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if you got your Bibles turn with me to the end of Ruth chapter 3 the end of Ruth trap chapter 3 and

we will we're going to we're going to work our way from Ruth chapter 3 verse 13 or 14 through chapter 4 verse 14 and we're going to leave just a few small verses for next week as we close out the Book of Ruth and then you're going to be I think really excited about this two weeks from today. We're going to have a guest speaker Pastor turn a Jordan from Mount Canaan Baptist Church here in Chattanooga is going to be here in our Pulpit preaching. I will be at the Mount Canaan Baptist Church preaching that morning in his place. And if you've never heard ternae Jordan 3, you're not going to want to miss being here that day. He's one of those powerful creatures I've ever heard and I still have just kind of a stand-alone weekend that weekend and then we can we move into Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. I hope you're already planning to invite people to come with us. We're going to seven different services to choose from that weekend, and I hope you bring a guest with you. All right, let's go get Ruth Chapter 3 of this morning. We've been walking through the Book of Ruth together. We've seen so many characteristics of God's love for us what we talked over the last two weeks in particular that the central theme in the Book of Ruth is this concept of a kinsman redeemer or a family Redeemer Boaz is identified over the last week or so as a kinsman redeemer is not the only kinsman-redeemer. In fact today. We're going to be introduced to another kinsman-redeemer. It's official position in Jewish culture a family member who has an opportunity to marry the Widow so that he can continue the family name. This is who Boaz is however for our purposes. We need to understand that the Book of Ruth points us had to Jesus. And so when we see the activity of Boaz were seen a picture of the activity of Jesus, it's giving us an indication of how Jesus would function as our family Redeemer. And so today we're going to see that just in a little bit more detail. If you don't mind. Let's honor the reading of God's word by standing together as we read it follow along with me in your Bibles or your app and you're at your at your tablet or your phone or you follow along on the screen behind me beginning a verse 13 Boaz says to Ruth stay here tonight. And in the morning if this other kinsman redeemer wants to redeem you that's good letting redeem you but if he doesn't want to redeem you as the Lord lives, I will not lie down until morning so she lay down his feet until morning, but got up while it was still dark and then bow I said, don't let it be known that a woman came to the threshing floor and they told Ruth bring the show you're wearing and hold it out when she held it out. He shoveled 6 measures of barley into her shawl and she went into town. She went to her mother-in-law Naomi who asked her what happened my daughter then was told I told her everything the man had done for her. She said he gave me the six measures of barley because he said don't go back to your mother-in-law empty-handed. Then we said my daughter wait until you find out how things go for he won't rest unless he resolves this today, but we went to the gate of the town and sat down there soon the family Redeemer Boaz it spoken about came by but why I said come over here and sit down and so he went over he sat down and then Boaz took 10 minute the town's elders and said sit here. And they sat down and he said to the Redeemer Naomi who has returned from the territory of Moab is selling the portion of the field that belongs to our brother elimelech. I thought I should inform you buy it back in the presence of those seated here in the presence of the Elders of my people if you want to redeem it do it, but if you do not want to redeem it tell me so that I will know because there isn't anyone other than you to redeem it and I am next after you I want to redeem it. He answered them both. I said on the day you buy the field from Naomi you will acquire Ruth the moabite US the wife of the deceased man to perpetuate the man's name on his property and the Redeemer replied I can redeem it myself or I will ruin my own inheritance take my right of redemption because I can't redeem it at an earlier. And Israel a man removed his sandal and gave it to the other party in order to make any matter legally binding concerning the right of redemption or the exchange of property. This was the method of Legally binding a transaction in Israel. So the Redeemer removed his sandal and said to Boaz buy back the property yourself Bo I said the elders and all the people you are witnesses today that I'm buying from Naomi everything to belong to elimelech chili on and mail on I've also acquired Ruth the moabite US maylons Widow as my wife to perpetuate the deceased man's name on his property. So that is named will not disappear among his relatives or from the Gate of his hometown. You are witnesses today and all the people who were at The City Gate including the elders said we Are Witnesses may the Lord make the woman who is entering your house like Rachel and Leah who together built the house of Israel. May you be powerful in Africa in May your name be well known in Bethlehem met your house become like the house of Perez the son of Tamar board to Judah because the author of The Offspring the Lord will give you by this young woman and Boaz to Ruth and she became his wife and he slept with her in the Lord granted conception to her and she gave birth to a son play with me if you will. Jesus you are good and you are faithful in your word is true. When I pray this morning that you would allow your words be clear that we would know exactly precisely what your word is saying that it would shape the way we view who Jesus is in our response to Jesus and Lord as we consider in particular how God you pursue us this morning. We pray that we would be compelled to pursue God in the same way or we love you, and we pray this in Jesus name amen have a seat.

Here's what I want us to see this morning. I want to see very simply because Jesus is pursuing us. We should pursue him in response because Jesus is pursuing us. We ought to pursue him in response want to show you three characteristics of the pursuit of Jesus in this text and our own Pursuit that follows from it. The first is this we are to give single-minded Devotion to Jesus we are to to give single-minded Devotion to Jesus. We see it in chapter 3 verse 13 all the way through the end of chapter 3 the picture of Boaz in the story of Ruth. As I said already is a picture of a kinsman redeemer or a family Redeemer in the life and activity of Boaz, we can see the life and activity of Jesus who is our own kinsman redeemer. So how does that indicate something about who Jesus would ultimately be first noticed that he protects her Integrity Boaz says to her. Stay here tonight and in the morning if he wants to redeem you that's good letting redeem you but if he doesn't want to redeem he was the Lord lives. I will not lie down until morning. And so she lay down at his feet until morning notice the word choice for the first stay here is not the typical word. That would generally be used in this instance. It's an odd sort of word or phrase in the original language. So when we see something like this, it's an unusual word choice. It says to us that we ought to pay attention to it the typical word choice that would have been used here the more common phrase more common word in the original language would have allowed open the the potential that there was sexual activity involved in what Boaz said to her when he said stay here with me but Boaz does not use that word doesn't use that phrase the word. He uses literally means simply just lie down and sleep. In fact if you you don't have to turn back there right now, but if you go back to Chapter 1 verse 16 Ruth is speaking to Naomi and she says don't plead with me to abandon you or to return and not follow you or wherever you go. I will go and wherever you live I will live your people will be my people and your God will be my God. It's the exact same phrase that Ruth uses in reference to her living or lodging with Naomi. It speaks to proximity but it precludes any sort of sexual activity. It's a familial sort of word a familial sort of phrase. I do here is an inn in other words. The author is very sure to choose his words in a particular way to make sure we understand what is happening in this late-night encounter between Boaz & Ruth Boaz is already acting with integrity and with character he works to protect roofs character. This is consistent with what we know about Boaz already through the text, right the text describes Boaz. As a man of noble character and this affirms that and remember that this text was written during the time of the judges. So Ruth and judges by the way are close to each other in the Old Testament. They happened chronologically it basically the same time in the Bible says about the time of the judges that this was a time when the people in Israel did whatever they wanted to do, right whatever their hearts desire is Hedonism was rampant sinful activity was rampant Boaz stood out as particular and unique in this context as a man of noble character and this affirms that Not only was he a man of integrity but he work to protect roofs Integrity. He he he protects her. Jesus is going to be the kind of Savior who does the same for us. This is a common characteristic in God Jesus protects us but not only does he protect us the Bible indicates that he restores us. He goes even beyond that in this is important because Boaz in a sense is going to sort of Your reputation to Ruth. That's what he's going to do for her. She's a moabitas. She's a widow. These are all things that would cause her to be pushed to the margins of society Boaz doesn't need to by any stretch of the imagination does not need to redeem her but he's going to do so and in a sense. This isn't a Perfect Analogy, but he's going to sort of make an honest woman out of her if you will she wasn't promiscuous. So that's not what I mean by that but what I mean by that is he's going to restore to her her place in society by taking her as his wife. He's is giving her validity and protection so synonymous with what Jesus does to us and for us when he redeems us when we show up we are broken. Our names and our reputations are dirty. We are full of sin. The Bible says in the Book of Romans while we were still sinners Christ died for us. He doesn't come to us because we clean up nice and we do good things he comes to us because we are broke and sick and in need of King in need of a redeemer in need of a physician to provide for us and he comes to us in that state and he doesn't just make us his own. He doesn't just protect us. He doesn't just provide for us, but he in fact restores to us our character. He declares of us that we Are Holy and then he begins the process of actually making us. Holy we call that justification justification is a legal declaration that we are not guilty. Sanctification is the process of actually making us in fact not guilty if you will. So that's what justification and sanctification are this is what Jesus is doing for us. He is not only protecting us he is not only providing for us, but he is restoring us he is taking us back to our place in the Garden of Eden when we were holy and righteous and walked in fellowship with him. So he's doing with all of our lives from the time he redeems us until the time he returns and then call minutes justification and sanctification with what we often referred to as glorification. The ultimate fulfillment of making us like we were in the beginning when he created us perfect and relationship with him as he desires us to be This is the kind of God that we serve an angry ogre the God who loves us and cares for us and through no reasonable justification chooses to restore to us Integrity character. Moral fiber. I love Zephaniah the book of Zephaniah. I wrote you know that I wrote a commentary on haggai in Zephaniah a few years ago. And when I was studying Zephaniah, I've always been astounded by the end of the book of Zephaniah in the book of Zephaniah. If you've ever study the book of Zephaniah at all in my mind is the most difficult book in all of scripture to read until you get to the very end of the book because the very short book it's three chapters long, but it is just a miserable expose of how horrible the nation of Israel was and how God was going to judge them for their sin. It's it's the it's the literary equivalent of body blow after body blow. God just hammer in the nation of Israel your evil your rebellious your sinful. The day of judgement is coming. The wrath of God is coming over and over and over by All rights. The nation of Israel has earned every bit of it from God. But then you get to the end of Zephaniah chapter 3 the very end of the book and in the very end of the book we read this on that day. I love this on that day. When I return you will not be put to shame because of everything you have done and rebelling against me for then. I will remove from among you your jubilant arrogant people and you will never be hot again on my Holy Mountain. I love that you come to me full of Shame you come to me deserving of Condon condemnation. You come to me evil and guilty simple Eragon jealous better. And I not only forgive you I remove your shame. I make you not only do I declare you my child. I make you a child who it functions as a child of the king.

Not only does Jesus protect us and restore Us in the midst of our own failures. Jesus himself is not ashamed of us in Hebrews chapter 2 and verse 11 Jesus. We read this about Jesus for the one who sanctifies and those who are being Sanctified. That's Jesus and us for the one who sanctifies. That's Jesus and those who are being Sanctified that's us or followers of Jesus knows this for the one who sanctifies and those who are being Sanctified all have one father listen to this and this is why Jesus is not ashamed to call us brothers and sisters. No, I don't know about you. But I know about me. I know about Micah fries that there are many days that Micah gets up and looks in the mirror and Micah is ashamed of what he sees. There are many days that I'm ashamed of my sin. For the Bible tells me that Jesus because of God's justifying and sanctifying work in Micah's life that Jesus the perfect god of the universe the Creator God The God Who died on the cross on behalf of his creation. The Bible says of that God that he is not ashamed of me. I don't understand that kind of love but this is the kind of love that Boaz shows to Ruth. And this is the kind of love that Jesus evidence is to you and me as his children. Boaz's protecting her Integrity. He's really eager to go about this process of redeeming her. I love this. He says short continue on in the passage. Well, first versus XIII look at this. There's another Redeemer out here if he wants to redeem you that's good letting redeem you but if he doesn't want to redeem you notice this phrase here as the Lord lives. I will not go down towards the end of the passage verse 18. Naomi said my daughter wait until you find out how things go for it. He will not rest unless you resolve this today notice the posture of Boaz for the Redemption of Ruth Boaz as eager and he is committed he wants to redeem roof even at Great personal cost and we're going to get that in just a minute we're going to get to that is just a minute to act immediately. He uses the phrase as the Lord lives. This is Boaz showing us his intense commitment. That's a statement of swearing an oath on the name of God. Is swearing an oath on the name of of God as as surely as the Lord lives. I promise. I'm going to make sure this happens and this is not Boaz. Just saying I'm going to do you a solid? This is Boaz who has for some reason it appears falling in love with Ruth. He is grateful for her noble character. He loves her for the way. She has taken care of and provided Naomi and now Boaz desperately wants to redeem her. The picture is of a kinsman redeemer who even before she has the ability to express love back and response. He is expressing love to the one he desires to marry the one he desires to redeem. He is passionate he is driven and in so many ways. This is again the picture of Jesus This is the way that Jesus our kinsman redeemer pursues us. This is the way he chases us. This is the way he loves us Romans chapter 5 verse 8, but God proves his love toward us in this while we were still Sinners Jesus died for us. There are some of you in the room right now. So you are thinking to yourself. I'm not like everyone else here. Everyone else here looks so good and has their stuff together. I'm a mess. I'm broken. There's no way maybe Jesus loves me, but it's not the way he loves other people.

Jesus might value me a little bit but not the way he values these other people of all got it together. Let me let you in on a couple of little secrets number one. Nobody in the rooms. Got it together. Nobody certainly not me. We put on suits and ties and nice dresses jackets and hats and we look like we got it together, but make no mistake. Every person in this room is phenomenally broken unbelievably broken and the truth of the matter is we live in a culture where we are scared own up to that but make no mistake every one of us in the room or unbelievably broken we said it before but it's worth saying again, we all have our own little brand of crazy all of us do there is no such thing as a normal person or a normal family. You understand that right? That's a facade. Every person I meet they say man, if I'm going to meet some of their extended family members. I want you to understand what you're getting into. You know, that's what I think you're about to meet my family. You need to prepare yourself. It's as if nobody else has a crazy family. And if you don't have a crazy family member that you can think of I hate to break it to you. You might be the one. Put the truth of the matter clear all unbelievably broken every one of us. And God in his unbelievable love for us doesn't make his determination about his love based on our Worth or value or our goodness. God demonstrates his love toward us in this while we were still broken while we were still an unbelievable mess. Jesus died for us. This is the way Boaz loves Ruth Boaz has no reason to love her if she doesn't add anything to Boaz his life. She's a moabite as she's to be ridiculed woman from the wrong side of the tracks. She's a widow. There's no value in the culture. She doesn't bring anything to the table, but Boaz loves her. Boaz desires or Boaz values her and Boaz Works diligently passionately with great commitment to redeem her. That's the way Jesus loves you. Boaz is generous to her. He says bring your shawl here. I'm going to put all this barley into it. Now. It's not as much as he gave her the day before when she gleaned off the fields but gives her a lot. He loves her far more than what anyone at that time would have thought reasonable. Nobody in that time would have thought it reasonable for Boaz to lever if this way nobody culturally would have thought that to be okay. But boaz's love I want you to hear this boaz's love for Ruth was an illogical. unreasonable kind of love That's exactly how Jesus loves you and me. That's exactly how Jesus loves you and me. It's an illogical unreasonable kind of love but Jesus loves us. Anyway, Zephaniah chapter 3 again. I love the book of Zephaniah in Jeff Zephaniah chapter 3 after all of these body blows all of this miserable failure and condemnation and pending judgement. Listen to what God says. The Lord your God is among you he is a warrior who saves he rejoices over you with gladness. He will quiet he will be quiet and his love and he will Delight in you with singing there are some translation to say say that God dances over us with singing. This this kind of love is the way our God loves us a God who will embarrass himself by dancing over his children with singing hit the prodigal son coming home to his father who lifts up his skirt and chases after and lift up his tunic chases after him because his son has come home. It's David dancing naked down the streets worshipping God. That's the crazy illogical unreasonable way that God loves his broken Messi miserably simple children. Sally lloyd-jones wrote a children's book called The Jesus storybook Bible. I think every adult on the planet Auto read it. It's the most beautiful poetic description of Bible stories I've ever read we have it at our house. We've been reading it for years, but I love this particular description that she says about the Bible and about the way God loves us. She says the Bible is not mainly about me and what I should be doing. It's about God and what he has done that the Bible is largely though. Not only a great story The Greatest Story of all the story of how God loves his children and comes to rescue him that in spite of everything no matter No matter what, whatever it cost him. Won't ever stop loving his children with a wonderful never stopping never giving up Unbreaking always and forever love. I love that picture of God's love for us. It's the first thing I want you to see if we give single-minded devotion. If God loves us this way. What does that say about how God calls us to love each other and to love him? With this same kind of love the second thing. I want to see the text is this because of this kind of illogical unreasonable sort of love. We willingly sacrifice everything for Jesus. We sit at the beginning of chapter 4 all the way through verse 8 of chapter 4 notice what Boaz the extent that Boaz will go to show and his love for Ruth and to Redeemer his reputation to redeem roof. I love this boy has was ready to take on a moabite wife. And Boaz went so far. Look at this it gets up early. We go straight to the city gate. Now. You need to understand The City Gate is not like the gate at your neighborhood or at your house. And this is not a cattle gate that opens up. The city of The City Gate would have been a massive structure that could have been 30 40 feet deep and would have contained multiple rooms in it. And the City Gate is where the city Elders would gather to sit in judgment. I want to mean that I don't mean judgmentally. I don't mean should have a negative connotation. I mean to do the work of judging the Affairs of the city adjudicated in the Affairs of the city and so the city Elders would gather and they would that's where the official Affairs in the city would occur in one of the rooms inside The City Gate if you've ever traveled the Middle East, you'll still see Gates like this. I was in a city on the border of Syria a few years ago and we walked into this mess. It was just incredible huge wall that goes around an old city and you walk into the gates and there's all these pocketed rooms everywhere just like this you can walk along the length of Wall, and you can go down into the wall and there's these rooms all along the wall. So that's why he wants to find the other kinsman redeemer noticed the idea in the passage that he sits there and just wait the kinsman-redeemer is likely living in the city and he has to leave the city at one point to go farm in his Fields. It's probably why Boaz gets up early. He wants to get to the city Gates before the man leaves the city to go farm in his fealty sitting there at the city Gates and he finds the kinsman-redeemer. He says, hey you stay here. We have business to attend to once he finds the kinsman-redeemer. He has to go get the elders. He has to go find the 10 Elders verse 2 of chapter 4 Boaz took ten of the Town elders and said sit here notice the indication the passages he goes and gets them brings them to the city gate and calls them to sit down in judgment. this means that he has to go to 10 of the key leaders and influential businessman and the city risk his reputation to ask them to leave their place of business leave their place of Commerce come to the city Gates and adjudicated his decision to redeem a woman from the wrong side of the tracks that nobody in the culture would have thought he needed to work work work with You understand. It ain't that we talked about this a couple weeks ago the honor shame culture that functions in Middle Eastern culture honor and shame or the highest values you can have in the culture. He's placing his honor on the line. It's the the thing he has a greatest value. He's placing all of this on the line for the wrong kind of woman because he loves her and desires to redeem her. He brings them to The City Gate. And it begins to recruit them to adjudicate on his and her behalf. So you risked his reputation, but not only does he risk his reputation. He assumes tremendous cost to redeem. He assumes a pretty significant level of cost to Redeemer. The text is difficult to understand in the text it translates as if Naomi is selling the land that would not have been possible a woman particular Widow could not have owned the land in that day. She would have had some rights, but she would not have been able to have the right of ownership. So we have to dig a little bit deeper as a woman and a widow. She would not have owned the land likely wouldn't happen. Is that elimelech before leaving Bethlehem. Remember they left Bethlehem and gone to Moab likely wouldn't happen is that elimelech had left Bethlehem, and it's sold the rights to use the land. So he still owns possession of it, but it's sold the rights to use the land to someone else who was farming the land for their own benefit. And so what

This legal term called usufruct that would have that would have served governed this whole procedure and Naomi is what she's likely doing here. She owns sort of the ability one of her rights would have been the ability to control these rights that have been handed over even if she doesn't own the land now if Naomi and her descendants if they have a boy if they have a man if they have a son he would have sensually retain ownership of the land. This is why the kinsman-redeemer is so important because he marries the woman it helps her to have a child theoretically and hopefully they will have a child who has a son and the son would take possession of the land and carry on the family name in the land, right? So this is this is there's a lot of legalese that's happening here in this in this process. What Naomi is likely doing here is giving up the rights to use of rug which is the permission to use the land. She's likely forfeiting those rights in an official transaction in essence as the kinsman-redeemer. They weren't going to acquire the land they were going to acquire the right. Do you use the land and the land would stay with the descendants of elimelech? Okay, so that's what's happening here. And so the initial kinsman-redeemer is interested. Hey, this is more land that I can acquire to use to further my possessions. I can acquire more wealth if I do this until he realized that Ruth had to come along with the land. So that's significantly more than just taking on a few more acres to farm. Right? He's he has to assume Ruth along with it in the practice of the kinsman-redeemer. The kinsman-redeemer would assume the rights to the land in the name of the owner would marry a woman of childbearing age would produce a son and the child would bear the name not a Boaz, but would bear the name of elimelech and take possession of the land tell the kinsman-redeemer would work and this was unbelievably costly for the kinsman-redeemer. He has to take on the land and the responsibilities of farm in the land and the cost that goes with it. He has to take on the rights of I'm sorry, though the responsibility for Ruth and all that goes along with providing for her. She has to work to provide a child with her of which it would not take on his name. The child would take on the name of elimelech and not Boaz was forfeiting the name for the child to take for putting the opportunity for the child to even take his own name. He's putting a lot on the line. But he does because he loves Ruth. Cuz he desires for Ruth to be redeemed and restored boaz's the kinsman-redeemer is putting himself in a vulnerable position of risk to redeem Ruth is exactly what we see in the picture of Jesus. Jesus literally forsaking his reputation risking everything that he has in order to redeem us because he's so deeply loves us. Our response in light of this sacrifice is to lay everything down in obedience and commitment to Jesus. When Jesus calls Simon Peter to follow him as his disciple notice the language that Jesus uses in Luke chapter 5 verses 10 and 11. He says Don't Be Afraid Jesus told Simon from now on you will be catching people from now on you'll be a fisher of men and then I brought the boat still and look at the phrase here and they left everything and they followed Jesus. I brought the boat still and they left everything and they followed him. I love that phrase left everything. This is what they do in response to the love the Redemption to call of Jesus. They leave everything. This is why my church the Bible says if anyone wants to come after me Luke chapter 9 verse 23, let them deny themselves take up their cross and follow Jesus coming to Jesus is not just asking Jesus in your heart so they can forgive you of your sins. So that does happen coming to Jesus is recognizing that not only do you have sand in your life, but you are spiritually and morally bankrupt. You have nothing to offer G. And so you die to yourself in order to receive his life on your behalf. This is not just me getting Heaven by following Jesus. This is me acknowledge, and I have nothing to offer Jesus. I die to myself and this great transaction occurs where jesus takes on my penalty and I take on his reward. This is why. We gladly die to ourselves and deny everything about ourselves because that's exactly what Jesus did in an effort to redeem us as our kinsman redeemer. The third and final thing I want to see in the text is this not only is it true that we are single-minded in our devotion to Jesus because of his love for us. Not only is it true that we willingly sacrifice everything for Jesus because of his sacrifice for us. But if we look at the Book of Ruth, we recognize the need for us to publicly declare our love for Jesus in the way that Jesus and Boaz publicly declared their Love For Those whom they would redeem we see it in verse 9 of chapter 4 through verse 13 of chapter 4 Boaz waste no time in taking the opportunity to claim his rights as a kinsman redeemer with Ruth. He's already said that this other kinsman redeemer. If you want to you can redeem it. The kinsman-redeemer says I do and then both classes but you have to take Ruth and the kinsman redeemer says I don't and Boaz says well then I'm glad to I want to I love Ruth I desire to redeem her. I love this again. Remember the reputation that's at risk here Boaz will have nothing to do with it, but it's not worried about his reputation Boaz says She's mine. I want her. She's going to be my wife. This is Boaz declaring. This is a really strong picture of a happy in love passionate excited guy who's working to love and provide for a woman who by all accounts. He should not have loved. Is that at conference this week and Jimmy Scroggins a pastor at Downtown West Palm Beach Florida is a friend and a guy look up to he said something to us as there were a bunch of pastors and church leaders in the room. He said he said in your community. There's lots of Brokenness. All the Brokenness in your community is not your fault, but it is your responsibility. I thought that was good. I thought it was an important distinction true. For those of us were here Brainerd when we look around at all the Brokenness in Chattanooga. It's not all her fault so that maybe The Brokenness in Chattanooga is our fault is not our fault, but it is our responsibility. Right God has given it to us as the place we call home to live in light of the kingdom of God to advocate for the gospel and four gospel Redemption for restoration the way that Jesus works and redeems and restores us. This is exactly the way Boaz. Love Ruth Boaz problems were not Boaz asphalt. But they were his responsibility. He assumed them as is responsibility in the same way that your sin maiz in all of our ugliness. All of our Brokenness of our Mass was not Jesus is Paul, but he gladly took it on as his responsibility. This is the way we're called The Love. But Not only was Not only was Boaz for taking on this responsibility he was willing and able to pay the price of redemption I love this the other kinsman redeemer was offered the opportunity to Redeemer that he passed on it was waste no time in putting his name in this the kinsman redeemer. He was the one who is legally able to do so, yes, but he was also the one who chose to act is legally able but he chose to respond. Can you not think of Jesus in The Garden of Gethsemane in the same way? He was the one who was able but he was also the one who chose to act on our behalf to redeem to restore and renew us any redeems Ruth to further the family name. I love this. Noticed the text notice in the text the words of the witnesses noticed what they would go on to say in verse 11. We Are Witnesses may the Lord make the woman who is entering your house like Rachel and Leah who together at the house of Israel may now this is interesting language. May you be powerful in Africa and your name be well known in Bethlehem at your house become like the house of Terror has the son of Tamar Board of Judah because The Offspring the Lord will give you by this young woman Remember The Offspring The Sun born to him and the Ruth would bear the name of elimelech. Bear the name of Ruth. Well Olympics family name male on was her husband would bear that family's name and your name would be great because of his redeeming act because of his selfless sacrificial love. This is again the picture of the Gospel this is what happens when Jesus redeems us. This is why we say whatever you do whether you eat or you drink you do all things to the glory of God 1st Corinthians chapter 10 verse 31 Luke chapter 2 verse 13 and 14 at the the story of the Nativity the birth of Jesus suddenly there was a multitude of heavenly host with the angels praising God and saying glory to God in the highest and peace on Earth to the people. He favors the glory of God. The Renown of God's name is what happens when we respond to the Redemptive activity of Jesus God's name is great. It's made known since Psalm chapter 67 May the nation's be glad and sing for Joy at the name of our God, Isaiah chapter 26 verse. Yes, Lord. We wait for you in the path of your judgments your name, and your Renown is the desire of our hearts. He redeems us because he loves us and when he redeems us our responses to make much of him to glorify him to make his name known and finally Boaz redeems Ruth so that he would provide Offspring with her. How's the kinsman-redeemer this is part of his job to produce a child with the woman. He redeems at the continue the family lineage. In this case. It seems to happen very quickly. This is important because it's the responsibility of the kinsman-redeemer, but it's important even beyond that because through this child would come Jesus through this child would come the Messiah this unbelievable Act of sacrificial love from Boaz to Ruth would produce the Redeemer that would redeem all of humanity. You and I are called to follow in the way of Jesus. He loves you. He loves me in spite of your Brokenness in spite of all of the sin in your life. And it is many for every one of us in this room. He loves us in spite of that. He calls us and he redeems us and when he saves he does so so that we might be made into His Image so that we might glorify him so that we might make his name great and when that happen he calls us to be deployed to go out on mission to help others to reproduce in essence that others would know the name of our good God would be redeemed in the same way and adopted into his kingdom. So what are we doing response to all of this? What is our response first? We need to know that Jesus loves us. He chases us as Sally lloyd-jones says his love is a never-ending never stopping never giving up kind of love its Relentless. It's passionate. From the moment the god walked into the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve sinned and God Cried Out Adam. Where are you from that moment until now God has been chasing us because of his great love for us. Our response to him should reflect his love. We should love each other and we should love him the way he loves us. If the Christ has he redeemed you has He restored you if you come to the place in your own life where you acknowledge the depth of your Brokenness the depth of your sin and you would ask Christ to forgive you to redeem you to make you his own. If you come to the place in your life where you have died to yourself like we talked about a few minutes ago. traded your send saturated life for his Redemption. If you're here this morning and you are a believer in Jesus, we ask you to examine your life if you are following him is your life marked by obedience and faithfulness and passionate pursuit of God. From the very beginning our lives are to be marked by these things when we choose to follow Christ. He says repent on the name of the laurrapin. May the Lord Jesus Christ and be baptized, right? We begin our walk with Jesus by loving him by being obedient to him. Do you need to begin right there? Are you a follower of Jesus but you've never been biblically baptized or anywhere along the way. Are you following him Faithfully communicating your love for him your desire for him is your relationship with Christ marked by apathy or passion faithfulness or lethargy? He loves you in ways that we cannot quantify and my verbage is not enough to declare. We love him in the same sort of way.

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