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A Study of Samson: Faith and Folly

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The storeis of those Old Testament heroes that adorn the Hall of Faith have threilled our hearts since we were children. We must probed deeper into the record in an attempt to understand why such flawed people warrant this tribute. In this study we shall give consideration to one of the more perplexing characters-Samson.


Your Humble beginnings

Session Title: Samson Faith and Folly
Bible Passage: : 14:1-19
Big Picture Question: How does where I start play into where I am now? . Key Passage:
Unit Christ Connection: God used the judges to deliver His people from their enemies; Christ delivers people from the greatest enemy, Satan. We must not become our own enemy.
Questions for Consideration:
1.) What does scripture tell us about the Nazirite vow? (Read )
2.) Lets track the steps of Samson folly?
2.) How does our upbringing play a part in how we see our lives today?
3.) Same questions, but how does it play a role in how see Christ at work in our lives?
4.) What was the root of Samson's folly? (No one right answer)
5.) Lets track the steps of Samson’s folly?
A.) () Wrong desires that come from an unrenewed heart: Turn to
B.) () Evil appetite for what is forbidden: Turn to
C.) (5) The Pride of life and lack of submission to God through Christ: Turn to
D.) () Unholy alliances: Turn to
E.) () Unresolved anger and fake manhood: Turn to
Tool Box:
Out of these five steps towards demise what area(s) are you presently in?
What steps do you need to take to get out of it or avoid it?
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