spirals and gets more intense as it goes and it looks something like this. The first cycle would be the first three flags and then the next three in the final three before the 10th plague, but they're similar to in the pattern that they follow so like the first one and the of each cycle 1st the 4th and 7th, I'll start in the early morning and meet Sparrow by the river while he's going out today. And that's when he confronts him. And then the second one of each cycle the 2nd and 5th and 8th all of those take place where it where Moses goes in before Pharaoh. So he goes to his court. It says let my people go and then the third plug in each phase the third one in each phase is just simply unannounced instead of Moses just as a symbolic act and and all of a sudden got rap hits and the time for warning is over and so we're going to see this cycle all the way through and I'll point it out as we go introductory teaching stuff.

Carlos do it if you have your Bible Open up The Exodus chapter 7 verse 14 And I'm actually going to read from a slightly different translation today. So I'm going to read from the Christian Standard Bible. And so that'll be on the screen. But as well, you may gain some insight that's good always to read from multiple translations because sometimes you see different things of how God is working because originally this is all in Hebrew, right? So as to be translated into English for us to understand and so there's multiple ways that you can translate that start in chapter 7 verse 14. Here's the first plague water to blood Moses Moses Pharaoh as hard as hard he refuses to let the people go Pharaoh in the morning when you see him walking out to the water stand ready to meet him by the bank of the Nile. So this is what fair is on his way to bathe. I believe that morning taking your hand the staff that turned into a snake. Remember I told you a few weeks ago that that Moses staff and people staff and that they would be equivalent to like your passport today was a form of identification and identified the staff becomes God staff and Aaron staff as if he working through you it's his staff. It's his power. I take your staff that turned into a snake and tell him tell Pharaoh the Lord the god of the Hebrews has sent me to tell you I've heard that before they may worship me in the wilderness. She got the desire to free his people and his desire to free you and me and Jesus isn't to free you to do whatever you want to do. It's to free you to do what you were designed to do. And what find what you find the most you will find the most fulfillment in which is living a life that honors him and worships him. But so far for you have not listened. This is what the Lord says here is how you will know that I am the Lord watch. I'm about to strike the water in the Nile with them with the staff in my hand and it will turn to blood. Fishing and I will dye. The river will stink and the Egyptians will be unable to drink water from it over the rivers Canal Ponds and all their water reservoirs. You noticed are in the air if you haven't been with us, so you're not familiar with the text Moses raised his doubts to God in the beginning and said, oh I'm not eloquent in speech. I can't really talk very good in front of people. And so I got this fine. I'll speak for you. I'll speak through your brother Aaron and so Aaron and Moses are a team here together speaking for God take your staff stretch it out over the Waters of Egypt over there Rivers Canal Ponds and their water reservoirs and they will become blood There Will Be Blood throughout the land of Egypt even in wooden and stone containers. In other words. This isn't just an aisle turning to blood. This is every surface of water in the Country turning to blood

Moses and Aaron did just as the Lord commanded in the sight of pharaoh and his officials he raised the staff and he struck the water in the Nile and the water in the Nile was turned to blood.

He's on his way to bathe. He's walking. Maybe. He's got some fancy steps down to the river. And here's this annoying guy Moses over here and turns to blood so much for the bath.

The fish in the Nile died and the river smelled so bad that the Egyptians could not drink water from it. There was blood throughout the land of Egypt verse 22 is curious, but the magician's of Egypt did the same thing by their occult practices. Another words friends there is an enemy. He is powerful. He does masquerade at times when he can as an angel of Light as God and so on a handful of occasions here, you're going to see a Pharaoh's magicians do the same thing to the power of Satan that God did through Moses and Aaron. However, there's going to come a time where God shows his or over Satan to replicate any of this anymore. But because of this Pharaoh's heart was hard he would not listen to them as the Lord said Pharaoh turned around went into his Palace and didn't take even this too hard. All the Egyptians dug around the Nile for water to drink because I couldn't drink water from the river. 7 Days passed after the Lord struck the Nile so we're weekend Waters been turned to blood. Pharaoh can't bathe. His people can't drink water. Come and take it to heart that God did this right in front of him be also didn't take it to heart that all of his people were crying for help.

Are the continuous Gods demonstrating his power? The second plague frogs. So here's the second part of that cycle first was in the morning at the river now. It's go into Farrell into his court and tell him this is

that was a very convincing. I don't think he would have let him go for that. But we'll try again in a little bit. Then I will play call your territory with frogs. Denial will swarm with frog by the way the Nile one of the largest rivers in the world so comparable to and it's larger than the Mississippi River which is the fourth largest largest in North America are across the Mississippi River. So imagine that all turning to blood and now swarming with frogs crawling out at you.

They will come up to your Palace in your bedroom on your bed into the houses of your officials in your people into your ovens and needing both mentors everywhere. The frogs will come up on you. Your people all your official then the Lord said to Moses. Tell Aaron stretch out your hand with your staff member God's presence is with them over the rivers canals cons and caused the frogs to come up and onto the land of Egypt when you're in the land did the same thing by their occult practices and brought frogs up onto the land of Egypt.

Maybe there's just so many left over when God did it that it looked like they did it. I don't know. Looking for say that looks like maybe Pharaoh starting to repent and Moses and Aaron and he said appeal to the Lord to remove the frogs for me and my people then I will let the people go that they may sacrifice to the Lord. You may have the honor that if choosing when should I appeal on behalf of you? Your officials are people so you can see that it's the Lord verses tomorrow and Moses says well as you said so that you may know there is no one like the Lord Our God the frogs will go away from you. Your house is your officials are people the frogs will remain only in the Nile after Moses. And Aaron went out from Pharaoh Moses cried to the Lord for help concerning the frog that he had brought against Pharaoh or did is Moses. It said the frogs in the houses Courtyards in fields died. The pile them up in countless heaps and there was a terrible odor in the land. Can you imagine? I also that would have been.

But now look at verse 15 and tell me if you've ever done this. If you ever like Pharaoh things get so bad you decide I'm going to start crying out for help because that's the only thing I can do is cry to the Lord for help, but then when help arrives and God answers your prayer. quickly forget Where you at been and what he had done. Look at Pharaoh. 140 saw there was relief. He hardened his heart and he wouldn't listen to them is the Lord it said.

Never do that. They were like Pharaoh, you know like this is so hard. God want you to help me once you get me through this and then he does. And then a few hours later you forgotten about it. And you're right back to the place you were before? That was Pharaoh. When it was bad, he called out to God, but when God answered his prayers he saw there was relief. He's like, okay, we're through that. I don't need the Lord anymore. I'll be like Pharaoh. I'm talking to myself. Don't be an idiot. There's an idiot. I think I can say that with Biblical Authority fares an idiot.

Don't presume upon his kindness for rights in the New Testament.

Now look at the third flag comes up and the third part of our first cycle when there is no warning and Moses just does it then the Lord said to Moses tell Aaron stretch out your staff again present strike the dust of the land and it will become gnats throughout the land of Egypt reading King James.

Lice lice are there was Lysol over the lands of it with the word isn't real clear. It's just some kind of tiny biting flying insect. That's what the Hebrew that tells us. So it could have been either.

Are they did Aaron stretched out his hand with his staff and when he struck the dust of the land gnats were on people and animals all the dust of the land became gnats throughout the land of Egypt. I like it that Scouts demonstrating his power not only over Pharaoh in over creation. But now over Satan The Magician's Verse 18 tried to produce gnats using their occult practices, but they could not. And then that's remained on people. and animals If you struggle with the idea that there's the power of the enemy doing these things to through Egypt's magicians. Have you noticed they might be able to replicate part of the plug but they don't have any power over stopping it and then ever try to stop at the only one is going to be able to stop it is the Lord.

This is the Finger of God. The magician said the Pharaoh the pharaoh's heart was hard. It would not listen to them just as the Lord had said. So you gone through this first cycle? I got demonstrates his power to fairy demonstrates his power over creation. He demonstrates his power over Satan. He's dishing out judgement.

Cheryl refuses to listen

listen friends if you're going through life and you're ignoring the Lord and you're noticing things happening and you're realizing you know, what I need to repent. I need to repent. I need to repent guess what you should do pants. Why because if God is after you It's only going to get worse. He's Relentless in his Pursuit Of You. Let's start the second cycle with plug number 4. Then the Lord said to Moses Moses remember at the beginning of the cycle again, so it's going to be early in the morning get up early in the morning and present yourself to Pharaoh when you see him going out to the water. I wonder if this time when Pharaoh's going out with this towel. And he sees Moses show up. What are you doing this time? I was this. Not again, you know, I mean that he had to be a little anxious than me, even though his heart was hard. People with hard Hearts generally are very fearful and their Spirits. I'm sure he was anxious. is Ensure

just tell him this the Lord said to Moses. This is what the Lord says help me out here what he say?

Getting better, but if you want.

officials your people and your houses

some of you might think it's not so bad. I've got two kids at the fair and all we've got I've got animals are flies all over no no swarms of flies. Like the big giant biting horse flies is what I have in my head like that against your face, you know, I mean, can you imagine just dealing with all of this all the time? Then you'll know that I am the Lord.

Are your house as soon as I asked if they had the end of verse 21, the Egyptians houses will swarm with flies. And so will the land where they live there's 22 but on that day. We seen God show his power and how he's going to set apart as people on that day. I will give special treatment to the land of Goshen where my people are living. No flies will be there. Goshen was the area of Egypt just north of Pharaoh's Kingdom where all of God's people lived. There's going to be swarms of flies.

In Egypt, but not in the land of Goshen. So it was just break that down since we have a Goshen just north of us, right? If people are all up there in Elkhart County and some of your like amen somebody lives there. How did Egyptians down here in Kosciusko County and then Goshen? No flies got setting apart as people. He distinguishes between those who have trusted him those who are his and those who are not and who are his enemies. Said I will make a distinction and this sign will take place tomorrow.

Pharaoh thought he was a god. Do you know that? He demanded to be worshiped as a god. And the end he is God could not protect his people from the plagues. I'm going to distinguish Pharaoh between you and Farrell God and all of your people and all of my people. And I'm going to rescue my people and I'm going to spare them from the plugs, but that you have no power over this and there's no way you're going to be able to intercede for a care for your people. He's making a distinction here. I saw the lord of flies went into Pharaoh's Palace in his officials houses has ruined because of the Swarms of flies and Pharaoh summon Moses and Aaron and he said go sacrifice to your God within the country. In other words. You can go sacrifice, but you can't leave. The Moses said it wouldn't be right to do that because what we will sacrifice to the Lord our God is detestable to the Egyptians. Quit time we go back and look at Genesis chapter 46 wear when God's people come to Egypt. We learned that the Egyptians for whatever reason the tested Shepherd and those who lived with and cared for livestock how they didn't detest livestock. They had some of their own will see but they did tested those who lived among them and it's likely there was some kind of religious reason especially as it related to the sacrifice of animals that God commanded. Samosas, like we can't do that if we sacrifice what the Egyptians the test in front of them what they Stone we must go a distance of 3 days into the Wilderness and sacrifice to the Lord Our God just as he has instructed us like we have to obey their a responded. I will let you go and sacrifice to the Lord your God in the wilderness, but don't go very far. Make an appeal for me. NFL's hardest started the cycle of when he needs help and it's convenient. He calls upon the Lord.

You see where his real heart is it's not for his people. It's for his own preservation. Make an appeal for me. And as soon as I leave you Moses that I will peel to the Lord and tomorrow the storms of flies will depart from Pharaoh's officials and his people but Pharaoh must not act deceptively Again by refusing to let the people go and sacrifice to the Lord the Moses of pharaohs presents. He appealed to the Lord. And the Lord said is Moses and said you remove the storm's of flies from pharaoh and his officials and his people not one was left.

Sister ask for help. But then look what happens when she has relief. He hardened his heart this time also. They did not let the people go.

Part 2 of the second cycle number 5 death of livestock. Then the Lord said to Moses go into pharaoh and say to him. This is what the Lord the end was Courtright. This is the second part going to the Lord the god of the Hebrews.

But if you keep donkeys camels herds and flocks. But the Lord will make a distinction. Between the livestock of Israel and the livestock of Egypt's he's going to distinguish. She's setting a partizan people so that nothing of all the Israelites on will die and the Lord set a time singing Tomorrow. The Lord will do this thing the Lord did this the next day all the Egyptian livestock died, but none among the is Israelite livestock died. Pharaoh sent Messengers who saw that not a single one of those real life stock was dead. Israelite livestock was dead. imagine all the livestock in Egypt dies if there's this one group of people wear their livestock are protected and they don't I just like have been predicted. Moses even barely even sent someone to check it out and get after he did and he confirmed that his heart was still hard. I needn't let the people go.

So it keeps cramping up. Mercedes plug number 6 then the Lord said to Moses and Aaron take handfuls of furnace set. Remember this third part of the cycle. So number 6 here, there's no warning. He just does it take hands full as a furnace setting Moses's to throw it toward heaven in the sight of pharaoh. It will become fine dust over the entire land of Egypt. It will become festering boils on people and animals throughout the land of Egypt are going to people and animals. I thought all the livestock died. What could have been just a livestock vet? We're mentioned. There's a handful possibilities there. Another possibility is simply that sometimes we think of these plagues happening like a Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday like every day it's likely that just takes place over months and months. In my opinion. It's at least a six-month process for all of these plugs to take place. So they could have secured other animals from somewhere else if my theory is correct will become festering boils on people and animals throughout the land of Egypt. So they took furnace and stood before Pharaoh Moses Pruitt toward heaven and it became festering boils on people and animals The Magicians could not stand before Moses because of the boils got the power over Satan over everything for the boys were on The Magicians as well as the Egyptians, but the Lord hardened Pharaoh's heart. He did not listen as the Lord had told Moses he wouldn't So you can see the cycle twice. And where is Faroe at? It's hard. It's harder than it ever was. He's not budging. Remember that the same Sun that melts the wax hardens the clay that I just got a showing his patient Grace here is Desiring that all would repent. What is it in your life? Don't let the truth in your heart. Let it melt your heart. So you turn to him. He's being patient with you. He's being patient because he loves you. He was even being patient. I believe with pharaoh. Number 7 verse 13 here. Then the Lord said to Moses we're starting over in the cycle get up early in the morning and present yourself to Pharaoh. Tell him that this is what the Lord the god of the Hebrews says what you say.

So that they may worship me for this time. I'm about to send against you your officials in your people.

Final verse 15 years if you wondered what are you just kind of guessing about this whole Grace thing Josh or is it really there looking for us Fifteen by now God says I could have stretched out my hand and struck you and your people with a flag and you would have been obliterated from the Earth.

You know friends God is a god of great grace of patient patient Grace from the very beginning in Genesis chapter 3, Adam and Eve sinned and got it warns them don't eat from this tree because if you eat of it, you will surely what died and so immediately after the eighth of it. God would have had every right you would have been perfectly just A true to himself for them to die on the spot.

But here Alliance, doesn't he? Is patient with them Desiring that they turn to him and repentance friends. He's patient with you is patient with me. But his patience is that you would come to him in faith that you would turn back to him. Now that you keep running with a hard heart, but that you turn these has the Pharaoh by now I could have I could have obliterated you from the earth. However, I bought you live. For this purpose to show you my power to make my name known on the whole Earth. You're still acting arrogantly against my people by not letting them go. So tomorrow at this time, I will rain down the worst hail that has ever occurred in Egypt from the day. It was founded until now therefore give orders to bring your livestock and all that you have in the field into shelters. So again, I think there's some time that's passed the they have more livestock now bring them into the field. All you have in the field in the shelters every person and animal that's in the field and that's not brought inside will die when the hell falls on them.

Those are among the Pharaohs officials who feared the word of the Lord made their servants in livestock flea to shelters. For some are starting to recognize this thing might be true pharaoh. I want to go get our livestock. I'm going to bring them in. But those who didn't take the heart the Lord's word left their servants in Livestock in the field. Moses stretch out your hand toward heaven, but there be hail throughout the land of Egypt on people and animals and every plant of the field in the land of Egypt. So Moses stretched out of staff for the Heaven and the Lord sent Thunder and hail lightning struck the land and the Lord Reign the hell on the land of Egypt flashing through it was so severe that nothing like it occurred in the land of Egypt since it become a nation. This is some pretty nasty hail, huh? Inn in Goshen last night for out for Brad and Brenda's wedding and on our way home. It was hailing. Reminded me of Mind of both of us of this passage, but I don't think it was anything close to what we see here. Even a couple weeks ago if I'd there were reports in Western, Iowa and Nebraska of halex 6 in deep on the ground after some of the storms out there.

but I don't think that's anything like What happened here?

Tell struck down everything was 25 in the field both people and animals that he'll beat down every plant of the field shattered every tree in the field. The only place it didn't hell was where the land of Goshen. For the Israelites worship last night. It did Helen go to where the Israelites were. First 27 Pharaoh sent for Moses and Aaron because I send this time. He said to them the Lord is the righteous one. And I and my people are the guilty ones. How this sounds like true repentance, doesn't it?

Make an appeal to the Lord. There's been enough of God's Thunder and hail. I'll let you go. You don't need to stay any longer. Moses said to him when I left the city. I will spread out my hands to the Lord the Thunder will cease and there will be no more hell so that you may know the Earth Belongs to the Lord. Just pretty miraculous to everybody else is outside during this time dies except Moses when he walks home that protects him evidently. But as for you Moses as you and your officials, I know that you still don't fear the lord.

After a while sometimes when people go through these patterns of false repentance like Pharaoh, does you tend to see that? Haven't really repented. Lisa you can't tell in the moment. Maybe they have but you really can't tell in the moment if they repented when can you tell?

Weeks sometimes months sometimes years later as their actions demonstrate fruit of repentance, right? Just like I could give you a tree we can find it in your yard next to this is an apple tree. If you like, okay, if you don't know anything about trees or what shape the leaves are when are you going to find out if it's really an apple tree? Years later when it starts producing fruit. And so I'm seeing the fruit that fairly produced so far. You just see this pattern if I don't know if he's really repented and got obviously revealed it to Moses that his heart was still hard. What's all in the New Testament that bear fruit in keeping with repentance? So she turned to the Lord then live it out. Listen. There's always a second third fourth 25th chance with Jesus right? You can turn back to him. But hopefully there's this trajectory of growth in your life. I thought you know if you've really repented.

And if you're in the case of having a friend or a loved one who seems to be in this pattern of sin for give them love them absolutely but set some healthy boundaries if it's this repeating pattern over and over and over. Just for you and your officials. I know that you still don't fear the lord God ever 31 the flaxen The Barley were destroyed because the barley was ripe in the flax was budding but the wheat and the spell or not destroyed since there later crops. Say I think another was first or Moses and a permit for I think you're mourning your loss right now, but later when you have something else, this is all just going to fade away when the week comes up. Moses Farrow in the city spread out his hands of the Lord the Thunder and hail Caesar strain no longer pour down on the land and we go when Pharaoh saw the rain hail thunder and see if they send again and hardened his heart. He and his officials Sophia's heart was hard. He did not let the Israelites go is the Lord it said through Moses. Number 8. I just about through the 9. First one the Lord said to Moses go to Pharaoh fried hardened his heart and the hearts of his officials. So it goes into the court again this for the third time so that I may do miraculous signs of mine among then it so that you may tell your son and Grandson how severely I dealt with the Egyptians and perform miraculous signs among them and you will know that I am the Lord so Moses and Aaron they went into pharaoh and told him this is what the Lord the god of the Hebrews says. How long will you refuse to humble yourself before me and then he says what

That they may worship me. But if you refuse to let my people go tomorrow, I will bring locusts into your territory. They will cover the surface of the land so that no one will be able to see the land. They will leave the remainder left to you that escaped the hill in other words the week. That's now come up. They will eat every tree that you have growing in the field. They will fill your houses and your officials houses the houses of the Egyptians something your father's and grandfather's never saw since the time they occupied the land until today and then he turned and he left pharaohs presents. First officials asked asked and they said the Pharaoh how long must this man be a snare to us another with how arrogant are you Ferrell let the men go so that they may Worship the Lord their God don't you realize yet that Egypt is devastated.

When your heart becomes as hard as hard as pharaohs you you just do irrational things.

some of the things you say some of the choices you make it's all self-preservation at this point. It has no basis in reality. Don't let your heart get as hard as pharaohs for pain. so Moses and Aaron were brought back the pharaoh go Worship the Lord your God Pharaoh said but exactly exactly Moses who will be going. No, just replied. I like the way he kind of in a roundabout way. It says I'll just goes well with young and what's our old are sons and daughters with their flocks of their herds because we must hold the we're all going all of us are going.

Interoceptive meci, the larger have to be with you if I would ever let you and your family is going to look Lookout you're heading for trouble. No, just able-bodied men Worship the Lord since that's what you want and they were driven from Paris presents. He wouldn't let everyone go. Result in the Lord said to Moses stretch out your hand over the land of Egypt the Locust will come up over and eat every plant in the land everything that the hell has left.

So Moses stretched out his staff over the land of Egypt the Lord sent an East Wind over the land all that day and through the night invite by morning to Eastwind and brought into locusts. The Locust went up over the entire land of Egypt settled on the whole territory never before been such large number of locusts and there never will be again. They covered the surface of the whole land so that the land was black they consumed all the plants on the ground in other words. Listen, there was no economic ruin. If this was today. What would cause total economic economic ruin? The internet would be down forever. Would be gone. I mean if you think the flooding has been bad for Farmers so far that's nothing compared to what happened here.

total ruin they cover the surface of the hole and the consumed the plants on the ground and all the fruit of the trees that had the hell that the hell I'd left. Nothing green was left on the trees or the plants in the field throughout the land of Egypt. Nothing green was left urgently sent for Moses and Aaron in here we go again. I've sinned against the Lord your God and against you please forgive my sin once more make an appeal to the Lord your God so that you will just take this death away from me.

He just wants to get out of the consequence are Moses left pharaohs presents. You feel to the Lord the Lord change the winter strong Westman to carry the locusts away into the Red Sea. A. Single Locus was left in all the territory of Eve, but the Lord hardened Pharaoh's heart and he did not let the Israelites go. So we get to the final on this last but not least first 21 of chapter 10. And the Lord said to Moses stretch out your hand toward heaven and there will be Darkness over the land of Egypt a darkness that can be felt.

Moses stretched out his hand toward Heaven There was thick Darkness throughout the land of Egypt for 3 days. One person cannot see another and for 3 days they did not move from where they were get all the Israelites headlight where they live got them source of power of our creation. He is such a part is people they still have light.

And it has patience patient Grace is like you just put them in a headlock and says here sit here and think about what's happened over the last few months that you might repent and turn to me one person couldn't see each other for their face. I just had to sit still they didn't move from where they were so fair a summon Moses as I go Worship the Lord your flocks and herds must stay behind and not enough sacrifices and burnt offerings to prepare for the Lord Our God. Even our livestock must go with us. Not a huff will be left behind because we will take some of them to Worship the Lord Our God. We don't know which ones will use that we get there. But the Lord hardened Pharaoh's heart he was unwilling to let them go Farrell said to him then leave me make sure Moses. You never see my face again for on the day. You see my face you will die. and Moses replied as you have said I will never see your face again.

The friends we go through these three cycles of plagues. I just I wanted to take time because I think a lot of times it's some of these things like this will will hear about him we know about him, but we never really takes the time to just read the text all the way through of what's there. Boise God demonstrate his power over and over right? We see him to set apart his people and distinguish between his people and his enemies but through the whole process. We see the incredibly patient Grace that even in judgment got his patient that anyone who would turn to him he would spare For the few that brought their cattle in from the fields they lived in they got stirred them. friends Listen Peter preached in the book of Acts that God commands everyone everywhere to repent and put their trust in Jesus Christ. If you haven't yet don't mistake his kindness as an end his patients as him not doing anything or not caring he's patient with you so that you might turn to him that you talked to him. Don't be like Sarah. I'll leave you with this final thought.

In Jesus God invites all of those. He created to become his children.

So it if you've never repented are you merely his creation or have you repented and become as child? battle happens in Jesus Christ friends trust him trust him.

Father. Thank you for Jesus. For a sobering thing to read through and to study and to think about the truth of all the things that happened. in the plugs that you put out upon Egypt It's really pretty amazing that in your grace. You haven't issued out similar things toward us.

not seeing your hand after not seeing you bring wrath toward us that isn't a sign that you've put it off for just giving up or that you're not the same God today as you were then.

Or do you call for all of us to repent and do this to turn to you?

I pray for those today Lord hear my voice that if they've never trusted you today, they might move from being simply your creation to being your child. That when you set an event and set apart your children that they would be one of them. If that's you it's simple, it's simply repenting of your sin, which means to turn to Jesus from your own way of life and away from your sin and to turn to him and say Jesus. I Need A Savior. I can't do this on my own.

I'm hopeless and without a prayer apart from you. And Paul Wright said if you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is the Lord that God raised him from the dead. He died on the cross for your sins. You will be saved that simple. And at any time, I really believe most it or Pharaoh could have repented but he chose not to don't be like Sarah father. Thanks for Jesus. We pray all this in your name. Hitman Just stand up.

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