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It's up to. up there comes trying

there it is. Hair We Are

s'morning homola a little bit about failure What a great word failure on here that much in church, do you? But we're all familiar with failures, aren't we or probably all experienced failure in our life one time or another and I might have over and over.

And get on there something about failure that that Justice is kind of attractive, isn't it? I mean right now it's it it's kind of a popular thing on the internet on YouTube, but he's fail videos watching people fail miserably. Falling down steps and doing stupid things on their skateboards and run into poles cuz they're watching their phone instead of where they're going. You know, we all get a kick out of watching other people. I'll get a kick out of watching other people fail. I think it's because it helps us Elevate ourselves ourselves above them. We think we've never do that. How about that course we make sure there's no videos around when we're doing stupid things. I thank the Lord I do that these things weren't around when I was growing up cuz there be all kind of videos out their meat.

anyway, neither here nor there, you know, but it's also kind of heartbreaking to watch people fail to you know, and if you think about sports really comes up, you know, I think about I still have this memory of the 69 Orioles just folding and just collapsing to the stupid Mets in the World Series, you know, that's his just like I just can't get it. I just like it just can't ever grow past that that's like that. That was the best team ever in the history of baseball had to be and then go into New York who are these people? You know, there goes your dreams you knowing I don't have to tell you about football dreams around here, you know. You know, I don't know how many of you know this, but I'm going to reveal this in might be the end of our relationship, but I'm a Broncos fan, you know. And there are a couple years there in a bit much better. If you guys would have won that championship game because we really just laid an egg when we got to the Super Bowl, you know, and those were just failures of the greatest sort. So public just huge failures and this morning You going to hear? the stories of three failures Peter Judas and Pilate I'm calling them the default the devoted disciple.

the disillusions follower

and the forced decision maker

another painful to hear the consequences of their actions were staggering What's more none of them would have failed? Had it not been for Jesus.

That you might say that there's the sense in which Jesus brings out the worst in people sometimes.

Jesus is good and gracious. Holy a mighty, but he's surely. Not safe to be around sometimes. This is our hearts. Each of these stories we're going to talk about this morning represents a different kind of failure and every one of us sitting here today is prone to one of these scenarios.

You could say we're all figuratively descendants of one of these men. Turn order to avoid their devastating failures. Let's play, pay close attention to the warnings of scripture. wolf begin with Peter The devoted disciple would like you to turn to the text today Matthew 26 beginning in 60 vs. 69.

Matthew 26 now Peter was sitting outside in the courtyard. Remember where Jesus has been arrested. He's been delivered to Kaya fast. They just had that kangaroo Court we talked about last last week and this is going on outside. How Peter was sitting outside in the courtyard and a servant girl came up to him and said you also were with Jesus the Galilean, but he denied it before them. All saying I do not know what you mean. When he went out to the entrance another servant girl saw him and said to the bystanders this man was with Jesus of Nazareth. And again, he denied it was a note. I do not know the man. And after a little while the bystanders came up and said to Peter certainly you two are one of them for your accent betrays you then begin to invoke a curse on himself and to swear. I do not know the man and immediately the rooster crow and Peter remember the sayings of Jesus before the rooster crows. You will deny me three times and went out and he wept bitterly.

So we find Peter there in the courtyard condemned by simply saying I don't know the man.

in triplicate

at least three failure stories will see this morning Peters as the failure of the devoted disciple.

Years ago. I watched a documentary filmed in the steel mills of Western, Pennsylvania on steel production. And one part depicted how steel tubes were made. A snake of molten steel is poured out and then spun until by centrifugal force that steel opens From the Inside Out forming a perfect seamless tube.

When asked the secret of the process the operator replied it's the temperature of the metal. It is too hot and I'll fly apart. If it's too cold, it will not open as it ought to. Unless you catch the molten moment.

You cannot make the perfect two. I never freeze the molten moment kind of stuck with me like interesting phraseology Moulton moment I think each of these men were going to talk about this morning FaceTime Moulton moment where success and failure hung in that balance.

And we also have our molten moments. Peters has been in the garden when Jesus told him watch and pray that you do not fall into temptation. But Peter so sure of his devotion. Felt he was prepared for any Temptation tonight Christ. We fell asleep.

The molten moment for every devoted disciple of Jesus is when Jesus to tells us to attend to the weakness of our heart. Do ferment honest prayer?

We are so careless of the times the Lord gives us to look squarely at our hearts secrets in the mirror of scripture under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We resist that so deeply.

Peter failed because when the test of his devotion came, it was not what he was expecting.

Peter thought some Authority a chief priest or a Roman soldier would demand he died for Jesus. So you never saw coming when just a servant girl. Simply said you were with Jesus.

It was a nuisance question. Really, but at that moment was Jesus gone and everyone looking at him Peter suddenly realize how bad it would look now. I'm embarrassed. He'd feel if if he told the truth. It wasn't fear the snared Peter. It was Pride. Pride that God and devoted disciples rarely see the attack that falls them. We think we know what to expect and we think we're ready. But since we did not join the Lord in prayer we have set no Sentinel Sentinel to guard our souls most valuable place and that's where the enemy strike. Here's the point.

When we fail when we fall to Temptation, there's no avoiding the bitter aftertaste.

We fall to temptation.

No avoiding. The bitter aftertaste cuz first God will lay bare our failure. What exit immediately? a rooster crow And then Peter remember? Depends a rooster always Crouch.

Rooster always cries when we sin.

You know the feeling don't you? when that rooster crows

when you realize that you were ambushed by Santana failed priced miserably.

And what will fail failure like that due to the devoted disciple?

clutch failure break our hearts

475 any went outside and wept bitterly? Have you ever sat there with Peter head in your hands? Heavy-hearted over what you've done shamed. defeated helpless

there is good news. There's a good news side of this failure story because Jesus will not give up on disciples who fail him.

Corsets with Peter Jesus knew all along what we're made of. are fickle and sinful our hearts are we're the ones that have to be shown. The depravity in our heart Jesus already knows it.

After you face feel your peter. It was forgiven and restored and then he was useful to the master.

I read this quote sometime ago. There is no failure. So great that a Christian cannot rise from it and there is no defeat so final he cannot convert it into a victory.

sorry, I can't give you the origin that I captured it to my file without the citation, but I still thought it was important enough to Include no failure. So great that a Christian cannot rise from it.

No defeat, so finally can't convert it to Victory. We would do well to remember. Christians do not rise from failures like Peter's by determination, but by receiving the mercy and patience of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Peter didn't work his way out of his problems. He was forgiven.

Turning our attention now to Judas. We find the end of his story in the opening verses of Matthew chapter 27.

Getting a first one when morning came all the chief priests in the Elders of the people took counsel against Jesus to put them to death and they bound him and let him away and delivered him over to pilate the governor. That was judas's betrayer. Saw that Jesus was condemned. He changed his mind and brought back the 30 pieces of silver to the chief priests in the outer saying I have sinned by betraying innocent blood. They said what is that to us see to it yourself? And throwing down the pieces of silver into the temple he departed and he went and hanged himself. But the chief priests taking the pieces of silver set. It is not lawful to put them into the treasury since it is blood money. So they took counsel them and bought with them The Potter's field as a burial place for stranger there for the field. Has been called the field of blood to this day. Then was fulfilled what have been spoken by the Prophet Jeremiah saying and they took the thirty pieces of silver the price of him on whom a price had been set by some of the sons of Israel and they gave them for The Potter's field is a lord directed me.

the disillusion follower fails by demanding of Jesus what Jesus will not do

it would be more accurate to describe Jesus as a follower Judaism. Sorry as a follower of Jesus than a disciple. See, he was never a devoted disciple.

So what was what was Judas problem with Jesus? did Hayden Do you think Jesus a fool or fraud not really? None of these?

Here in 20 Erin verses 1 to 10. We have the end of Judas a story where he tries to take back what he is done. First three says when he saw that Jesus was condemned he changed his mind. Your translation might say he repented himself or was that he was filled with remorse.

Did you mean it seems he was surprised that Jesus was condemned?

What did he think would happen when when he betrayed Jesus?

You just wanted a messiah who would deliver people from trouble.

I remember once at a journaling discussion group on this passage, someone mentioning. He wanted Jesus to step into a phone booth rip open his robe and come out with a big Superman s on his chest.

Many people think that by betraying Jesus into the hands of the authorities Judas thought he was simply forcing Jesus into that Superman roll into the role of the Messiah that he expected. He was trying to get Jesus to be the kind of Messiah. He wanted.

Remember Judas is my moment.

Who's back in Matthew 26? First sex we talked about a few weeks ago and Mary anointed Jesus.

Remember what Jesus said to Judas in the other disciples about her action? She did it to prepare me for burial.

What's the very next thing that happens? Judas went to the chief priests.

He was simply not interested in a messiah who would die.

Judas had no place for a messiah whose agenda was to save people from sin.

You are the Messiah that would defeat his enemies make people rich and healthy it solve everyone's problems.

Judas represents the failure of the disillusion follower Are lots of people who? believe in Jesus just as Judas did I believe in a Jesus will fix messes and solve problems for them.

When he doesn't come through. They get angry.

I met a few people that fit this category. I hear the testimonies and conversion stories are believers and and they want the same thing. But they come with a very specific idea and often times with demands of what they expect Jesus to do for them. When it doesn't go their way. With experience doesn't meet their expectations. They Drift Away. Sometimes they even leave angry.

Sadly for these folks often when they turn away. They end up in dire circumstance.

There's a point of no return for disillusion followers.

The passage I just read we became aware of Judas tragic effort to undo what he has done.

It isn't hard to see why some people reading What Judas did conclude he repented and eventually was forgiven by God.

Cousin verse 3. It says he changed his mind or repent it. Verse for says he confessed I've sinned for I betrayed innocent blood. first five City return the money What more can he do? What more can you do?

Did you just got a half right? He saw and confessed his sin sincerely, but he he found no forgiveness or peace. As evidenced by the fact that he went away and hang himself.

see Do you just need a Jesus to do for him what he had never wanted, Jesus to do before? That's for give assent.

Judith spires down in anger and Senate cauterize his own heart so that there was no capacity for faith in Christ left.

I've never believed in Jesus as Savior for Sinners Judas was left with nowhere to turn when he needed a savior.

Friends of Jesus has been a great disappointment to you. Maybe it's because you've expected of him what he did not come to do.

Jesus came into this world to save sinners in the reconcile rebellious people to the God who loves them. That's why you and I so desperately need him.

The demand of Jesus that he become something else will not show him to be a failure. But show you to be one.

His wise counsel for everyone before it's too late. For you past the point of no return like Judas. Ask Christ to do for you what you need most forgive your sin. reconcile yourself to God

now we turn our attention to

3rd failure story and as Pontius Pilate

begins and verse 11 a Jesus dead before the governor and the governor asked him. Are you the king of the Jews? Jesus said you have said so But when he was accused by the chief priests and Elders he gave no answer then pilot said to him. Do you not hear how many things they testify against you, but he gave no answer not even a single charge so that the governor was greatly amazed. now at the Feast of the governor was accustomed to released for the crowd anyone prisoner home. They wanted and they had been a notorious prisoner called Barabbas. So when they had gathered pilot said to them whom do you want me to release for you Barabbas or Jesus was called the Christ for he knew that it was out of envy that they had delivered him up besides while he was sitting on the Judgment seat. His wife sent word to him have nothing to do with it righteous man for have suffered much because of him today in a dream. Now the chief priests in the elders persuade the crowd to ask for Barabbas and Destroy Jesus. The governor again said to them which of the two of which of the two. Do you want me to release for you? And they said Barabbas pilot said to them then what shall I do with Jesus was called the Christ. They all said let him be crucified and he said why what evil has he done? But they shouted all the more let him be crucified One Pilots all that. He was gaining nothing. But rather that are Riot was beginning he took water and wash his hands before the crowd saying I am innocent of this man's blood see to it yourselves and all the people answered his blood be on us and on our children getting released for them Barabbas and having scourged Jesus delivered him to be crucified.

I'm calling pilot the forced decision maker. Here's a man thrust unsuspectingly into this Jesus story. A Roman Governor utterly unschooled in the things of God called upon to judge the son of God.

Pilot represents the failure of someone put a pain to make a decision.

backed into a corner forced to act

There are lots of people who find their lives suddenly Tangled Up With Jesus.

Brother comes home from college talking about Jesus and now his sister's equilibrium the suddenly upset because now she has to decide.

Man having nothing else to do in a hotel room casually picks up the Bible and reads about Jesus. You can no longer ignore Christ and he has to make a decision.

Are the people you may talk to become so enamored with Christian thing till you say, you know, one of these days you have to make a decision about whether or not you're going to trust your life to Jesus.

And then they become distressed put-upon for a decision.

Like pilate that unexpected intrusion of Jesus into your life is your molten mum.

Has Matthew relate to the story the Striking thing about pilot? Is that everything he says? Everything he says until he renders his verdict is a question. 7 questions

Here's a man trying to figure out the truth. And then trying to figure out a solution to this terrible dilemma. I'd like pilot people are entitled to ask the tough questions about Jesus.

Because before someone can make a wise decision about Jesus, they must find out if he is the king if he is faultless if he is someone who must be reckoned with as Pilot's Wife consistent.

Dad and the Pilot's troubles was the tremendous pressure put upon him by the chief priests the elders in the crown. His whole career was suddenly on the line and he knew it.

about the scent of man and The Wiles of Satan were trying to fix Pilots verdict.

He was between that proverbial rock and a hard place. He tried everything you can think of the wiggle free. Especially this ingenious alternative a pitting the obvious innocent and good Jesus versing versus Barabbas a terrorist in a murderer is dangerous to the Jews as he was to the Romans. But the wicked crowd would invite.

Dinners that unsettling message from his wife and verse 19 don't have anything to do with that righteous, man.

I have suffered a great deal today in a dream because of him.

Gas with pilot when someone is forced to make a decision about Jesus. They're always powerful pressures a play.

It isn't easy to decide for Jesus.

There's often the prospect of a high price to pay.

Satan is Whispering lies in your ear.

things and people of this world pull hard

It's one thing you cannot do when faced with Jesus is cop out. That would be failure.

And it's ridiculous to think that I judge can wash his hands of responsibility.

I would have ate at Nothing by washing his hands. only fooled himself

and however reluctantly he passed judgment against Jesus.

Is no-one was confronted with a decision about Jesus Christ can wash the responsibilities away?

No one can get away with what was saying what pilot said I'm innocent of this man's blood. It's your responsibility. Not mine.

To wash one's hands of Jesus is a failure of Eternal consequence.

One year, I was privileged to organize a Stations of the Cross. event for our church at Easter time it was 8 years ago now we're meeting at a elementary school. and so we use the hallway as a entrance way and we used classrooms on both sides of stations, and it was kind of cool thing and What station was this event of pilate washing his hands and I made it so we made it so that whenever you entered we got family units going together couples or you know small family was step into the classroom. We put up black plastic to just make it like a small Booth when you step in it was real dark and we control the lighting in the sound and everything in each one of those classrooms and this one for Symbolize pilate washing his hands you'd step in and close the door behind you and you push to tape and need to hear my wonderful voice to kind of talking to you and there will be a bowl of water. And you're supposed to eat BST number dip their hands in the water take a towel and dry their hands symbolizing washing their hands when they come out of that darkness and look down or hands to be red. Because I died the water they couldn't see it from the red light in there. and but you laugh but that was a powerful statement because we all have Jesus blood on her hands.

And would be good to remember that.

WeChat is blocked.


take communion today. if you would

come up and grab your elements and come back to your seat.

What kind of talk to you a little bit and then we'll go home.


how to control Menahga conclude this message

I don't even have anything written this part. So let the holy spirit guide me.

I thought it's so powerful these kind of stories of failure that I wrestled with what I didn't even want to give this message cuz it's it hurts doesn't think about our failures in light of what Jesus has done. Think about his blood on my hands. Zach comforting thoughts places that we want to think about it linger, but those are

the place is the Jesus wants to take us.

I'm struck by the fact that you know. Jesus told Peter what was going to happen to him or is his denying him?

You just took him through that experience.

Because he knew what was best for Peter. recognize its own weakness the also to experience the Forgiveness of the savior.

and I believe there's people sitting here to that that haven't experienced that forgiveness that deep down in your soul. I know. I know I know that. I know I'm forgiven. We say the words. Believe it up here. Something hasn't happened in the heart since my golly. I can't I can't I can't do anything without him. everything

going to happens at the powerful.

powerful moment Moulton moment in your life

I love that term old mom. You know, it's kind of how you did to my life is spinning out of control.

Ready to fly apart.

He brought it onto Line.

And there's Judas.

disillusion are so many Christians so many people

disillusioned with what they think Christianity is ours isn't what it should be what they wanted to be. They can't they can't rest in the hope. They hear these words spoken out at church Nikki roaming to go. I just don't feel it. I don't see it. What's wrong with me? What's wrong with them?

I need to be people that rescue those people too. Recognizer struggling recognizing night that they're not experiencing an end and realizing the gift of Jesus in their life help them with that. Help them break down the wall of their own expectations cuz that's what it is.

Anything we put upon them as the thing they do to themselves. I've seen it over and over and over and you have to

You don't have to. Linda church, and I think this church is going to be the one in here for three or four weeks and they drift off because it's looking for something that

can't be found externally that got seed inside at recognizing their own heart, but that's where the trouble starts. Need to help those people.

and then there's the Force decision maker you try to do that to our friends are family. We get exuberant about Jesus. We we know the deep trouble if they don't change their lives. Try to force come to church come to church come to church like this is some magic place.

Again, it's in here.

Got to be a people recognize those qualities in people and help them overcome.

Hindrance to the gospel. That's what it is. No matter if you're an atheist, it doesn't matter if you're agnostic doesn't matter what you are what you call yourself what you don't call yourself.

All boils down to the same thing.

Refusing to understand that you have a neat. Refusing to recognize at me.

She's a hoe.


one thing we can carry LOL can offer that's hope.

Money doesn't last relationships don't last.

girl gets don't last everybody everybody Buffet star maker one day

we need to help him see it early.

Not going to worry about their failure to might be the one pointing at them when they fail.

I'm waiting to post the Fail video.

Older hands through it.

Remind them we all fail.

Help lower that expectation. Help lower their understanding album. See the truth of what Jesus is. who is why we following

we hold in our hands.

broken throttle body

rap for me okay to do that, you know a person.

Well the oven at 7 here.

or God we

except this bread symbol of your body broken for us What I know we didn't deserve it. Nothing. I did deserved you doing that for me. Nothing. I did nothing I can do.

You chose willingly to go to the cross to bear my burdens and my sins. So that I might be free.

aggressive bless this bread

What's this bread is your body?

I'm a b hole. Thank you.

Anna's Boston

Shed for my sins.

I think it's kind of comical that pilate washed his hands in water. What it is blood.

Jesus blood shed for him. You wanted to disavow any one to step away from any responsibility for? In reality, we have to accept that responsibility.

Represents the Forgiveness of all the way down against him and all the ways we are.

vile prey

this plan washer makes a spear in his side.

He did willingly for us.

Lord I Thank you I ask you to bless this

What's this is your blood? ORD for my sins poured over me to cleanse me to remove the

guilt and shame

not being

What you managed to be? I'd living in disobedience in life.

separating myself

Lord bless this

I'll be cleansing. hunting forecast today

or we thank you.

Free word thank you for the truth. We find there or I thank you that. Even in our failures as represented here. There is redemption in you. But you never leave us alone forsaken to figure these things out on her own, but Lord you are there willingly.

Make us one with you. Lord I pray that in the coming days you will remind us of our failures and how you Rescued us from those.

How many ways that you were involved in our life even before we knew you and called on you? As a way of reminding us of your love for us. How much? And the Great Lengths you'll go. rescue us as represented by your phone.

I want to thank you for our time together. I thank you for my friends here today ask you to bless them. He was in the sweet make your face shine upon her.

Have a great day. Thank you.

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