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            What makes an organization resistant to change?

            I think it’s familiarity, getting comfortable with the way things are.

            Also, most leaders of change don’t understand the concerns people have when they go through change.

            Their first concern is for information – “Tell me what you’ve got in mind; let me ask questions about it.”

            The second concern is personal – “Will I be able to survive?  Where am I going to fit in?”

            The third concern is implementation – “Okay, now I know what you are talking about, and I think maybe I can live with it.  How is it going to be done?”

            The fourth concern is impact – “What’s the impact?  What’s the benefit?”

            Notice that not until the first three concerns are answered do people care about the benefits.  That means a leader cannot announce a change and explain its benefits and expect people to support the change.

Leadership, Spring, 1996, page 116, 117

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