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2019-4-28-LIVE OAKS - Dear Church, Love Jesus

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All right. Good morning. Live Oaks Bible Church. This is why we have a lot of lot of work to do today a lot of things to a lot of work to begin today. We're starting in a 7-week series on the church on the Church of Jesus Christ in the Book of Revelation contains a lot of amazing things some confusing some some confusing all amazing of the safe. That way we're going to spend some time just in the first chunk of it in a section where it where Jesus speaks directly from his heart to seven different churches and he shares his heart for and about himself and those congregations and those in leadership in in in their powerful words that I think we should hear because this is Jesus is church. This is Christ Church. We are a Congregation of Christ one church and it and it works like this on the screens, but just hear these words from Colossians 1. I pray we never grow tired of hearing this from Colossians 1:15. He is the image of the invisible God the firstborn of all creation for by him all things were created in heaven and on Earth visible and invisible with their Thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities, all things were created through him and for him and he is before all things and in him all things held hold together and he is the head of the body the church He is the head of the body the church. Who's the head? He is he is the beginning the firstborn from the dead that in everything and everything. She might be pre-eminent for in him. All the fullness of God was pleased to dwell and through him to reconcile to himself all things whether on Earth or in heaven Making Peace by the blood of his cross Easter happened, right good Friday happened he died. For our sins in our place and he was raised from that grave. And then he ascended to his father. He's ruling and reigning as the head of his church. Of which we are at congregation. Let's listen to the words that he would say to his church. Play with me. got a I cannot wrap my mind around what you have done. I cannot wrap my mind around the greatness the grandness of your glory.

the glory of your plan before creation existed to glorify your son to glorify him in his grace and in in his righteousness to to craft at a church.

from resurrected people to make a radiant Bride for your son through the work of his shed blood and victory over death itself. We are those resurrected adopted sons and daughters. We make up his body. May we represent him. Well, may we hear the words of your son as he speaks to his church?

Through the Apostle John. What a beautiful Revelation you did give him so God. I pray that we could listen to it and hear it in your name. We pray. I'm in my own vanity, but that you'll notice is a fuzzy thing on the face is not because I join the Backstreet Boys with the Revival tour is it last week? I kept hearing this rushing sound in as much as I wanted it to be the Holy Spirit. It was just the air conditioner blast chiller that I got going on right here, which is a good thing. Pulpit Point here can be kind of a sweaty Endeavor, especially for me. I'm a I'm a I'm a pit sweating pastor. I don't see if that's good for you cuz it's wet is not going to sling off of me cuz it's not going to come from my brow. Many safeguards between you and the sweats. This is good, but we have to put the fuzzy and we have to do that's okay. The Book of Revelation it it brings with it a lot of connotations and honestly, maybe a lot of baggage. Okay, you asked for the middle school boy. Hey, what's your favorite book in the Bible Hill save station right in what are like the Bible studies that are usually well populated with folks, you know study the Book of Revelation cuz it's it's enigmatic it it's a it's a puzzle. It's weird almost like, you know, when you set out to read the Bible cover to cover and you doing really really good to Genesis. It's like a cool story and exits on it and it's as good as original that never happened and then it gets weird and you don't know what to do. I will in Revelation. It starts out really awesomely simple at this is amazing. This is really really cool. Jesus is talking at churches and and what now now prostitutes a ride and dragons and fire and and Beast from the sea in what happened, right? The Book of Revelation

is best understood my first solidly grounding ourselves and its purpose. If you're rooting through somebody's old tool shed and you come across some tool you have no idea what it is. The first thing you do is try to figure out.

What's its intended purpose right as confusing as the operation might be as complex as the operation might be if you can find out why it's there to begin with at least you got somewhere to start. The Book of Revelation is its full title the revelation of Jesus Christ given to the Apostle John take it reveals. Jesus is Jesus big. Is Jesus Eternal right? Actually, he's more than Eternal. He's he's he's infinite. He has no beginning and no end don't you think there be some confusing nooks and crannies? Absolutely Prophecy in the Scripture it is it it it sounds familiar because it's made up of words words. I understand words. But it's confusing in its application. This is what I'm convinced of. The things that God wants us to know plainly he writes plainly.

Right end times prophecy. Let's just say this end times prophecy is written in such a way that when it happens we go.

He said that from the beginning now, it makes sense. Now. I see it. This is always been his plan. He has not been making this up as he went along. It's like Babe Ruth call his shot over the fence and boom. It happens when it happens we go. Oh my oh my goodness. How did he do that? Eat the prophecies are here to show us that he has a plan cuz that grows our confidence in the plan maker because we know this is not random chaos. This is all part of a sovereign plan of God. Do we understand? Everything know? Is it our job to understand everything know it's our job to believe in the one who understands. It not just understands of a plant that makes sense now, praise God our seven weeks is not going to be no nobody's riding a dragon in this series. Okay. These are the letters that Jesus rights. Speech delivers to his churches. Now it just start out here in in Revelation 1:1.

the revelation of Jesus Christ Jesus is the star of this or we confused about something maybe who is it about Jesus is leaving at least you know that the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave to show his servants the things that must soon take place. The revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave him to show to his servants the things that must soon take place. Okay.

The word revelation is an English translation of the Greek word apocalipsis, which just means an unveiling or a disclosure. Case we hear the word apocalypse, right and we think violence and War and armies and and Fields of blood and arm and Gog and Magog and and and and really bad Kirk Cameron movies and that's what we think of. What are default should be this is here to unveil or disclose Jesus Christ. Ensign Porton But she is disclosed to us. It's important that we see him for who he really is not for who we want him to be not for who we wish that she was but who he really is. Not as imagined, but as revealed we have to know him as he's revealed so we can Proclaim him as he is revealed. Why would we want to proclaim a Jesus who does not exist?

I mean if crafted carefully enough it it could benefit us for a few decades. But then what? Which we would gain the whole world with for claiming a different Jesus. At to do that it cost us our very Soul we have to Proclaim Jesus as he is revealed. And as I just ran in Colossians this reveal, Jesus is the head of the body that we claim to be a part of. We claim to be the Church of Jesus. If we don't understand what the head of the church is doing and how it would help do we have of doing what we're supposed to do we have do we have to be to be there were supposed to be if we don't see him as revealed to praise God he has given us. a revelation

Jeremy was speaking about our little tendency to be loving around here. praise God for that

Have you ever thought I'm sure you have? How amazing would it be to be in the very presence of Jesus? Right to like stand there with Jesus and we imagine what would it be like to be standing in the presence of Jesus? I just wrote down a few random words that I mean the words are probably in this but here's a here's a few I would feel drawn to him. I feel comforted I feel challenged. I feel uplifted and convicted but also I feel secure I'd feel tall and very very small. Turn the sound like dr. Seuss.

And I feel healed at feel whole. everything that we imagine would be true about standing in the presence of Jesus should be true about standing in the presence of his body.

That's what it should be like to be a part of his church everything.

We've been called to be the body of Christ. We've been called to be that present or to be the conduit of that presents.

God has chosen and again, I mean I always say this plan seems to be there something amiss to me in my estimation, but it's God's plan to reveal his son through his son's church. Through the proclaiming in through the living of the truth of Jesus that Jesus himself will be revealed to the world.

So before we read specific words to specific churches, how about that for General word to all the churches are we Faithfully representing? Are we Faithfully revealing the person and work and character the Heart character nature of Christ. The revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave him to show his servants.

the things that must soon take place He made it known by sending his Angel to his servant John Who Bore witness in Allen verse to who Who Bore witness to the word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ. Even to all that he saw blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy and blessed. Are those who hear? And you keep what is written in it for the time is near.

John the Revelator I was blessed to be this particular conduit of of this revelation of Jesus the story of how John got to this place is amazing. So he's exiled on the Isle of Patmos. He's the only disciple of Jesus to not be directly martyred. For being a follower of Jesus.

He's the only one. Who didn't die at the sword or the flame or the upside down crucifixion? He is one who lived? Hawaii on the island of Patmos. Well, that's because they tried to kill him it didn't take it would come out. The accounts are little conflicting either they forced him to drink poison. And he was all like what else you got to drink? Or he was boiled in a kettle. And he lives. Either way, they're like a we want nothing to do with this man and they exiled him. Imagine what you would feel if you were John maybe you might Echo the words of your savior my God my God. Why have you forsaken me here? I am on this island alone, and then Christ himself shows up.

To a humbling and willing and available vessel to reveal this to his church to us. Thank you Jesus for John. Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy and blessed. Are those who hear listen and keep what is written in it?

For the time is near blessed is the one who reads aloud these words the words of this prophecy and blessed. Are those who hear and who keep what is written in it for the time is near you can turn to to Luke chapter 6 And you hear this story about hearing and doing little ditty that Jesus throws down here in Luke 6 starting at verse 46. Jesus says, why do you call me Lord Lord and not do what I tell you everyone who comes to me and hears my words and does them I will show you what he is like he is like a man building a house who dug deep and laid the foundation on the Rock and went to flood a rose the string broke against that house and could not shake it because it had been well built but the one who hears and does not do them is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. When the string broke against it immediately it fell in the ruin of that house was great. I sing the song in Sunday School. Don't build your house on the Sandy land. Don't build it too near the shore. I would maybe kind of nice but you better think twice or you'll have to build your house once more you better build your house upon the rock the shore foundation on the salad spot with the rains may come and go but the house on the rock will stand. You come to Christ. You hear his words and you put them in the practice you hear the words and to do them blessed is the one who reads aloud these words blessed. Are those who hear and who keep what is written in it for the time is near we must hear and we must keep blessed. Are you if you proclaim the words blessed are you if you hear and keep? Hearing the word proves you have ears keeping the word proves. You have a lord.

You can claim to believe anything.

Keeping the words that you claim to hear is proving that you have a lord proclaiming Jesus. Lord means you have a voice living Jesus as Lord means you have a life. Life is only found in Christ outside of him. It's but counterfeit. We gon vs. Four and five John to the seven churches that are in Asia grace to you and peace from him who is and who was and who is to come and from the seven spirits who are before his throne and from Jesus Christ the faithful witness the firstborn of the dead and the ruler of the king's honor. To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood. He who is and was and is to come is the father of the seven spirits of God. That's the perfect and complete. Holy spirit of God, and the faithful witness is Jesus Christ. To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood like that's to Christ. like it's too bright. So even the Revelation about Christ is for Christ. Everything is for him. Even the revelation of himself as even the revelation of himself is ultimately for himself. Cuz everything is for him to him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood verse 6 and made us a kingdom of priests to his God and Father to him be glory to him be glory and Dominion forever and ever I'm in behold he is coming with the clouds and every eye will see him even those who pierced him and all tribes of the earth will wail on account of him even so I'm in I am the Alpha and the Omega says the Lord God who is and who was and who is to come the Almighty? creation exists to show God himself

I mean I'm going to keep speaking to this creation itself exists to show God himself. We are called to be mirrors reflecting the glory of God back to him. We could all say again to say something and put into practice is sometimes different. We can say that everything exists for the glory of God, but that presents a problem. If we exist to give God glory then I have to ask a question. Do you have any Glory? to give him Do I have any gory to offer God if that's what he's do with all things are due Christ if he is do all glory. then he I don't have any gory. How can someone without Glory give God glory. The only way is to reflect it. That's what we do. We live lives reflecting.

God back to him. I love it when I see something amazing in my children. But I know came from my wife for came from me. Now the office is also true retreat in horror when we see something terrible coming from her kids and then you have to do like I'm sorry, honey. That's all on me. That's totally my fault. Not on you. You have to clean it up, but that is from me. I'm sorry. But imagine if you are father, who is Holy.

And you have declared in and made your adopted children. Holy.

Did you see the grace of your son Jesus reflecting? from Those whom he redeemed

to see life itself. I'm at Madrid from God's view when we fell away from him. He sees his creation as merely dead Fallen creatures.

We might have to look in the appearance of what he made but not the substance. an end here Jesus comes and by his grace and his righteousness. The righteous life. They laid that they lived in in the in the in the sacrificial gracious death that he died. And it's Victorious Resurrection. That life itself comes from what was dead. It was dead and now it's alive.

Father sees the glory of his son reflected off of us off of his church, and that's what brings God glory.

We talked about this on Wednesday night at the Bible study and in the days of creation in an inn in God creating the moon the cause of the greater and the Lesser light. The moon has no light on its own it can merely reflect the light of the sun. We are not Stars. We are moons. We are called to reflect the glory of God back to God.

back in Revelation 1 starting a verse 9 I John your brother and partner in the tribulation and the kingdom and the patient endurance that are in Jesus was on the island called Patmos on a count of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus three humble way to say they tried to kill me and it didn't work.

I was in the spirit on the Lord's day and I heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet say it right what you see in a book and send it to the seven churches to Ephesus in Smyrna and a pergamum in the site IRA and a sardius in the Philadelphia and to laodicea. Then I turned to see the voice that was speaking to me and on turning I saw seven golden lampstands and in the midst of the lampstands one like a son of man clothes with a long robe in with a golden sash around his chest the hairs of his head were white like white wall, like snow his eyes were like a flame of fire. His feet were like burnished bronze refined in a furnace and his voice was like the Roar of many Waters in his right hand. He held the Seven Stars from his mouth came a sharp two-edged sword and his face was like the sun shining in full strength. When I saw him I fell at his feet as though dead. Parking laid his right hand on me. Shane fear not I am the first and the last and the living one I died. Behold, I Am Alive forevermore. And I have the keys of death and Hades. Right there for the things that you have seen those that are in those that are to take place after this as for the mystery of the Seven Stars that you saw in my right hand and the Seven golden lampstands. The Seven Stars are the Angels of the seven churches and the Seven lampstands are the seven churches.

Like look at that the juxtaposition use a big word of seeing. The unfiltered but Indescribable directed Glory of Jesus.

And falling to your face like you're dead because before Christ and his work and his resurrection before the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. That's exactly what would happen.

if you saw the grace of Jesus you would not. Burst into flames and cease to exist you could not stand in the face. Office Space

but yet because he was forgiven because he was given New Birth because he's been made alive because he has been given the righteousness of Christ himself. He can look into his face but yet still this should not be possible and that powerful Majestic eyes of fire sword coming out of it. She Puts his hand on John.

And tell him I am he I'm the first and the last I have the keys of death and Hell itself, and I am placing my hand on you.

What would we have to fear? What do we have to fear?

This Unstoppable unquenchable undescribable. Holy and Powerful God. Put his hand on her shoulder and encourage us.

lovingly compassionately reassuring me I redeemed you to stand in my presence.

Not to fall on your face as dead but to stand in front of my face as a live because that's what you are. That's what I made you be now, by the way, John. Could your job a few things down for me? I have some things I'd like to tell my churches.

chapter 2 verse 1

to the angel of the church in Ephesus write

Who's this angel now? I struggled a little bit with this a lot of commentaries. There are some that believe the angels are angels. It seems to be a pretty clear plain reading and it seems to imply that that the churches have these angels that are appointed to them in and praise God. I have reason to doubt that there's also Scholars that that say that the angels are actually the pastors of the Church Mount Holly and more in that direction.

I don't know. But they they represent and they serve the church. So whether they are Celestial beings that God has cash and sent or whether they are human beings that got his resurrected and then and then and then and then tasked with this amazing wavy but awesome gracious powerful responsibility to lead his congregations. I don't know it could be either probably both to the angel of the church in Ephesus write the words of him who holds the Seven Stars in his right and who walks among the seven golden lampstands. I know your works right when you hear that if you were hearing Jesus say that to you when you want to take just take a pause. Do you know when someone's telling you news and you're not sure which way it's going to go and you just want to live in that little space between those two words as long as you can I have something I need to tell you. You want to pause when the earth to stop spinning. I can't imagine. Remember he this Jesus is described as having eyes like flames of fire. I want to pause for a moment right? I know I would want to. I know your works.

your toil And your patient endurance Jesus's first words are those of encouragement? crates

I know your Works your toil and your patient endurance and how you cannot bear with those who are evil. Would have tested those who call themselves Apostles and are not. And found them to be false if we think our culture is difficult to live as the Church of Jesus. Clearly you have not lived in 1st Century Ephesus.

I like the current expression. It's a bit overdone. But I'd like the expression dumpster fire. I really I like that and I don't know if you've heard that emphasis was a first-century dumpster fire of idolatry and

a lot of things that I would have to edit heavily to describe accurately. They had the Temple of Artemis there and they they worshipped the act of marital intimacy as God itself. It's silversmiths crafts out of solid silver these

shapes and forms Are we switch to worship Artemis? the gospel wreck that sound. They even tried to commit murder Paul because the gospel took root and ruined the default Idol trade the silversmith's like the union like some subs to go break pulse kneecaps because he messed up their work. He messed up their livelihood because the gospel took root and they started worshipping the one true God they started worshiping price. to eat it is Again, if you think our culture is difficult read the bike.

Jesus's words to them in Ephesus

just to say I know your toil in your patient endurance and how you cannot bear with those who are evil. Now he says to kind of things that if you look closely almost seem like opposites. He says patient endurance. Okay. There's a thought patients let that sinkin. Okay, what is patient during Suffolk? UK patient endurance, you're enduring something patiently, and how you cannot bear with those who are evil that sounds like impatients to me. It sounds like you're not just sitting around waiting patiently. It's because both of those are true. Jesus was commend them. Okay for being patient in this season and in this culture, A blasphemy and idolatry. No, it's not yet what it should be but it will be in the meantime, it's awesome that you do not wait patiently. For those who are teaching falsehood. You do not bear with those who are evil. That's held up as a praiseworthy think you cannot bear. You don't bear with those who are evil, but have tested those who call themselves Apostles and are not and found them to be false.

dish there's more Backstreet that I'm not going to share with you, but This of all the letters to all the churches this one connects with me the most. These are the words this letter. Is the one that encourages me the most as one who is who is endeavoring for the glory of God to be a faithful teacher in proclaimer of the truth? So at this point, I am greatly encouraged by Jesus's words.

Because I have seen the damage. It's false Gospels. inflict on the sheep of Jesus I've seen she be led astray by false Shepherds. And I do not want to be patient with faults Shepherds. K I am called to be patient with sheep. And I'm called not to judge. Goats, or a different Parable that Jesus tells the wheat and the tears know how the weeds grow up with the weed and and they're like sweet you want us to pull out all the weeds grow up together out. I'll sort it out. God has not called us as Proclaimers of the truth that you know, like, you know, she could destroy mission everything that's faults and every every sheep that's gone. Astray every goat that's trying to Bath, you know, if that's not our job.

But he praises the church in Ephesus for not bearing a false teacher a false Shepherd and end here in very plain language is the truth. We are to love is sheep both the Fate devote the faithful and the Wayward we are to love them. where to care for the Sheep where to shoot the wolves

these are people that claim. To be Apostles and they're not they're being false. They are wolves in Shepherd's clothing.

We do not endure. with patience

we cannot imagine watching. somebody abuse a child

And you call it Grace and you call it patience? You call it loving.

We love the sheep and we shoot through walls.

I don't want to.

belabor the point

They don't tolerate me. If I'm proven to be false.

Go to the word yourself. Read it study. Hold me accountable.

I don't want to imagine what the Good Shepherd will do. When the false Shepherd fall into his hand, may I not be found one?

I know first 3 Revelation 2. I know that you are enduring patiently.

in this season You're enduring patiently and bearing up for my namesake and you have not grown weary. But I have this against you. Aren't there a lot of just really big butts in the Bible? you're feeling really fantastic and then but or check it out. It's also really great. But to the Bible where you feel really terrible, but God who is rich in Mercy. Yes. This is not one of those.

This is hallelujah. Let's find the wolves and take them down. But I have this against you.

That you have abandoned the love you had it first. Some translations have it you have abandoned your first love. Now commentators debate about this to they say well, I mean, okay. So have they abandon the love they had for Jesus or have they abandoned the love they had for other people to which I say, yes. Jesus weaves them together there one in the same. You can't love Jesus and not love his cheap. And the only way to truly love his sheep is to love him. They're both the same. So what he's telling this church in Ephesus this their Fighters are there Gladiators in the arena of Truth? right

And I'm thankful, and I'm terrified and I'm blessed. to be one of them but Jesus says you have neglected the love you had it first. And then when I was first starting this a few years ago, this is the the the most of loving and stinging rebuke I've ever received from Jesus. I did not hear him in my ears. But when I read that passage, this is what the Lord this is what the spirit of the Lord said to me Tommy. Do you love being right about me more than you love me?

I love being right about Jesus. I want to represent him well.

But that's a poor substitute for loving him.

I'm called to love him and love his people not just preach what is true to his people but to love them. Cuz that's loving him and loving him is loving them.

back in verse 5

remember therefore from where you have fallen repent and do the works you did at first.

If not, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place unless you repent. Now Jesus already said these lampstands they represent the churches. Kate's so he's telling the church in Ephesus if you don't repent.

I will remove your lampstand. Jesus is not saying that he will remove from them their salvation or their place in eternity. He's simply saying. Guess what? I applaud you for your patient endurance in this time and in this culture, but I will not patiently endure a church that does not Faithfully represent me to the world. I don't have to nor will I

Indoor a church. That's faults. You're leading my children astray.

And I will not allow it. And the Ephesian Christians will say but but but but but but when did when were we wrong? When were we wrong about you? Jesus would say yeah. Yeah on paper man on paper you are right on.

Proclaim me correctly with your words and you betray me. with your actions

Love me. Love my people. If you do not repent then I'll remove from you your lampstand. God has called us. Do not hide our lights under a bushel. No. But let it shine. Golden lampstand which is a bit ostentatious for me, but not for a holy God. I want us to be that kind of church also known as a church. You're either a faithful church or not.

I don't want us to be some gangly like duct taped together teatery little twig. I want us to be a faithful church. That's strong and true. Deeply rooted like I don't know I know country.

boldly humbly lovingly

putting the display of Jesus's Glory putting on display the glory of Jesus for the world to see

but it's love him by being his faithful Church John in the Gospel of John Chapter 14 verse 15. Jesus says if you love me you will. Keep my Commandments. If you love me, you'll do what I say. Not noticed it that Jesus didn't say if you keep my commands you love me. And if you love me, you'll keep my commands. This is sounding a lot like that whole debate on faith vs. Works. For the reasons that Martin Luther wanted James to be taken out of the Canon of scripture because he was so worried. You should have had more faith, but he was just so worried that people will get the wrong idea about James saying that without works your faith is dead. It's in James 2 starting in verse 14. Says what good is it? My brother's is someone says he has Faith but does not have Works can that face save him if a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in Daily food and one of you says to them go in peace be warmed and filled without giving them the things needed for the body. What good is that? Also Faith by itself if it does not have works is dead. And so the debate goes on for centuries, you know, like is it visit Faith or is it works answers? Yes again. The answer is yes, but the point is this that

The Works prove your faith Works it is simply putting your faith on display. Like I don't know putting a light on top of the golden lampstand or something. True works is an inescapable outcome of true Faith your Works prove. Your faith lack of Works doesn't invalidate your face. It simply proves that does not exist.

And White Knuckle Works in order to gain the appearance of Faith or the approval of God doesn't accomplish anything. obedience for any other reason then for the love of Christ is worthless. in 1st Corinthians chapter 13

And I apologize. I don't know if I've already gone a little long or I'm about to say just felt like it was going to be one of those when I started out. I apologize. 1st Corinthians 13 verses 1 through 3 since this If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love. I'm a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal if I have prophetic powers and understand all Mysteries. No knowledge of have all Faith. So as to remove mountains, but have not love. I am nothing if I give away all that I have and if I deliver up my body to be burned but have not love I gain nothing love is patient and kind love does not envy or boast. It's not arrogant or rude does not insist on its own way. It's not irritable or resentful. It does not rejoice wrongdoing but rejoices in the truth love bears all things believes all things hopes, all things endures. All things are good works are simply an expression of our love for Christ himself. Every good work. The root of every good work is Love Of Christ, if it's not then it's not a good work. If we have true faith in Christ, that means we have true love for him and if we have true love for him, it can't help but Express itself in true deed.

And if not, then we're faults and Jesus will remove the lampstand because he doesn't want what is faults being proclaimed to the world. back in Revelation 2

for 6

Yet this you have you hate the works of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate another rather shocking statement. We're being praised for hating the The Works of the Nicolaitans and who are they we don't really know for sure, but it's tied to another heresy and just a few verses. So I'll leave them together here in just a second. Just work with it. Did the Christians episodes are applauded for hating to work in the Declarations? And it's saying that God himself hates the for the Nicolaitans. So again, I thought God is love and hate are opposites. We can talk about that another time.

Jesus is hating what his fault. So this is working the Nicolaitans. It's tied in a few verses to the teachings of Balaam. What it boils down to is another big fancy word called antinomianism which is a false gospel and antinomianism. Is a gospel that states that the law and command of God is no longer valid. The laws and standards and commands of God are no longer valid. It's a perversion of us being under grace and not under law and it's a o sweet we can do anything we want and actually it's a good thing to do whatever we want because the more bad stuff we do the more God's grace can abound because if we do bad things got a lot to be gracious to forgive us and God's grace is put on display here to for Visa v i e quid pro quo.

And I hate it. I hate it. It's it's taking the grace of God and it's slapping him in the face with it. I've used this as an example before I use it again. If God didn't want me to use it. He shouldn't have had me marry such a Godly woman but a few weeks before we married my soon-to-be bride ask me and Tommy. Will you ever leave me know will you ever divorced me know? What if I know ninja goes what if I cheat on you? No, what about like repeatedly? And I had stayed a little bit and she said because I will never leave you.

This marriage is a covenant. I will not leave.


I can do whatever I want now.

The long I'm not going to read it. Look it look in Romans 5 chapter 20 if you want to put a new bookmark their Romans 5:20 through 6-4. That's what Paul saying. Should we send more? So that God's grace could have found no.

now the grace of Jesus gives us new birth to a new life of freedom to pursue Holiness wear before as a slave to sin, even or a timsit righteousness. We're filthy rags. And our newly possible pursuit of holiness. It's not to earn it. but to honor him for freely giving it to us. We Endeavor to display on our outside with the Lord has done on our inside. But today's false Shepherds. Have replaced be holy as he is Holy with you guys should definitely come over to my house. My dad lets us get away with anything.

We are to honor. Christ for what? He has freely given us we are to put on display the heart that character and the nature of Jesus.

We are to endure in that we are to endure to the end in that.

revelation 2:7 He who has an ear let him hear what the spirit says to the churches to the one who conquers I will grant to eat of the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.

This is the same question as those is the is the Worx thing. Is it Faith or is it works its yes conquering and enduring proves the faith that you have had all along if you do not conquer if you do not enjoy her then you did not place your faith in him.

We don't fight because we might conquer we fight because he already has. So our lives and our church will reflect that truth. We are not fighting to make it true. We are fighting because it is Amen, let's pray.

God. Let's let's start humbly with ourselves. Don't us a lot don't allow us to be faults. Jesus if we are faults then remove us.

If we are faults in do not allow what we say and what we do to be seen or heard by the world do away with us. For your heart and your character your nature your glory is too precious.

The God if you would by your grace. Proclaim yourself Faithfully through us

For Your Glory

Simply to feel your hand on her shoulder and allow us to stand in your presence is enough for us.

Put yourself on display through Us For Your Glory. And then I can't help but be for our joy as well. The Joy just a stand in your presence

To be found faithful by your grace to endure to The End by your grace.

Thank you for what you had to say to the church in Ephesus. May we hear it and ask ourselves a question or are you also? Are you also?

speaking to us I will listen Maybe here and keep the words that you share. We love you Lord Jesus in your name. We pray on it. And so now let us go Faithfully into the world. As lights that are not hidden under a bushel in his name. We pray. Amen.

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