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Sorrowfully Seeking Jesus

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Jesus appeared to a weeping Mary who looked for Him. Jesus appears to those who sorrowfully seek Him.

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One Friday afternoon over 2000 years ago, the tv and radio stations were totally consumed the coverage of saddest stories ever told. Jesus the Messiah, the one who was to deliver Israel, is dead. It all happened about 3pm when he bowed his head and gave up the spirit. Ladies and gentlemen Jesus died on the cross. It was know doubt that He was dead because they pierced him in the side when they discovered that he was dead. Some stations covered some startling events after his death. The earth quaked, graves were opened, the temple curtain was torn, darkness covered the earth. This was sad and eventful day.
Because of the timing of his death there was need to have a quick burial. The sabbath was at hand and no one could work on the Sabbath. So, Joseph of Aramithea loaned him a tomb that have never been used in a garden. Nicodemus showed up with a mixture of myrrh and aloes and they bound his body in linen. Jesus is both dead and buried and his tomb was covered by a huge stone.
However on Sunday, Mary Magdalene showed up early in the morning only to find an empty tomb.
Why should you sorrowfully seek Jesus, if He is dead?
He appeared to a weeping Mary after His resurrection, who sorrowfully sought Him.

Mary Weeping Outside The Empty Tomb- The Dark Moments of Life V. 11

The other disciples who came to the tomb went home and Mary is here alone weeping at the tomb.
This is a dark moment in Mary’s life. It’s bad enough that Jesus had died and now His body is missing. They just want to make sure he has a proper burial.
She is devastated.

Mary’s Angelic Encounter- Unusual Experiences V. 12-13

Two angels
The angels usually show up in pairs
They are usually dressed in white.
They were in Jesus tomb, one at the head and the other at the foot.
They begin to question her, Why are you weeping? Why you wailing?

Mary’s Resurrected Jesus Encounter- Seeing But Not Knowing, Hearing and Can’t Deny V. 14-16

Mary sees Jesus but does not know that it is him.
She thought he was the gardener. This would be the case because of the location. They were in a garden.
This isn’t the first time Jesus showed up and those present did not recognize him.

Jesus Commands To Mary- Let Go, Go and Tell V. 17

Jesus gives Mary three commands.
He Comforts Mary
Do not cling to me, in other words, do not hold on to me. We don’t have to spiritualize this, Mary’s excitement would have compel her to take hold of Jesus literally.
He Commissions Mary
Go to my brothers, understanding the location, the garden, wear the dead reside, there is no reason to remain there.
Tell my brothers I am ascending. In short tell them I’m going up yonder.

Mary’s Compliance To Jesus Commands- Went and Announced

Mary complies with Jesus commands.
She went to his brothers and informed them that she has seen the Lord.
You must take note that Jesus send the most unlikely of people to give this good news.
He sends Mary, a woman. In their culture the message of a woman was considered invaluable. Luke and Mark record that Mary and the other women were not believed by the disciples.
Jesus appears to those who sorrowfully seek Him.
Sorrow will come in the dark times of life. But when your desire is to find Jesus, expect some unusual experiences. Jesus can show up and you won’t even know Him. But when He calls your name there will be no question who it is that is calling you. He will comfort you and commission you. All you have to do is comply. Tell somebody you have seen the Lord for yourself. You have had a personal experience, that you can’t deny with the risen Savior.
1. When your sorrow causes you to diligently seek Jesus, you are destined to find Him.
2. When Jesus appears in your life, He can comfort and commission you.
Jesus will use some of the most unlikely people, to prove He’s alive.
Mary Magdalene, who weeped over Jesus had every reason to feel the way she did. You don’t know what He did for her. He cast out seven demons from her.
But why would he use a woman knowing they wouldn’t believe her.
The same reason why he would use you whom he has had to cast a few demons out of.
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