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The Good Samaritan is such a well known parable it's hard for us to appreciate just how much of an oxymoron the phrase "good samaritan" would have been for the original audience! But what is Jesus' point with the parable? Is it just a moral message about being kind to other people? No - there's more - listen and learn!

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Good morning, everyone. funny Do you know what an oxymoron is? Or are you like the man who said I don't know what it is, but I'm against morons of every kind. And I can fight the moron but this is from a Greek word the more I'm better just means stupid or foolish and oxy mean sharp or distinct. So we something that shot a stupid. And I don't see more news actually figure of speech in which two words no me to go together that don't normally go together. Okay, let me give you some examples.

original compass deafening silence only choice missing present unconscious awareness. No, don't think about it.

All you may have seen this one my favorite when you go on holiday VM in the holiday jewelry shop genuine fake watches.

Interesting and amusing though. This may be you may be wondering what it has to do with the section of Luke's gospel the gospel in the New Testament account of the life of Jesus. What he's got to do is that this passage we're looking at today and the answer is we're going to look at a passage and he's got two famous story and it one of those power levels that Jesus told that his stories with a deeper meaning under normal title of this Parable is an oxymoron.

One with a come entitled and it would have hit the here is between their eyes. But unfortunately when we hear it, we don't get the same impact to Total Wine while you're going to have to follow along and explain it. Unless you understand the oxymoron in this Parable. You won't get the sting in the tail. The point of the story that Jesus telling so we're going to read together this story. It's called a parable of the prodigal. Prodigal son. I'm thinking ahead. That's a probably going to stay and if you want one of these Bibles it will really help to turn to it. Luke 10 NIV Bibles around you wave your hand around it would help to have a Bible. I know you've probably got on the device. Will you checking on you text messages? But this money will really help and Rachel are best reader of old is going to read the story 4 is not what really important is a note is the context in which the story occurs or I can not use the parable. But but why this Parable, okay, so Rachel far away. Thank you very much.

On one occasion an expert in the Lost adopt test Jesus teacher. He asked what must I do to inherit eternal life. What is written in the Lord he replied how do you read it? He answered love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind and love your neighbor as yourself, you have answered correctly. Jesus replied do this and you will live but she wanted to justify himself. So we asked Jesus and who is my neighbor in reply. Jesus said A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho when he was attacked by robbers. They stripped him of his clothes at 10 and went away leaving him half-dead a priest happen to be going down the same road when he saw the man he passed by on the other side. So to a levite when he came to the place, I'm so had passed by on the other side the wettest Samaritan as he travels came where the man was he so happy he took pity on him. He went to him and found it to his wounds Porygon oil and wine. Then the man put on his own donkey both had brought into it and took care of him the next day. He took her out to dinner REI and gave them to The Innkeeper look after him. He said and when I return I will reimburse you the extra expense you may have which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of the robbers the Xbox in the lower replied the one you had mercy on him. Jesus told him go and do likewise. Thank you very much Rachel for reading so well.

An interview one state to El aviso who is a famous writer and sinker. He actually survived the Holocaust is a Nobel Prize winner and the interviews said to him Mister V. So I've noticed that you Jews often answer questions by asking another question. Why do you do that? Another day to said why not?

No, look again at this passage the incident in which the parable of the Good Samaritan occurs is framed. With a question begins with a question. Notice it begins with a question to which Jesus responds with a question and then following on from this is another question to which Jesus responds with a parable which concludes with the question.

This is all about questions and answers. So let's begin by trying to set the context of the story noticed that begins on one occasion an expert in the Lord stood up to test Jesus. This is a context for these frequently Asked important questions that came up in the story. Now, of course, the Loring question was not the civil law but religious law it was The Lord Of God, would you been given to the people of Israel through that leave the Moses? It was composed to five books which the Jews pull the Torah and these 5 books make up the first five books of the Jewish scriptures. Does it seem five books that begin this book of Bible Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers and Deuteronomy. Now this expert in the law is an expert in understanding these 5 books the Lord of Moses. Not only understanding but what can I use head? How do they work out in practice what the implications of this when it says you should keep the Sabbath. What does that mean? When it says you shouldn't do any work. What constitutes were how many yards do you need to walk before? It's work? How much food do you need to eat before you need to say grace? So full of those really interesting things? Maybe not. And so this sucks but turns off and we can't really tell but he's hostile it shows respect by standing up which was a common thing to do to respect you when he calls him teacher and he asked him this question this big test in question what he discovers is that these questions he's testing questions actually test him. I want to say is that these are really important questions to test us. So going to talk over this testing question. So here's the first question. Kitri says what must I do to inherit eternal life. What he wants to know is the ultimate answer to the big question. How can I know that God will accept me? I would accept me finally. Let me put it in layman's terms is too crude, but how can I be sure. I'm going to get to heaven.

want to know that Southern response instead of giving him an answer Jesus as well. You're an expert What is written in the Lorry replied? How do you read it this month? And I expect any trucks out the answer to the question the answer the answer to love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your strength and with all your mind and love your neighbor as yourself not if he's got a Bible one of these Bibles and you got really good high side. And if you haven't seen my similar to it Susan.

You'll see this in very tiny printed the moment that tells you he's actually quoting from the Jewish scriptures. He's quoting from the Torah, right? He quotes from the fifth book of the Torah Deuteronomy. He has decreed that every Jew morning and evening an orthodox, Jew with stand up and say these words from Deuteronomy in Hebrew. You read it from right to left just in case you're trying to read it. It's cold is Shamong because the first word is here, which in Hebrews shamanic began percent Shema Israel, the Lord. Our Lord is one and you should live the love that has to do with the Lord. But he also quotes from another book Genesis Exodus Leviticus. He quotes from the third book of Moses and he says love your neighbor as yourself. Let me read it in full do not seek revenge will bear a grudge against anyone among your people but love yourself as yourself. I am the Lord Leviticus 19:18 following him loving him. And it also depends on living your neighbor QED answers the question comprehensive. Jesus says answer to question 1 what must I do a bunch of currently says Jesus. Do this and you will live and if you bite your expert knows what he must do to inherit eternal life. He can go and he's way too short that he in Jesus is new religious teacher both fully Orthodox agree with what is right at end of story on the passage finishes here, unfortunately, This man, well, maybe fortunately he's not satisfied. He has a further question so follow the second round of debate noticed it said Catholic convert 29 to 37. Just what he says question 3, but he wanted to justify himself. So we asked Jesus and who is my neighbor noticed his motivation. He wants to justify himself.

He asked what he must do to inherit eternal life. Now. He wants more detail about the answer. He wants to make sure he's ticked every box correctly the other field in one of those forms. I did last week actually like I'm done taking a funeral next weekend and I booked to fly and then you book Insurance because my insurance is defaulted something and you filled a foreman and you think things come up saying you need to fill in the following boxes before you're finished. See you fell into a 3in and then you still says you have to take this book. So you agree with everything that you already agreed to I mean finally click this is what this man wants.

He wants to know okay, love your neighbor as yourself. Okay, tell me exactly who is my neighbor so I can to help the Bucs and say I've done the right thing. Now the question is who is my neighbor has one that was a Hot Topic in those days. It was kind of like it a breaks each other question. Anyway, it was debated among Jewish College every every Jew agreed that you love your neighbor as yourself, you love and other words Jewish neighbors, but is anyone else included? Well, most rabbis Jewish teachers experts agree that if you converted to Judaism and became mature than you were included, but then there was a huge debate about anybody else. In fact, there was some extreme positions. One of them said you should not help a gentle woman who is in labor with a child because you were bringing another gentle into the world.

So what what does this new religious teach a Jesus say who would include expect uses to say, okay. Your neighbor includes 1 2 3 4 5 instead Jesus as my mom went down from Jerusalem to Jericho. I said very clever tactic because the the critic can't say. No, he didn't.

A certain man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho. You can't disagree. It's a story. I'm the details of the story be very familiar with The 17 Mile Drive from Jerusalem down to Jericho 3352 took you by the day to work it. It's a route that has been dangerous for travelers throughout history even last 19th century. You can find account to people get mugged on this road. And the reason is the rope twist round and round and round like this and every cool and it says it is sort of cave or a Gorge people can waste it rubbish can wait for you and leave for front of you and rub you So it is in the story that Jesus tells the man is brutally attacked. He stripped of his clothes and his possessions. He's beaten unconscious and Left 4 Dead.

No, Jesus tells a story a priest comes along and sees the man. What is it to do?

Well, the first thing you wants to know is who is he?

We assume is a Jew but you come yesterday showed. So how do you know if it's with you two things talk to him? And if he speaks back to you in Aramaic or Hebrew? It's a Jew. And you can tell by his clothes and put this man is unconscious and stripped naked. So this place has got a bit of a dilemma. Did she fall in the category or not? Not quite sure about this. Moreover the priest is a high-ranking official in the Jerusalem Temple. Go back to the Lord with most again priests were appointed to office sacrifices on behalf of the Lord. I'm one important thing for them. Is that had to do with Chile pure.

You should we make me distorting think weather Calais hard-hearted in different religious Man. Actually this man is God real darlena. Because the Lord of Moses setting find it before you should never approach a dead body. Within four cubits with that but in a cubit from your own go to the end of your hand lets a 6ft never approach if you approach within 6 feet if I think I like that it looks pale you learn of any religious issue if I approach a little further than this when he turns out to be dead. I am done Rich William pure and I'm unable to offer sacrifice in the temple. I can't do the job that will take me at least a week to get right again, and I'll have to find a red couch and I have to sacrifice on the altar burn it to a crisp and then I know you so I really need to be on duty to serve God suspended Island it really Heath walking paths in the man on the road and he decides that for Let's Play Safe. This is not a sin of commission. What I do it's a sin of omission what I'm failing to the imbalance. I think the right thing to do and he works best on the other side of the road.

He's followed by another religious guy. This one is a levite now the Levi's for the tribe who from which the priest was chosen, but I believe it was a kind of lower-ranking religious official. He's not quite so concerned about estate disposition of his sacrifices. But nonetheless he will also be can ritually unclean if he goes near the study tomorrow. We can win during the stories. He wondering to himself if I stuff and help this man. He's a decoy to draw me in and catch me out. Aroma scent leaves already seen the priest and the road who's made the religious decision. He thinks who am I to disagree with the priests and so he walks by in the other side as well.

No, Jesus telling this story. It's a specific style Story Once Upon a Time all the way Three Little Pigs number pick number one pick number two. And you know, what's going to happen with pick number 3 Tanya? Okay. So everybody in the story knows who is coming next who is coming next is priest Levi. Jewish lay person who's going to put the other two to shame

highest you It is almost impossible for us to recapture the shocking horror when Jesus goes on to say but as Samaritan. IC travel came to where the mom was in when he sorted me to put you on him. Not only that the Samaritan takes practical action alleviates. His wounds eBay some uses oil and why he puts your money's donkey takes him to an end. He gives The Innkeeper enough money in those days to pay for about a month's World Andrew and he says to him. I'll be back later and maybe see if I owe any more money. Just keep looking after him.

Any future clustering could now you understand at this point. You probably don't still is how to recapture you understand why Good Samaritan is not your mail run.

The Jesus Heroes the wood good and Samaritan never occurred in the same phrase. They didn't Belong Together. Now the reason we don't get this is because you say was this American safe. Who's the guys you can ring up when you need help? The only ringing this guy is going to do is ring his neck.

You see the hatred between these two groups of people is so lasting so deep so vicious it's hard to comprehend. In fact only a few years previously a group of Samaritans during the Jewish grape Festival of Passover the big one of the year into the temple courts with dead but that bones and throwing them in the course and it caused a riot A Good Samaritan House teaching is particle to my students at Faith Mission Bible College couple years ago over half the class. Would Northern Ireland Protestant.

So I said if you were retelling the story today in your culture, who would you choose to be the Samaritan? I'm one of the students very bravely stuck his head above the parapet and said a member of Sinn Fein. Well, maybe that capture as soon as it under the hora. So back to the Shopkin power in the audience when Jesus tells his story including he comes to answer the question that the man has to is my neighbor. Finally have to tell him the story catch him unawares catching on the back for it says so then question for the answer to question 3, which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers and you can imagine the man noticed he will not say Samaritan. He's probably gritting his teeth is he says through gritted teeth The experts in the low replied the one who had mercy on him. I'm at the end of this whole debate Jesus still answering one to notice. She still answering the first question what must I do to inherit eternal life.

What must I do?

in Jesus history density question 1 Jesus children go and do likewise. No, it just taken quite a long time for the Pennsy time for me to get to the point. Stay With Me You see the common understanding and tried to come and misunderstanding of this part of Liz. This is a parable about. Teaching us that we should help people in need especially those that we don't get along with. Especially anime is people you don't like and they don't like you. I did not Jesus chalice. His father was to love one another and even to live that random is yes. He did come to that in the moment. But let me put into the way. What do you think the expert in the Lord did after Jesus told him to go and do likewise? Did he begin administrative Samaritan? Maybe set up a series of enzyme on the road with signs in the window saying Samaritan's welcome. Not to to do you went away shaking his head realizing that Jesus is set above that is impossible for him to fulfill. It's a bit like trying to get a camel through an eye of a needle.

Middle Eastern come to the Kansas bail if you want to understand The Parables read Kenneth Bailey asked me after which you were interested. It's just incredible stuff it. He says Jesus presents this man with an impossible standard. He says the man goes away saying I must become a neighbor to anyone in need to fulfill. The law means that I must reach out and costly compassion to all people even my enemies the standard remains even though I can never fully achieve it. I cannot justify myself in an eternal life. He's that's what I must I do to inherit eternal life, and he realized it was nothing you could do. He wanted to justify himself and he realized it was impossible. You see this Parable does not teachers on moral duty teachers is on moral bankruptcy. You said again? This passage does not teachers on moral duty it teaches on moral bankruptcy. The expert in The Lofts at Alta test results released you questions, but the answer of Jesus his two questions tested him and found him wanting and I also test us. Do we think there is something we can do? to inherit eternal life Is there something we can do to gain God's favor and get a ticket to heaven? Do we think we can justify ourselves?

By what we do the whole teaching pieces the teaching of the Bible the New Testament shows us how impossible this is. He does not just place it nearby places. You have to reach this way beyond the reach.

And the Lord represented in some ways by the priest and levite cannot help it.

Know if we stop there. If the story of Jesus stops here, this would be a bleak Prospect indeed and you would all go home depressed and maybe pick up the phone and ring the Samaritans.

But you see the story doesn't end there. As we've seen in this series Jesus twice now is begin to tell his followers. But he has a different agenda. Did he missed head to Jerusalem to suffer and die? This is the only way to inherit eternal life. He told him to send a membership for many things. I'm being rejected by the oldest the chief priests in the teach the law. He must be killed and on the third day rise erase to life. You see Jesus heads in the opposite direction. Map from Jerusalem to Jericho. He goes from Jericho up to Jerusalem. And then run across outside rooster and you follow the story through and is Easter approaches. Jesus will do what we could never do. Is the old him pussy that was never good enough to pay the price of sin. He on me could unlock the Gates of Heaven. meant to say

I want this may not be the intention of Jesus in the Powerball. Many I think Riley have seen in Jesus. a picture of the Good Samaritan someone said turning the Good Samaritan from fiction into fact. easy outside the filled with compassion Who comes to our age? Maybe I'm not your type that but dead in sin far from God his enemies and he comes alongside with his great love and compassion. God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have to

caring for his forgiveness restarting has and then and only then given New Life, New Birth through spirit. Can we follow in his footsteps? Obeying his commands. To love one another as I have loved you. to live your enemies in a way that is humanly impossible. I've almost finished but I need to ask you have you personally experienced a crisis and love for yourself?

Jesus demonstrated to follow the cross. She stays actually wonderful opportunity. We don't normally have commune the money. But today we have before us Bread and Wine.

And it's an opportunity that it's your opportunity my virginity to come in Sharing Bread and Wine identifying with what Jesus did on the cross is where you eat the bread symbolize buddy giving forces between the curve represent his blood pressure down forest. And rejoicing in his left, maybe you've never experienced that simply today. You need to come to the foot of the cross and say Lord. My life is in the mess stuff, I rebelled against you thank you that Jesus did what I could never do. I want to put my trust in you to receive your grace and is a sign of that then come forward and Shannon the friend of mine. Maybe it's the first time you've ever taken community. Taking as a Christian. true Christian of the many of us who already know that You see you constantly need to keep coming to the same place. Just constantly keep thinking these things. We can do the chili again God's favor. I gained in the game we come and we stay with him right nothing in my hand. I bring simply your cross I cling. Babies going to leave us as we shared together in communion.

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