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Service, Sunday 07.04.2019

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I. The Mind of Christ 2:4-5 A. Attitude B. Action C. Displayed in His Life and Death on Earth II. The model for us A. Be Like minded The same love The same spirit B. The motives Not these motives Selfish ambitions Vain conceit Not looking to your own interest But these motives In humility Consider others better Consider others interest Looking out for others C. The meaning Negative Does not mean being a door mat. Does not mean giving in to every demand. Does not mean not saying what you think. Does not mean there is no freedom for you. Positive Looking out for others Does mean you relinquish your rights to God. Does mean you refrain from responding in like manner. Does mean you resist putting yourself first. Does mean you refuse to compete. Does mean you regard the other person and their needs as important. Does mean you remember the goal is the benefit of someone else. The servant’s voice Look out for God Look out for others

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