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Luke 18:18-30

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Willow Green Tea Go to look at.

we've been talked about What the Bible says concerning? money sessions giving generosity and we talked this morning about the gospel. In Bible class and you don't have to find gimmicks.

To get people to come to Christ.

Sometimes we get caught up in trying to find the right chemicals the right program the right activity. If you get the gospel and understand it wasn't better news.

You better lose. Can you kill somebody that there?

In a world that's hopeless give somebody a word of encouragement of what God has done for them and that by receiving with God has done for them. It will change their lives forever. The gospel of the good news is good news to know that that I don't walk in this world alone and someone we understand the gospel. It's all about the gospel. We missed the gospel. We understand the gospel to just as some information a distribution of some facts. No, no, no, no, no, no. No when you understand the gospel is the Transformer development that God has done something to keep providing something and would you have to do is receive it when you receive it when you respond to it and you are baptized into Christ. That's where you coming in to Chrome. He's redeeming you from a Godless world. We don't understand the gospel gospel changes the way you look at everything. Changes the way you look at your possession. Is that the gospel changes the way you look at your money in a radically changes us so that if we understand the gospel We should have a different attitude toward and a relationship with our money and relationship without possession. The problem that most of us have is that money is not just money. Friday Mega drawing about this before and I told you the older I get I don't understand it before I could I could I could drag out a message. There's somebody that has to be sick apologize, but I probably won't get any further than laying the foundation this morning and we just going to leave this Foundation this more. I'm not trying to get all the way through this particular text because it's rich and there's a lot for us to get from this text. But but but I'm talking about generosity and I'm talking about the grease of generosity on home this morning and I want us to understand it when we look at the checks here in this. This is the famous Passage. If you look at Luke chapter 18 verses 18 through 30, that's a very famous passage is the passage about the Rich Young Ruler. Now, it doesn't say here and that he was young Matthew Mark and Luke record the store the same basic story in Matthew Mark and Luke communicate this very same story, but it's better Matthew is the only one that says he's young so sheer and Lewis. He doesn't talk about him being younger, but we're going to mention that because you know, I think in Houston are like most major cities so many people who actually have wealth or actually Young They're just like this young ruler here. And I think it's quite appropriate to understand that when God has shown favor on you and whatever matter you need to have an understanding of what that relationship with your possessions. Actually me and your relationship with God. So we're going to look at this Rich Young Ruler here and Luke chapter 18 verses 18 through 30, and we're going to learn from him that number one Marine have a great spiritual danger attached in. All right, because a great spiritual danger attached to money number to we're going to talk about it. We'll just how is money spiritually dangerous then at 3. We want to look at it why money is spiritual a dangerous and then finally want to look at what how can I escape it? How can I escape the danger the spiritual danger attached with money? So don't worry about money is spiritual in danger, but they reflect the most famous First Capital. Let's go online is going faster than that. It ought to be going. I'm getting older and that's going to look at verses 24 vs. 25. I hear some of this is probably one in this checks. One of the most famous part of the text of Luke chapter 18 verses 18 through 30 in verses 24 and 25. What does it say? You get to Mike's where's your bag?

I want everybody to be able to hear if those my everyone might not have a Bible in their hand, but I want them to hear it. Larry said you were right.

Bless your heart.

All right. You got it. Let's try it again verse 24.

Jesus look it up and see how hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of God indeed. Now listen at this metaphor indeed. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is the rich are rich man to enter the Kingdom of Ghana right off the bat. He is saying something right here in verses 24 Evers 25 to what he says here the rich to enter the kingdom of God. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God and we will look at it right off. He saying something that is striking. I don't know about you, but that that that that striking do you get the imagery here? It's easier. He says for Camel.

To go to the eye.

Better it is for old fish, man. To enter into the kingdom. What does that mean?

Four Loko possibility

animal with the smallest object Edward Jones


All right.

Jesus said is there. Google

is lifespan You got a snowball's chance in hell?

. What is it going to snow rolls choice in the game impossible saying is literally impossible for the rich to be say. That's not what you say. We also reasons for that. One of the reasons is Abraham Isaac Jacob David Salah Joe Joseph of Arimathea. All of these men had lots and lots and lots of wealth. There are people in the Bible that lots of wealth to also part of the kingdom of God. They were incredibly wealthy, but even here if you see the proposition and the metaphor you have a preposition and you have a metal for the proposition is it is No possible. I don't know how hard it is for the rich to enter who then can be.

I don't know how you interpret that if you enjoy whether the rich will never make it to heaven, but that's not what I'm saying.

He sang. You're telling me that talk but then they didn't know who had the chance. Open sure. He's not talkin about that for 27 people respond as well.

Cuz they thought that the rich were the breast.

NBC Jesus wasn't verse 27. What is impossible with Man scene?

Where is impossible remember that was a metaphor of what?

He's giving a metaphor of a possibility was really when you think about it. And it's going to come right back to our understanding of the Gospel. What are moral impossibility Jesus looks? What is impossible with man is possible is possible with God.

this man look

tell me what Jesus is actually say.

Everywhere we read in the Bible. Is there a Is it impossible? But anybody can be good enough to be safe.

Romans chapter 3 verse 10 says there is no one righteous. Are you eating stay with this? So right he gives her.

Here's what you need to understand. What is Kim Possible a medical of impossibility. There is none righteous.

None of us are good enough to be safe there for every person's.

Who is America?

Jeweler been saved because of your depression you been baptized and received into Christ. And now you have a relationship with the Lord.

There is none righteous.

You know, you're right.

Are you sure cuz I don't actually believe what I deserve it.

I deserve to be safe.

That very statement. indicates why you just

impossible There is any of us. Should receive the Salvation that we enjoyed impossible. notice, but it doesn't say it is impossible with the rich is possible with God is supposed to be saved but not the rich. Jesus is simply reiterating with the rest of the Bible has always been saying and that is that all salvation is the miracle miracle happen. Anytime. Somebody is baptizing giving their life to Christ just witnessed a miracle.

And we miss it. What does the fact that we just witnessed a miracle there? Why are you picking on Richfield Road? If you put it all together, and I've been thinking about this. Al Green Jesus is saying the things listen carefully the beans things the things That human beings all of us.

That we that keep us from God.

They're cheaper All-America the thing that prevent Humanity but experiencing a relationship with a girl. butter beans chu8 it


virtual ruler

Somali makes things that tend to keep us from God worse. Potato telephone thing or two.

Everybody has things. Interfere with our relationship with God money makes whatever that thing is. whole lot worse

and this is really a very serious warning right there.

The first thing we see in this bag does this passage?

about the camel and the needle Is there a 12th? Is spiritually very very dangerous.

Well, is it dangerous Brother Ali?

I don't know if I'll be able to get to that next area.

Let's just take a look at okay, I probably get through all of this how it's dangerous to let's just get started on it in order to answer that question. I Think Jesus when he makes this statement about the danger of a river we talked about how of the grace of wealth right now are the grace rather generosity right now. We talked about the wisdom of it. We went to the Old Testament or Old Testament passages in the wisdom of generosity. I think that when Jesus makes this statement hear about the dangers of wealth, I think that he's assuming knowledge of the Hebrew Bible that Old Testament Bible if you were in that section when we talked about the wisdom associated with generosity in the Old Testament Proverbs the Old Testament of the whole lot about wealth

Xfinity chat with you by the Old Testament have a lot to say about wealth in general. By the way. I need to understand the Bible sees wealth creation in a very positive way when you understand scripture will creation is singing very positively that in the Bible that it's more positive than them socialistic Society. You need her like right now in politics about socialism. The Bible is a lot more positive about wealth creation than socialistic societies actually are is he will as a more powerful corrupting influence venture capitalist? See you there in America. We believe in capitalism, but there is a powerful influence with capitalism and the Bible sees it as as a very corrupt influence. As far as capitalism doesn't fit into any of these will Spectrum the specific link free market or capitalism or socialism. Not in those big deal with that with you know, your Bible the Bible speaks about will creation. Everybody has Tom desire to create some degree of wealth for yourself. I don't want to do you want to know what you want to wait or leave it in and of itself is sinful. That's not wood destroying here. Has there been very fluid ounces the Bible is positive and Son regarding more credible current economic system that exist in our society right now. You need to understand what the Bible say about Jesus to deal with negative right here. The focus on the negative things grow fast one of which we shared before four ways that the Old Testament Bible says money is spiritually dangerous to the first one is but it is a huge that I shared this with you money. It just has a huge huge temptation to be dishonest.

wedding Is a huge temptation to be dishonest you have the greater the temptation. Do you understand that? I don't know. I don't know. that at the end of the spectrum we talked about that property.

Proverbs 31 verse in Proverbs chapter in live far from me from me. Give me neither poverty nor riches and say and say the name of my car.

It was a dark lure that for it.

Take me to lunch. phone number to buy tickets


this better be tempted to say

or if you don't give me enough.

I'm just going to stay till it's all I'm asking you Lord. It's a reward me with my daily bread. Do you shoot the difference that your life would have if you hadn't had you possess this attitude? Just see what I do from day.

What's intriguing about this is that you are here will crows the Temptation if he does not in the group.

If you make $100. Cheating will make you hundreds more.

We'll make it a thousand more.

cheating Will make you Millions more in other words, the more money. You have the more money you can make it through cheating. Play me brotherly accounts later sleight of hand. accounting I don't want to get into some specifics about. Eddie political figures

the more you have the more Temptation there is to get involved in the accounting. sleight of hand deception and dishonesty

The most successful you are the more pressure there is to be dishonest. I'm not going to spend a lot of time on that. It's just the fact that means if you if you are dishonest.

if you're already design They're watching you having money do.

When you start to do things that are really on the up-and-up.

Yeah, you're making money.

Is easy to get swept away, whatever. You lie.

or the seed of the people This is important if you listen to understand whenever you lie, or deceive other people, I need you to understand to some degree. You justified in your own heart. Everytime You Lie you Justified to some degree in your own heart. That means you never fool other people without first fooling yourself.

You never deceive other people would have because you you chat. What where when are you Justified? Why did Rob and move the decimal?

Whenever you lie, you justify that in your own heart. So you don't lie to another without first lying to yourself. You don't receive another without deceiving yourself. You don't fool. I'm not going without her fooling yourself there for dishonesty deception and a lack of Integrity are always incredibly hard meaning and finding The more money you have the more successful you are. the more that Temptation grows too cheap to lie and deceive Hey, man. Hey man. I got a whole lot of a man since you don't have a whole lot of money, but you just don't want to talk about it.

Because you got so much money that I'm just stepping all over your toes to get over.

Let me tell you one more they will call it a day. I can make you an addict ticket deceives you get this money deceives you about how much you actually have.

Did you know that I wanted to see if the more money you have the more in denial you are about how much money you have?

It is a simple simple empirical fact the smaller the percentage the more money you make the smaller the percentage that you give away. My Lord, is that the more money I guess I'm going to have the smaller the amount is that they actually give away that's true across the board all study off the tistics show. The smaller your income the greater the percentage. That you actually give to charity. I could use a good.

I stay away from The Temptation is there.

The lottery or income the fall of a pretended to give the chairs. Why because it's a good diction. It's Denial in other words. The more money. You have the less money you feel you have

The movie where you get them at the last minute you think you actually required to show herself some really spiritually bad things about the properties of me when it comes down to it. You see it does something to your heart people don't understand this and you got to take the time to understand that I don't have a problem all of you. Aerobic to ask the girl. Just give me my daily bread, but I'll bring that He blesses you measure of ways. What is the truth about those over to you? What were the roaches that when you're on your income increases in very small ways and very subtly inevitably your expenses and Friday.

Do internal forces that so long as I can afford it now.

Your expenses and you still feel strong. What do you mean you don't feel like you made $5 more in the Lord?

You ain't even bigger 5 * 4.

And you feel strapped basketball money. It was rain tonight.

What happens if you make more money? So you decide I need to I've always wanted to live in this community are in this building.

General surgeon removing that neighborhood. Are you moving that building in the next thing? You know now you hanging out with the people in that community? In-N-Out Burger

Usually I'm not rich. Big & Rich

I don't have.

So you don't feel like you have enough money so I can't give it away.

Cuz I got a check.

The rest of the world isn't food, you know, you feel strapped you feel like I'm just tired I couldn't make it the more money. You make the less you give away from you feel strapped around the rest of the world. Look at how Americans leave the rest of the world. Most Americans don't know how are living and when we sorry but I just don't have Jared over here needs help each other, but I just don't have any money to give away.

The rest of the world Lives why cuz they see you were addicted. Germany weird and just call to keeping up with the Joneses, but I wanted you to understand it more explicitly that you be coming to see.

Are are good about whose house broke.

It really isn't about how broke. That day they've always wanted to live over there in that neighborhood that community. So now they fight they bought a house but not in Katy.

Can I get gas?

Can't go anywhere on Elizabeth Street. What was the park?

Keeping the lights on but I made it.

where to go to see View

next week I'm talking about the fact that money has the power to lull you into that false security. In the main one. I want to hear. money makes you proud.

Going to make you proud.


is already right at 12. I'm going to stop right here. I want us to spend time looking at this check the time and go back to Luke 18 and read that a few times so that I talked about this story. You will have a familiarity with the story and be comfortable with the store with a lot of Rich lesson in this story that Jesus is sharing with us. Then we may want I want you to walk away with today is that metaphor of impossibility because it's an impossibility that anybody in here is saved. I don't want you to get so comfortable in your salvation. Did you arrogantly believe it had anything to do with you it had to do with God's love for you and until you get that gospel and let it just soak into your soul. I might get involved this morning that I just drenches you and get that in your spirit to the point that it almost brings you to tears.

Then you will fully understand what it is that God expects you to be and do I don't want us to come here and just give intellectual assent that okay. I got looking for information. Then you walk out of you don't change.

You look the same way you make the same decisions, but you feel good about yourself because you checked off something that you did that. You felt earned your right to believe that your righteous.

I needed to slow down in our soul. not any of us Robert Romans, 3:10 none righteous. No, not one. I don't care how much you think about yourself not any of us. deserve salvation

I don't know but you that humbles me. That really humbled me that there I don't deserve but God is giving me. That would Jesus did to providing for me.

Mixology God doesn't see me as I am. He sees me as Christ did Christ die. Yes to pay the price that should come with my life so that I can receive what he deserve. Heading out, but he has the simplest life. a perfect life deep. Taking on the burden of what my life deserves. Are you here at the church? Christ died

the Bill of Rights with our lives deserve

so that we can receive what his life. Desert, I know y'all don't hear me this morning. It's just way too. So heavy on my heart. I need us to understand that and did not just intellectually. I really need you to grasp Society of substitution. That would you should get because there's none righteous what you should get.

Prescott what he should get Weaver's a man

Yeah, yeah, it was a metaphor of impossibility.

that any of us

but because of a mere

I don't talk about good if you talk about me get some miracle that I have a relationship with God.

Me too. He receives me is holding complete. That's a miracle.

And if you're honest with yourselves. because you know you but I know not what if you're saying you don't answer the miracle that he sees you as righteous to but that Miracle is available for anybody here. That is not a relationship. We got you can receive that and mirror about if a man can't have any visitors. You can receive that Miracle. I'm talking about right here right now, but I believe in Jesus Christ the son of God that you done and paid the price that your life is destined to receipt.

Surrendering yourself to you being baptized. When you come up, you are part of the family of God. I from that point forward you are transformed. And the Romans 12 and 1 phase now, you need to renew your mind. You've been legal name. You've been transformed in your relationship with God now that but now you got to grow morally and behaviors really? To become more of what God says that you are.

Well, I have some money here today who wants that Miracle? Thank God for that miracle that never go to the centerpiece of everything you'll do for the rest of your life. Knowing what Jesus did for you. Knowing that you don't deserve what you have is the motivation you going to have for everything else in your life. And that was what the first part of that writing years and Luke 18. There's a metaphor every possibility because it's actually the impossible that any of us are where we are in Christ.

If you're here stand up everybody has to come fall. Adelitas to come forward Listen to it listen to be careful. If you're here this morning and you have not been fully appreciate it fully appreciating the relationship you have with the Lord, I think about what God has done for me. I get. After all brother you cry about everything.

Amen my relationship with my family. My relationship with my spiritual family my relationship with God.

Those will fill me up every time.

Especially about relationship with God.

I need you to take it as serious as it is. Amen, God is trying to do something with us. Apparel underwear We've got to be careful about those little foxes. Chicago unless you embrace the gospel. And I understand who you are in Christ. And you were Spirit Led You Won't fool around and you let Satan chip in your heart.

We've got too much to do too much ahead. To not be serious just about yours. Don't worry about anybody else. Just worry about your spiritual relationship with a guy just for you.

It is it what it needs to be if you're not a member of the body of Christ you can't be this morning. How is a miracle waiting for you? Embrace Christ believe he's the son of God that he died and then by his dying he's substituting your debt. He paid the price that your life is going to bring you inevitably. Ultimately, you'll die we can deal with you because of your life because you were born into a world that's unrighteous. But he's giving you a way out. But you got to be willing to take it. There's a miracle waiting for you. There's a miracle waiting for you. I'm encouraging you this morning, and receive it as we sing a song of encouragement.

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