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series through the story of The Exodus in the Old Testament
There's three themes we introduced last week or calling this series Redemption because there's three themes to redemption or Jesus purchases our freedom and there's Deliverance switches mention where he frees us from our sin.
And in in the story of The Exodus you see God's people being freed from an oppressor and pharaoh and the Egyptians in Jesus in Redemption.
So we see the theme of deliverance.
We also see the theme of ransomware.
There's a penalty and a price paid for our freedom Jesus endure the Wrath on the cross that you and I deserve to endure.
And in the same way there was a price paid to even with the firstborn and other flags as as God ransomed his people from the hand of pharaoh.
And finally one of the themes that you don't always think about as much but is this theme of renewal in that in in God rescuing his people from Egypt?
He's renewing his Covenant with Abraham.
He's remembering it because he's going to take them into the land that he promised to give them as you bring some out of Egypt and in the same way that Jesus promises to renew us to make us new 2 to renew all of his creation and faxing Corinthians.
5:17 says if you've trusted Christ, you are a new creation and it makes us new Deliverance Ransom and renewal they're all parts or themes or lenses of redemption.
And The Exodus the book of The Exodus is in many ways really it is an extended.
The rest of the Bible is an extended interpretation of this book because all of it points forward to Jesus.
So that let me pray and then we're going to dive in right away in Exodus chapter 1 and we're going to move forward here in our serious together sound good.
Thank you for Jesus and we thank you for your word.
We thank you for your work rescuing your people Jesus both on the cross.
And also as we get to read about back in the Old Testament from Egypt.
Is that really for shouted and pointed forward to everything that you would do for us?
So I pray even as we begin now to unpack the text and to look at these things Holy Spirit.
Would you working away in such a way that that our hearts sense your work since your Redemption of us and even for those maybe Jesus haven't trusted you your call upon their life to trust you.
I pray against the enemy has servants their works and their facts.
Jesus is the same.
We read about here who keeps people in bondage who holds them under affliction.
Instead of you free us completely.
Teachers from your word today make us new in Jesus name.
Hey, man.
This morning.
We're going to see God's people living under Affliction, but prior to that.
If you open up to the Book of Exodus, you see that there's kind of an introductory part of exit if you can see this in Hebrew the first word in Hebrew, do you know what it is?
it's and because it's a continuation of everything that happened in Genesis.
It's the conjunction conjunction for the word.
And so in other words that that's why Simon read that and these are the names of the sons of Israel who came to Egypt with Jacob in Egypt and there are there any jump the came with Jacob Israel did each with his own house called Ruben it list of Jacob's sons here Ruben Simeon Levi and Judah is cecar Zebulon Benjamin, Dan and naphtali get out and ask her all the descendants of Jacob.
We're 70 persons.
Joseph was already in Egypt.
How in the world did they end up from Israel in Egypt last week, but I think it's worth repeating just so we have an understanding of what's going on here.
And by the way at this time, it says that in the end of that passes Riverside that that all the descendants of Jacob for 70 persons.
In other words, there were 70 people in the beginning of the time.
We're Gods before it needs if there was seventy of them in total.
But how did they get there?
We got it back up to Genesis and then we talked about it last week with God calling Abraham in Genesis 12:1.
He was 75 years old.
He called him to leave everything he knew when to follow him.
And what's that called?
He gave him three promises.
Remember those he said I'm going to make your name great and I'm going to bless you and make other people make your name.
I'm going to make you into a a great nation.
I'm going to make you give you many many descendants Abraham, by the way, when you receive this promise was 75 and had no kids.
But I'm going to give you a lot of descendants Abraham and then he's going to give him a great land named great Nations great land and what we're seeing here in Exodus is God for continuing to fulfill these promises to Abraham.
His name is clearly great.
He's got a great name, right?
We're still talking about in 4,000 years later.
So that's been fulfilled and is still being fulfilled.
I mean how many other guys for thousand years old if you read about recently not many chances are in 4,000 years.
Not many people read about you.
Well chances are they won't read about me.
I know that.
And what about a great nation?
What we're going to see here is that in Egypt?
God keeps his promise of making them into a great nation.
What's the weather plays out we start with Abraham going to give you a little synopsis of his family tree to help you understand what's going on how we get to Egypt is there was Abraham Abraham's in love with this woman named Sarah his wife or Sarah.
Her name later becomes and Abraham and Sarah were promised to have many descendants 2 have a son and in their old age 25 years after that promise and Isaac and Isaac sacrifice Isaac sacrifice him, but you can read about the murder of a guy named Bessie.
Well, and she had a brother named leben.
Just file that away for a second cuz when I come back to that but Isaac and Rebekah have two sons Esau and Jacob and they have the second most dysfunctional family and the Old Testament a lot of ways on Jacobs in my opinion and Esau and Jacob if you think your kids, how many do you have a brother or sister?
Never argue with him just a little bit.
You get it you go.
I will check this out.
And Jacob were twins.
Did you know they're born at the same time and they started fighting before they even got out of their mother's womb.
In fact when they were born the text tells us that Jacob was holding onto Esau's heel.
They were in the middle of a battle royale when it was time to come out.
I got brought them out and they were wrestling all the way out and it never stopped and they continue to fight and battle with one another well to the point that he's thought eventually comes home one day and he's just starving.
So I know how old was it was a teenager and cooking some soup chicken give me some of that soup and Jacobs like will give me your Birthright.
You're the first one.
Give me your Birthright.
And it always about to die who needs a Birthright.
That's what he says in Genesis.
And so he sells himself his younger brother Jacob his Birthright for some soup.
well, then, of course, he saw after he gets his wits about him and he has some food in his stomach and he can think straight gets really angry with himself and with his brother and they continue to battle with one another and then I told you there was some dysfunction there just as you have fighting with your siblings that doesn't mean this function that's just normal, but that battle ensued and they drew their parents into it to the point that when Isaac was old and his eyes were failing the text tells us Esau went off.
He told his son Eastside to go get some things to prepare for him a meal that he loved.
So he saw goes off to hunt into to find what he needs to make this meal and Rebecca his wife over here.
Is that so does Jacob and she calls Jacob it says Jacob.
Listen, we're going to deceive your dad.
healthy relationship and so is she tells him what she's going to do.
I'm going to cook the meal you're going to go into him and then he's going to bless you because he's about to die then you'll get his Blessing.
She helps him deceive his dad.
And so that's what happens and he goes in and it was a very hairy man.
So he puts a goat skins on his arms in case his father reaches out, you know to feel him to make sure there's actually hair on his arms and skin.
It said jacob.
Dead will Jacob continues the seething in fact his name means Deceiver.
Well, let's keep going Jacob falls in love with this girl named Rachel.
He runs into her while they're both feeding their flocks.
She's a shepherd and he sees her and the as close as I can say the Bible verse that says it was like love at first sight.
I love that woman and then so he gets to know where he finds out her husband or her father.
Excuse me is Laban and so it Jacob goes to Layman Lathan.
And ask him for his daughters raped daughter Rachel's hand in marriage license has great.
I'd love to give it to you that be fantastic.
You're one of our Kinsmen.
You just need to work for me for 7 years.
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