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When You Suffer...

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Many years later the king of Egypt are the Israelites grounds under their slavery and cried out their cries for relief from their hard labor and send it to God God. Listen to their growing Scott remembered his Covenant with Abraham with Isaac and Jacob. God saw what was going on if it's real God, let me know and understand.

Good morning, everybody. My timer today's sermon is when you suffer even walking through for those of you who are suffering a lot of different situation talking to a lot of people all at the same time. So today I want to talk about suffering if we settle in.

Certain certain feel that and so I just want to acknowledge that probably isn't going to be just want to say that we're not going to park there when I come stay there because the gospel is a story of moving to fly from Des moving to light from Darkness.

You have to fully experience that darkness my Brokenness. So we're going to Deep dive into that some of that today and I didn't always know this I grew up in church Sunday school. We're very complex truths were boiled down into very childlike terms. We had a flannel graph is invading what that was. Flannelgraph work is awesome conveniently covered with bushes the whole time.

dang Apple The whole world fell apart and everything got ruined that I didn't eat apples for like a month as a kid, and I hated apples.

He probably wasn't an app. I did had slingshot and God allowed in To Kill a lineman slingshot slingshot in the Bible. What is she talking about? You start to grow up and some of the things that were over simplified you start to have question there really singing this song and said he's cool uses loves me this. I know for the Bible tells me so and I am a nice and you got so and then life came and

why is the Bible tells me so Did God really love us or was it just something at my Sunday school teacher said to me?

Is it going to text you something to hold up in life? Different situations on a flannel board in a song but does it really true in real life situations? My my banking Flora to tell her she told the lady to this week. My car was towed from in front of my house. What did I do wrong? How do you say?

More like a month less than a month ago. The shooting at the synagogue in power AME is less than a month.

Jesus loves me this. I know when my name is Robert should find and get two sons around my age anywhere to church camp. He's given his life given time speaking Run Security at risk and doing everything. You know, if you do one day this commotion down by the lake, he goes running down his son to go out to save somebody who had a cramp and he himself on the edge of the lake at the church camp. Two weeks later. His other son is playing a football game falls down dead on the football field to put in 2 weeks. Where is God? Jesus loves me this I know. I don't want to minimize suffering to suffering comes in all shapes and sizes from a sore throat that threatens to take you out of work to cancer that friend to take your life or the life of someone you love. I'm living out the consequences of one bad choice a long time ago to being so caught up in addictions in cycles of broken into seem to control us and take away our very ability to eating itself. Jobless betrayal addiction fear sorrow regret resentment disaster War Death suffering is just part of life. Now. I know when we look at our own suffering tend to just trying to try to move Beyond or something and try to shut it out. Try to quiet it down but pause for a moment.

Think about some of the ways in which itself. we all have I know sometimes we've suffered unjustly because it's something it's somebody else.

We separate the kid at the hands of an adult or as an adult at the hands of somebody in Authority order or sometimes. Because of decisions we made because of the self-imposed slavery to sin that we put ourselves into and then we set them seriously at the hands of time.

Everyone in my seat, so we suffer because we live in a broken world with broken down systems worse in like a virus has spread to God's good creation and corroded and corrupted. We're all affected by a disease natural disasters like anomic downtown. The cause may be different the degree may be different but suffering has affected all of us. Jesus loves me this. I know. I'm in a story to Anna Lee. Nina Lee showed up at our church the church. I was part of before we started that she and her father is abusing her when she was young. Coming into a room and doing unmentionable things at night having his wife. destroy the father image of God fur an image that should have been safety and provision and healthy affection became war from Twisted and perverted and his wife left him in his daughter stayed and staying his behavior, but he set up a room with a bed in the middle and plastered scriptures all over the wall like a grotesque sanctuary. You can't believe could have left.

What's like Stockholm syndrome? She was held captive by him and identified with and she didn't leave.

She's becoming suicidal. She attempted several times and failed. And she showed up at our church and crying out for deliverance.

The only deserve that.

Yes, she's overwhelmed.

For Those About to I'm sure about the actual presence of evil in this world. I think that's the kind of story that leaves us with out of town.

How do I know where did the Bible come from?

Let's look at this text today cuz I think in the story of these Hebrews were going to start to catch a glimpse of the Father's Heart.

He's getting a situation in Egypt before you guys know the story of Joseph many of us. If not by scripture than by Hollywood or the Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Abraham has a son Isaac has to send Jacob to as many sons. One of them is Joseph his his special son and gives him the Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Inducing is roller coaster ride out all the details, but he forgot his cycle like God, where are you what's going on with that has food reserves and now here comes his family from the backside of a Wilderness starving to death in sand. You got to have food and got to go to Egypt and then come before Joseph and they don't even know who he is.

Into series of events we see something with Joseph where he could have exactly bingen where you could have said. Hey, you could trade me. Watch out. Let's go.

Neck moves and says what you meant for evil. 5 minutes

we can settle this got it made in the shade man. They are living their best life now.

Exodus chapter 1 the new king came to power in Egypt who did not know Joseph he spoke to his people an alarm for those are way too many of these is the light strip to handle we've got to do something. What's the plan to contain him less if there's war they should join our enemies or walk off and leave us here. So they organize them into work games and put in the hard labor under game form and they built the story with the heart of the Egyptians work them children. The more children did Israelites had children everywhere Egyptians got so they couldn't stand each other and piled on the work crushing them under accrual work love. Think about how quickly that happened the land of their salvation became Jackson.

The place is supposed to represent their safety ended up representing suffering sometimes. I know where to go from being honored guests late you guys because you're late to die in your life and suffering ever showed up on your doorstep out of nowhere. Would not expect me. But I'm suffering just becomes a way of life. As time went on different. Their worldly was warped their surroundings became normalize the mentality begin to be shaped by Kane instead of Promise the Forgotten ones. Why can't Ali this was the only reality that ever known?

I mean, we look around our world and we know something's amiss before harness for just kind of used to it. We spoke to my parents all the time. He man, that's life.

I did that with a French accent.

Who sings I mean?

You can only carry shoes Elsa Terry and attitude of indifference in a sort of socks Stockholm Syndrome.

I think about the shocking stories that would have rocked cultures from shaking entire generation to another.

That's why.

He's become acclimated to my surroundings just like it is locked.

I'm supposed to just settle here. Apathetically. Will the cycle continues to just keeps happening. So

are we supposed to mean, you know to swallow the suffering piece on the smile is old song that you know smile when your heart is aching smile smile.

Cheers that hurt the anger. These are all natural responses to a broken unnatural world because this world is not the way it was meant to be. Death is unnatural. white morning suffering in Jesse's paint or unnatural. It's right to more than that's why we cry that's why the mint in morning or a Biblical response. Supper is not part of this world. Not nothing good. We got to me.

Just like we question and crying just like what fish do I limit sometimes and struggles in the questions of Israel to be mounted into the generational cry? Where are you taught? metal refining in the beginning of Exodus

I mean the most predominant character in this whole drama is feyre favors. The one you see over and over.

advantage of by the person who supposed to be Ciro who should have protected and he betrays trust me. If you violate the dignity in the beginning believe lies with something's wrong with them.

Clinton worthy of love, I remember. Where was God how long did Israelites have to suffer until David interview? Are you suffering entire Generations being born in the mud pits and dying in the mud? Never seen the phones.

Where was God?

Sometimes you can miss the forest for the trees. And sometimes the pain so loud and singing to hear the still Small Voice left.

I love that poem Footprints are trying to get that this true.

It is to Saxon and it was one. What happened there God you left me.

perspective mad at you I'm sitting here today. We have the advantage in our air-conditioned City and comfort the advantage of perspective for us. 430 years is just a number we can summarize the toil and suffering of the people who are bound in slavery.

In one sense. We have to be careful because That perspective that we have kid no much to reality. But in another sense, it can be helpful because it can open our eyes.

Did you know that God told Abraham way back in Genesis that the day was coming? use before all this that his offspring would enjoy her season of suffering and slavery in Egypt and that eventually he would told Abraham

Time and again. And sovereignty overtook say Rose plan in the more that is like a persecuted the more they grew of evil and suffering which is not God's will God is still at work and had a plan for Redemption.

the next few weeks just like Joseph suffering and in broken and overwhelmed by disappointed in betrayal only from the rear view of life was Joseph able to say what you meant for evil. God meant for good. That's a life-changing powerful truths.


I consider your own store. How do you respond? What kind of questions do you begin to ask? As Pastor in my experience when it seems I think we tend to do is ask questions. We don't ask philosophically detached intellectual questions about the nature of evil in God and Injustice and what he's going to do we ask emotional heart level questions. Like, how can I use the power to make it stop.

Did you see in back of the distance letting random events in the plans of evil man in the forces of nature just have their way. What is God responsible?

What is that scripture Heidi read area X it's too many years later. The king of Egypt died Israelites grown in the display. Then cried at the Chrysler relief. Listen to the grounds and you suck. Remember Abraham with Isaac and Jacob in an English translations aren't with her than what is that mean we need to understand that advertise this to be known by God.


it's not what it says. I had intimate Heart level knowledge that pain and suffering you love them while they were in it and he hurt for them and he hurt with them as he remembered the Covenant. It's not the word like he would called it as if he somehow I forgot we made a covenant with them and then recalled it but he has he moved to ask promise to love and protect and bless these people when he says he remembers Abraham or he remembers

What's the law for sitting water?

What is heart knows you're suffering he vowed to keep his promise. He plans to rescue them or them with passionate love. Does that sound like a detached disinterested distant. Dispassionate DDD.

He's right there with him.

One of my favorite preachers Charles Spurgeon says it this way. God is too good to be unkind.

I don't know what you're going to do today and not all of you. But I do know one thing. If this passage is true, then we can be assured that God is with us especially in our suffering does not abandon. I will never leave you or forsake you I will be with you until the end of someone nice words.

Don't tell me.

The answer to that will be our Focus shelter series, but what we see is a godsend to deliver. Any accidents that deliver shows up? with the name Moses and me need to know about Moses Moses have been saved from fear is the creature.

princess of Egypt Moses by murdering Egyptians one at a time I talked about getting your calling wrong.

side of a willingness for

David Dum shuttle this paper eventually God brought him back and you sent slivers people may not know this story is not Mosey says the liver is part of a larger story that we all find ourselves. The movie sisters of foreshadowing in Moses to deliver his people from their suffering God so loved that. He sent his only begotten son to Deliver us from our Jesus is born in a barn. He's King also issued a decree to kill all the first born babies to Jesus was raised on the Run.

We grew up in a palace like Moses he grew up. Can a mud pit the boxer? self-esteem

for those he was supposed to love him didn't Hometown for The Killing did loving honestly the kind of mostly loved him for what he gave in Miracles free food enough for himself the username abused. betrayed by his closest friends

Crucified outside the city is a criminal naked and bludgeoned to death on a cross. He was tempted and rejected and betrayed and lied about an abused and mistreated and a thing. You just knows what it is.

That's why the author of Hebrews says this therefore. Since we have a great high priest has ascended into heaven Jesus the son of God. Let us. Only if they be possessed by

Kisses, we are yet, you did not send. when I seen a post. Throne of grace with confidence so that we may receive mercy and find Grace and what does he do for Jesus shows us what the word is tell us that God is near you're not alone. Makes me feel alone.

God knows and sees and cares but they like sympathy.

Isaiah Ford says he shall be called Emmanuel which being interpreted means what God.

I hurt my guilt Sheena.

Right in the middle of our pain suffering a long silence. Just like just like just like you and I know what it is to suffer what it's like to feel separated from the presence of God.

Fuel separator for the presence of God Jesus was separated from the presence of God cool tiki face is just the tip of the spear speak cuz he was abandoned by his father.

So you can be forgiven.

And he became other since chords. So you could forget.

His body was broken so that creation could one day. He was rejected and abandoned never have to be. separated from his wife

The dad who loves us. Would you having a nice house?

And all this was from his great. Love Jesus King near me.

John stop roaches I could never myself believe in God if it were not for the cross. In the world pain, how could one worship of God whose means?

It's me. It says answer the big question. We all have why God allows evil, but we do know the reason isn't what it can't be. It can't be that God doesn't love it. Can't be worse than the day that God died. Find a guy was really just getting started in this where it wasn't over his three days later. What happened? Tell the grave left in the grave longest-ever. The resurrection is the Cornerstone of our face quickly.

the Future Hope scene in Lord of the Rings the final one where Samwise gamgee wakes up and he is battling from everybody's going to be dead. Any wakes up any fees that all his friends are like Gandalf. I thought you were dead.

Nancy GS

I know you came here. I wish I could believe that. You can the profits have been talking about it for thousands of years. Think about this passage 700 years before will proceed from people's the finest finish the Paul of Doom hanging over all the people.

You remove every side Skype. From these people wherever they are. Yes. God says. Also at that time the people will say look what's happened. This is our God.

Leonardi says death will be swallowed up in Victory.

another words all the bad all the time the worst things we Face will be swallowed up with a good so much that You'll be as it's a bad never existed. First me and I heard a loud voice from the stone singing luck. He will wipe away every morning crying of pain for the old Order of Things has passed away. I am making

Come on. No more crying all things new. Everything sad is going to come untrue. Because Jesus suffered because Jesus came in and Rose Victorious because the gospel that is our teacher quote. It's just as sure as the seat you're sitting in the ground you're standing on the breath in your lungs. That is your future.

We also have one of the things that I did and that's the presence of the Holy Spirit and said right now as Believers, we are sealed with the Holy Spirit and not only do we have the love and grace of agave plants Sun inspiring life.

God is nearer to you than ever before I will put my spirit slender SC. You're not putting Splash on. Love and showing it and making a way for us, but now it's.

You want to revive dead situations?

Come for you and your pain. To encourage you to inauguration God's Kingdom in your heart. So you begin to live like it's true deleting guide to empower you overcome Addiction in your life. So you don't think you have any hope for

God With Us Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me stuff is not just a song. It's more than a nice little thought to tell Sunday school children. It's a life-altering history-changing.

It's that true.

Without hope that power living within us the power that created the universe inside you.

The question I want to leave with you.

If this was true for you. What pain would you be free to face honestly before. I think we all can compartmentalize a pain leave it alone or we deal with suffering in silence and alone. I remember Anna Lee when she showed up that church. Team around her community and she starts sharing story. This is before she forgiven a father before she really fully came to Christ before she started experiencing. Stealing for her and remember how to share her pain with us in Canadian and someone asks,

She started to tell God right there. You going to tell God everything she did that damn broken all the pain and I hate to hurt and sink blowing out anymore in that moment done with a hundred years.

Whatever pain you're feeling whatever you're holding on to have before God.

Bring resurrecting reality into your daily.

I love this person. My dad 61 God provide for those who grieve in his kingdom to bestow on them a Planet Beauty instead of Ashes the oil of Joy instead of mourning the Garment. You send the spirit of despair.

When you suffer cups. Why because you lost so many years and when he was older on his deathbed somebody asked him, you know and all your studies and all your cruise in the Bible and writing books about scripture in theology. What's the greatest fruit? It's really wrecked your life and changed it. You're on his deathbed. He said Jesus loves me this I know.

surrender to that lock

the light if you choose to text through the dense fog of the lies all around. The why is it saying you suffer because you're not so he suffered because you mean we suffer because you don't care enough for you don't know enough that we suffered because it's our fault are we suffer and somehow it's never our fault you suffer because you whatever has your great love image.

Romans 5 says it just at the right time while we were so powerless Christ died for the end. Very rarely. Will anyone die for a righteous person though for a good person. Someone might possibly Dare die but God demonstrates.

You didn't shy away from my puppy. or need you didn't wait till we were perfect start. We took our suffering on head on Kmart. When it's ends of all those who sin against us on the cross so that we could experience of Grace in your healing in your restoration right now. Now, holy spirit you've lifted our lives up from the the mud pits and Brokenness. You still dust. In our daily ceiling and redeeming and redirecting us cord that day when we will struggle no more when you will wipe away every tear from our eyes. Not all those things will be washed away in death will be swallowed up in Victory. We Proclaim that truth to our hearts day, but we actually Holy Spirit to help us. even in the midst of sorrow and suffering full of joy in you because our greatest need to because our future secure because even when we're not holding on to your Holding On Us We love you and surrender Our Lives TV ask you to move in this place of the next few moments.

When you take some time to pray and I know there's some people here that would love to be prayer for you if you don't know how to respond.

Or maybe you heard the gospel for the first time in this sermon the Jesus Christ.


if blood is Spilled Out on the cross to forgive you and farting and everything.

Come down and take away from Yuma AZ. You can hold onto that sheet for planet to yourself.

It's okay.

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