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Elisha and the Widow's Oil

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The Faith and expectancy of the widow. God will use what you have

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(let’s pray) the old anglican prayer.
what we know not, teach us, what we have not give us, what we are not make us.
Context- Elisha is met by a widow.
Her husband was one of the prophets and had died with a debt where the debt collectors will come and take her sons as slaves to payoff the deb.
The prophet according to historical writings of the time- Josephus is Obadiah.
The money he borrowed was to feed the young prophets.
He will always take care of those who are generous.
One of the core principles we have: We have unlimited resources!
We can be generous because God will always come through!
Elisha is very concerned.
He is a Major prophet! He could have said don’t disturb me with this. I have huge things to do!!!
Jesus always, always cares for the one!
I challenge you church to care for the one! Leave the 99 and seek out the one who feels lost and unloved!
If jesus has time so do you!
In Elisha’s concern he begins with a question: What do you have?
This is a familiar question to us isn’t it?
Jesus feeding the 4000 and the 5000- always began with that question: how many loaves do you have? What do you have already?
We often ask God for answers to our prayers outside of the things we already have. God has given you everything you need already!
God will take what you have and multiply it. That is anointing!
If you speak words, it does very little, but if you speak words and God anoints it , now it changes lives!!!
She has a little anointing flask of oil.
Not a giant jug. A small maybe cup.
Elijah says- go and borrow as many containers as you can from your neighbors. Not just a few.
How many know you will not be able to accomplish God’s plan and work for your life alone!
So many people stop fellowshipping and stop depending on the church.
Lions- seperate and then devour.
We need each other church!! God never said we can do this by ourselves.
I would not be here if not for my church.
They are praying and fasting for me and this team 24 hours per day while we are here.
They are lending their jars!!!
Elisha tells her once she has all the containers she could find to pour the oil in them. Do not stop pouring!
Do not stop Pouring!!!
Maybe if I was the widow, I would start with the smallest container.
Still larger than the small flask, but it would take less faith.
After it was full, I would go to the next smallest and so on.
At the end, you would have massive jugs to fill with oil, with just a little anointing flask!
It takes faith AND obedience! In fact obedience is a by product of faith.
She fills all the jars and goes to Elisha and tell him.
Go and sell the oil and pay your debts then live off the rest.
She is better off than before. Not just saved from the debtors but now has income.
When God restores, he makes it better than before!
A man I knew prayed for a man’s heart- heart failure at age 45
He went to the doctor afterwards. You have the heart of a 20 year old!
God will bless you beyond what you even ask!
The widow only asked for help with her sons being sold into slavery.
My story in Japan, being very sick. Not being able to afford dr. I prayed- woman stood up in church. Go to dr. another man had paid for it . I had money to get home.
Maybe she thought, can you talk to the debtors? Can you plead for me as a man of God?
God wants to bless you beyond how you even ask!!!
Not prosperity Gospel- eternal blessings.
2 applications: You can find yourself in the story:
1. are you the widow?
Do you believe God wants to help you?
He will do even better- the widow went to the man of God. God will respond to your request. Whatever you ask in my name…in his name as is in his character and will.
Not asking for a mansion, but asking for HIs kingdom in your life- restoration of all things.
2. Are you an Elisha?
Do you see the needs of others and feel the call to do something?
You can be the solution.
Elisha does not use human means.
You cannot solve spiritual issues with human strategy.
Pray and fast- ask the Lord for spiritual wisdom and he will give Heavenly answers.
My ways are higher than you ways!
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