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What Makes Up the Church

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  • It never ceases to amaze me the different likes people have. When it comes to houses, people’s preferences are wide. My wife loves Victorian, I like art-deco and Queen Anne. When we drive around she notes various places, which I find interesting. We both love the house we live in, which is more cottage style than anything, add a couple of dormers and we would be cape cod.
  • As you might have guessed, we talk about what is build upon a foundation. Last week we talked about the foundation of the church. Today, we look at what is being built upon it. The New Testament has many ways of describing the superstructure of the church.
  • Read text.
  • Key Sentence: The New Testaments looks that the members of the church in six ways. Since the foundation is a person, so to is the building built upon that foundation.

I. We are the church, ekklesia.

  1. This word we translate “church” simply means an assemble of people. The New Testament focuses this word.
  2. Used of whole Christ’s own in all times.
  3. Used of Christ’s own in a specific time.
  4. Used of Christ’s own in a specific place.

Trans: We are first and foremost a collection of people.

II.We are disciples.

  1. This is a term denoting follower.
  2. A follower is instructed by the leader.
  3. The follower has passed the entrance requirements set by the leader.
  4. “Why call me Lord, Lord and do no do the things I say?

Trans: This idea of disciples give reason for the collection. We collect people to be disciples.

III. We are Christians.

  1. First it was a sarcastic term.
  2. But it was one given by God himself to set apart his people.
  3. Before Jesus there were two groups, Jews and Gentiles.
  4. After Jesus there are two groups, Christians and Non-Christians.

Trans: This designation of Christian is a god-inspired naming of the collection. We belong to Christ.

IV. We are saints.

  1. Saints are those to be used by God.
  2. Sainthood is bestowed, not earned.
  3. Sainthood is about a distinctive character
  4. Sainthood is about calling.

Trans: The idea of saint is the idea of character of this collection of people.

V. We are the children of God.

  1. For most of us, there is something special about our family.
  2. There are several families mentioned in the Bible.
  3. Some are children of the world.
  4. Some are children of Satan or the devil.
  5. We are children of God.
      1. Rights and privileges.
      2. Inheritance
      3. Responsibilities.

Trans: Character, ownership, purpose are seen in the structure, also we see relationship. We may be disciples, followers, but we are not slaves, but children.

VI.We are a royal priesthood.

  1. One of the roles Jesus assumes is that of High Priest.
  2. Every high priest had priestly helpers.
  3. That is us.
  4. We become priests by birthright
  5. We become priests by appointment.
  6. We become priests by service

Trans: We conclude with our role. Ultimately, we are about service.

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