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Easter 2019

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His Pain, Your Gain.

His pain, your gain
Today is Easter Sunday, or a better name is resurrection Sunday, the day where we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. But the resurrection there was the resurrection of Jesus is because there was the death of Jesus.
Since the first sin in the Garden of Eden the cross was what had to happen for to be forgiven of our sins. The O.T pointed to the cross. This was God's gift to all. Those from the O.T were saved by what was going to happen. For those of us that live in the day of grace, we are saved because of what did happen.
Jesus died us for us, what are you willing to do for Jesus?
Elab on chapter 13-18
1. Jesus prayed at the garden of Gethsemane.
2. Jesus is arrested.
3. Taken before the High Priest. (Picture a)
4. He is taken before Pilate
5. Pilate questions him privately
6. The Jews repeat their accusations
7. Pilate sends Him to Herod
8. Herod sends Him back to Pilate
9. Pilate declares Christ innocence.
10. Christ or Barabbas (From pic b)
11. Pilate washes his hands
12. Jesus is condemned and beat.
Vs. 1
1. Pilate has tried to get the people to change their minds about putting Jesus to death. They would not listen, they had put forth too much effort in their fight against Jesus. They never gave up in their fight against Jesus, and they were not going to give in.
a. He Pilate gives the order to have him beat. (Picture c)
b. The word scourge means to flog. Seems to be too nice of a way to describe what Jesus went through.
3. Jesus was beat like a common criminal. The whip was also called a cat of nine tails. Elab.
a. He would have been fastened to a post. The first blow would knock all the breath out of the body. The second would lay open the skin. The beating would continue. It would ripe the skin to the bone. Sometimes vital organs would be exposed.
b. Many would die from this beating.
It says a lot about Jesus being able to survive this beating. Elab.
d. Jesus did not die from the beating, but He suffered much pain for you and me.
e. Why couldn’t that be enough?
Vs. 2
The Roman soldiers were experts in the art of torturing prisoners. They were making sport of Jesus here. This was fun for them. If He was the King of the Jews, they were going to give Him a crown.
What we see today, people make fun of Jesus, Jesus is a joke to them, and we followers of Jesus are made fun of, we are looked at as being everything from bigots to fools.
1. Crown of thorns.
a. The soldiers, made a crown of thorns, and pushed it onto His head. Elab.
b. Why couldn’t that be enough?
2. Purple robe. Mockery. Elab bringing him down the streets.
a. There was something comical to these soldiers about Jesus a King, especially the King of the Jews.
Vs. 3
1. Here is Jesus, “Son of God” the one that had spoke great words to many. The one that had healed the leaper, restored the sight to the blind, the one that had compassion on those in need.
a. Now here He is, beat, bleeding, crown of thorns on His head, purple robe.
b. The solider mock Him. Put their fingers in His face, “Hail King of the Jews”
c. Then they slap Him in the face with their hands. Spit in His face.
d. He did it for you and me.
f. Why couldn’t be enough? (Picture d)
Vs. 4
1. The soldiers had their fun with Jesus, now He is taking back to Pilate.
2. Pilate makes an appeal for justice. He found no fault with Him. Pilate was convinced that Jesus was innocent.
a. “THE JEWS” did not see him as an innocent man, but Pilate did. He may not have known who he was, but he was there was something different about him.
b. But the only justice the religious leaders wanted was death.
c. Today, the world is still trying to get rid of Jesus, but “greater is he that is in thee, than he that is in the world”
Vs. 5
1. Now Jesus is brought forth: They brought outside for all the people to see. Their Messiah, the one who had come to bring them salvation. Elab on him standing there. There some that were there I am sure that would one day believe. But at this time there was hate, an evil presence there.
a. Pilate may have been hoping that when they saw Jesus now, surly it would be enough. But these men had no compassion, and they turned the people against Jesus too.
b. Elab. Jesus standing there. The one that claimed to be the “Son of God”
Pilate makes a statement. “Behold the Man” (Here he is the one you accuse of making himself king. See what a hopeless man he is.
c. This was not enough for them.
Vs. 6
1. There is a crowd waiting in front of Judgment Hall.
a. The Chief Priests look at Him. The temple officers look at Him.
b. There may have been some in the crowd that thought that is was enough. But the religious leaders begin to cry out. “Crucify Him, Crucify Him”
Pilate saith unto them, Take him, and crucify him: For I find no fault in him.
Vs. 7
1. Pilate had no reason according to his law to put him to death. But he Jews had their actuation.
Because he made himself the Son of God.
1. The Jews had no doubt that Jesus claimed to be the God’s Son. To them this meant death, but not Pilate. He was not interested in their religious reasons for putting Jesus to death, but the possibility of it being true horrified him
Vs. 8
The term: “he was the more afraid” in Greek, had the meaning, of alarmed, fear exceedingly, reverence. It wasn’t just this moment that gave him fear, he had been fearful before, but now he was never more afrid.
1. Pilate was more alarmed, awestricken, and afraid more then before.
a. His wife had warned him.
b. Pilate knew there was something about Jesus. He had never had a man in his presence like him.
Vs. 9,10
1. Pilate takes Jesus to talk to Him. Jesus gives him no answer.
a. Don’t you know I can release you or have you put to death?
b. Three times he had attested to his innocence, but had not released him.
c. Pilate had fear of Jesus.
d. Pilate had fear of the Jews and the trouble they could cause for him in Rome.
Vs. 11
1. Jesus breaks his silence.
a. You have no power me if were not given to you from above. The sin of the one that delivered you to me is greater.
b. Jesus life was not taken. He gave His life. His pain, your gain.
Vs. 12
1. Again Pilate tries to release Him. He is very anxious to release Him.
a. The Jews throw some words to Pilate. If you let Him go you are no friend of Caesar. .
Vs. 13
1. With Caesar now brought into the picture, Pilate knew he had to give in to the demands of the Jews and condemn and condemn His innocent Prisoner to death.
a. If he let Jesus go, the word would get back to Caesar, and since Jesus was “King of the Jews” and that was seen as rebellions, Pilates actions would be treason against the Roman government.
b. So Pilate brings Jesus outside of the palace in the court yard. A place of judgment. He knows what is right, his wife had warned, he found no reason to have Jesus put to death, but he does what he has to in order to keep his power.
c. What will we do when it comes to standing up for what we know is right according to what God’s word says.
VS 14
1. This was not the preparing for the Passover meal, but the day preceding the Passover Sabbath. It was known among the Jews as “the preparation” the day when they prepared for he Passover Sabbath.
Behold your King:
a. This is a mockery. But there were words of truth because He was their king. But they did not recognize Him.
b. By the way Jesus is still the “King of Kings” Jesus is the “Lord of Lords” but the world does not see it that way.
c. Today the name of Jesus is mock. Elab
VS. 15
1. Again they cry out crucify Him.
a. Pilate called Jesus their king. But they say that Caesar is there King. A strange thing for a Jew to say.
Isaiah 53:3 NASB95
3 He was despised and forsaken of men, A man of sorrows and acquainted with grief; And like one from whom men hide their face He was despised, and we did not esteem Him.
VS 16
Here is recorded the conclusion to most unjust cruel trial ever told.
Acts 8:33 NASB95
33 In humiliation His judgment was taken away; Who will relate His generation? For His life is removed from the earth.”
1. The word delivered is important because He was delivered for our offences.
And they took Jesus and led Him away:
1. No delay, as soon as the sentence was given, they took Him away. They were not taking any changes on Palate changing His mind.
Matthew 27:32 NASB95
32 As they were coming out, they found a man of Cyrene named Simon, whom they pressed into service to bear His cross.
(Picture f)
(picture f)
Picture g)
Why did this have to happen?
God original design.
Sin left us in a broken world.
Gospel. Believe/repent
This leads is to a relationship with God.
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