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Easter Sunday

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Microsoft PowerPoint done with some of it some of this up there in PowerPoint after you know others inside the program with you'll see a DJ RTC the proclamation go find one of the scriptures in there that are actually not a slide number but it says the scripture is this God that we believe in we believe it in right? We saw that video. The 20 24 chromosomes in a blood sample, they found 23 from the mama and one from the dead.

So even where have a proof that Jesus is the son of God.

video Yes blood that's in there for what 6. Blood have life in it. Tell me something blooded have been on something buried that long. But I guarantee you cut your hand and you let her lay their little bit just a little bit to soften it up to it to make it moist again, so they could see it was moving.

The devil Satan does not want the world to know this because of the world knew it. The world would be say and bright.

We're going to repeat our faith Christian Fellowship Church. Proclamation


This is my Bible the inspired word of the Living God. It is my guide book my only rule for Faith and I am what it says that I am. I have what it says that I have I can do what it says that I can say. I will be the word. I will boldly confess. My mind is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same. World War II word is settled in heaven. Play in Jesus name. Amen. Amen.

Eternal God Heavenly Father Lord, we humbly come before you. asking father first for your forgiveness father God we know I know that I have not always said done or thought as you would have liked me to but because of the blood that Jesus shed because of your grace and your mercy I have been forgetting and I ask you father to continue to forget me. Father God is we go for thought this day. We ask you father God that you let your spirit move from this place that you strengthen us with wisdom and knowledge and understanding. Then we're able to embrace you and thank you God for giving us your son. For letting him take the abuse discouraging. Broward Center I'll let him take it upon himself to stripes. That we deserve. And thank you Father God for letting him die. for us but we thank you. Most of all father God because Jesus was the perfect lamb. without spot without wrinkle so that when he died. He was able to accept everything that I have ever done. And then I made you will see.

and on that third day that Resurrection morning you testify the guy that you can shorten life.

Life eternal for us in your king. Let us be humble today. Let us continue to remember that and walk in the joy of knowing that our names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life. So we say hallelujah.

These things we pray in Jesus name. Amen.

I realize that today is the day that we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and savior and that traditionally pastors and preachers give a sermon about this. Most glorious has been but if you would oblige me this morning, I would like to incorporate into that topic some things which I believe make that blessed incident even more glorious for us whose names have been placed in permanent ink Book of Life

as many of us here today already know there are things going on all over the world that are just mine blow their weather-related catastrophes occurring daily on a global level their conflicts on every continent with countries threatening each other with war today is the u.s. And Iran. Yesterday in further on is Israel. And Iran is most of the Muslim World against them. We have Isis in Boca Haram Al queda. And the Taliban al-shabaab and Hezbollah. And they are old and new diseases popping up with many states and countries calling them Christ.

With regard to the weather reporters and meteorologists are struggling every day before 10, like these events are business as usual. As it is being used for these events are unprecedented biblical record-setting. catastrophic in the list goes on people all over the globe including here. I'm being persecuted because of that religious faith. Even on this morning there were murders committed. Today against Christians who are celebrating the resurrection. About our Lord and savior in for them and for Christians all over the world, we must continue to pray.

even in Islam Shiites the persecuting Sunni Hindus are persecuting Muslims in especially I'm being persecuted by everyone and cuz them for believing in the man called you. Now, let me explain Christian persecution. Christian persecution isn't Jeff Church burnings or beheadings or being locked up like we seen in the news when they show it. It's also be challenged by people who say that we are bigots. That we are intolerant that we are judgemental that we are hypocritical that we are Homo that we are against the freedom.

Cities and states and countries are drafting. Laws in attempting to take away the voice and the ministry of the church and look around.

Church pews are becoming more and more empty. Church pulpits, I'm becoming more and more compromising and controversial. The truth about by Seminary Square on one in the Bible has been watered down with sociological Health as the new church doctrine.

And the word of God is being challenged by men and women whose master's degrees in PhD make them believe that they have a new insight.

Colleges and universities where all religions are talk to me mythological and there are no true moral boundaries or limitations.

But we can do what we want as long as it doesn't hurt another. Whether rights of the individual and the rights of certain groups are more important than the right to live. and the freedom to believe in a risen savior

in a modern society where the LG? has pronounce

Vs. Evangelical right-wing movement has alienated to World from the love. That was meant to be the church. But here's where we are. And here's where we stand. And there no news.

written about the real Church

understand the real Church the realtor

Graces of God Eternal Mercy or yell and scream. Shut up. the lust of the flesh

a real life

you seem to know God is to know love.

And Jesus gave us plain instructions on that very topic. Yet we fail at that each and every day we fell in showing the truth of God. time we fail God. How can you say that? We are just doing what the world is already done with proclaiming to the world is already decreed. What does telling people that they can't live? Those things are toxic waste. What the Bible?

And I hear you. I hear what you're saying. This is what we've been taught.

We've been talked.


If you want to follow the truth, you must know where is footprint. And where are you? Most Christians believe that they're doing God's will as a March outside of abortion clinics or protest.

Southern border on

or God

did not teach that has never changed.

He didn't tell people at The Sermon on the Mount it is written that you shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.

He said you were.

Letter regarding understanding the things of the kingdom and it's on in on the board as you can see. 1st Corinthians chapter 2 and I'm okay. I want you to see what he says.

Speech on wisdom.

words of wisdom

I don't know.

Holy Spirit

Alright, so now you can see.

the religious leaders

to this day Peach from the heart

How do I get to work?


he said

send me a picture. Is that warning is corrupted?

A religious people. Come on now.

How do you say what pastor?

Islam religion I want to know.

Because religious people do things. Is a hold of pleasing God? With regard to the individual you folks. Without regard to the individual in other words. This is religious.

I'll pray for him. I will pray for her.

Oh, man, we love without prejudice. We love without respect.

I'm in The Sermon on the Mount.


Is wrong to God. 2 questions What's the number one? someone. something wrong

If you answer from your heart. You said yes.

God hates God hates.

ultimate goal now only because

That is what makes you you.

Is your personality?

No fear. your emotions Izzy true

Bruno Mars

God loves you. Noma

to become human replacement put the punishment.

If the gospel.

and the prey


I mean really know him listen.

Lionel Richie

God does something to you when you stand up and recognize that. Yeah. I'm not everything.

Now leave it simple life behind. All sin is wrong with God. sex outside of marriage a sin a place in the Bible where

you can't be unmarried. NSX

ladies can't be going out there looking for the hood. The Bible says a man that findeth a wife.

Will God you guys?

Lay down your life trouble.

Take my yoke upon you.

Find week.

Today is your day.

You take it home. So you want me one Beverly can give me a call back soon.

You got to be watching.


Come As You Are You know, you know God knows don't go don't wait don't wait.

Don't let this opportunity now, don't let it pass you. We don't know what's going to come in the next 15 minutes. Right. Now there's a time that the doors are open given that opportunity this I'm not saying.

I've said it before it's kind of like the Planet Fitness.

If you feel that there's something right now. It's burning you don't think about who's sitting in these pews. Think about your salvation. Think about your Yorkie your I think we had Marvin Gaye last week that Glory train. Don't miss the train. Don't miss the train because of pride. Try to get you off a one-way ticket all the way to hell.


there's nothing to stop an anymore right now other than your own fry if there's something that's burning you. I don't care if it's your first trip to the altar. Trip to the altar if there's something is on your mind and on your heart that's weighing you down right now, but you can't seem to get up every morning without that thought being this way is your heart down now is the time. Bring it to God letting happen.

And you got to understand that everybody in this room.

Anybody that walks up here? The rest of them in here ain't going to do nothing, but grab you up and love on you.

Because it's the love of God that is shared within us.

Any heart broken? You could even be financed relationships.

It don't matter right now.

Don't carry around something that you don't need to carry.

But yesterday is gone because of Jesus.

He took it all. every bit of it blood Glory


Yes, Hallelujah.

Don't miss it. Don't miss we are not promised tomorrow.


wherever you're going.

everybody about

Everything's alright. They just shrug it off as being just another day.

What you don't realize?

He's going to be here before you know it. The time is coming. Don't miss an opportunity.

Yes, yes. Yes. Yes hallelujah. Thank you Jesus.

All right. I think we filled Our obligation. Ernesto

well, I don't know about you, but I kind of think it's a pastor had a holy ghost movement this morning glory to God. That was a that was a service this morning.

I just I know we just like to ask that everybody get back to some blue portion of what God has blessed us with throughout the week. Alaska you can order people come up here and You guys will fall out and around. Will start over here on my right your left.


a man

Okay. Now you want to do it. Hey, man.

Alright, so here my birth time.

My black whatever I'm a kid 2.

Not done yet.

I know.

nearby South End

Okay private message you mean?

Got my favorite stuff. Yes.

Okay, okay. I'm going to make sure they can hear you.


Then all you need is love and in love with breakdown NetSpend.

All right, we're going to make sure you can.

Yeah, we only have him for a season anyway.

when they get their own family then that's what

But I thank God for my family all when you came out today.

sour smell good first lady life cooking over past couple days. So what are the she just asked that there be no take out because whatever is left over. She ain't cooking. So, you know what that mean? I'm going to have to eat.

Yeah, your mom's already here. Okay. Glad to you.

That's okay. Thank you for this Sunday and thank you for Jesus Christ sitting on the right hand beside you and looking down on us to watch over protecting protecting us. Give us the love and mercy that only comes from you these things we ask and we can pray in Jesus name. Amen.

All right. Yes.


Roberts brother

can't go up. There we go. He is she getting stronger.

What year olds?

Well, you know what? Amen when we got food, and we going to feed you cuz we just had that we just did our celebration service today. And right now we just talkin just talk now. So hello.

Yeah, I do. Hey girl, Aurora. She looks so cute today.


you are

you are

and that's the baby.

What time is it?

Belfield Elementary

All right.

Are you staring me?


You better watch out.

You be careful with that mother.

That's why I probably got I got it. I got it put push back in.

Thank you.

Have a great week. I can't find the mouse.

Thomas Rhett

stop stop

30 jerks

Man, I wish you were here got that on. What you ain't got it, bro.

I think if your lungs are so dangerous.

How on Earth?


I love you Lord.

I am hungry Jesus help me to be back.

music Ali I just can't stand his music. This guy. Who's a He does just needs to happen over the past few.


like this massive firing New England

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