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Sew-in James we've been looking at this idea of fight right that it is Christians.
We're not called to some sort of passive life that we are called to actively engage in the life that we live.
We are called to actively fight against certain things.
And today we're going to look from this passage that Bryant just read for us.
We're going to look at how we as Christians ought to be fighting against hypocrisy.
Now how many of you had pieocracy is a new word for How many of you've heard that word before?
How many of you have invited somebody to church only to have them say I don't go to church it's just full of it.
That you can read Janice, okay.
Here's the thing the church is not full of hypocrites.
We have plenty of room for more.
How to be honest that is not original to me.
I stole it from a Facebook post.
So in order to not be a hypocrite, I want to attribute my source there.
Right hip ocracy is the inevitable result of two things serving a perfect Risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and not being him.
Our call as Christians is to look like Jesus.
Our call as Christians is to obey his commands.
And yet every single one of us will fall short.
So I'm many people's understanding of what hypocrisy is.
Yes, the church is full of Hypocrites because we cannot do that.
We cannot live up to the standard of Christ because we're sinners.
We are not sitting here because we're perfect or at least if you're sitting here because you're perfect.
You're in the wrong place.
okay, because none of the rest of us are we are hypocrites if we say we have to match up with Jesus.
That's a hypocrite in many people's idea.
But that's not actually what hypocrisy is.
That's not what James would tell us to fight.
James would not look at us right in the last week we talked about this that James is the one who refers to himself as the Servants of God here.
This is a humble man.
This is not a man who is standing up and saying be perfect like I am perfect.
That's not James.
He recognizes did he fall short of this ideal?
He recognizes that we fall short of this ideal.
So hypocrisy Is not falling short of perfection.
Hypocrisy is not what many people assume it's it's you don't say one thing and do one things wrong and then go and do that thing Megan and I my wife and I we were shortly unless you actually we haven't graduated college with her Junior and Senior year of college.
We went and did a church planting internship in a little town called, Frederick, Colorado.
Now this was the same year that Ted Haggard from New Life Church in Colorado Springs outspoken an outspoken Evangelical was caught in some pretty bad Sin and so as we are going in and we're trying to share the gospel with people who have no interested all we keep hearing is I don't want to hear about that Christians are just a bunch of Hypocrites like that guy down in Colorado Springs.
Hypocrites are not people who say this is wrong and then turn around and do it though, biblically.
Hypocrite, biblically and I I think James will Define it for us this morning that hypocrite is someone who talks the talk without walking the walk but not necessarily just somebody who does the bad thing.
They told you not to do they are also those who say this is the thing we ought to do and proceeded to not do it.
Will we be perfect?
No, are we Hypocrites by that definition?
Yes, but but that's not the end of the story.
That's not where James leaves us either.
So he says as Bryant read inverse night starting at verse 19 know this my beloved Brothers let every person be quick to hear slow to speak slow to anger.
For the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God therefore put away all filthiness and rampant wickedness.
Well that sounds like we've got our marching orders, right?
The marching order is that we the Christian that the Christ follower the one who submit to the Father of Lights from whom comes every good gift as we looked at last week that we Aren't producing the righteousness of God. with our anger then that we are not furthering the cause of Christ if we're simply talking a good game.
That we are not furthering the cause of Christ when we stand up on our soapbox and yell about the evils of the world all the while knowing that that is what is in our hearts.
The sin we most loudly condemning others frequently is the sin that has its roots in our own heart.
James says look don't don't do that.
The world doesn't need Christians who are slow to hear and quick to speak and quick to anger.
The world does not need our indignation.
How many of you look at the world?
And that's about the only word that can sum up your feelings towards of indignation.
Now, you know, I'm getting ready to say that we don't need that but
that's where I get sometimes I pull up social media.
I watch the news very very very rarely.
Because what often is third is just indignation anger.
How can they do that?
What were they thinking?
James says that's not what the world needs the world needs us to be transformed.
The world needs us to look more like Jesus.
They don't need us to go spouting off at the mouth.
They need us to show a different way right hypocrites.
That's what we fight.
We fight being Hypocrites who just talked a good angry game Who reveal our indignation with sin?
That's not what we do.
James says don't do that.
Don't do that instead instead be transformed if the world is quick to speak you be quick to hear if it's the world is quick to anger you be slow to anger.
Shirts, you should look different from the world that preaches a better sermon then all of the yelling and screaming you could ever do about abortion or homosexuality.
Be the change.
Right you guys heard that phrase right?
We're all we're all woke, right?
We're all 21st century people.
We all understand Twitter and Facebook outraged.
We we we get it will you know, what's going on?
We want to be the change and James says, yeah, that's exactly right.
Be different.
Don't be mad be different Madeleine l'engle how many of you know that name Madeleine l'engle.
Oh my goodness.
We have to fix this.
So each one of you upon leaving this place today ought to go to your favorite book store and ask for a copy of A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine l'engle don't watch the movie.
I agree.
Either of them.
If not yet done a good job with it.
Madeleine l'engle is a very successful.
I would argue author she writes fiction she writes essays, but what a lot of people don't realize is Madeleine l'engle is a Christian a strong Christian and I want you to hear how she says this is listen to what she says.
We draw people to Christ not by loudly discrediting what they believe by telling them how wrong they are and how right we are.
But by showing them a light that is so lovely that they want with all their hearts to know the source of it.
Church the world does not need our anger our indignation the world needs our transformation.
Everybody go do good stuff is not where this message in.
You can't do that there what I said, you can't live up to the righteousness of Christ.
You cannot meet the standards you for all your good intentions cannot be the change that the world needs to see.
And that's why we need to finish reading verse 21.
He doesn't just say hey be be slow to anger be be be quick to hear be slow to speak put away filthiness put away the rampant wickedness pervasive wickedness or prevalent.
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