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Greatest Commandment to Great Commission: Is He Worth It?

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Greatest Commandment to Great Commission: Is He Worth It?  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  42:00
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Good morning church.

Is a little snafu here on my part. Normally my lovely wife runs the the slides for the thing from the stage today at my lovely daughters doing that for the booth. But because of that they magic iPad the controls that wasn't in you cuz I'm walking down here. Normally it's here and it wasn't and I can see this but here we are. So this is coming up and show work, right? It's wonderful to be today normally just a little bit before I read normally only engages be in the week and ask what we're going to talk in a bath for the overall themes and fix music. That's really great. Today's music was surprisingly on point. We didn't really have a chance to talk anything be a texting. It's unbelievable. How apt all the songs that we sent today. Are we going to talk about today? So we're closing in on Easter story today that the title of survivor shows. Is he worth it. If you're if you're reading the Bible a long as we do this and I encourage you to do so, it's wonderful for you come there's no surprise. You're going straight through Matthew 22 to 28. So next week Michael be preaching again, but it'll be Matthew 27. So if you want a preview of what I be talkin about, you can read Matthew 27. The the the the pace of the story compared to 25 gets a little bit more frenetic as we move towards the crucifixion. There's a lot of things going on. So this is a very very long chapter 75 vs. It would become difficult to read and talk about the whole thing. So I had to pick a thing that I thought was pretty solid, especially moving towards the end hear of Jesus's time on this Earth. And so I did is he worth it if we spoke a lot about it in our singing today, so it should be a decent. But if you'd like to join with me, we're going to do Versa and Matthew 26 vs 17 to the end. I'll be home screen if you don't have a Bible with and you can read along with me. Now on the first day of unleavened bread the disciples came to Jesus saying where will you have us prepare for you to eat to pass out. He said going to the city to a certain man and say to him the teacher says my time is at hand. I will keep the Passover at your house with my disciples. And the disciples did Jesus have to record them and they prepare the Passover when was evening he reclined at the table with the 12th? And as they were eating he said truly I say to you one of you will betray me. And they were very sorrowful. I begin to say to him one after another is it I Lord he answered he was dipped his hand in the dish with me will betray the son of man goes at it as it is written of him, but woe to that man by whom the son of man is betrayed. It would have been better for that man if he had not been born. Judas who would betray him answered. Is it a rabbi? He said to him you have said so Now as they were eating Jesus Took bread and after blessing, it broke it and gave it to the disciples and said take eat. This is my body and he took a cup and when he had given thanks to it and when he had given thanks, he gave it to them saying drink of it. All of you for this is my blood of the Covenant which is poured out for many for the Forgiveness of sins. I tell you I will not drink again of this fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in my father's Kingdom. Everything that song of him they went out to the Mount of Olives. Then Jesus said to them you will all fall away because of me this night for it is written. I will strike the shepherd and the sheep of the flock will be scattered. But after I am raised up, I will go before you to Galilee Peter answered him because of you. I will never fall away. Jesus said to him truly. I tell you this very night before the rooster crows. You will deny me three times Peter said to him even if I must die with you, I will not deny you and all the disciple said the same when Jesus went with them to a place called Gethsemane and he said to his disciples sit here while I go over there and pray. And taking with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee. He began to be sorrowful and trouble then he said to them. My soul is very sorrowful sorrowful even to death remain here and watch with me going a little further little farther. He fell on his face and prayed saying my father if it be possible let this cup pass from me nevertheless not as I will but as you will and he came to the disciples and found him sleeping and he said to Peter so could you not watch with me one hour watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak again for the second time. He went away and pray my father if this cannot pass unless I drink it your will be done. And again, he came and found him sleeping for their eyes are heavy. Believing in again you went away and pray for the third time saying the same words again. Then he came for the disciples and said to them. Sleep and take your rest later on the hours at hand and the son of man is betrayed into the hands of sinners. Rise. Let us be going see maybe Trey or is it him?

Heavenly Father a list of passes for me to read it's super sad to me watching all this unfolding we know how it all ends and we take great hope and knowing that you your blood shed is what saved from the Wrath and you took the rap if you could not bear and Lord. I pray as we study this today and we begin to Cool things from the scripture that we want to pull into our hearts and in pain during the remainder this week that we focus on things in this world alone before service Lord Lea pray that no cute anachronisms are great sayings or any of this nonsense with watching our brain, but it's your word Lord and I want to look that up to you right now hide me behind the scripture. The scripture does not require me to bring any light into it whatsoever Lord. I'm just doing my honest best to try to present its congregation would let your word move us today from Sons of Anarchy.

So in many ways, this is probably a very familiar Story. I mean even those maybe that have never

Been to church too often as I probably heard this this this part of the Easter story right as weak the Judas the betrayer is it's very well known a little bit is kind of some some differences between what the disciples are up to and then what the strange the strange person that we see early in the chapter that I didn't read it up two story picked up today is Passover time. This is really really pointed right at all. This is happening on Passover. It's important. We don't forget what that represent. We don't celebrate as a church pass over the Jewish religion still does actively engaging ever we don't Harkins all the way back to where the spirit that took the first phorm passed over the house if they had blood on the doorpost, right? They celebrate this because it was a very clear moment in time when God said this is how you will avoid my rat. They celebrated it because of God's faithfulness. It was a huge celebration. I could leave the biggest one of the of the day then probably something on maybe Hannah is getting ready for tonight. I'm not sure but it's still a very very big a very very big celebration. And it was very proscribed in some regards. Right? Well, you know, we're going to the city and is Emmanuel Callahan this and then we'll have a Passover meal. They didn't realize is that the the penalty of the Passover Jesus that was the Passover was designed to foreshadow was happening Lee write their own father, right? They are really caught up in what's happening as much as they love and respect Jesus. Don't get me wrong. If you talk to us today this I talked about some of the disciples behavior is not to call them out and say Well, they're poor disciples are unbelievers. That's that's not the case to decide what we see is a priority difficulty, right? They just don't get it yet. They just don't get who Jesus is.

But Jesus as he goes to the Passover meal connects himself to it for us and I don't speak for me. But when we do the Lord's Supper, we read a scripture much like the way this is my body broken for you. This is my blood shed for you those items represent. Jesus to us. We don't have any other aspects of the Passover meal. But if you go at the fun Google to read about it, it is an ordeal Passover is very very structure. There's many steps of takes hours to get through the whole thing. So they're doing this protocol stunts and Jesus injects himself in here. And in the midst of this, I think it's interesting. He discloses the Betrayal this is during the Passover meals when he calls this one of you will betray me and all of them ShopRite is it I you know, is it is it me, is it me that's very telling I think that Judas would have dreamed all they all say is it I Lord is it I Lord is it I Lord and Judas is it I Rabbi feature. Is it mean teacher pretty good indicator, right? He sees him as a teacher. So he injects this in the midst of this and then after he goes through this betrayal he the breaking of the bread and the pouring of the Winans would have been part of Passover, but he he grabs hold of this and pointed at himself right this bread. This is my body broken for you. And and like I said fresh we said, right right, right, but at this time it would have been very confusing. We don't see any any cause of the very nervous about this, right Jesus injects himself in there. This is about me this was always about you weren't you weren't even realize it is not me. You were celebrating my got it done in the past and I was doing something new and this is what it was always meant to signify the ultimate Passover. It happened because of that. We celebrate a new remember we don't have I mean there's some people to do but we don't do a formal Passover feast and celebrate all of the things of the Old Testament. There were celebrating God did amazing things there but they are all foreshadowing Jesus Christ the Savior which is where we spend most of our time. After the Passover meal does a little bad news had specifically in the eyes of the disciples. He tells all the disciples go but they were do it's important because at least it might slip away you will all fall away because of me this night. A Peter and cuz the only one that argues about that, maybe they will but I would never do that Lord. I love you intensely. And Jesus said it's funny. You should mention that basically says this is exactly not only will you deny me you're going to deny me three times. And at some point you think maybe like oh, well, I guess I will but no, no, not Peter. Even if I must die with you, I will not deny. You will say the same thing as what if I'm done here to teach you something but we get it. Like I said this this chapter starts to change the pace of it when he was going and telling stories and Parables and taking time to explain things just doesn't seem to be any time for that. You'll see I will be right as usual just give it time. ahead of the Guard

and Jesus asks one thing of that knows that I've already told them three times. No. Me right? This isn't even to the denial denial. That's kind of like the one that we all know that that tail.

They go to the Garden. He says the disciples sit here while I go over there and pray he takes with him Peter and the sons of Zebedee done with me. You guys stay here will go a little closer. He says Jesus says, my soul is very sorrowful even to death remain here and watch with me. Just remain here peep watch which is basically feed that you want you to pay attention to what's going on. And he goes and he felt on his face parades. I mean if you can imagine what it would have been in my mind I get I get chills thinking of you. Jesus comes to watch just keep watch with me and you see him fall down to his face and then cry out for his father that this not happened. Hey comes back in the rest sleep.

Jesus at this point I put he rebukes kindly to me. It's a kind review so you could not watch with me one hour a rhetorical question. That's a good way to rebuke somebody right like this is the best you can do this. All you got It's that kind of thing. Right? I know it's not I know you could have watched me whenever you didn't do it up sometime couldn't even watch with me one hour. Oh my gosh, you're right. I'm so sorry and they fall asleep again. I put three times at the top of this cuz it's very interesting right going on Peter probably felt like oh he was right. I guess I did not him three times. This way all you did was fall asleep 3 times. That's pretty lame. What you're going to do later is going to be gutwrench once again.

Jesus comes back after a second prayer. And remember the last time he would be open Timely with the kind of a rhetorical question. This time doesn't even wake him up. And he goes back any price again after the third time. He wakes them up, but this isn't maybe that should be a good teaching moment. Right? That's logically what might happen but we don't see that guy review just an observation that they'll be time for rest, leg, right? This is at this to me reads a little bit like when you say I'm really disappointed in you.

And sometimes very devastated. You know you guys want to rest that's fine as can be plenty of time for this but not now. I don't even have time to go over what you did wrong. But just know that they'll be plenty of time for rest right now, probably embarrassed and rightfully, so they had one literally one casket watch with me. Do we look at this chapter? We see how they're behaving and we say to ourselves I say to myself and I bet well. He might fall asleep. Not me. I know I am. Jesus he's right there. He didn't say I need you to climb this mountain or build something complicated her hold these rocks over your head while I'm gone and you'll grow weary but fight through it. Just watch with me. Don't sleep stay awake three times. I couldn't do it. Not me God. I'll be awake. This should be very very telling to us, right he has one thing of them and they failed at it. Why? Why did they fail? Why didn't they do it? Why couldn't I stay awake answer? There might be it's the Lord's will that they did it makes for a good story. That's fine. He Sovereign yes, but part of that says, I don't think they understood. Who was asking them to stay awake? They didn't get what was going to happen. They did not understand the magnitude of all this time right now. Are we just had a funeral to church I'll bet if you talk to people close to that family that say what we just I thought we had more time. I wasn't ready to hear these anachronisms because that's how it works in our brain. We we we have trouble dealing with finality. I think this is where they are before he does this all the time when they should have been there and prayer that we know how the story ends with they didn't they didn't get it. Because of that I say the disciples are great examples here. However, because of their example, it helps us remember who the example is and that's Jesus wishing sometimes and song. We use a term called loving kindness. I like a Biblical side of the lot and it's a beautiful turn loving and kindness are both great put in together. It's like 10 times better of a word right? It's it's something we're I'm nice to you because I love you not because I have to be because I love you. I see this behavior from Jesus here there they're screwing stuff up. He knows they're going to screw up more. He's already told him. He knows they're lying to him. I will never betray you I'll never fall asleep while you go away. It's over. Goodbye. I never knew you what did they do? They did.

It in at this time what really is striking is what he's facing I put unimaginable to spare here. And I put that because it sent after which is the pouring of God's Wrath is beyond our comprehension.

God tried to tried. Succeeded succeeded in showing us as best we could. What that would sort of been like in a worldly way dying of asphyxiation because you can't breathe as your joints are out of socket hanging on a cross for the world insults you right when you're out early alone and abandoned dying and arguably the most uncomfortable way most painful torturous way to die.

But that that's doesn't hold a candle through the Breath of God being poured out. John Piper says I think it's wonderful summary, you know how long it would take for us to drink that he Sunrise it is this man drinking a few short hours. What would take all of us in eternity? The drink takes forever. We can't finish the pup. Jesus did it in a few hours on the cross this despair Jesus get to he's God. He's fully God fully man, and he knows what it's going to do tonight. And it is troubling to the point where Jesus is praying three times three is a big deal in the Bible write. This is him begging for the thorn to be removed from his side. I don't want to deal with this. I don't think I can handle it's terrifying to me. Guy, well, I go face something that you could never ever do for eternity. Could you stay awake? Yeah, you bet.

And we see this and say what is wrong with you? What is wrong with you in but I really feel that way what is wrong with you people?

Let's go back. in this chapter I was confused chapter and verse I fix this slide this morning last going over that had in chapter 6 if it's in first 6

we see a story about a woman that comes that that that's in this is a 8 8 verses of the 75. I'm going to be in the house of Simon the leper a woman with an alabaster flask of very expensive and she poured it on his head as you would find a table. and when the disciples thought they were indignant saying why this waste this could have been sold for a large sum and given to the poor. But Jesus aware of this said to them, why do you trouble the woman for she has done a beautiful thing to me? For you always have the poor with you, then you will not always have me. Emporia swimming on my body. She has done it to prepare me for burial truly. I say to you wherever this gospel is proclaimed in the whole world what she has done will also be told in memory of her. How awesome that last versus the prophecy. Here we are. Spelling of what was exactly proclaimed here.

I say despite the disciples actions in this chapter. Those are closest to Christ. This this chapter reveals amazing Worship in this woman with an alabaster jar.

The jar of the contents are precious and costly that's right here in the word. We in this chapter specifically that says it in Alabaster flask a very expensive appointment Alabaster is a mineral that you can you can work with tools. It's relatively soft, but it was somewhat expensive and what would what made it so fancy jar with a lot of cuttings and it lets say in that would be valuable because it would be difficult to be producing so she has this bill with oil or expensive to produce. So it is valuable and of itself, but this last bullet is very telling for her this jar for her May admit sent. And I think when we consider this notion, so we don't know exactly what she is. She's just described here as it as it is a sinner and in other chapters and you're just as a woman cannot to him we see the story told in the other gospels, and she's kind of rides only as a center. But women who are often categorized as Sinners many times I could have been prostitution, right? And if you think about it, and I contact like that this jar to her perfumes mix on maybe a different meaning. This is a jar of costing the cheer that she uses in order to entice to be more attractive to to clean herself. If you will to be better at her job a necessary evil, perhaps in her line of work doesn't mean it's not costing expensive for water represents to her may have been something uncomfortable but doesn't mean I could have sold it for mine and we know that Jesus is the way I'm aware. I'm aware that this is a nice thing is she's just a very nice thing but for her regardless she has no use for it in the presence of He doesn't say let me sell this and do something with it for the poor for your sake. He is overcome with him right overcome with the president and she begins to dump this oil on in the in other towns of this. She's crying on his feet and wiping his butt. But in this in this specific, who was it on his head as you were climbing the table? And the disciples are amused by this. What a waste. Think of the things we could have done with that jar. I don't know if it's evil her or not. I don't know but it's worth a lot of money.

We could have sold that out before it's pretty reasonable. Anybody ever had a conversation about selling something there to help the poor rather than wasting it Goodwill for a reason Salvation Army what they do they take stuff that isn't maybe a love as much value to us or or is there a Vibe with us? We don't need it anymore and they turn it into something useful for other people. The poor are in need of resource.

the Jesus clarifies the sacrifice and and I think this is interesting because her act of worship allows Jesus to teach something that is many times very difficult to talk about in church and that is What constitutes? Good worship of Jesus Christ. Some people would say even today what she did was wrong. What I waste the Christ need the ointment on him cuz he made better by it. Why didn't he rebuked her confused? But it's not what you start talking a beautiful thing to me. There will always be poor people always. Boys be those that are in need. Always be work to do there always be a new challenge you can bet on it. That's exactly what he's saying. but you but but but but but God says you will not always have me. Don't forget your first love. Don't forget to repent of your sins. Don't forget the sacrifice everything you have for Christ. Don't forget the nothing is more costly than his sacrifice. If you think about what Christ is good going to do on the cross and he makes mention if she's preparing his body for burial. All of this is meaningless compared to that second. That's what she gets this. She's taking something that's worth a lot of money that she could sell them or you're used to help poor and she is throwing it at Christ. I don't want it. This is for you. This is the best that I've gotten still not enough. This is every of all the things in my life that indicate Good were the anything in my life. I might be worthy of worship for worthy of renown in her life. It's this Alabaster Box filled with expensive oil. Give me have nothing else on Earth about except for that and she's dumping it on price. I don't want anymore. You'll do something with this I could sell and try to all this but I don't think I can pull that off. I'll probably screw that up to so this is yours right here now. Not interesting enough, of course putting oil on on a body was found a place that time to help with you no odor and things like that. So it's a very telling connection right? But you can tell the disciples reaction is a simple one. But in this case inappropriate by The Words of Christ himself, she has done a beautiful thing to me. Why do you trouble her?

Don't think for a moment that every single thing of value in your life. Do you should bring it to the church and do it for Christ and I'm giving us up. That's not the point. This is a specific play sang. Jesus Christ is my first love. And I'm going to repent of my sins. I can't do my job over this or don't care how valuable it is. It's his it's on him. He deserves to smell good not me. He deserves to have this box broken in front of you will pass on him. There's nothing that I've got more more worthy than Jesus nothing.

But she gets it. He's preparing for burial and you can imagine perhaps to disciple of her life.

clear not resonate with everything and he says they're pretty good, but she understands this time with him is I would like to think that if Christ was here today that I would have a reaction like her which is everything of value in my life. I just want to give him. I don't want to go away from him and sell it and come back with money. Just take everything all that. I am wishing songs like that. We just think about that lawyer enough after I sell this thing because I know I can do some good with it. And she can't this is an act of worship unfettered cure active worship. He doesn't hold anything back. Now we should help the poor. I'm not saying stop selling things and it's not worried about money with this title up for crisis. It has nothing to do with giving things to the church, right? This has nothing to do with getting things to disciple disciples are kind of talking about that. You should donate that.

When we have before we we help them as a sacrifice of worship to Christ now that takes time and that takes money, but we ought to be out. There's plenty of places help before because it makes you look good on a resume about philanthropy Forum today to fill out for a membership in an organization. You supposed to fill out to see if you're worthy of this, right? That's pretty difficult.

Realty that here we don't see we don't see Christ say hello long here if she does this that indicates worthiness. He thinks she's coming to do this because she understands my worth. Don't stop her idiots. This is a good thing. She's a lavishing everything that she's got on me and price but she gets who I am and fall asleep, right? Our heart should break for the for In-laws because Christ heart rate today. We can find tons of churches. Like I said organizations that like to help the poor want to help the lost because it's good for me, right?

That's kind of how many baptisms if you have house that rank with other churches in the area.

I mean I do it. I wish I could tell you that's a great thing. We don't see that in here. We see a membership 3000k number of people right? It was growing like crazy, but it's easy to get in the Name of Christ by then. Just giving it across from when we want reach out to the laws we go to help the poor. We serve this community are not to be because we understand who Christ is and we understand how Chris feels about those people and we going or not too sure. If not about scoring point. It's not about valuing this time because it was a great worth the Christ. It should be a measurable with the cry. So we go out and Proclaim his name because of him not because of us. That's difficult. This guy. I'll gain everything by sacrificing everything. That map does not work in the world. Some people tell you that your Rags to Riches stories and things like this, but in God's economy it if what you want is to gain eternity with Christ. Then you've got to get rid of everything else it is you who should constantly throughout the scripture as she represents it right here in front of us who don't see that for what it is. They tried to take the values of the world and apply it to this transaction between Jesus and this one and it does not make sense. That is a waste of money. Jesus does not need that oil on him. That's absurd what a waste and try says you don't understand. You don't know what let her here today. You don't understand how valuable this was her want this man to her. That's an example that we should follow not bickering in and claiming that we will rise above and you know, how we would never do that. Lord talk is cheap and sacrifice is costly.

The world will see how we value Jesus name by what we do in his name. Please stand up as a church and we say hey, we are really interested in serving the lord Valle Vara Parts mind soul Spirit, you know, you name it? However, unless we get our way. I think that was too occupied. I don't think that was obvious. I think we should have done a bigger celebration for I don't think that was a celebratory enough right this sort of thing. You can go and go and go and go and go and destroy it puts us where we need to be versus this is something in my life that is a is up value but not funny anymore. And I'm going to go lavish upon Christ. We have the benefit of being able to do this together. All of us. Somebody says, I'm not sure what to do with this thing. I don't need to use it. I think it's a bad thing in my wife and I know it's going to die. What should we do with its throw it away, or maybe maybe we'll sell it and use it for something. But if somebody came in here used to murder people, but it's worth a lot. Do you want to sell that you know, who knows? That's exactly nothing held back nothing held back all of it.

If not for what she had done if she had stopped if someone had stopped her before she got to do. I said hey a whole lot though. What are you doing with that jar? What are you doing? We know who you are.

This story would have had a completely different but she keeps Jesus and disciples are like, oh my gosh. Wow, totally wrong. If you want to commune with me, there's got to be nothing left of you. When we talk about what Christ did for us on the cross, there's a lot of complications with his glory is imputed on us.

And in this very moment, we see this idea of the disciple still trying to figure things out themselves Peter making claims about what he's going to do or not. Do the other disciples following suit for the first

I never would unless it was clearly not the keeping remember here before we get to our called action is we had to go back to read about this. This happened earlier in the store what we see is this happening in 4-6 the part we read after this occur. Vitas, can you just watch with me? Oh you bet. I'm solutely Lord. Nope. Second time Bill going to sleep great third time forgetting you guys.

Don't think about that sweet Rose reprochar call to action. There's a song that has going to sing tonight. I mentioned specifically and she was willing enough to learn it. Thank you via or for the Sunday that sits about this this this guy with this jar, but if you've never committed your life to Jesus if I were talking about this you're saying this all sounds fine and good but You know, I'm not throwing anything out of much less inexpensive jar. I don't know who he is. I don't even see maybe it's a teacher much less a Lord when I was hurt that you're not here by accident. Your dad's not surprised you're here. He wasn't taking it back by you darken the door or whatever. He knows why you're here and he knows that you are here, but take some time to seek that out. I know that we're glad you're here and we love to talk to you by all means come up here. We will help you understand why guys If you have committed your life to Jesus, which alabaster jar in your life needs to be emptied. I can leave about 6.

Fix things that I think you're pretty great about me. They represent things that I've done who I am part of me Horton to me. My lifestyle my working job.

Which one is the Lowe's do we need to pour on Christ? And then how can I Elevate is me? What we see here is not later comes to pour this on price and say look what I've done. Look at me The Sinner is redeemed. Everybody. Stop being mean to me. She's lost in Christ here take this Jesus and smitten with him doesn't care what the world thinks.

How can I Elevate Jesus name not mine and doing this? And finally, if you're looking for a church home, we love to chat with you about coffee house if you're ready to commit to membership. We had some folks during last week. I got paper to handle that. We love to talk and play with you.

And with that I'd like to have to pray and then we'll have his time here of a reflection. It called action perfect is

Heavenly Father we are we hear the story and I pray Lord that we are able to hear your word for what your word says Lord. I pray that I did it justice today. I pray that communicated it clearly. For the sacrifice that we see from the lady with alabaster jar this sinner. What comes forward and gives everything that she can who cries while she can? Florida I pray that that moves us to want to do the same thing while we are able to Lord help us to bring up everything in our lives that we consider valuable and cast it at we want you to be the only thing in our life that hold any value. Help us not to put volume to save this world relationships of this world Lord if they aren't based in and for you, they are not of value. We want to reach out to people or family or friends or co-workers community members. I'm going to reach out to them with a spirit and us that we are casting ourselves. We are that alabaster jar filled with expensive all of that Lord so that we can be filled by you moved by your Holy Spirit to do things for her namesake of for United States alone all that. We do we do it for you. And through that we see that. People will happen to know who you are. Not who we are. Who cares Who We Are You make all the difference. Repulsive don't know who you are Lord. I pray that you open their hearts today for folks and maybe he thought they knew who you were bit of thinking today. Maybe I didn't get it loaded up radio bring them up here so we can play with them for folks to know who you are in this house without glue and their lives but I pray the Uptown Jazz to find something in our lives and maybe world hold on to a little bit too tight and follow the example this lady that you said yourself we were talking about forever and here we are doing Help us to bring that to you. I think I might be beautiful and precious Lord, but we don't want to keep that for a cell's you want to give it to you committed to you. You are what we want to be beautiful and precious not some jar filled with something valuable Norwood. and her family for those that are completely in the space and understand what's going on and just really want to church family be able to learn in and teach and spend time with and get to know you better and serve the community arm-in-arm with lures that you'll bring the more the merrier logo always looking to have people join us up here Lord, but not just too I'll be part of a great club and it's because we're fun church or any of that Lord of because you are good and there's a strong desire to do what you say to do in your way. Thank you for this wonderful time together. Thank you for all the blessings in our lives that are in the Providence to get us to this place to be able to hear your words in this way today.

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