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  • Have you ever wanted to be used by God in someone's life.
  • God has chosen to use us as His instruments of evangelism. We are a very significant part of the process.
  • For a fire to burn it needs oxygen, fuel, ignition.
  • For a Christian to burn and for someone to come to know Christ, there needs to be the Word of God, the Holy Spirit, and then us.
  • If you don't already, you need to begin to burn with a fire for evangelism. Build an excitement seeing people come to know Christ as their Savior.
  • Tonight let's look at evangelism as found in Acts 8:26-40.
  • Read Scripture
  • When Philip caught up with the chariot he left no doubt about what it takes to put effective evangelism into practice.
  • He show us the 4 ingredients of everyday effective evangelism.

The Servant

  • Evangelism requires a servant.
      • But not just any servant, it takes a special kind of servant, one that is...
        • sensitive (Philip paid attention to God, his surroundings, etc.)
        • submitted (He didn't hesistate even though they were worlds apart.
        • skilled (proficiencey with Scripture)
  • Look at the value of the human instrument. Individual one-on-one interaction with the gospel. The Etheopian had the Scripture and the Holy Spirit was ready to act, but it took Philip to put it into light.

The Sinner

  • has to have an interest in being saved. A person won't change until there is a percieved need to change. Sometimes it might be our job to point that out to someone.
  • It takes acknowledgement of sin and that can be tough.
  • It takes a readiness to receive biblical instruction
      • this is an area where unbelievers and believers don't want to admit their shortcomings, they feel they know all the Bible says.

The Scriptures

  • This is where salvation starts
  • Remember general revelation - Romans 1 says no one is left without excuse, but remember also special revelation or God's word is where salvation is spoken into our lives.
  • The Scriptures are indispensable and they are essential. Any church or preacher that does not preach from the Scriptures might as well publish a self-help book and get an infomercial because their message won't bring anyone to Christ.

The Spirit

  • We have a job to do to show people Christ, to show them the Scriptures but this is where our job ends. We can't go any further. That's where the Holy Spirit comes in.
  • It is the Holy Spirit that leads the servant to the sinner and the sinner to the saint.


  • When we submit ourselves to growing in our knowledge of Scripture, when we submit to humble prayer and committed service; then God prepares us and points us to those He wants to save. We then get the privilege of the process.
  • Then we become everyday evangelist, and can know and rejoice that we are an active part of God's Kingdom here on eart (illustrate the pin 67th book of the Bible. While I don't agree with that, I agree with the principle behind it - we are not adding anything to, but simply personifying what is written. We are 1-66).
  • I pray you long to be an effective evangelist. I want you to achieve great things in the Kingdom, are you willing to serve Him?
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