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3am: In all you do represent Jesus

Intro: Job Requirement/representative
3 am: In all we do represent Jesus
Our walk with God – (side note for me ambassador and where we need to do that)Our attitude of Gratitude towards God
I do not know about you but I have been blessed by these last two semesters in Radix.
Last semester we went through Systematic Theology. I felt like through that study it deepened my walk and helped me understand the God that we love more.
And then this semester we went through Practical Theology. And oh my gosh, this was tough looking at the practical side of our walk with Christ. James helped us look at forgiveness and I was shown how often I don’t forgive. AJ walked us through complaining and man was I struck and George taught last week on giving and even though I was not here I was blessed to here about the message and the question and man even then I was struck about how I use my finances. This has been semester has really shown me a lot about my walk with Christ. I hope you were blessed by this semester. Really quick I just want to say thank you to woodsum’s for there hospitality as we have used and slightly abused there home. Thank you to George and James for your faithful work on the questions, thank you to those you helped, sacrificed and served with providing foodd every week, thank you to those who have taught and thank you to George for helping lead and shepherd us in this time together.
Alright with all of that said, let’s pray and we will work through our final topic of the semester.
I want to start by asking you a question. Just think about this.
What were you put on this earth to do?
Like specifically what were you put on this earth to do.
There are some people that it just seems obvious. They were put on the earth to do that. You look at Kobe Bryant, you may dislike him but that man was a great basketball player. Or maybe you look at Jimmy Choo. Who knows who Jimmy Choo is? Jimmy Choo is a women’s shoe designer. This man was made to sell $1000 women’s wedges. Or how about a great singer like Taylor Swift. There are some people on this earth who are so great at what they do that it seems like they were made for that. This kinda hard for some of us. Because we may not feel world class at anything. So I ask again what were you put on this earth to do? Do you feel like you are here to help your family or serve particular people?
This questions gets kinda hard when you start to think specifically about what you were put on this earth to do. Now wouldn’t it be nice if you just knew exactly what you were to do. Like a job application. I think it would be really nice if you became a Christian and you got a text from Jesus. Saying like “Hey, Alex, glad to have you on board. Now that you are a Christian please the below job description. Please read through and get back to me, - JC”
Now when I think about job descriptions, I think about one particular thing. As some of you know that Chris Eich and I lived together for quite a while, he was my roommate. My I love Chris to death and I did get his permission to tell this story. But about a year and half ago. I had left the house and Chris was doing some “home repairs.” He was mounting a TV to the wall in his room. And he started drilling into the wall. No big deal, except he forgot to check where he was supposed to be drilling. So he drilled into a hot water pipe. So that is not good. I just a call saying you need to come home now. I turned around and I open the door to the front of the house and water started coming out the door. I start walking up the stairs that were flooded. And rush into Chris’ room and there is boiling water shooting out the wall. I turn off the main water valve and there is just water everywhere. I mean I could go swimming in our garage. It was not good. So after all was said and done I needed to get a contractor out to the house. Now a contractors job is to assess damages, estimate costs, understand stand how a house works and what needs to be fixed and a few other things. I was walking the contractor around the house and showing him what i believed was damaged. Now i am a golfer and i work for a golf company, i know very little about houses. He walks into Chris’ room and starts asking me questions about what pipe was drilled into and i said, “i think it was a hot water pipe.” Then he asked do you know what the pipe was made of?” and i said, I don’t know, all i know is that it is a pipe that carries water that is hot. Now I was not trying to be rude but i had no idea what the inside of my house was made of and i just wanted to take a hot shower. But this guy did not seem to understand his own job description.
Now the cool thing as Christians is that in the bible Christ has laid out our job descriptions and i would like to highlight on of those today. Open up your bibles to .
17 And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.
This is a cool verse that shows us a few of what we are called to do as Christians . As we close this semester in Radix, we thought it would be fitting to talk about how in everything we do we are to represent Christ. We need to represent christ in every aspect in life. Look with me to the middle of verse 17. Do you see how it says to do everything in the name of. This is talking about how in every aspect we are called to be a representative of Christ Jesus. Another way to say this is that we are an ambassador of Christ like it says in . Now what does an ambassador mean or what does a representative mean? This is someone who is chosen to act or speak on the behalf of someone or something. And that is what we are called to do for Christ. If there is one thing I would like for us to hold onto and take away from our whole time in this semester of Radix is this in all we do represent Jesus Christ. in all we do represent Jesus Christ.
I would like to break up the remainder of our time into two points of how we are to represent Jesus Christ.
Point 1. Our walk with God.
Our walk, how we live shows who we represent. But why is it important for us not only think that but to live and walk like we are ambassadors and representatives of Christ? Well if you think about it this way. Our job title is Representative. Our title from Christ is Representative. And who are we repping? Christ We are repping Christ.
But if we were to continue down this path of our job description as a Christian. Then that means that one of our main duties would be to make disciples of all the nations, right? . But how are we, how am I to do that if I am not walking and living rightly? How tainted would out witness be if we lived and acted just like the rest of the world. We are called to be different. And part of that is walking and living differently.
How are we to represent Christ correctly if
Now I can tell you I have been thinking about this a lot recently. I have thinking this, “If I am a representative of Christ Jesus, than how is my walk and how am I living at home alone and with others?” And I can tell you that I have been broken. I have not lived up to the standard of the Bible. I far from living and walking with God as well as I ought to. And thanks be to God for the grace that he shows. Because I would be doomed if it was for him. Our walk with God is crucial if we are to represent and do all for Christ.
have 3 areas of life I would like to visit with you. I would like to look at how we Represent God at Work, how we Represent God at Home, and how we Represent God at our Recreations.
So let’s start with the first one, how we represent God at Work or School. Let’s talk what are some ways that we can represent God at Work or School?
3-4 thoughts (witness, working hard, honesty). Answer and engage
Alright , now how are some ways we can represent Christ God at Home
3-4 thoughts (witness, working hard, honesty, family time). Answer and engage This one has been a particular challenge for me
And lastly, recreations. And sorry I did not have a better word to fill in here. But really I am trying to get after like hobbies, things outside of home or work like going at hanging out or like things that you do for fun. If you think about our hobbies and things we do we can reach a ton of people through that. Like James likes or liked nerdy board games and that is great and through that I know that has had opportunities to evangelize and you know praise God for that. But I can tell you if I were there i would be completely out of my element and I would not have the same impact that James would have. So what about you how are some ways in your recreations that you can represent God?
3-4 thoughts (witness, working hard, honesty). Answer and engage
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