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2019-05-05-LIVE OAKS - Part 2

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All right. Well Live Oaks if you want to turn to Revelation just right there in the beginning Revelations chapter 2 and 3. This is the second week of what will most likely because it's on the graphic be 7 weeks series of what Jesus would have to say to the church in the beginning of Revelation. Jesus pic speaks message letters to these seven different churches there actual churches in the ancient near East mostly churches in turkey and and they are four of those churches go as we know that the word of God is living and it's active and we are endeavoring to be a faithful church. So what would Jesus have to say to us through his letters to these other churches last week the very first letter that that Jesus delivered was to the church in Ephesus and as just a an easy quick summary of what he had to say to the Church of Ephesus. Jesus says You love being right about me and that's fantastic. But do you love being right about me more than you love me and love my people.

And dumb what I also heard from Jesus from last week is Pastor Tommy that were dissed preach too long. So Moving moving forward to this week join with me. Pray with me pray for me pray for all those gathered in every Century of Jesus this morning regardless of address time zone. I'm so can our hands and offer everything to God and expect him to fill us through us. Jesus Christ we can approach your Everlasting Eternal infinite Throne because of your life and your death in the resurrection. It is through your open hands that we can open hours and down. by your grace Phyllis to overflowing and then that's what I want father. I want the overflowing. I don't want you or good grace to end with me. Please. May your grace flow through me as it flows through all of us here. I pray that we would all be mindful of those around us and and father we lift up those two are left into our ride those in front of us and behind us and and pray that your Holy Spirit would would not just flow into us like vessels but throat flow flow through watch that's conduit May the peace and power and presence of your Holy Spirit. God speak speak through me if you can speak around me if you have to but speak and open ears so that they might listen we want to hear what you would would it would say not only to these churches not only to that the church in in Smyrna this morning but to this church Live Oaks Bible Church, and so from your written word from your Bible speak mightily this morning we love Lord Jesus. We love you by your grace. We won't be Liars when we say that. We love you. Thank you. Moving speak in your name we pray I'm in so in Revelation 2, I love preaching from Revelation because I know I don't have to plan it believe through the scriptures to find. It's right the end. to join with me if you can Revelation Chapter 2 beginning and verse 8 And to the angel of the church in Smyrna write the words of the first and the last who died and came to life. I know your tribulation and your poverty, but you are rich and the slander of those who say that they are Jews and are not but are a synagogue of Satan do not fear what you were about to suffer because the devil is about to throw some of you into prison that you may be tested and for 10 days, you will have tribulation be faithful unto death and I will give you the Crown of Life. He who has an ear let him hear what the spirit says to the churches. The one who conquers will not be hurt by the second death. So this church in Smyrna? It is pronounced smirnov. I've always said Smyrna my whole life. I guess there's not going to hold that against me kids actually currently now is smear in Turkey. It's Coastal ports about 35 miles north of Ephesus that church that was spoken to last week and the name Spirit of the word smear and I mean summer Wait, there's myrrh. Yes that the perfume the burial perfume. Is that the city's namesake? What's interesting right off the bat about the letter to the church in Smyrna is along with the church and in Philadelphia. They're the only two churches that don't receive a direct rebuke from Jesus for anything. It's it's all praise and encouragement. Any begins just like he begins with all the other letters back in verse 8 and to the angel of the church in Smyrna. Now again. There's not a lot of agreement on on what this means to the angel. What does this mean? Like a Heavenly like Angel or does it mean like an Earthly Pastor or overseer? What you can look though is if you think about the office of Angel they like the Heavenly be an angel what are angels in the scriptures their Messengers their protectors their overseers, their Guardians are comforters and their agents of the Lord's discipline will think about the office of Pastor like Skin and Bones Pastor, they are messengers protectors overseers Guardian comforters and agents of the Lord's discipline. So whether it's one of the other the office is remarkably similar. So whether this is too an Angelic being or to an Earthly Message is the same. Jesus says the words of the first and the last who died and came to life. This is Jesus reminding his church that Jesus is not just like he wasn't just at the beginning and at the end he didn't just make the beginning and make the end. He is the beginning and he is the end that Jesus Christ himself is the book end of all of existence everything that is exists inside of Christ. Like his glory his purpose his heart his nature his character. It's all in Christ everything exists for in for him and you hold it all. He holds it all between his two outstretched hands between his left in his right is everything know why is that so important for the Christians and spare not to understand this from the beginning? Why is Jesus setting this up? And again? He says the one who died and and came to life what we're about to hear what we already have heard in in Reading to the versus. Is it the Christians in spirit of the church in Smyrna is going to face Great Tribulation. It's going to face great trial and it's vital for them to remember that that Jesus. Jesus doesn't just like abstractly know that this is happening. Jesus holds what is happening in the palm of his hands and he says the one who died and came back to life means even if this trial even if this time of great pressing in persecution ends up in your death Guess who overcomes death itself? Christ I'm the one that's riding to you the one who holds life and death in the palm of his hands were the one who bookends all of existence. I'm the one that speaking to you. You can listen to a lot of voices, but whose is going to matter the most right now? Mine listen to what? I have to say the words of the first and last who died and came to life.

When we are facing times of trial. Have you been just like for the right? Like have you faced a time and front right? I don't know who said that you're you either just got through a time of trial you're currently in a time of trial or you're about to enter into a time of trial. So just like the Christians in Smyrna to put yourself there or did you just come from a time trial? Are you in one now? And if not, you're about to go into 1. Beyonce ourselves to question. What what's the purpose don't we?

Why am I going through this so I make it really real to you. I I I was overwhelmed.

We shall go with trying to fix my car in this thing. And then in that thing and then I had to do this other thing and then there's a plumbing problem in my house. So I had to abandon trying to work on the car and I just shipped the plumbing because my house didn't have water and I take literally five trips to Home Depot one trip to Ace Hardware and every single time. It's like them in the machine says, please swipe or insert your card and you punch in the pain and then you get the receipt and put in your pocket and I was like, I mean We keep track of our dollars cuz they're very precious to us in this particular season and every single time. I'm like Lord. Why is this happening? Why is this happening? Why now? Why me right answer? It's just a shower valve. But still I'm going why me why now? Why all these dollars and then I come here and I'm doing my morning preparation. I open my bible and and this card fell out of my Bible and I said, oh that's the card that was given to me on Easter Sunday. I totally slipped my mind. I didn't know to look at I forgot to look at it. So I open up the car now and in this check falls out.

In the Lord's like every single time you whined about all those little dollars. I had a covered and then some.

And guess what? I got worse news about my car just yesterday Friday. And again, I'm like for what he just reminded me like he just said it to me. Bad to have his circumstances changed. Is she going to buy right now? Tell me a little strapped like that's that's not going to happen.

What's the purpose of this? The purpose is the glory of God. The purpose is the glory of God a holocaust survival Holocaust Survivor Viktor Frankl said when you know your why you can endure any how When you know your why you can endure any how why the glory of God. the glory of the infinite God is why? How car trouble shower valve cancer? We can enjoy it all. for his glory when your why is the glory of Christ and Christ himself holds the how in his Once Dead But now resurrected hands you can and will endure any trial. Romans 8:35 through 39 who shall separate us from the love of Christ shall tribulation or distress or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword as it is written for your sake we are being killed all the day long. We are regarded as sheep to be slaughtered know and all these things. We are more than conquerors through him who loved us for I am sure that neither death nor life nor angels nor rulers nor things present nor things to come nor powers nor height nor depth nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God and Christ Jesus our lord. what's the how and the why the why and the how and Jesus says to the Christians in Smyrna and verse 9 of chapter 2. I know your tribulation. and your poverty I don't think one or the other would serve ice. Is it I know you're an engine property kind of like its own tribulation? But Jesus is and I know your tribulation. and your poverty but you are rich. Other words, but you're actually rich. It may have the form of poverty but it's substance is Wealth Beyond imagining that there are three themes in today's messaging. I tried to like

You know like three points because I'm not a very skilled 3-point guy. So these are three themes for us today.

T-Mobile one is Jesus's knowledge his plan and his hand in our suffering number to the deception of forms, like forms can obscure functions and the surface can lie about the substance. And number three the blessing of our testing which is really just another form of the number one. Jesus knows that he plans that he has a hand in it and what it looks like it's not always what it is. So Jesus says look you're going through tribulation. It sure does look like you're poor, but you're actually rich.

But you're actually rich looking 2nd Corinthians chapter 6.

and 2nd Corinthians chapter 6 starting in verse 2

Or he says in a favorable time, I listen to you and in a day of salvation I have helped you behold and now is the favorable time now is the favorable time behold now is the day of salvation. We put no obstacle in anyone's way so that no fault may be found with our ministry, but his servants of God, we commend ourselves in every way by great endurance and afflictions and hardships and calamities beatings imprisonment riots labor sleepless night hunger. That sounds I mean, I mean that's that's trial and poverty all wrapped up in there like a little like a little little little price following cannoli there. That's the first thought that popped into my head.

My Purity knowledge patience kindness the Holy Spirit genuine love with all what they have those things. By truthful speech and the power of God with the weapons of righteousness for the right hand and for the left.

To honor and dishonor through slander and praise we are treated as imposters yet are true as unknown and yet well-known as dying and behold we live as punished but not yet killed as sorrowful yet always rejoicing as poor yet making many rich as having nothing yet possessing everything.

the surface says one thing the substance says another.

or James 2:5

James chapter 2 verse 5 listen my beloved brothers and sisters. Has not God chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and Heirs of the Kingdom. What she has promised to those who love him.

We are the inheritors of such great wealth and that's the reality.

Present circumstances as a best are just false advertising they are not the substance Christ is in our inheritance in him is but Jesus uses a very emphatic word the Greek word that he says about knowing their poverty it it's like the Greek word for like no really poor. Like out turn Pockets like cardboard Sharpie sign.

You got nothing, but there's another Greek word that was like, you know, average run-of-the-mill like can't pay my bills going to poor. No Jesus uses the the word that means beggary or destitution. That's how it looks but that's not how it is. I know your tribulation and your poverty back in verse 9, but you are rich and the slander of those who say here's some more surface and substance.

the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not but are a synagogue of Satan.

Say that they're Jews, but they're not they are a synagogue of Satan that that's a really loaded statement, isn't it? Like me this very emphatic and it has thrown me ever since I've known this passage it like that's just a synagogue of Satan. Jesus said, you know, they think they're right, but they're wrong. They think they're all that but they're not right that they're they're just a bunch of fakes. Like why is Jesus so emphatic they say they are Jews, but they're not they are a synagogue of Satan.

What we're left with this be like if Jesus says it we have to face it. Amen. Black nmds are the words that Jesus chose. So instead of just eating right by it. Let's let's let's look at this. Number one. What is this statement mean that they say that they're Jews, but they're not Jews. So it's on what makes a Jew a real Jew?

What week we can turn to the scriptures resident like tenured professor on the topic. Who is Paul turn to Philippians. chapter 3

Philippians chapter 3 starting in verse 1 finally my brother's rejoice in the Lord. To write finally my brother's rejoice in the Lord to write the same things to you is no trouble to me and a safe for you. Look out for the dogs. Look out for the evildoers. Look out for those who mutilate The Flash. He's a speed of the judaizers the Jewish Christians that steal just really want to be Jews and they're requiring people that have come to faith in Christ it I know you're not really a Christian unless you're also circumcised like the rest of us super Jews. You're not really a Believer until you and grown men who is Baldur needed Jesus say I am real. I really don't I really feel strongly that the Lord doesn't require this of me.

Who says look out for the dogs look out for the evildoers? Look out for those who mutilate the flesh for we are the circumcision who worship by the spirit of God and glory in Christ Jesus and put no confidence in the flesh though. I myself have reason for confidence in the flesh. What is about to describe is it? Oh, oh, oh you want to go. I'm the Jewish Judith ever, Jude. Juju on that

pulse has it in for it work if we're going to compare score. Then check this out.

Everyone else thinks he has reason for confidence The Flash. I have more circumcised on the 8th day of the people of Israel of The Tribe of Benjamin I Hebrew of Hebrews as to the law a Pharisee as to seal a persecutor of the church as to righteousness under the law blameless.

But whatever gain I had I counted as loss for the sake of Christ indeed. I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord for his sake. I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish. Greek word skubalon, which was like Street language for excrement. I count it all as rubbish in order that I might gain Christ and be found in him not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law. But that which comes through faith in Christ Jesus the righteousness from God that depends on faith. That I may know him and the power of his resurrection and may share his sufferings. We don't usually read this far.

That I might know him and the power of his resurrection and may share his sufferings becoming like him in his death that by any means possible. I may attain Resurrection from the dead.

just look It's not who my great great. Great. Great. Great. Great. Great. Great was its how great great great great great great. Great Christ is

I don't put confidence in the flesh and circumcision following the law. From what tribe I hail. He says it's Christ. in Romans 9 He lays it out pretty clearly.

Romans 9 beginning in verse 1 Culligan says I'm speaking the truth and Christ. I'm not lying my conscience Bears me witness in the holy spirit that I have great sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart for him for his Kinsmen for his fellow Jews of the of the flesh his people. Bright versus 3/4 I could wish that I myself were cursed and cut off from Christ for the sake of my brothers My Kinsman according to the flash. So make no mistake. Paul loves his Jewish brothers and sisters. He's willing to forego his own salvation. for his brothers and sisters of his of his Earthly family to know Christ verse for they are Israelites and to them belong the adoption that the glory the covenants that the giving of the law of the worship in the promises to them belong the Patriarchs and from their race according to the flesh is is the Christ Who is God over all blessed forever? I'm in. But it's not as though the word of God has failed. What you saying? Is God made promises to the Jewish people even promises to Israel. But yet he's seeing Israel turn their back on Christ. And so he's answering the question. Well, I mean was God lying when he made this promise that that he was going to to make from Abraham a nation I mighty nation. No. You continue in that promises. It says so that all nations of the Earth would be blessed through them. Supposing I know God has not failed in keeping his promise. He says in verse 6, but it is not as though the word of God has failed. Check it out for not all who are descended from Israel belong to his real. And not all are children of Abraham because they are his offspring but quote-unquote through Isaac shall your Offspring be named? This means that it is not the children of the flash who are the children of God, but the children of the promise are counted as offspring. It's the children of the promise that are counted as Offspring. And guess what if you have bow journey to Christ if you have placed your faith in him, you are a child of the promise whether your great-great-great was Abraham or not.

I love our Brothers and Sisters in Christ who worship here as a part of Temple, New Jerusalem. Cuz they celebrate the fact that they're great. Great great great great was Abraham and their lord is Jesus Christ The Promised Messiah. How awesome is that? I wish I could be first string. I mean, we're really we were like we're like second-string, right? We we have to admit that people. Jesus was the promised Messiah to Israel. They rejected him guess who gets to go in put me in coach. We're all Rudy to catch that. What's 5ft nothing hundred nothing without even a speck of athletic ability, but because of the grace of God I could go.

It's not. And your name that you're saved? It's in his name. We are saved by the faith of Abraham not face in Abraham. And by faith of Abraham, I do not mean the religion of Abraham. face that he had

super-city Abraham believed the Lord and it was counted to him as righteousness.

We believe in that same God and in his son Jesus Christ.

synagogue of Satan though that's taking it like a step farther, isn't it? Ignore them. They're wrong know they are synagogue of Satan. So

this is what we have to understand. We have to be where? That which would take on a Godly form. but serve a demonic purpose the synagogue of Smyrna was a vibrant that active synagogue of the Jewish faith.

like a sinagoga followers of Yahweh what when I talk in a different Dodge here, we're not talking about a God that was made up. Right? I mean that they're not Scientologist. at the followers of Yahweh

like our Yahweh Chamberlain

pay no attention to the synagogue guys that they're really really great folks and they love my father. They're just kind of wrong about me.

So just don't listen to what they have to say Jesus is there I synagogue of Satan.

1st John 2:23 says no one who denies the son has the father.

Whoever confesses the son has the father. So what made the synagogue of Smyrna a synagogue of Satan?

Was it that they rejected Christians? No, it's because they rejected Christ.

any system religion Faith philosophy Endeavor motto people or Nation No matter how Noble its intention or Godly its form if it reject Jesus it is not of God but of Satan.

verse 10 Revelation 2 do not fear what you are about to suffer the hold the devil is about to throw some of you into prison that you may be tested. And for 10 days, you will have tribulation be faithful unto death and I will give you the Crown of Life. Do not fear what you are about to suffer. So remember how Jesus opened up this letter K goddess is is not just you know vaguely aware of what the Christians in in Smirnoff are our enduring. He's not just knowledgeable of it. I can do it like an intellectual sense. God is not just all knowing. He is all Sovereign. So he either does or allows absolutely everything.

Are sovereign Jesus has a purpose for everything. God our father has a purpose for everything including suffering.

stop being so like Really? including suffering I've heard a lot of well-intentioned garbage. spoken about God's interaction with suffering

God of really like not just allow it but like purpose suffering.

in Acts chapter 9

this some This very very very Jewish Jew by the name of Saul was on the way to Damascus to basically drag women and children out of their homes in the dead of night to imprison them and put them to death legally. and dumb Jesus says some

noxem on the ground blind cells responses. Who are you Lord? Is it is I jesus whom you are persecuting. Horizon go go where I tell you. What did you do? He rises any ghosts wear his new Lord Nelson. He hated Jesus. Hello solve. Yes Lord. Now he loves him. What happened? Sovereign Jesus happened

and then Jesus calls someone to minister to him. Until we pick up in Acts 9 verse 10. There was a disciple at Damascus named ananias the Lord said to him in a vision and a niacin and he said Here I Am Lord and the Lord said to him rise and go to the street called straight at the house of Judas look for a man of Tarsus and then saw for behold he is praying and he has seen a vision a man named ananias.

come in and lay his hands on him that he might regain his sight but ananias answered Lord Okay, so I've heard from many about this man how much evil he has done to your Saints at Jerusalem. And in an in here, he has Authority from the chief priests to bind all who call on your name, but the Lord said to him go or he is a chosen instrument of mine to carry my name before the Gentiles and kings and children of Israel would that we could stop there but first 16 says for I will show him how much he must suffer for the sake of my name. That's Jesus's Grand sales pitch.

the saw

become a new man. Be named Paul and be found my faithful ambassador to the nation's it's going to be terrible.

You're going to suffer every step of the way. You can have a thorn in your flesh in your go-to cry out to me. Jesus remove this suffering from me. My answer will be my grace is sufficient for you know Co.

And what is Paul later call it? Everything I thought was gained now. It's lost everything that you think was lost is now gained. I have Christ I have life.

Would God ordain suffering? Yes. For his glory and our joy.

So what do we want? Do we want a God who a doesn't know about your suffering be knows about your suffering, but can't stop it. Or she knows and Will's you're suffering for his glory and for your joy.

Because suffering exists does it not?

So what is it? Therefore it's for his glory and your joy weather. It feels like it or not. It is there for his glory and for our joy?

the simple difference suffering for no purpose or suffering for a glorious purpose I choose Glory.

Do not fear what you're about to suffer verse 10. Behold the devil is about to throw some of you into prison that you may be tested. Let's talk about testing for a moment. I don't know if you break out like in anxiety a little bit when you think it's a testing or whether it's a classroom setting or a doctor. testing the point of testing seems to be seems as if there's a hint for what's coming. The point of testing seems to be to find out. Right to find out what the student knows or or or to find out what the student has. disease sickness tumor wise city to find out what what you know or to find out what you have that seems to us to be the purpose of testing but check it out.

God already knows.

That can't be the purpose of testing to God because he already knows. He doesn't have to put you through a test to find out what's in your heart and your character cuz she already knows. So again, like what is the point of it

Genesis 22 and we went through this a great length of a couple weeks ago about Abraham being tested. God asking Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac in Genesis 22:1. It says after these things God tested Abraham To God is putting Abraham through the steps. So it's his idea. But he already knows all things already knows what's in Abraham's heart already knows what's in Abraham's future already knows exactly what Abraham is going to do. So so why did she do it? Well if you versus later in Genesis, 22:12.

Do not lay your hand on the boy or do anything to him for now. I know that you fear God. For now, I know. But God didn't know it until Abraham was like on the downswing with the dagger. God didn't know until that moment.

The word Hebrew word for know is Yoda. And the TJ folks can laugh at me if they want. I don't know how to pronounce these things. I just know what the word is in the dictionary tells me what it means. Yacht off the word means acquainted with it means to to to have it brought forth. It means to to cohabit it means to experience it means to be intimate with it being a declaration of In other words, God says now that your faith has been put on display.

Another words now that Tommy Shelton can see the kind of faith. It is required.

now that your face has been shown to all of existence.

I already knew it was there. But they couldn't see it. Now they can't.

There's a few other tests in scripture. Is it kind of silly one in in in Daniel one? So, you know that the children does rather exiled and they're having to do whatever the Babylonians doing eat whatever the Babylons you're eating and Ender it they're being there being fed meat that has been sacrificed to false gods and it's like it's a poison and and Daniel says look, like here's an idea for 10 days, which is a fun kind of parallel about them being in trial for 10 days here in Smyrna. And in Daniel says like for 10 days, let's eat just vegetables. They don't sacrifice vegetables God because vegetables to work list soap.

Let's just eat only vegetables drink only water. Nnn, you tell me if we're better off. Stop feeding us idolatrous poison. Those are and see what happens in the story. You know that they were healthier and more vibrant. They were stronger and more able it was Daniel's idea. I put this to the test meeting put this truth on display.

The testing was a displaying of Truth or take job's testing brother Cornelius love the story of Jobe. And based on the stories you've shared with the brothers. You've had your share.

Whose idea was it to put zhoug to the test? It was God's idea. And and God use that the hatred and Venom of Satan as a as a testing because God knew what was in Jobe. And God knew that in that time of testing. He knew what would you put on display?

The time of testing for Jobe it was God's initiative. God knew what job would do. So why the testing because God knew that Satan would look foolish. thinking That can undo the face of God had. Plant it down deep in Jobe. God also knew the blessing that was going to come to Jobe through that time of testing. God knew the blessing that he would pour out on. Jobin like a loving father. God wanted it for Joe.

God knew that he would look glorious having a worth that surpasses all of job's health and Joe 12th and job's Prosperity God's worth would be put on display.

all of existence to see testing also refines testing also refines you can look in Luke.

I can get you you can you can read the story of our patron saint of mediocrity here with Peter. Luke 22 starting an inverse 31 Jesus says Simon Simon Peter Peter behold same demanded to have you didn't Satan learn the first time with Simon Simon behold the Satan demanded to have you that he might shift you like wheat, but I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail and when you have turned again strengthen your brothers, so not only did God know K that that that Peter he would falter he he would fail he would stumble, but but but Jesus knew that that he was going to restore Peter. And after having gone through that time of trial Peter would be I don't know the expression Rock Solid.

That time of testing made Peter. Who Jesus had declared Peter would be the rock upon which he would build the church not Kim as a person, but the face that he would put on display.

You are the Christ son of the Living God.

Thank you, Peter. Fire of Peter's failure and the grace of his restoration would strengthen Peter so that he could strengthen the others. The Rock needed to be solid back in Revelation 2:10 Do not fear what you're about to suffer, but hold the devil's about to throw some of you in prison that you may be tested in for 10 days. You will have tribulation. You're going to be tested you're going to have tribulation. It's part of the plan. He knows the face of the spirits.

He knows what's in there. He knows what he's planted. So let's go back to this imagining of a testing our thoughts and and what we thought what we think testing is about must put it in a classroom setting in that classroom setting most of the testing is to find out if the students meet the minimum requirements. Let's find out. Let's find out if we're wasting all of our money and time. Let's find out if he's little. precious little snowflake snow the barest essentials

Remember that Jesus already knows what's in us. He already knows what's in a so now let's reimagine that classroom. Not the picture. You just had in your head. Imagine a classroom filled with faithful responsible dedicated passionate students.

And imagine them being led by a perfect instructor. Perfect Professor perfect teacher. In the point of attached would be different.

It would be to focus attention on what is truly important and would be to reveal the quality and character.

of the students instructor think of all those amazing pure jerking movies about a group of kids This is Destiny is death. and mediocrity What turns them around? Some teacher some coach some hero that comes in and refines them.

Calls them to something greater and higher and better. Puts them through. real difficulty real trial

and then when they're tested the Glorious result and the glory of that result belongs to whom the teacher to coach the instructor

Samaritan's had a test with one question. What is Jesus worth?



there are three different Pig references to testing in Revelation. But the bottom line of all of them.

What we get from all of them what it means as we look at them. He said if we are in Christ, it will mean labor. It will mean trial it will mean testing. But that testing will refine us that testing will display the glory and worth of Christ. It will magnify the glory and worth of Christ. And the worthiness in the worthiness of Christ.

sprinkler to God and Life to people

I want to end on this one truth. head of all seven churches to whom Jesus speaks There is only one that still exists today.

Christians in Smyrna


father I do not praise you for my times of trial and testing. I don't. Why not? How many times do you have to prove to me? Whether it's it's personal or financial or or marital or or parental or pastoral whatever trial I have been put through an in my almost 41 years. Every single time it has been for your glory and my joy.

Why do I continue to fail to praise you?

What will bring you glory and me joy?

And how faithful are you to continue to put me through them? And noticed like it like you didn't like like you could not notice. You put me in it. And through it. You put me through traps. You don't just put me in them and leave me you have brought me through trials. You will always bring me through. You always bring us through.

you never once promised he's You promised life.

in abundance

if that comes to trial and testing Please bring it.

And remind me of this prayer when you do.

We exist for you. This church exists for you.

Jesus when you were pressed

when you were put on literal trial the result was your broken body. And your shed blood?

And buy your broken body and through your shed blood.

You were given the name that is above every name. Did after name of Jesus every knee will bow and every tongue confess that you are Lord. And as Lord you pour out life. like wine in a cup like red on a plate you give us life.

Thank you and praise you for your time of trial and I praise you that you are found faithful. And I praise you that we can remember that time in this time. As we celebrate communion.

You are Feast that you lay out before us.

Jesus may we come in approach your table humbly? with Thanksgiving Because of your grace we are not worthy, but you make us worthy Hallelujah.

praise you and your precious and holy name we pray. I'm in.

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