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I think every one of us has guilty pleasures you have guilty pleasures things that you kind of enjoy their kind of silly, but you like them.
Icees flavor ice that silly little plastic thing.
I like them.
So guilty pleasure.
My daughter bought those as a snack for us this week.
It was wonderful.
Especially Cherry ones.
I just really like them.
So guilty little silly little pleasure.
There's another little pleasure that I like in life.
I like waiting in line at the grocery store.
Do you know why I like what the waiting line because I will never buy those newspapers that are right at the grocery store check in but I like reading all the headlines.
I always think they're kind of funny, you know, occasionally.
I'm thinking that one's good.
Maybe I should pick it up.
Maybe you know, maybe it will be worth reading my favorite.
One of all time was Pastor instantaneously combusted while preaching about hell.
Is that a great pleasure, you know.
The story in the Bible that we're going to read today could be one of those headlines.
It could be one of those things, you know.
90 year old woman gives birth to son named Sam laughter You know, actually the word is crack up.
You know, you ghetto.
You know, it is a crazy story that we're going to read today.
It really could be that thing that you can enjoy reading.
And now of all of you are going to take a little extra time.
When you go through the grocery line to read what the mirror has to say.
The last time God spoke to Sarah.
He told her at age 89 that sometime during that year.
He was coming back to visit because she was going to give birth to son.
Remember that was she responded by laughing because it sounded so crazy.
And God said that he would return and then that would be what they name their son.
Crack up.
What a funny name, you know, have you ever thought about some people's name?
Thought if you ever met somebody and they introduce themselves in your like what were your parents thinking?
You know.
Hi, my name is crack up.
You know, I'd like you to meet my little brother giggle.
Oregon have a Snicker together Genesis chapter 21 the Lord visited Sarah as he had said and the Lord did to Sarah as he had promised.
I think we need to underline those verses in our Bible the Lord did as he had promised.
Don't you want that kind of thing in your life in a couple places where you prayed and all the sudden you realize how the Lord did what he had promised.
Even though it seems crazy even though it seems like just an article for the paper the Lord did what he had promised.
And Sarah conceived and bore Abraham a son in his old age and at the time which God had spoken to him.
And Abraham called the name of his son was born to him who Sarah bore him Isaac.
now chapter 21 is an interesting chapter because chapter 21 would really play pretty well as a three-act play
I really would.
And in between each of the three scenes will have a commercial.
Okay, because that's kind of what would happen and we'll try to sell you some drug that when you listen to what the drug is going to do to you.
You're like, why am I ever going to use this drug?
Even though you're saying this is a very pleasant voice.
Secede one is it God did exactly what he said, right God did what he had promised and all of a sudden a 90 year old woman is glowing in her pregnancy, you know.
What he didn't do what you promised and just give them an adopted child.
She went through the pregnancy.
She craved pickles.
She went through those experiences.
She got to that point where you just don't feel comfortable on if one more person tells you that you look bigger going to slap them.
She went through all of those experiences in her old age.
Not only that but this was before formula and she breastfed her, baby.
a 90 year old woman You know, I'm sure there were many times that she was out with that baby and and people would say isn't this need Grandma's spending some time with their grandson.
And she would smile and say no.
He's mine.
Is my baby?
What's his name?
Crack up?
Laughter is his name.
You know what God does something that only God can do in a way that he does it and when we experience those promises all of a sudden our faithfulness changes because of what we've experienced in God's faithfulness all the sudden because when we experience got doing something that only God could do in a way that only God could do it and circumstances that are kind of beyond our control if there's something that we waited 25 years war think about that.
He made this promise to them back in chapter 12, which was 25 years ago.
Even when God finally comes through it is an absolutely amazing thing and we are completely blown away by the fact that God is done with only he can do And we respond the first way that faithfulness responses it motivates our obedience.
Remember the third time that God explain the promise and he said and there's going to be the specials procedure that every male has to go through.
To be a part of this promised.
All of a sudden eight days later that says that an Abraham circumcise his son Isaac when he was 8 days old as the Lord commanded him.
I'll listen because he's experienced this big thing.
You didn't question Ali this little thing that he was supposed to do.
I have met people who know that the God is asking them to do a little thing and they're really struggling with it.
You know, why?
Because they haven't experienced the joy of the bigger promise that makes a little bit of a medians.
Not that big a deal.
Think about in your life.
Are you struggling with the one little area of obedient?
Maybe it's because you forgot about the big promise.
Because there was this big promise I'll listen that motivated him.
In fact, not only faithfulness isn't motivated to his obedient, but it brings to life.
Abraham was 100 years old when Isaac was born to him, you know, so is this your great-great grandson?
No, He's my son.
What do you mean?
Yeah, that that be kind of how it is you read on and it says this and Sarah said God has made laughter for me and everyone who hears will laugh over me.
Yeah, they were laughing.
You know, I think that probably there were a lot of different kind of laughter's and Snickers have you realized that some laughter is not kind and there is that belly laugh that we have together that we long for that we enjoy but then there's other times that laughter just really hurts.
Doesn't it?
Sarah was talking about the fact this makes me happy.
This makes me laugh, but I know that other people are going to be laughing at me.
Instead of with me had a friend just found out they're having their sixth child.
There were polite laughter around the announcement.
Along with an explanation of biology in shouldn't you know better?
Reese's but I just feel like God was we're supposed to have one more.
I said did your wife feel that way?
Yeah, that's awesome.
But there's those ways that laughter Cuts both ways.
But there is that sense of real Delite.
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