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true now What's Cher's more? Remember the assignment?

Gotten a few of calligraphy and Readers Digest and there was a whole bunch of them there and I want you to just kind of shared a few for this morning and you're to set up to me already and you want to just make sure you can.


I would love to see you try though.

That is strange.

Spear Baseball playing around what do they do with the extra baseball?

Because Rex balls.

The universe is expanding 67 level.

per second

All right, who else place until Thursday?

1.8 million Google find stupid Clark 450 Park.

What what did you say?

French restaurant on 6th Street

No worries.



unlocking Falls Eye Care around me about bad luck What is the exchange rate for true stories in the series that were in the end? We seen all kinds of strange, but true things this morning.

But it's like I have some music that was pretty strange in the story.

Free Alexa at 6 a.m. Through Bauer 16

Judges chapter 10

They're going to have a good thank you for allowing us to be his appointment. Thank you for all the effort to be here for the participation gratitude scripture that can make us into I want to learn today you want to change today? I have things that we here. Give us that the openness of mine to other except.

I've learned from this passage of scripture and I think that you will too.

book Bible

Every other verse right? They serve the images with fail an astronaut who got the air on the side of the Moab and run into the setting. Not just what all of them damn band in the Lord and no longer serves him at all. This is not your average wrong kind of distraction. This is Hardcore filling their lives with every strange and weird type of religion that they could it was total. Disregard everything good and wholesome God told them not to worship any however, they worship all of them first seven. Keep going with me.

Who began tell Preston that year for 18 years? They must be his license me some Jordans.

What you do Skype respond to your beginner verse 7 says the Lord burned with anger.

UC Medical Center image of Miss red hot angry men in this in this video are in the movie. He was definitely more than just loving news for lights were in great distress first observed the images of Baal.

Auto Pro I think I will just come in like that. Commercial weather for Little Greek life rescue you from the Egyptians sidonians amalekites mobile. When they oppress you you cry out to me for help and rescue you. First 13 so I will not rescue you anymore. Don't waste it. The weekend deals with people then just take my teeth filled with people today. Cancel Freetime where his anger allows people to suffer at the hands of his enemies. Bridgeport teen stress

This is not a response we expect from God strange, but true. I can make a difference in our relationship with new relationship then come up with a religion.

They grabbed all those happy things those things that they put other t-shirts.

They don't realize that that's actually asked you for more than that. What temperature is it?

Just God is a fear God. He won't let Sinners keep on sitting without in your enemy kisses consequences. It's the truth that sets us free verse 15.

So they change up their work if they go from regret to responsibility. We were sorry before you realize it's very it's also consequences to our sin. so, starting with h still want to be rescued. Let me see some strange Silence from God in the Mickey bars in this passage refers to since then he is your life to put aside there for you. And serve the Lord and he agreed. He was freed by their history. There were there were essentially two things that they did. You see first. They got rid of it, sir. Took some steps. Order spend the rest of our time 2 minutes of our time looking at 5 p.m.

Words are using the right ones, but they're using the wrong dictionary to find out words.

So let's look at five things that people misunderstand often times misunderstanding.

But I think we just a thought that God can and will.

We can't go around trying to make my butt look better and we fix it if we could make him get to a dollar.

We should let God describe himself instead of a strain on the timer. I'm sure somewhere torturing on images Book you may have even heard of that one here this morning, but the fear of the Lord is right. Do we have this respect the screen respect of his reverence? The Bible doesn't say the reverential fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. It says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. This works is the same everywhere in scripture when people are truly fearful or very scared. Revelation chapter 1

personal who's who wrote the book revelation? John John also another book in the Bible.

It was twelve disciples write 11 of them. Turn out very good and there were three extremely close to Jesus.

I was John.

This is the one I am the one Jesus loved.

Look at what he does when he sees Jesus. Hey, bro, what's up this song?

Pancetta when I saw him I fell at his feet as if I was dead. reminder Tan on me and said don't get free on the first of the last was John afraid was there some real absolute there was

so much of a religious world is teaching a loving God, which is very beneficial and very important.

God is beyond our reach. Set up a whole team a little.

Heater furnace to get to the smallest and you can't stand it. We should be fearful the relationship between awesome job. So now that we can sell.

But God is good. He feared.

What BJ decides to the train, Colton?

He's going to go through the process of learning to become a mascot.

The world is a beautiful thing. What else to tell Colton that there are dangers when it comes to life? a speech a major disservice

stop the electricity with the bad.

You just don't want to stand in a puddle light stick your hands in the Box.

Mercedes bat are gorgeous incredibly powerful.

second thing to write down as God as a dog love and he is just he's always stepping out first in love and grace and mercy on all the justice. Hebrews chapter 10 look at the spots, that would be terrible expectation.

It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.

So does that mean I should just be kept away from here?

When we walk in obedience, however, we don't need to worry about that.

When we're doing our own ways Canada apart of a water we start digging around electrical panel brass control.

Y'all have to know that there are times when we might get away with it.

There's times when?

Whales have to understand that it's not accepting that way of like if it's not it's not that we have one.

He is slow to anger, but you will get angry if we keep chasing Our Own Way meaning of results.

People miss the fear of the Lord don't understand this concept and it's hurting them. I couldn't get it right if you don't understand if you're not some head.

I think that the mortgage.

but in reality are rope gets a little shorter when you know him better than the news on all the speakers that don't have any because he wants more hours and right.

1st Peter chapter 4 verse 17 says for the time has come for judgment and it must begin with God's household.

Israelites found themselves in the same spot they forgot to realize that they were first in line.

We also think with words.

Let me see my story.

18 years they were given over to their enemies.

We also understand that not everybody passes spiritual discipline. Oh my God, what's what's going on in my life that I need to True up? I need to get what you want. We can never assume that someone else is in a bad spot that they have done something wrong.

You can't make that something.

There's something I should be doing.

where to get a ride with you to understand

1st John 1:9

historically overtime related to replace the word of God, which is why there wasn't Reformation, right?

Macy's back in the day by their own their own people today because they have let it go so far. I just need one as an example back in the early days. Can you keep going commit whatever avoid times you wanted to and you would be forgiven?

There was a move towards being called Pirates where if you did something wrong, you would have to say a certain number of Hail Marys. Forgetting that it was a nice idea.

This shows up in all sorts of the lake and all sorts of God Catholic teaching. Jesus said something totally different for all right, it wasn't it.

It was a one-time dumpster it was created for.

It's more than once.

Racine example of this type of confession in chapter 10 of Judges the first 10 it says finally as our God and have served. Why do you suppose they didn't get rescued?

I think they were going to satisfy me like, okay. Will not prosper.

Don't respond when we come clean and make changes. It's not just coming clean. It's not.

Not just love. Sorry. Sorry to say to get on here if you're right.

next concert for 3

I think for some people when they carry pet safe ink falling on their face peeling really bad definition.

You might as well, but you might have very little emotion. Cu3 lights repented when they got rid of the Corn on my foot action behind your words serve divorce.

Stop lying.

They put aside their horn. McCarthy Sorrow by itself is not enough Matthew chapter 3 verses and said she's coming to watch him.

But they were after something else they can tell us who want you. Proof, by the way, Percy proves that you don't understand.

Acts chapter 26 verse 20 says I preach to the Gentiles they all must repent of their sins and turn to God by the actions with.

The same words. It's a full change of Direction.

cheat app directions

restoration the oldest set aside and the new is taken on. a spiritual level we understand that this happened to you. Dial capable of forgiving.

When we come to him and we said we are sorry.

You can follow me here spiritually.

Second ride out of that water group.


spiritually restoration, Panama City

secret passages. That Buick

Hebrews chapter 10 verse 14 74551

Are you home yet?

Only if it's from now until

It's not a nice person always takes son is always better.

Some of us are probably clear down on. Hig

DMX Adobe After all right where we are.

Where is Earthly life become don't waste a letter? Don't waste one. waste one on.

Charles Gabus story Israelites were clear down on what? Fran belibi with this point

hobo cats understand also is it Restoration is always possible reconciliation. Can you reconcile?

Call Kingston Pizza.

You're not the only one on.

Tell me what there we are all day. You know how it feels. understanding

Open things that you have done.

Don't waste another letter don't waste another. If I come back home with God wants you to be.

the next letter dump God's plan is always better. where this all together


all of those

Thank you for your attention today.

Get ahold of what it means to get right with God.

Good we've got tonight.


it's an event. That is not what I pray for our nation pray for our our country to pray for military expert glass key isn't the timer. Tell her it's it's me.

Not just not just 122. It's 252. It's a big group of people to come together, and I'm going to be a next time.

Bring me more strange, but true.

Call Whit.

Okay. Terrific quality Mexican

thank you so much for

Give me the word fear.

What's up, dude store hours.

Everlong understanding infested away from it and come back to you. I don't want to align ourselves with you as close as you possibly can secondary plan. Got to eat around here.

continued support.

Different straight from Hurricane

Google on their Journey.

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