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Spiritual Health Test

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Pass Out Spiritual Health Test Handout


Can you respond to the following:
1.The Bible is fallible since it is written by man, is the Bible corrupted?
2.God hates homosexuals/transgenders?
3.Can you prove the existence of God when science says He does not.
4.If God is good why does God let child starve to death or die of cancer?
5.Is there any evidence that Jesus resurrected from the dead?


1.Do you sing to God?
2.Do worship God beyond singing?
3.Do you often talk about how great God is?
4.Would you have most of what you have today if you only have today what you thanked God for yesterday?
5.Do you often show expression of your love to God?


Serving God is not done in obligation
Deuteronomy 11:13 NKJV
13 ‘And it shall be that if you earnestly obey My commandments which I command you today, to love the Lord your God and serve Him with all your heart and with all your soul,
We serve God
1.Are you commited to devoting time to serve God?
2. Do you serve God out of love?
3. Do you know your spiritual gifts
4. Are you currently using your spiritual gifts or talents in serving God?
5. Can you name 2 things you are commited to serving in?


Do you often share the gospel with someone, or pass out tracts, or invite to hear the gospel at church or event?
Do devote time to God everyday?
Do you love others?
Are you passionately devoted and driven to being more like Jesus?
Do you use your spiritual gifts?
Do you give to God your time, talents, and treasures?
Do you love others?


What group of people provided the Messiah?
Do people go to heaven depending on how good or bad they are?
What is the gospel and where is it in the Bible?
What book and chapter(s) is the sermon on the mount?
Can you summarize the Bible to tell one story?
What was/is God plan with humanity? (from Gen-Rev)

BONUS: Building Your Theology

1. Did you accept Jesus as your savior, or did God choose you for salvation?
2. Did Jesus die for everyone or only those He knew would be saved?
2. When is the rapture of the church pre, mid, or post? Can you prove why?
seems to teach pre trib is wrong. (the antichrist comes first before we are gathered with him)
3 Did Jesus die for everyone or only those He knew would be saved?
4. Do miracles, prophecies, healing happen today or was that only during Bible times?
5. Are you amillennial or premillennial?
a millinal says there is a 1,000 year reign and
premileenial says there is a 1,000 year reign and amillennial says there is is not
support for pre: it is in Rev 20
support for amillennial: ;
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