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Searching for Security

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There are so many places that we look for security: blankets, money, jobs, relationships, insurance, deadlocks and alarm systems... But none of them are very solid or trustworthy. The blanket goes missing, the money gets spent, the job becomes redundant, the relationship breaks down, and the insurance doesn’t pay out. None of it is sure or certain or safe. None of it is truly secure. And nothing makes this clearer than the amount of time, energy, resources and stress that we give to it all. We fret about all the “what if’s” and the future and the things our of our control – and they’re all signs of our insecurity. Meanwhile, we ignore or forget what’s truly solid – the gospel. The true guarantee and actually solid foundation is Jesus Christ and his salvation. How can you share about our Rock and Refuge with those who stand on shaky ground?

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