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Father, Forgive Them!

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Has anyone ever hurt you? Have you ever been betrayed by a friend or family member? Has someone abandoned you? Maybe someone promised to always in your corner, but when the the going got tough the selfish got going.
Has someone hurt you physically, financially, or maybe someone is constantly verbally abusive to you.
Human contact, Relationships, interaction with strangers and acquaintances all risk the chance of be injured either emotionally, physically, mentally, or relationally.
We can regularly hurt those close to us, just as we can be hurt by those whom we come in contact with regularly or occasionally.
The Question is not whether not someone will get hurt. The question
Why can we so easily hurt one another, when it is so hard to forgive one another?
tells us how to learn to forgive.
The purpose of this sermon is the same as the purpose. Jesus wanted to teach his disciples how to forgive and How they could teach others to forgive.
When you forgive should should be able to answer this question. How did you forgive them?

I Heard My Savior Pray

Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament based on Semantic Domains 40.8 ἀφίημι; ἄφεσις, εως; ἀπολύω

It is extremely important to note that the focus in the meanings of ἀφίημιf, ἄφεσιςa, and ἀπολύωe is upon the guilt of the wrongdoer and not upon the wrongdoing itself. The event of wrongdoing is not undone, but the guilt resulting from such an event is pardoned. To forgive, therefore, means essentially to remove the guilt resulting from wrongdoing.

Some languages make a clear distinction between guilt and sin, and terms for forgiveness are therefore related to guilt and not to the wrongdoing. Therefore, ‘to forgive sins’ is literally ‘to forgive guilt.’ Though terms for ‘forgiveness’ are often literally ‘to wipe out,’ ‘to blot out,’ or ‘to do away with,’ it is obviously not possible to blot out or to wipe out an event, but it is possible to remove or obliterate the guilt.

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