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Psalm 118:10-29 The Triumphal Entry” ; Matthew 21:7-16

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The Triumphal Entry”;
Jesus’ triumphal entry was a loud celebration of Jesus as Messiah. For all of Jesus’ ministry He had avoided proclaiming He was the Messiah because the Jewish people wanted a temporal Messiah to overthrow the Romans and provide healing and food for them (). Now He openly received their adoration knowing full well the outcome. The crowd of hundreds of thousands recited but they did know the full meaning of the Psalm.
I. Enemies Surrounded Him –
A. The Messiah’s enemies are like bees –
1. What weapon can defeat bees swarming around you?
2. The assault of the wicked is relentless
B. Three times the Messiah says He will destroy them – , ,
1. How will He defeat His enemies? The Lord will help Him –
2. He boasts not in the trial but remembers only the strength of the right hand of the Lord –
3. Those who are attacked often only remember the attack, but the Messiah rejoices in the victory –
II. Open the Gates! –
A. The gates to the house of God are beautiful to those who enter there –
1. Sadly for most people they refuse to enter the presence of the living God
2. Those who neglect public worship often do not worship in private either
3. Public praise for private mercies is our sacrifice of thanksgiving –
B. Jesus Christ is the gate (the door) to the presence of God – , ,
1. He is rejected by those who once worshipped Him
2. This same crowd that praised Him on Palm Sunday cry for His crucifixion on Friday –
3. Jesus is the cornerstone of the Temple –
C. Today is the day of salvation because the gates of heaven are opened soon to be shut eternally –
1. There is salvation in no other –
2. Jesus Christ is the only person upon which you can build anything lasting –
III. Worship the Sacrifice Lamb –
A. Triumphal Entry leads to Good Friday –
1. Jesus the Lamb to take away the sins of the world –
2. Those who kissed Jesus betrayed Him
B. By His stripes we are healed –
1. How do we betray Him?
2. Yet Jesus intercedes for us –
In Christ, God’s mercy endures forever and so should His praises – , ,
Worthy is the Lamb!
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