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How are you on Bible knowledge? Try this short, simple, basic quiz-1. The Northern Kingdom and the Southern Kingdom-a. Is Assyria and Israel. b. Took place when a division began between the Sanhedrin and the Pharisees c. Began after the reign of Solomon d. Was an epic battle between Babylon and Judah 2. The first prophecy of the Messiah was given-a. When God declared His creation to be “very good.” b. At the same time man was cursed to work by the sweat of his brow c. When God told Abraham that his seed would be a blessing to all families of the earth d. When the people were told to look upward to a bronze snake 3. “Hear, O Israel, the Lord your God, the Lord is one” is found-a. In Psalms b. In Deuteronomy c. In the Gospel of John d. In Exodus 4. Tithing (giving 10% of your income)... a. Is an obligation to all people, saved and unsaved b. Is commanded before the Law, during the Law, and after the Law c. Is an obligation for church members d. Is an obligation for Jews who lived in the land of Israel before the destruction of the Temple 5. Ahab and Jezebel-a. Served as King and Queen of Israel b. Served as King and Queen of Assyria c. Died because they lied and did not bring the Apostles the full price of the land they sold d. Taught Apollos a “more excellent way” 6. To whom would the reference to seven fat and seven skinny cows be attributed-a. Elijah b. Jacob c. Paul d. Joseph 7. The Sermon on the Mount -a. Is our basic rule for Christian living b. Was Jesus’ instruction to Israel for the establishment of the Kingdom c. Should be obeyed by every Christian d. Contains the plan of salvation 8. The Lord’s Supper (Communion)-a. Is bread and juice/wine that is symbolic but offers no spiritual substantive change b. Provides a means of entering into communion with God through the flesh and blood of Jesus c. Injects the presence of the body and blood of Jesus into the person who receives it 9. The book of Galatians-a. Is an Old Testament book about the battles of the Hebrews with the Gauls b. Is a New Testament book about the curse of legalism c. Is a New Testament book that encourages believers to put on the full armour of God d. Is an Old Testament book that gives a prophetic warning about the destruction of Jerusalem 10. The Torah-a. is the Old Testament b. is the Pentateuch c. is the Psalms and Proverbs d. is the 66 books of the Bible Got 10 right -- Perfect! I hope you are a teacher! Got 8-9 right -- well done, you are clearly spending time in study of God’s Word Got 6-7 right -- You’re above average...but that honestly isn’t saying much. You can do better! Got 4-5 right -- You seriously need to consider making changes in your schedule to prioritize Bible study Got 1-3 right -- Not only do you not know the Word well, you’re not even a good guesser! You seriously need to make changes in your priorities to begin to study God’s Word
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