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Morning Service (7 Apr 2019)

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Oh cuz we chatted together now to the scriptures on to the Gospel of John and chapter 1 chapter 1 and I want to read the first 18 first one. the swan in the beginning was the word. And the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things are made for him without saying was on anything made. That was nice. In him was life and the life was the light of man. The light shines in the darkness and the Darkness has not overcome it. There's a man sent from God whose name was John. He came as a witness to wear witness about the line through all might believe through him. He was not the light but I am too bad witness about the line the True Light which gives lying to everyone was coming into the world. He was in the world. Another world was made and the world was made through here yet. The world did not know him. He came to his own and his own people did not receive him. About to all the gate receiving it believed in his name. He gave the right to become children of God who were born not apply nor of the will of the flash of God. And the word became flesh and dwelt among us and we have seen his glory glory as the only son from the father full of grace and truth. John bull witness about him and cried out this was he whom I said he who comes off to me ranks before me because he was before me. From his fullness. We have all received Grace upon Grace and Truth came through our Lord Jesus Christ. Norman has ever seen God. The only God who is that the father's side. He has made him know. A man and we pray that God would be pleased to bless his where to us and help us as we come this morning to consider John 17 and Jesus ads in this prayer for I have given them the words that you gave me. And now you have received them. How do you come to know in truth that I came from you and I have believed that you sent me for I have given then the word shoe gave me. Now you have received them at a cam to knowing truth that I came from you. And now you have to leave that you sent to me. We will consider Under The Heading of God's word. free particular things God given word received word true

Just remind you. The Jesus in this part of the prayer in John 17 is praying particularly for those 11 disciples who are wisdom. But the prayer is just as relevant to disciples through old ages in all times in all situation. And that prayer is most to take Forest. We have seen the already as you begins that prayer. Mention what we looking at the sermon search for lost week. The Jesus said I have manifested your name. He has made that name known to all his disciples the whole character or the attributes the glory of the person. Who is God. And this reflects what Jesus does in this Prairie done in this brand you would have seen we seen in the first five oceans by Jesus is pranking his motivation and desire is the glory of God.

Nice suggestion. I still douche. But in our own church and it shuts you throughout this land today that has been largely dismiss.

We have become along with the world. So introspective so self-centered the way we even think of the Gospel at all that God has done for us. We think about it. What does it mean to me?

We say never to think. What does it mean to God? We've lost scientific Glory. We need it desperately. Who's That Glory is what's going to change that glorious was going to keep it that Glory isn't that they were direct just always in the right way?

Need to come back.

Chic a real sense of that Glory That's what Jesus taught to be. That's why you probably. Festival that I might realize I had to be made manifest. They have no no no that night. But now you can say is we ought inevitably just see his what I saw Jesus praise this now he says for I have given that the words that you gave me.

Can I ever see? I have come to know in truth or I came from you. And now you have to leave that you sent me. He speaks of a god-given what which is deeper. And has Molina just saying God's word? God has given his word.

and the shelf life of force Don't we see?

We understand. We seek to fully comprehend. The God has given this word. are there different aspects of the Which I hope will help us to see much more of this and how significant that is. He said and now they know that everything you have given me is from you. You see the flower. You see the precedents that Jesus he's not bringing things of himself.

He's bringing that the god. His father has given. A Jesus brings not because because he is the living.

he's not just the word in the sense that things are being spoken and things of being recorded. He is the very essence of the word because he himself is the word. Where does where she's already familiar to is found in the beginning was the word and the Word was God. He is in all reality. the true Living Word of God

Nothing is known of God. apart from him no words

Fresno come from God through Jesus Christ

He is faithful witness. Is it worth to God? and it didn't that we know and we see that what? And that word is truly a word of authority. This is seeing in the very beginning of the Bible. Let me read the opening chapter of Genesis. We read this Genesis one of US 1 in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth the Earth was without form and void Doc is over the face of the deep. The spirit of God was hovering of the face of the waters. Let there be light and there was light. That is Jesus Christ not Living Word. There was fresh did not glorious. Come on, let there be light and there was light continue to this throughout the whole of creation.

Show me passage in the scripture. speak of Jesus being the one who is that was good. They be sore and John want the whole thing's for Crazy by him him. The Living Word of God other word he brings obviously comes with God's Authority. John 14 and vest and he says to you don't believe that I am in the father and the father is in me to speak on my own authority, but the father who dwells in me does his work?

comes with the authority of the father USA Sakai in similar things in John 12 verse 49 for I have not spoken of my own authority. But my father who sent me has himself given me a thermometer what to say and walk to speak. You know Jonathan, cross stoves it was saying discussions about what we believe and what the Christian faith through the years. They say Jesus crying. I like to listen to what he says. I want to take notice of what he says, but I don't like the god in the Old Testament believe that I'm going to just miss that machine won't Christ Eastside. For there is no difference. The full Authority is the I'm the whole description. Comes with that total and absolute Authority. Show me contouring round is my need to inside Prince's with Genesis when we seen this so clearly on Sunday evenings, and if you're not able to come you're missing out on some stuff that we have C. The wall Genesis record is absolute truth. Hey, / for millions of years, but Genesis chapter of Genesis chapter 1 verse 2. There is a 10-piece spiders amongst other things even with some of the hairs on that legs of that as part of the hundred and ten million years old at least.

Does anyone buy that kind of thought?

nice workout And this is why Pizza. Jesus's Ministry times at him and said in John 6:68 Lord. You have the words of eternal life. There's no other way. I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father, but by me.

I'm at what comes with authority about Jesus Christ being the living in his truly that what he says that you got a

let me just remind you. when Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist Annie began his ministry to be needs Ministry. You went out into the Wilderness. It was there for 40 days and 40 nights. He was tempted by the devil. Let me hasten to add that wasn't the only time that Jesus was tempted by the devil. Is he on the recording time for it? But Jesus was facing Satan himself, which is something that none of us ever have done and never will do we never fight site and himself, so he's not here.

lights on

what is Satan himself? The tenth Insight SNT Jesus, sorry. Any remedies history? You hungry you say safe. You are the sound of a Pokemon these Stars. We have loads of bread. but Jesus on it is written. You shall not leave man. Shall not live by bread alone. But by every word that comes from the mouth of God go to Temptation that I recorded a game it is written you shown up for the Lord of your God to test be gone. Satan. Jesus says for it is written you shall Worship the Lord your God and him only shalt you sir. RC Blake's movie, you know, it always was but just think of the total significance of those words he is the living Eternal Son of God. He is the true living here is Satan is archenemy the most powerful being apart from the Lord himself. How old is Arnold on star with God's Richland?

how to make a wooden Shelf You don't comes with his own authority. He comes with God's Authority. I need challenges and dismisses sites with that are very different station continuous Kesha to bite very sings which ignore the scripture cuz she knows what the word of God is the only thing that's truly effective and it's not needed by all is needed by a society and it's not what that he has given to us and we must never ever under any circumstances dismiss that would that Steve was talking about in the children's don't remember the Sabbath day and keep it. Holy what are we doing today?

Is it going to be Halloween? If it's not. It's a choice of rejection of God's word the change your mind says he who sings in one point is guilty of.

We can't afford to do. God's authoritative word many people will open its only true because it's impossible for any man of themselves to follow those principal.

As long as we know Christ truly as Savior and Lord. The we are enabling his Christ to deuce. But the implication what so many people say about that is we don't want to change them often. They're too restrictive. That's what we should not do, you know interested in that seven of them out? That's what we should do that until you do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill No way did Jesus ever? dismiss what the Old Testament is tool He applied it. It's not you went further than me. Cuz she said Fred you shall not murder. But I tell you if you hate your brother you that's effectively murdered him and he did it all things with their what.

Luke 24 bus 44 where one of the Resurrection appearances of Jesus Christ is recorded Forest. We read these with these are my words. He says that I spoke to you while I was still with you that everything written about me in the law of Moses and the prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled. And he opened their minds to understand the scriptures.

None, since we're living the Christian Life. never to read the Old Testament

Jesus upheld there is no different. We need light. and this is so vitally important for each one of us. And if you go screw Z. New Testament Jesus teaching particularly, he was see how much he used the Old Testament. How much he applied? What is / the authority? Does he was given and that would must be treated like that? Yo, we are tremendously privileged. Missouri part of the 21st Century when Jesus first Proclaim these word no one virtually. Had access to any actual copies of the water God the priest it the law was that it's hard Catholic. I'm not went home for many centuries. Doesn't show towards the end of the 15th century when the printing press was invented. My hand is going to be a night latch. Does not shed important thing and help for the Reformation in 1517 and only for the words on the church door Vicksburg his 95 Theses and I will print it. I'm at Vida Revolution took place the world spread. But it is true to say that the vast majority could not read cuz I couldn't read.

It even if I could reach that kouneva for 2 to get coffee Sunday going to go to get copies of the Bible when that was printed the first Bible because people try to steal them and put the wrong reason to everyone. finished things progress Prince and got so much better.

many many more people write Butchery we come to a situation where we can read the scriptures. And we can look at that scripture. Let me just see that reveal. What a century.

We can have it just in a phone hear the scriptures are on this I can look at this anytime. I try.

For his providential care in ensuring that his word is available. But when we stand before the judgement seat of Christ and there is someone patience way back in the 12th 11th 12th century the Saudis contact with the word of God. His wallet with what t100r add breakfast once twice three times a week. And he was so faithful. Yeah that we are with all that devices all that means all that printing copies.

And we've never really bought it to read that word.

What is God going to site?

with the tremendous advantages pray for the Chiefs but we've got

the disciples knew this

Because they received. He's a Savage on 1708, but I haven't given them the words that you gave me. And I have received.

They have accepted not giving a kiss that operation to them know they seen that this truly is the very word of God.

Listen to Jesus not everything is recorded. John tells us at the end of his gospel. If everything was recorded the world couldn't contain the book.

But they did record. I know you received that way. initial kushies, what a true disciple is Did they receive that what? Date shake it to her. de Medici sepanik Satan he's such a powerful. And such as anime. He knows. Look, we are being chores and we realize that we must. Take every opportunity.

To look to Jeffrey God's cry.

I mean

what you do? He says well, you got to be really committed to this which is true. Go to give time to apply a chapters in the morning 3 chapters in the evening.

The number to Sweet on Monday we feel so guilty we give up.

That is not the way. to receive and to approach God's word. It should be right there. You should be read at every opportunity.

Sweet Adelines and rejoice and take comfort and take Heart by doing so we want to do it. All right, just recently in the sermon. Someone was saying that. What we need to do. every morning my week like how

what we must do every morning when we wake up. is to consider God reflects on him Think on these things if his greatest thing for his glory think of his power think of is not another major. You'll think of yourself.

And you stink of his grace? And your gum swelling? And you'll pry. That's what we need. He suggests that first thought every morning must be the glory of God I lost it every night must be the glory of God Maybe I need to be careful. impressment a bit controversial green with me I think we need to be careful the way we approach goes where I bought this one. I mean, I'll set this many times before.

The word of God is a living bread. Feats it sustains Mauritius. I don't know why you haven't been to die. I know we were having up there. I'll be pleased to know if you want to get stuck in the side to side.

What do you have to do around Tucson the ocean having dinner there a food would enjoy it. You're not rich by it exactly how that came into being examine exactly. What?

And there were times when that's necessary was stressing. You might go somewhere.

I need a problem with so many. Is that that's what they always do because it's worth. I may lose the nourishment. Now don't please because I'm starting to study God's word. You was coming trees use whatever means you got time to me, or see evil whoever and we can get whatever help we can is already happened. I said just this last week. But that study I would suggest. Is second dream? It's just reading God's word and reflected a meditation upon it. If you have a wand only put a few verses in the daily reading plan that I gave for everyone to use and I hope you do I'll just put a few verses. So you've got time to such a thing and pray through those buses and let lack narsha. This is what receiving the word of God is 3 - changes.

Read the word. This is not sticking to lead you to Pratt itself.

so much that about how we should approach the word of God. And this is why it was Jesus in spirit. Did you would take hold of that one?

an appliance

I need dots. We need to approach that will I receive it in that? Why?

What's receive Mercy by that some people make query that again and I'll give an elephant comes to it, but they are except the Jesus gave the authoritative word of God. I accept that we didn't that he's sore and accepted the totality of the Old Testament. I'm percent to do that. But how could Cheese's

Portsmouth around. One of those 11 this prayer and it was so Sprite. In fact, he was trying to destroy all those are to follow Jesus. He was totally opposed to the gospel. Sebastian the rest others because of following Jesus Christ the poor was chain. Importing God's grace and God's mercy and Donnie read the opening chapter of Galatians to see that's on that's right. Now. We're going to see the hotels that he received this word by Revelation from Jesus Christ is Authority We cannot turn around and say well, I don't want that cuz pull should I say I'm just as such a by the log me like how many times you found people sites? You pull says that women should not preach by whatever people say it's rather has the authority as being a word from God. I may just miss it and I apparel.

that was must be received. We cannot afford. Trajekt that would in any way whatsoever is truly a true what he says John 17 about side that you have come to know in truth that I came from you and I had believed that you sent me. That's the effect of the received word of God in their lies. They knew who Jesus Christ was found out to be seen. So you are the Christ the son of the Living God.

This is the effect the word Hots the received Jesus Christ as who use we see God.

And we see that what they say forest. Remember those two to your past and another disciple. all for the crucifixion of Christ They're making that why you chewing my ass. How you was so damn call? So depressed spiritual they were totally confused. He was just wanted I believe it. He was still around.

I just couldn't fathom it. Venice art walk along this man joints And I said have you heard what's going on? What's Happening?

I'm a stop. Vitamin from you. They broke bread and I realized who it was. When I rushed back to Jerusalem at night. I saw the other two shots with what did they say? Did not have hearts burn within a 24 bus 32 did not open to us scripture.

a nice so the reality the truth of those scriptures I'm not ashamed. Is the truth of the scripture that Jesus Christ is the very Son of God the Jesus Christ come into this world lift Minister and she did when her that cross at Calvary gave himself pay the penalty for ants penalty for as seen on that ascended again in glory and his ways in the time at his father's come on.

It's all about Jesus Christ the true living with an any interpretations of scripture NH CJ. So cool Christians. Tell us that he's not the Son of God. I must be dismissed completely out of hand. It has no place amongst those or Trudy question. Anyone tell me God didn't create. That is so wrong. Anyone tell me. That my Lord is not the true Lord of Glory. That is so wrong. Anyone who professes to love and to serve at Lord of Glory? But today it's a life. But is not right anyone who sits around this table about types of these symbols without nine Trudy the Lord is that save your loving him and by showing that service of being properly baptized. I want to honor him and glory for him.

I personally find that so good. because my Lord Who's done so much for me? I just going to do so much more for me. When I stand before him and Glory enjoying it all free estimate price for all the time. He is offended. What are you do not leave as we are? Remember truly who he is? The word became flesh and dwelt among us and we have seen his glory. Laurie as the only son from the father full of grace and truth

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