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Teach us to number our days

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Morning Service (29 Apr 2019)

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What kind of weed turn to scriptures now and they want small but you're looking at the book of Psalms and I want to read Psalm 90. Book of Psalms and some nights he and I read the whole of that song. Lord You're hoping I do wedding place in Old generation.

Whatever you would form the Earth's in the world from Everlasting to Everlasting. You are God. You Return Man 2 dust and say return or children of mine. For a thousand years and you last night about as yesterday when it is wears a watch in the night. You're sweet in Hawaii. That's what the flood they are like a dream by cross that is renewed in the morning in the morning it flourishes and renewed. In the evening, it fades and with it. We are brought to an end by your anger. Bio Ross, we all just met. You're set our iniquities before you I secret sins in the light of your present. Walleye days pass away under Euro. We bring ideas to it. We bring a years to an end like a sigh. Psy line for 70 or even by reason of strength iuc Yeah, that's fine. It's about toil and trouble. They'll soon gone we fly away. Who considers the power of your anger and your Roth according to the theater? So teach us to number our days that we may get of wisdom. Return O Lord, how long have pity on your seven? satisfies Austin the morning with your steadfast love When I rejoice and be glad all I die. Make a slide for as many days if you have a you have Afflicted as many years as we have seen evil. National work Bichons your servants and your glorious power so that children that the favor of the Lord Our God be upon us and establish the work of our hands. Yes. It's toplesz the work of our hands we pray. The God would indeed I bless his word to IHOP.

once this morning the drug confessed 12 if I saw him to look at John 17 today in a moment or that's so so teach us to number our days that we may get ahold of wisdom. So teaches number I dates that we make that a Haupt of wisdom.

Since I heard being cold to Glory that happened on Good Friday. I have been giving a lot of thought to the question of proper preparation for death. Watching the strange thing, but it's something that we do need to do and diabetes in relation to believe it. Because it's even more important that we have the proper understanding and the proper approach to that. The number I days be realistic spine is 70 years or you have strength that it's on that basis. I may have another five in a month used to go but none of us know of course what will happen. What we do know is that unless the Lord returns - will come. This is no doubt that will happen. And there is cuz I'm sure we're older where there is absolutely necessary. I didn't need only real preparation that we can actually make for our own desk. And that is to have a true personal trust and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. without that we all lost

Outback desk is frightening.

that leads that which is so terrific. Don't really want to contemplate.

Because I said my concern. It's more of this point with Believers. There are five things that I

The first dish that is not natural. I'm back. Let's play what I mean by that. Second death is not the end.

Glee death is defeated.

Mostly a question to grieve or not to grieve. Glasgow death is Guy. Adventuredome all these things before I see the truth in these we might have a proper attitude. on a proper preparation the old is the best means to Vindicated

to be forever with the Lord. What a glorious thing that is a phrase in that he in my nightly pitch my moving tent a day's March nearer.

Rory Is my heart? And at least J policies.

the sharing that grocery we need to cross back. What is 17 sky is lit. I have concerns that there are some Christians that I she can do cross start to express that but things that they seem to me to misunderstand. Not really appreciate but hopefully that will come. Now there's no questions.

The first thing is not as I said death is not natural.

Destination is the most natural thing. It's used to know is the interposition of that which came about as a result of a bus a pool in Romans makes that abundantly clear there for just a sin to the world through one man, and that's cruising and so is that spread to all men because

Adam and Eve created solutely perfect. I know you were given such Liberty Bond. God create you to enjoy the glory. But you enjoy every evening. They were that he would come in the call. If he has to do with life experience Paradise in come on all the fruit everything provided with the exception of that One Tree Hill tree. We don't know what it was.

And God said quickly. If you do eat that on that day, you will surely die.

or not as Satan tempted they found two that Temptation boats.

an ax. Fruits

meeting they realize that nakedness. What was so tragic? I thought even when the Lord came. I try to hide from me. Any chance from frozen berries excuses or night Adam blind Dave a flying the creature to go tonight and throughout the whole of the world.

Jack's Cayman

This was so important on Sunday evening to see what creation actually is. I think that is Eeveelution is death before see before the full it is totally for that.

that's now is that and I was trying out for that guy. The cherubim and a flaming sword was place that prevent them getting back in now you are dismissed by God and from my physical. Point. I died spiritually. I'm not contact that. I had that glorious friendship I had with God was destroyed. How much is what death?

God has created us God me read formed into that. Just a Man became a living being able to go to the rib from Adam. I need formed even the truth came together. Jack is a violent separation.

Those two elements that God has brought together.

Faith energy every believer. Who has died since that time in that show list before the front of that body with the exception of me, too, and maybe one more? Enoch Elijah, maybe Moses. They have bodies of being right. Judy the Lord

and I have a surgery one.

mistimed before Christ some received some rejected so deft is not the end. That's one of the great delusions of sites. This is what gives power. I need many people's minds Barrett. If you only do you use if you finacea. mercy killing have abortion never use a crystal what it's about. She bought him fax each of those are.

Because today I'm that is nothing Beyond.

Yo, they don't really fully imagine what it must be like. At the moment an unbeliever die.

Can I see God?

as a judge jammed his Roth. all the charging we have an insight to a believer.

Who sold his mother with the death is Lord Steven the first not he saw the Lord?

different status

believer season.

Death is not a conclusion. In fact, if we are even more Judy's mom and son many years ago.

That we don't know. We not let me go. the mission in here do you sign up for the life of the young man to 24 years old Joseph?

We none of us know. When that day will come.

Butler said it's not the termination is not the end. It's not all over.

This is the whole fallacy. arguments If someone is in Extreme Paintball kill them effectively. And this nonsense another who say when someone dies well, that's suffering is not love if they don't believe us. Our experience in Suffern that's far beyond. a comprehension

butt is bleeding.

but the next thing Is death is defeated? Easter Sunday last Sunday remind great facts of the Resurrection Chinese would support such glorious words in 1 Corinthians 15:3 read verse 1454 when the perishable puts on the Empire's will win the Moto puts on a maternity then shall come to pass the saying that is written. This is on the screen.

The Sting of death is sin and the power of sin is the law, but thanks be to God who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ

Give me a chance by deck. I shall escape from death and life Immortal Jaheim. I know what he means. Is that the Jazz of Christ on that cross of Calvary when he took upon himself the punishment of penalty of IC. That jazz that he died.

in short All who are in him?

Will know that death defeated.

They want. Not. That's what I said in those very special circumstance.

dying Well then training experience. BBC know that what lies before us that hit me some Hood beginning that no one could number shaking in that glorious hymn of praise to God. What is he still alive? It was slime.

That's going to be a lot. of every believe I'm sometimes I will we recognize each other in heaven.

I think the answer is yes.

because you remember that pizza James and John? recognized Elijah unrecognized Moses Even though I have never met.

Now how to happens to lost me. I don't know. But I think we will. Open awesome Chris about children and this is a very difficult thing just a few months ago. Very young babies.

I want to see the scripture supports a few that says every baby that dies goes to heaven. Get brunch the parts of you that brought children of believers. do that's fine.

Christian faith I thought you had five children, and we would have met for them Karen Stewart on roof. MoneyGram at that second child emblem Who died when he was 6 weeks old?

Who fights recognize saving Glory?

country in autumn But I think indications that night will be so.


what is the point in this radio? I think that recognition comes when I bought is a resurrection. Because we recognize each other when we by bullies.

I think when that reservation comes. Not recognition. May you all be there? black soul speculation chapter and verse to them but we want to know what weekends. I'm always rely on. putting Christ The powder dust is defeat. are if you read ended up all graffitis the great sites of garden and it should read them but not confession death bed sharing. But I got you with all the technology we called. Can you people to live in?

Because I believe I can share so much. and I was closing my best friend, but very good friend of mine by Peter gold in it was a minister near where we lived in West writing using highs and he was talking about a lady in his Fellowship that who he says, She's dying. And the reason she knew he knew she was gone. Because she was so ill. Not because she is spending so much time in reading scriptures and she was talkin constantly. About all the blessings of the Lord given for to her. Manhattan soft Majestic great confidence putting Christ death high-speed defeat What's the weather? The death of a Believer should never really trouble us them.

Because I don't on. Does something fall Creighton?

the next one grieve on North degree

grieve Oh not agree. This brings me to the concern that I've had increasingly over recent years.

Le seems to me This is speculation or my view. that so many people leaving in seeking to have the right attitude

an understanding concerning the fact that when a Believer dies, they do go to Gloria Marie Joyce that not to me give thanks or they met so on and so forth.

That they feel it's wrong. to grief Is Satan is so powerful Satan so subtle? He will have us to know I fundamental truths and what seems to be a very spiritual right?

We all know that to us the shortest verse in the Bible.

Jesus wept

Or is it could be translated Jesus pushed into tears?


I need wax with Mary and Martha. at the tomb of Lazarus

you heard of his death? You didn't come immediately for dice. Lazarus of being in the tub But Jesus came. knowing full well

the winner matter of just a few minutes of his come into that to the Lazarus will be there standing alive fit and healthy.

So why? Why did Jesus weep why did those tears verse fall from his eyes knowing that that would be down at the resurrection and they believe in the resurrection.

key people bring suggestions They say that Jesus wept because he knew the realization of the effect that's in the title.

There's a truth in that. But that's not the whole truth.

Jesus wept and that girl that is to use that translated wet.

Hash that sold to a real bus to 4th in tears. He did so Christmas Mary and Martha wet

geez Phelps the death of their grief Auntie wept alongside

isn't that amazing tea? He didn't condemn them. You didn't cite all up your brother. That's going to Glory. You should be weeping and usually enjoy all that.

Kushner is not an element. Of course there is that sense of joy.

Show the all of us. When we have fights jet close to us.

We have felt like grief.

My oil is rather Rich recollection of someone close to be dying with my grandfather.

song about 6 years old if act affect me that deeply in fact when they told me he's going to be with Jesus in heaven. My concern was a tight with him.

Liza well then.

When I was 18. my father died That's hot. That was difficult.

I need $0.01. I still grieve on the crazies regrets it which I could do actually nothing at all. It's not my father's never met Judy. He's never met Madeline. He's never he's never met Steve. John. and then that will the grandchildren every one of I would have been proud. marijuana

Not long enough to Kristen face sun and moon. It was hot. My parents are away on holiday. I woke up one morning to hear face Jeep in grief and in tears. This young policeman to come around. The child and then use that dance song. I don't I was in hospital.

That was tragic.

Must have some of you know when my mother died.

Signs of the Family Justice last week in somebody's the fact to face is that it me deeper than the effective on them. I'll share that with Chris the other night.


is a very proper thing. Propel reminds us we don't grieve without hope

we know the reality. We know the truth, but the Lord knows.

How deep it is. Just an experience that the Chris has experienced his wife of 60 + years. Is no longer with you.

He will he must free so two we thought there was a danger that sometimes about to Christians.

All we do is great. Amici poem grief

there is a limit. As in so much. in a Christian experience That is a balun.

And the joy and the rejoicing of nine that I loved ones are gone to be with the Lord. Must be balanced to change the grief. Don't deny it either. Don't emphasize one over the power of the other.

He is Jesus walks. I know. What reality? of grief actually is and then loss. death Is Guy? I did ask the point. Ripley death has to be in price North Hillcrest and I'll give you the wrong sort of idea. But in the sense, that is true. 06 but me to live is Christ.

And to die is gain from me is Christ. And to die is Guy. I need music let you know if that means fruitful labor for me, which I showed you so I cannot tell I am hard-pressed between the two. My desire is to depart as a be with Christ for that. She's the best.

I'm not Shirley. Must be desire of each and every True Believer.

Vive Christ has to be Call batch and its Glory we can't really express. It was indeed. The scriptures express it offered in negative terms because just saying why having issues like it's beyond. What mean really fully understand and comprehend? I just and that should be the Delight that should be the joy of every True Believer.

Do you know that?

Are you actually looking forward? the day of your death

Are you looking forward? She in the Lord in glory.

I'm looking forward. tonight eternity I'll be in. with him There is nothing better.

Imma do that, but we need to be. Pool and save up until the Lord.

In one sense. We're already motion to the point that I would say is that is it and we go to be with it.

But we need to be prepared. cool I need to pray for those who? asafa grieving like Chris in the oven but now you might not know. in God's grace that true reality. and breast entrust energy

my clothes with this glorious mess Psalm 116

where we read fresh in the science of the Lord Is the death of his Saints presh? Means so much bring so much as a real full didn't light. Enjoy. Absolutely precious. is is that in the sight of the Lord? Is the debt? of his sight May we see? I know that reality.

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