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Good morning. We doing okay today. Good mornings Will Campbell. I'm not my Caffrey's much shorter version of him. I am the youth pastor here at Brainerd Baptist as you guys could tell that we had a big weekend this weekend with the disciple now and I think that the more and more that I see kind of God working amongst our students and and using weekends like this. It's making me more aware of just how blessed as a Ministry that we really are and let me explain that just a tad number one. It's becoming more and more evidence of me. Just what a privilege it is to serve in this church event to be your youth pastor. But also I want to thank you guys because it's not just a privilege to serve but it's also a privilege to be empowered by you guys to serve the way that God called us to is a youth ministry and the only way that we're able to do things like this is by you guys believing in our mission and giving towards the cause. And so thank you so much for what you do. I'm excited even just this weekend are students are growing up in a culture where You know, it says that truth is relative and that Grace is something to be abused. And so this weekend are students. The entire time of this this Retreat we're confronted with the gospel in that and so some cool things happen. Everybody has every family has past times. They have hobbies that they do things that make them the family things that make them unique whether it be camping or fishing or bowling or sports for that matter. I don't really know any like what are some like girl ones? I was actually having this conversation with it. I was raised in a home of boys. Like I don't want to be ignorant and say like a pastime of you guys will be a hobby of everybody painting their nails like that's not right like rollerblading. I don't know. I'm not really sure for my family the thing that really made us kind of distinct as we love movies and it's not a competition but like we love movies weigh more than your family does like Competition, but if it was we win every time a lot of my Fondest Memories growing up, you know going to a lot of comic book and Star Wars premiere some of my Fondest Memories were, you know, listening into conversations of grown men who were talking about how they made their homemade lightsabers and their mom's basement, you know, good memories of showing up to movies, you know, an hour earlier 45 minutes and we're the only one in the theater for probably about at least 45 minutes of that. That was us my dad going in fighting people outside in the parking lot. Do they talk in the movie that ever actually happened but he did confront some people and it was crazy. It was really nuts. I was like my dad about to go down the wheel of I mean just love movies no more than I thought on I thought on him or just over the past week. I've been thinking about illustrations. I just got to realize for my family. We primarily bonded over sitting in a dark room and not talking to Each other for about 2 hours at a time, which is great. Sometimes you need that and we did other things as well. But today were finishing up the Book of Ruth and this book is is kind of a crowd favorite for a lot of you and I think that may be part of the reason that this is a crowd favorite is because although it is stuck in the Old Testament and just the midst of a lot of Chaos in war and death and just craziness. It's this romantic kind of story romantic movie kind of thing. That's very unique. It's very unique. It's almost kind of life for black of a better term like a chick flick and in and I say this ladies that is not with a negative connotation. I personally love a good romantic comedy. My wife can tell you my favorite movie growing up was actually hitch even to the point that my dad was a little bit concerned because of how many times I watched it, but it's almost like this romantic movie and then one of the things that we know about movies and we know about Chorizos all good stories and all good movies all have a very clear plot line and progression all of them do and Ruth more so than a lot of other books in the Bible fits that mandate so in order to walk through and recap where we've been over the past five weeks will be than this will be the fifth week that were in route and one of the walkthrough just very quickly the plot line of progression of Ruth just to catch us up to speed. Would you have probably quite a few visitors today and I don't want you feeling left out. So the first thing that we see in a story like this is we see Exposition and conflict. This is the setting who the story involves and the issue that primarily drives the plot forward and chapter 1 were introduced to the characters of Naomi and elimelech. I mean find them in the midst of rebellion. The Rebellion that they're committing is that they have left Bethlehem, and they have moved to Moab. It called them not to live there not to Cohen. Abbott. Place with that people group and because of the fact that there was famine and they were worried there would be food. They forgot that God was faithful that he provided for his people and they left while they're there and I'm going to try to save these names correctly. I Googled and like at the YouTube turn to tell me how to say these words their two sons now on my loan, that's what it is not alone. That sounds better and Chilean Mary moabite women orpha and Ruth the conflict really sets in here whenever elimelech dies the father and patriarch of this family dies and not just that but shortly after he dies his two sons also died leaving Naomi Ruth and orpah as widows. These women not only had no Sons or daughters with them we're bored of them, but they also had no prevision. This is so bad in this cultural context, but they are considered cursed. They're considered a curse at the end of chapter one. We see Naomi make the decision to move back to Bethlehem and two tries to convince the girls or daughter-in-laws, but they don't need to go with her that they need to start their own life going to have a new beginning and their Homeland after much convincing orpha consent and she obliges and after have a tearful acts that she's gone. But Ruth on the other hand remains faithful to Naomi and Ruth won judge Ruth, 1:16. You can look it up and verse 16. You see this beautiful exchange between Ruth and Naomi were with essentially says where you go I go your people will be my people and you are God will be my God. The second thing that we see in stories is the rising action in the rising action is the building movement towards the eventual climax in Chapter 2. We see roof trying to help provide for her and Naomi and she starts working in this field essentially pick up scraps as a slave, but she ends up Boaz is filled a man in Boaz Boaz figures out who Ruth and Naomi are and what Ruth it done for now me and as a result since Ruth home with like a Year's worth of food all kinds of food since her home with it, which is awesome huge huge tangible representation of God providing for these two women, but that's not all there is Boaz also turns out being a family Redeemer ends up being a relative that has the ability to redeem Ruth and Naomi when I mean by redeem is this it has some kind of station in regards to being bought. They had the ability to buy or to acquire but more than that. It was the aspect of them being able to provide for and to give value to God set this system up of redemption for widows to take care of women who didn't have anything or any provision and Bella has happened to be that for them. But it to be a redeemer in the Old Testament. God have three Qualities and this is alliteration. I like this. Imma try to remember all three of these are the first thing that Our Redeemer had to have is the right. They had to be next in line in the family line to be able to redeem this particular person or family. The second thing they had to have was the resources. They had to have the money to acquire even filled or people but also had to have the resources to be able to just saying providing for this family over the Long Haul. The last thing they had to have was the resolve they had to have the desire to redeem this be these people. They had to have the desire in chapter 3 receive route under Naomi's instruction essentially proposed to Boaz. There's this whole scene in the threshing floor with a little shady and weird. I'm really glad I'm not preaching on that. They gave me just the end the last 6 vs. But but there's this whole scene. We're Ruth essentially proposes to Boaz. And Boaz can sense he says I would absolutely do this. But then we find out Boaz says that there's actually a redeemer ahead of me was actually a man that has the right to redeem you guys before I do this will like to call a good old-fashioned plot twist. This is the plot twist that we see in this book last week. We look at the climax of the story in chapter 4 in the climax of Ruth. We see in chapter 4 Boaz confront this family Redeemer that had the right ahead of him this family Redeemer who we figured out last week doesn't even have a name. Like I'm sure you had a name but he's not even named in the course of scripture is showing significant that he's not even named but this family the Redeemer you had the right denies his right? And the reason that he denies his right is not because he's intimidated by Boaz or anything like that. It's because of the fact that he saw a Naomi and Ruth is a liability. Is too big of a risk it was too big of a financial Endeavor and he says now I'm going to pass on that Boaz in a moment of passion declares his love for Ruth and his commitment to redeem both Ruth and Naomi The Crowd that had gathered the witnesses as it says in this book the witnesses who have gathered are in awe of what they just saw and they celebrate it. They cope crazy. This leads us to also in chapter 4 the following apps action in the falling action. We see in 1 verse and verse 13 and then understand this the progression of this book so far. I mean one chapters been devoted to days or a night or seen you in a particular set of hours in 1 verse we see Boaz. Marry Ruth and have a child with Ruth Ruth. Ruth pretty quick. It goes pretty quickly. So that's the falling action. As we close out this book today where we find ourselves at the resolution. This is where the conflict has been resolved in a bow is being tied on top of the story. This is the last five to ten minutes in a movie and if you're like me, this is where if you're going to get emotional this is the point where you're getting a little bit emotional because of where the story is landing with that being said, we also get the bonus of an end credit scene. We get the bonus of an end credit scene today whenever I say that some of you guys know what I'm talking about, but some of you don't all the Marvel Studios is not the first person or the first company to actually do in credit scenes there actually a company that's really made them famous. Some of the guys know what I'm talking about when I say end credit scene. I mean the movie is practically over it's it's completely over and the lights come on credits roll, but then there's another senior in some cases to scenes some of you don't know that because you're a rookie moviegoers and you leave whenever the lights turned on just how it is. I'm telling you right now, especially in Marvel movies. There's an end credit scene in with the end credit scene serves as it's an opportunity to point the story that you just saw to the bigger story. To the greater narrative, that's about to take place in the first Avengers movie. The one that I remember the most introduced at the end of the movie the end credit scene and introduce the character of Thanos Thanos is not like the biggest baddest Marvel bad guy in every single thing that we have seen to this point after it being introduced to this character has pointed to him coming in fighting the Avengers this summer. I believe in May on May 2nd really excited about that could be off on that may be like May 5th. Actually they make it move it back to April but the end credit scene connects the story to the bigger story to the greater narrative today. What I hope is this out that you're encouraged by this particular story of God's provision and faithful love but I also pray that we would miss the greater narrative that's at hand that we would catch that that we would see that scripture is full of stories about us. It's full of stories that inspire. It gives us a sense of hope gives us a sense of belonging, but if the stories that we read and we study don't elicit heart change these stories. We missed the point of them, and we've heard the stories in vain and so today at the resolution of this story would I pray that we would see is this if we claim to follow Jesus we have to trust Jesus. I pray that we would lead with that conviction today that if we claim to follow Jesus. We also must trust Jesus. If you have not already open up your Bible to Ruth chapter 4. We're going to be in verses 14 through 17. The end in whenever we stand here in a second. I'm only going to have you guys staying for 2 versus so you're welcome for that. Especially my students receive you sleeping here in a second. If you guys would go on and stand up for the reading of God's word. If you are able to be reading out of the csb, that's what's going to be on the screen. This is what it says in verse 14 the women said to Naomi blessed be the Lord who has not left you without a family Redeemer today May his name become well-known and Israel. He will renew your life and sustain you in your old age indeed your daughter-in-law who loves you and is better to you than seven sons has given birth to him. Let's pray Jesus you're good. I pray that in this text. We would see the gospel and I pray that and seeing the gospel changes. We love you. We thank you for Jesus. We pray these things in his name. Amen. Point number one for today is very simple. Jesus is for you. Point number one. Jesus is for you. This verse starts out with these women these women who have seen what God has done. They approached her and they say blessed be the Lord. It was not left without a family Redeemer today. There's some debate on what that Redeemer actually is if it is Boaz, or if it so bad that there's many men and women who've debated this that are much more intelligent than I am until the real at the realities. I don't know but at the same time I would tend to lean towards the meaning of Obed that's just my stance on it. But with that being said regardless if it's Boaz or and if it is overhead, we know for a fact that they're not directly or referring to God you're not referring to God. However, this child Obed to this family in this community represents in large part God's faithfulness that represents God's provision for a family. This child was a miracle and it was proved to an entire Community but not only did God love them and provided sovereignly, but he did not abandon them. This is what it provide. Which shows this community don't miss this and this verse of 14. We see the contrast of how this story began, you know, we start with Ruth and we start with Naomi we start with death we start with this spare and we see the contrast about where we've landed. If you see here we see the summation of redemption if you will God is taking this family from Death To Life. He's taking them from Death To Life. He's taking them from emptiness to fullness from bitterness to happiness, and he is taking them from despair to Hope The question that I have for us is this as we begin, how do we view this statement? Jesus is for you. How do we view this statement in a healthy biblical way? How do we do that? I didn't the first thing that we have to say is this this story that we're looking at is not prescriptive. Jesus being for us does not always pan out this way and more often than not Jesus being forced doesn't pan out this way for us as followers of Jesus. We have to remember that not only is suffering or persecution not uncommon and the gospel was promised. It's something that Jesus literally tells us that's going to happen. But Jesus being force is not a circumstantial statement. It's bigger than the now it transcends the now It's it's an objective statement then but then what do we say about heartache? What do we say about Brokenness? What we say about suffering that we seen a passage like this. The real answer to that question is this I'm not really sure obviously I think that we have to allow the word of God to shape the way that we see a fresh in the way that we see her to let me see Brokenness, but at the same time here's the reality of this room right now. There are some of you in this room that relate more to Ruth not at the beginning but around at the end of the beginning some of you in this room or walking in the midst of Brokenness in a lot of hurt and and I could very easily spot on a few verse and I'm going to here in a second, but the reality for you is this your in the midst of it and for us is a church. The point is not for us to say certain things to do encourage you but also to walk alongside of you, but with that being said, we have to draw a confidence we have to draw our perspective from the word of God. I love and John know Jesus is walking down the street with his disciples is walking down the road and they come across this man born blind since birth and the disciples asked this question 2. That's it reveals kind of a stigma or a misconception about Sin and they asked Jesus who sinned this man would be born blind his mother and father did he said and Jesus says this I love this. He says neither one this came about to the gods Works might be displayed in them. This came about to that guy's Works might be displayed in him. What would it look like for you and me to have that type of perspective especially in regard to adversity, especially in regard to Brokenness that were walking through right now. They got might use this in a way that displays his glory and even works out for our good. The reality is this I don't I don't think that there's a guarantee of what that looks like. I don't know exactly if there's a cookie-cutter away, but that's going to be displayed and you and me but I will say this I was convicted as I was studying this and I was even asking the same question for myself as saying God like if I'm thrown in this situation not just standing from a Pulpit saying this but also walking through some of this what's my reaction

And I think that would guy trying to do to me was he showed me the only way that I'm going to be okay with that regardless of the way it looks is whenever I have a bigger view of God than I do of myself and whenever I prioritize God's purposes over my preferences. I think that's the only way that we can guarantee the fact that even regardless of what's happening these going to be okay. We're going to be good pulse beats the destiny. I see saw this in the missions in that moment, but in Romans 8:28 Paul says this for we know all things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purposes. Paul is communicating and encouraging us by the fact that God will use all things literally all things broken is he will use heartache he will use the things that you could have never imagined happy, but now you're living in them and impulse saying that as as God moves for the believer we can have confidence of those things are are actually for our good somehow and that's extremely encouraging but at the same time as it's been encouraging I also want to just caution. It's because I think sometimes we take versus like that and we describe them to everyone universe is like that or versus like Jeremiah 29:11, and we use this is kind of tongue-in-cheek references of scripture that encourage everybody and here's the reality of this if this piece of scripture, it's exclusive to the body of Christ. This statement is not for everyone this statement Miss May kind of come off strong, but it's true. This statement is for those who do love God and are called according to his purposes. So yes brother and sister in the room, who knows that you followed Jesus and you're committed and that following be encouraged by that. But at the same time if you don't know where you fall on that where you fall is really kind of the determining Factor whether or not that's encouraging or not. But with that being said the statement that we began with only encourage you with this the statement we began with today. Jesus is for you. That's not an exclusive statement. It's not that's an inclusive statement every single one of you in this room regardless of who you are regardless of what you do what you've done that statement applies to you when I mean by that is this Jesus is for you and the fact that he desires our Redemption. He desires your salvation. He desires for you to grow in the likeness to him as you continue to grow in love with him. One of my best friends growing up. His name is Josh Collins. I don't know if I should have said that since we're recording this but Josh and I were really really good friends growing up. He really did everything together. We put on the same sports teams. We live in the same neighborhood. We went to church together school together the whole gamut some of you guys to know my story that you know that I walk through a pretty significant just. Of rebellion in my wife my Junior and Senior year of high school some pretty significant Rebellion from my family also Rebellion from just the guy that I claim to know and Josh was along for the ride and all of that Josh and I got into a lot of trouble together, but God called me out of that really reminded me of who he is and who I was called to be right before College. I submitted to God's Authority in that way. Josh did not yet. I got so bad. I probably won't my sophomore year college now so fresh. I was praying for Josh and a pretty daily basis and I don't remember got fresh as far as like I'm done praying like you're not going to do anything and just like Typically does with me like literally the same week that I'm done with it. I get a call from Josh and Josh is like a message to let you know I gave my life to Jesus for real for real and I'm going to need help walking this out. I just what God does but about a year ago. I remember having this conversation with Josh and I was just asking what you said Josh like what changed like what shift it in your mind what changed and he said Destiny said I got to a point where I realized that the things and then kind of like all the mishap and it happened in my life. We're all ramifications of my behavior. It wasn't. It wasn't God, you know smiting me or it was the fact that it was my own doing. He saw stop running away from God when I realized that the guy wasn't against me he was for me. I think that we see that it's one of my favorite stories in scripture in John A and some of you guys are familiar with this story and John a we see Jesus teaching at this Temple and he has a huge crowd around him in a huge crowd and all of a sudden you hear another crowd of folks coming towards me hear yelling and screaming and cursing and you hear people just yelling out make way and all the sudden the crowd parts and they throw this woman in the center of the temple the this woman who has been beating his bloodied up is bruised or hair's a mess. She's naked. She's crying. Slobber all over and they look at Jesus. They say Jesus. This woman was just caught in the act of adultery. And the law that Moses our forefather gave us tells us the weirdest Stone her on the spot. So what are you say Jesus? What do you say teacher? You got an answer for everything else. What do you say? Jesus never does anything that makes sense in the moment tells Parables. They don't make sense. Jesus bends down and he starts riding on the on the sand search riding somehow. Nobody's riding scripture doesn't tell us I've no idea and I'm not going to be bold enough to say this. I don't know. Guys are getting even more Angry. What do you say?

Jesus stands up and you look at these guys and he says, how about this? How about you? If not send how about you throw the first stone? goes back Denzel start writing in the sand again. Things become quiet and all of a sudden you hear the pitter-patter of feet walking away. Before you know it. There's no one else there. Jesus looks at this morning and he says One of you can dingy. looking dingy and she looks at Jesus and she goes No, one more and he says that he says neither do I? Go and sin no more. Price of the body of Christ we hear that story. We understand this woman absolutely absolutely would have to come to grips with her sin. She absolutely would have to come to terms their lifestyle. But what had the ability to set this woman free was the realization that God was not distant that God was not Malicious towards are the guide was not condemning her what had the ability to shut this woman free was the fact that God was present. That that that God loved her that God turned away cruel men who wanted to harm her and that God was for her. This is what gave her the ability for that even to be a possibility for her to walk and send no more. We have to trust Jesus but the first step and trusting Jesus is realizing that he's for us Point. Number two is this we are made to make him known if you see the second part of that verse 14. It says this may his name become well-known and Israel. One of the primary ways that our trust in Jesus is embodied is by making him known as a church where you said this type of Evangelistic push right beat the Great Commission is in our DNA some of you guys haven't memorized some of you guys have it tattooed on you somewhere. We we love this. This is who we are we are disciplemakers, right? We see the Great Commission not as a suggestion of Jesus would be a nice thing. If you wouldn't make disciples we see it as a mandate from our King. We don't do this at the church out of being a what's the word. I'm looking for right now starts with the c convenience. Thank you Jay. Boscia. We don't do this out of convenience. We do this out of necessity. Because we know that this is a mandate from our King. But with that being said, I think there's something unique In this passage about how we go about doing that how we go about making God's name known and I think that what we see here the aspect that unique is this we do that by our worship of him. We do that by our worship Him and 14a the beginning of this verse starts with these women saying blessed be the Lord these women were saying something that's commonly found in the Old Testament found in Psalms a time. I think that Andrew actually run it on stage this morning already, but it's this common phrase of adoration for God and don't miss this. It's not just of what he's done. It's not just we praise God and we worship him for what he's done more than anything. We worship God for who he is before he's done anything before he's redeemed anything. God deserves our worship because he's God That's it. We also see in the latter part of that verse that says may his name become well-known and Israel again. I think of this is not Boaz news about Obed. But remember this child represent more than just the Redemption of Ruth and Naomi and he represents more than just the love of Boaz this child represent the Sovereign provision in love of God into this child point. It's the god in his goodness time and time again. And this whole sequence of events is laced with worship. But what do I mean when I say worship? What do I mean by that? It's absolutely what we just got done doing we know singing and praising God. We just got done doing corporately but works its way more than that worships far more than worship is a lifestyle worship is a posture that we walk in day in and day out first Corinthians. 10:31 says this it says whatever your hands find to do, whatever whether you eat or you drink do all things for the glory of God with this is communicating to us is this even the most mundane of tasks communicates what you believe about the God that you serve Even the most mundane ataska municate what we believe about the guy that we serve. So that means the way that we parents communicates the way that we see God the way that we have friendships the way that we work the way that we play sports the way that we do school. I tell our students ages at the time whenever I was living in the FCA world. It's all my students. Listen, you may not be the brightest and we got some smart, but you may not be the brightest and you may not be the most athletic but Christian Student should absolutely be the hardest working because their work is under God and that's for us. That's what that's what 1st Corinthians 10:31 and Shay. And honestly whenever we live that way when we walk in a posture of worship, it's crazy because what will happen naturally is it will evoke conversation and questions about why we live the way that we do and then who do we serve I'm not saying that that's that's a blueprint like it's going to happen every single time or demand a but more often are not in my life conversations like that has been a vote naturally riding to meet his walking up and see how hard I just worked for God, but the typically doesn't happen probably going to say that but with that being said our responsibility is the body of Christ whenever we have opportunities like that is to have those conversations and to be as gospel gospel explicit as we can. We have to be able to leave the gospel one of those moments.

Do things that I want you to see you really quickly? About worship is this number one worships predicated out of thankfulness again, not just of what God's done. But also more importantly who he is thankfulness is huge in the life of the believer in the reason that it's so big is because it's connected so intimately with our faithfulness thankfulness. Sorry thankfulness is connected to our faithful since that's where I'm really struggling right there not faithlessness faithful were full of faith. Friend try this one more time. Our thankfulness is so intimately connected with our faithfulness there. I got it right this time. If you look at the. Of time that this book is written. It's in the midst of a lot of rebellion for the Israelites. I mean by this point, they are professional idolaters. They are professional rebello's every time that God Saves them and redeems them they give themselves to another God in a way that God calls them back time and time again, he typically uses the same pattern. This is a pattern that he uses you first reminds them of who he is and then he reminds them of what he has done for them is a people and then lastly he reminds them in View and in light of who he is and what he has done for them who they are called to be as a people. I'm afraid that when we forget who God is and the things that he's done for us we end up settling for puny Gods we end up settling for unfaithfulness that we walk in consistently just like the Israelites and even if you look at the way that this story began with Ruth and Naomi all of this started the conflict was predicated out of faithlessness. They forgot the guy that they serve would provide for them and they left the land that he told them not to leave. But if you see the end of this store you see Naomi worshipping because God reminded her of who he was and what he would do for them. The second thing that I want you to see is the fact that you were affections are connected to what you worship and I'll be honest with you. This is a little bit more of a liberty of my eye. This is this is seeing the text. I think that also this is something as I was studying this I was just like, you know what I keep thinking and and praying on this but your affections are connected to what you worship and what I mean by that is this what What stores you reveals what you worship what stirs you reveals what you worship these women in this story. We're both physically and emotionally and visibly they were stirred by what got it done. Every one of us has stirred by something whether it's healthy or unhealthy every single one of us to start buy something for those of you who know me really? Well, you know that I'm from Knoxville. I'm from Knoxville, which also by default makes me a huge Tennessee fan. Okay. I'm a huge Tennessee football fan. And if you know anything about Tennessee football you realize that just like Naomi change her name to Bitter that is that's also for me over the past 10 years whenever Taylor and I got married. Little over two years ago. Yep, two years ago whenever Taylor and I got married a little over two years ago. Tennessee was supposed to be really good in football like really good. It was our coming-out party. We were supposed to just dominate the SEC East and when it but also we're supposed to be a dark horse to the college football playoff and none of that happened, but I was really excited. I was really jazzed up about the season that was circling one particular game on my schedule. It was the Oklahoma game Oklahoma was coming to Knoxville. We were checkering that the entire stadium is the first time we ever did that and it was going to be awesome. I go to the game Taylor I go to the game. We see a lot of bad stuff ball on ball crying whenever we started losing and what ended up happening was Tennessee blew a 17 point lead in the 4th quarter. That night my wife have been asleep for two hours and I'm just in bed stewing guy and being vulnerable with you guys. I'm stewing and I'm thinking of every play that we just messed up in God and the way that he does with me not audibly not like he came in the room and said this but just the way that he does with me. He said we'll This is ridiculous. And I said what? Cuz you know, this is ridiculous. He said You get so easily stirred and emotional essentially about 18 and 19 year old boys running around in Tidal orange pants.

and I said Lord when you say it like that that makes a lot of sense that makes a lot of sense and the thing that I want to tell you is this that's something that God has shown me over the past two years more and more and if I can speak this my wife and probably this more goddess progressively Anna getting progressively alleviated that in me know my father-in-law sitting over there. He has seen me angry over the past year and show like he could say, well you can you still struggle with that. But the same time I got is progressively taking that for me to wear eye care a little bit less. And the reason I'm telling you that is this I think that there's an issue for us as the body of Christ when we are more comfortable and easily stirred on in a setting like a Saturday night football game or a concert or or whatever. Then we are worshipping with the body of Christ with our family. I think there's an issue there. Here's the thing. I'll look in a second. I know that might actually think said this or spoke to this last week, but in 2nd Samuel 6, there's the story of King David and King David's bringing the Ark of the Covenant back in and in a lost it and now they have it back and he's dancing so hard that he's losing clothing and losing clothing and it says that his wife Saul's daughter the previous King's Daughter sees him and hates him for it and when he comes in she looks at him and she rebukes him and what David says She says that she says My Worship was under God the same God that chose me over your father and your entire family to lead his people and if my worship is unto God, I will learn dignify myself even further. I tell you that not because I'm trying to make a blanket statement about worship. I would not be bold enough or ignorant to think there is a a blueprint of the way that you worship at. Everybody should just because you're someone in this room in your little bit more charismatic in your approach to worship it in your little bit more. Like I'm a raise my hands. I'm a thug my eyes and I'm going to sway in a way. They bothers a few folks. That's fine. But that doesn't mean that you're in a solid foundation with Christ. That doesn't mean that you're right with Jesus and just because you're a little bit more stoic in your approach that also doesn't mean that you're far from guy doesn't work like that. The thing that I'm trying to say is this, you know yourself You know yourself and you know, what sturge? What sturgeon? And what does that reveal about what you worship and what you prioritize? We must trust Jesus and when we do we realize that we were made to make him known and we do that in part with a posture of worship. The last point and very quickly Point number 3. Jesus is enough. Jesus is enough. Funny read for you verse 15 through 22. It says this he will renew your life and sustain you in your old age indeed your daughter-in-law who loves you is better to you than seven sons. And he is giving birth to him Naomi took the child Place him on her lap and became is Nanny. The neighbor women said son has been born to Naomi and they named him Obed. The name Jamil bad. There's two words really stick out in this these few versus especially in verse 15. The first word is renew. The second one is sustained renew for for Ruth and Naomi is this God gave them what new life like literally the new life of a child. He gave them new life. He gave them new purpose and making his name known and he gave them also a new identity. They were no longer the subject of bitterness or poverty. They had family they had abundance they belong now, As it pertains to us this renewing aspect in our faith. One of the things we've had our students studying. This weekend is 2nd Corinthians 5 and what 2nd Corinthians 5:17 says is this therefore if anyone is in Christ there a new creation. Look the oldest passed in the newest come what Paul is saying yours this if you claim to be in Christ, you're made New York completely made new and not just are you made new but you're made new in such a way where you're visibly different. For us to think that we could have the spirit of the Living God inside of us and then not changes his comical. It tells us that we are New Creations in Christ if what that does for the believer is this we no longer have the luxury of saying well, that's just how I am. This is just how I was brought up. I'm just a product of my environment and then to know you are a very fluid term addiction hitch, but you are a very fluid term you are who God has called you to be you are who God is making you to be we can't we can't rest on that anymore because we're New Creations and not just to renew Creations. If you see in that passage, you see we are also giving new purpose and being meant ministers of reconciliation to a world who is not yet experienced Our God's kindness yet. Second word. Is this sustained Ruth and Naomi in the hardest moments of their lives. God gave them just enough to make it physically spiritually and emotionally even physically Obed this miracle child is evidence of that. He would physically sustain the name and the heritage of this family. He would push it Forward sustained for us this concept of God sustaining us as followers of Jesus has more than just circumstantial or physical implications, but it has huge spiritual ones for each of us who claim to know him. Jesus is enough and he will sustain us. How do we know that? Jesus is enough and you will see as how do we know that how can we have hope in that and that's something that we have to wrestle with this followers of Jesus. And this is what I've come to over the past week or two we can have hope that Jesus is enough and he'll sustain us because he has to because he has to it and what I mean by that is not that he owes it to us got absolutely does not owe us redemption or salvation. But when I mean by that is this he has to because we can't do it on our own you cannot work hard enough. You cannot do enough to earn your salvation or or or the goodness of that. You can't learn that please hear me. If you're in this room, like I feel a little bit of bad about the worship thing. It's not saying that I'm telling you put that on the checklist to make sure you do this. Some of that God is changing in us, but just like Ruth and Naomi had nothing to offer got her Boaz and nothing to offer but wise just like that. We have nothing to offer God. And anything that we do have is what God is actually provided for us. That's that's all we happy as a sustained. It's because that's the only way it's going to happen. I told you guys about the Redeemer in the cultural context and to have the right they had to have the resources and their resolve. Jesus had all three of those Jesus had all three of those things. He had the right as the Son of God. He had the resources and his perfect. Holy life and he had the resolve because he loves us Jesus purchased our lives on the cross that we deserve. That's what he did. But what God does he doesn't promise us just to save us and then just to leave us to figure it out. That's not what God does God sustains us because what he promises is to save us and then to give us his word to God has to give us his his Spirit to empower us to become the men and the women that he's called us to be in to do the things that he's called us to do and then he's also given us his grace to Hold Us in those moments where we have failed miserably

He has to. We don't have hope outside of it. God will sustain this because and only because he is good and faithful and only because of that will we make it to the end of this journey the God of this story is the same one that we serve today. Jesus is enough and we have to trust him.

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