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The Lord Who Shall Fight For You -03-02-08

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Text vs. 13-14

If you want to be victorious; you must allow the Lord to fight your battles.

I. Consider the purpose (vs. 4, 17, 31)

  • To Glorify God; and for people to believe on God.
  • God wants our faith to be extended
  • This morning let’s ask God to increase our Faith.
  • Obstacles are God’s opportunities to prove him Strong.
  • God knew Pharaoh’s plans and took care of Israel.
  • This is providence, which means “to see before.”
  • He is Jehovah-Jireh (Gen. 22:14), “the Lord will see to it.”
  • No matter what the enemy plans to do to you
  • God has already taken care of it and will tell you what to do.

II.  Consider the chase (vs. 5-9)

·         Pharaoh chooses his best 600 Chariots; these chariots’ had swords on their wheels; they would slice people up as they went by them.

·         Satan goes after God’s children as soon as we start doing something for God.

·         Satan does not want to lose his slaves (vs. 5)

·         We can be in the middle of Gods will; and problems may still come.

III.   Consider the predicament (vs. 10-12)

·         The Red Sea was about 11 meters deep; and 19 Kilometers across.

·         The children of Israel could only go forward; they could not retreat; and neither should we.

·         Proper fear is the Fear of the Lord

·         People who just followers will get mad at the leader when things do not go right.

·         Do not waste your time on your critics.

·         Establish a consistent  testimony

·         Many times when we need God the most; we look to Him the least.

IV.  The Prediction (vs. 13-14)

·         Stand back and watch God work

·         When there is no way out; look up.

·         The command was fear ye notstand still (vs. 13)

·         God will fight our battles.

V.   The Power (vs. 19-31) “ Notice the Miracles”

1.      The Alignment of The Cloud – vs. 19

·         The pillar that brought light to Israel brought darkness to the enemy.

·         The people of the world are walking in darkness, but God’s people have “the light of life” (John 8:12).

·         The enemy cannot touch you without first encountering God.

2.      The Sea ( East wind Miracle) (vs. 21-22)

·         God opens the way and does the impossible.

·         The next time you are in an impossible situation, remember what God did for Israel at the Red Sea.

·         The people of Israel never forgot this victory.

·          (Ps. 66:6; 106:9; 136:13–14).

·         Recalling God’s past help can encourage you as you face future challenges to your faith.

3.      The Mechanical Miracle (vs. 25)

4.      walls of the water collapse (vs. 26-31)

·         The defeat was complete

·         The Egyptian army was no more.

·         And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith” (1 John 5:4).


If you want to be victorious allow the Lord to fight your battles. Heavenly Father we thank you for this wonderful reminder of your protection for the Children of Israel. Thank you for protecting us and our families in so many ways.

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