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Westside what they doing are they turn from your evil ways have changed his mind about the Calamity that he has said he would bring upon them and he did not do it but this was very displeasing to Jonah and he became angry he pray to the Lord and said, oh Lord is not this what I said while I was still in my own country. That is why I fled to tarshish at the beginning, but I know that you are a gracious God and merciful slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and right to relent from punishing. I know. Oh Lord, please take my life for me. Where was better for me to die than to live. And the Lord said is a way for you to be angry and Jonah went out of the city and sat down east of the city. I made apples from self there. He sat under it in the shade waiting to see what would become of the city.

No, you can't give me money. rabbit Bojo out All About Pets

And you know what? You're going to want to come up here and take over the service.

Not a free-for-all karaoke bar, okay.

It was just all the way to ripen So Far Away by Jose Andres Torres Spotify. Just wanted to text you to help us to answer these questions. Show me the story of Jonah the beginning of the story of Jonah and the big fish that many do not know the end just show me is what he will be wiser. He's not the Jeremiah he is not here. He is a cautionary tale for those who read it. Who is Jonah is your is your white cousin 2nd Kings and he tells us that God knows he has God and he knows his heart. He knows the law. You should have been Salvatore servant of God. And so what does this show even do at the beginning when we really appreciate it. Louis chapter 1 Jonah is a flash by God to get a little bit just to tell them to repent of their ways follow God or face destruction. Naturally, he runs away not a good start for a servant of God. Not only is Joyner not run away. But he goes as far as possible way from where God wanted him to go. You can imagine it in your mind. Nineveh is in modern methods in modern-day Iraq, and they say tarshish. Is he the west of Italy and Spain? So he went the opposite of the Known World from where God wanting to go? All right, so we know what happens next, right? He hops on a boat God's in the storm. It upsets all the sailors. And they tossed Jenna overboard. The storm stops and Jonah get swallowed by a gigantic fish. for some reason God Believes In Jonah enough to send a fish to retrieve him. And after 3 days and Jonah praying to God for rescue Jonah was vomited on the land and God again calls Jonah to Nineveh and journal listens. Finally after all this time. He finally listens when he gets to Nineveh Jonah starts proclaiming what God asked him to do. He goes into the City and he tells them to a pinch of their ways or else destruction will befall them. Not at this time was a large city. It was the capital of the Assyrian army, and it was very very important and it was so large it took three days to cross it. No, Julie, Jonah only had to go or maybe he would would only go we don't really told he had to go a day's walk in to Nineveh. That's all it took and we were told the people begin to repent the king of Nineveh himself decreed that all people repent and cry out to God so their city will be saved from destruction. And this is where we begin our text was looking for Street in Fall along with me Jonah 3:10 when God saw what they did. How they turn from their evil ways God changed his mind about the Calamity that he had said he would bring upon them and he did not do it. God called Jonah to Mission and he successfully completed that mission. Because of that people started praising God the kind of celebrate right? Like I did it. Not for Jonah. Let's see what he says the next verse but this is very displeasing to Jonah and he became angry. You confused you have every right to be why would I be angry if one is Israelite people were bitter enemies of the Assyrians. We see in 2nd Kings 19 that the syrians were Fierce and cruel Nation who showed a little Mercy to those they conquered in for another. Where's that we can see here that straight up.

Do you want to see why God's grace and mercy would even be extended to them? And this is the very reason Jonah fled from God's instruction at the very beginning and verse to he tells us. Oh Lord, is it not be so he prayed to the Lord and said, oh lord. It's not this what I said while I was still in my own country. That is why I flooded tarshis at the beginning for I knew that you were gracious. God is merciful slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and ready to roll in from punishing. We see the Jonah pray to the Lord, but this is no Act of devotion. He simply is trying to Coral with God by praying was not this my setting God. Perhaps but enjoying his heart. He suspected the Jehovah God would save the ninevites if they repented Jonah new the heart of God enough that he believes his enemies will be saved because of God's character and that discussed Jonah his enemies. It is so abhorrent to Jonah then a verse 3 John to ask God. Please take my life for me for it is better for me to die than to live. He refuses to Live While his enemies have chosen to a pin. That's some hatred. We see a parallel of this with a great Prophet Elijah in 1st Kings 19, but unlike Jonah Elijah did it because he was so dejected. Elijah was zealous for God and did whatever he could anything to get the Israelites to repent from their wickedness. And what are the Israelites do while they threw down the altars of God and they kill the prophets. Elijah runs away because he was fearful for his life and he's utterly bereft and he cries at the gun to kill him because he is so much grief for failing him. Jonah on the other hand didn't succeed. He was successful in his mission and he still asks to be killed. Jonah could not bear to see the love of God which as he thought was promised to Israel alone bestowed equally upon these heathens depressors. Jonah wanted to dictate where God's grace flowed and he would rather die than to this done for the Assyrians. No, God, like any parent attempts to bring Jonah to send his memory of who he is and the Lord says for you to be angry. Another way of saying this will be are you justified by your hatred? Is this really your response? Don't know Jonas verbal response if there even was one. We see inverse spy that he behaves like a small child and he pouts verse 5 says then Jonah went out of the city and set down east of the city and made a booth for himself there. He sat under it in the shade Wing to see what will become of the city. Germans have a pity party. He's not getting his way. He's not got the city and regardless of God's decision. Jonah was still hoping and waiting. He built himself. He's waiting for Destruction is like a child waiting for a bully to get what's coming to him.

but destruction Never Comes at the end of this narrative after John has been waiting then the story ends abruptly with the question for the here and Rita's of this word verse for 11. I should I not be concerned about Nineveh that great City in which there are more than a hundred and twenty thousand persons who do not know their right hand from their left and also many animals. That really is a question today should God not be concerned over fill in the blank. He created All Peoples and animals. All humans are God's children. Should he hard glorious? God not be concerned with them as well. History does not bode. Well for the Israelites as vessels of God's grace and Joan it was the Assyrians later become the Babylonians the medes Samaritan's Romans all enemies of Israel will be hated by the people loved by God. Israel was meant to be the example to others. Example of the steadfast love and grace of God. They were the first to receive it the first to get a blessing for a reason they were the moral examples. I was in first grade. They had this kind of program where they gave you is really horrid poop brown vest in a rotation to kids who be good example of how to behave on the playground. It was a privilege.

Regardless of whether me the first grader can even grasp this concept the time I got to where it was a time when another kid decide to pick on one of my friends and it was in the winter. So I have a coat on I forgot I was wearing this ugly Brown vest of upstanding moral playground behavior and I straight-up deck the kid. And when my very angry parent arrive to collect me, I took off my coat and whoops. I was wearing the brown vest. Israel was set apart to be an example. What you see is real hope it's hot on the promise that they alone were God's people and we got expanded that give they could not handle it. They were possessive Little Grace there was never there right to selfishly. Withhold from other nations. Jonah was the same way as that passion that video. I'm a man of God. I have the qualifications and they should not be extended. Grace take them out.

That is the heart of Jonah.

We see the culmination of this expansion of God's grace through the work of Jesus Christ. He came to Proclaim that God's grace was for all people. people who turn from their ways repent and follow him and because of this Proclamation And Israel's great selfishness. They killed them. They could not take his words of Grace for all people. The truth will not be defeated by death. We know this the grace of God came for all people. Anyway, Jesus Is Not Dead We believe that in our hearts and by his sacrifice and Resurrection all who repent and believe will find God's grace. Regardless of their nationality their race their previous beliefs or failings. They have the grace of God. In the story of Jonah in the work of Jesus and if you look at the narrative Arc of the entire Bob the tire Bible we see one main Truth The Heart Of God is reconciliation. That's not the cyclical story of humanity. We mess up God provides a way. God's people continue to fail and he finds a way for us. We fall in the garden and he brings us out. We continue to fail he brings Jesus his son the ultimate sacrifice. Heart Of God is our reconciliation with him. And that has me quite evident in Jonah. Not only did God want to reconcile Jonathan self to the big fish. He went out and got them with a large fish. But he the entire Syrian Nation a nation of heathens. The funny thing is in the story of Jonah that there aren't more heathens that come to know God despite Jonas families the sailors play overboard cuz the storm stopped the entire city of Nineveh despite his hatred and longing for their destruction.

I was raising a trick community that felt like a family. I knew everyone from the time I was born. I knew everyone we ate together frequently. Sometimes I feel like every Sunday. And I would have considered them extension to my family my uncles and grandparents and cousins. These were my people we were very much like in Israel. Yet when the church split when I was in 9th grade, I never saw the majority of them again. What's some family that killed me for the longest time for ten years after this? Why would God have done this? I was angry like John of God. Until I realized that God did not orchestrate this the people did my family and the other families. They could not have Grace for one another but cannot see past people's differences and their past mistakes. We are all members of one body. We believe in the same Lord. And get this experience of mine change my life forever changed the people of this church forever. My parents still refused to attend church. I have no idea where half the people are anymore.

So what Have We Become? Ice people who claim to follow Christ. How often do we resemble Jonah? And regularly it's not even to people who don't believe we put on Christ. We are really great for visitors. Other those in the body of Christ, that is abhorrent. The American Church reflects more the heart of Jonah then the heart of God. It's a people unable to look at the grace of God working in the life of a fellow worshippers that was evidence of their. We are so stuck on people's past that we forget about God's grace for them right now in the present. That's over the exact things that God would condemn us for Jonah was angry that these heathens were showing Grace because they were heathens. He hated then when he had just finished running side of the world from God a man who was raised knowing him and clearly knew his heart better better than they even got In fact, I can probably argue that there is more grace for the ninevites for those who don't know better. We know that they didn't know their right hand from their left.

We associate people with their circumstances. Instead of standing with Christ. Once we hear once we know someone's life story. We associate them with that story there named we have a name from that we mark them. Oh, this is so and so he was once a thief.

Or this is another so and so they were an adulterer.

It is no difference than Jonah and the ninevites he knew their story. He had experiences with them and they were marked for the beginning. He liberated from the get-go. These are the Assyrians in Jonah's who murdered and pillage his people. It is so easy to point the fingers at others but not against ourselves. How many times did the Israelites on the Assyrians in the same way? We are so quick to point fingers at the thieves that he even the adulterers and the Sinners when we should look back at the times that we have been two thieves that we have been the heathens the adulterous and we know that we all have been the sinners. This is why God ask Jonah and should I not be concerned about Nineveh? That great City in which there are more than a hundred and twenty thousand persons who do not know their right hand from their left and also many animals. Are we a people that you learn for Scandal and separation instead of salvation? Because our checks today outlines characteristics of a man who did not want salvation. I'll tell you now that each of you you look into your own heart and see those places where you can form more to the heart of Jonah. the name of God and if you find that you don't come out the other side clean you aren't alone. This is the major stumbling block of the American Church. You can walk into worship Gatherings. I've seen it and you feel the division. You feel Strife people who are dogged and beaten like a polyp on a casket. I'd like to think the Jonah came to senses that he marked down from his pity party and welcome. The Assyrians is brothers and sisters. We know God can do it. He can change Hearts, but it came down to John's response to our response. We still have a choice. And this is the beauty of the Book of John. That's why my favorites not because of the message but because it's a choose-your-own-adventure unlike any of the book of the Bible. We are left to decide for ourselves the ending of this narrative. We don't know. And we are Ashton turn to respond to God's question in verse 11.

If there are people in your life that you have treated like Jonah trees and then invites it's a time to repent now. The appropriate responses to ask forgiveness from God and from each other. The people of God in America must like Jonah waiting for destruction of others.

Need to stop refusing to extend God's grace to other believers. Otherwise as in the case with Israel and their captivity they were carted off in the end destruction will come upon us 30 begun in Europe. And adults. I have a very important message for you today. Look at these kids look these teams in this room.

We are the example for them. Today, I will be the first to say that I would do anything. CDs kids not experience the same thing that I went through a family ripped apart. What's the worst time of my life? These people in this room are your family. We are all Brothers and Sisters in Christ. We have been adopted into the fold into the grace of God. members of one body let us not be like Jonah who reject the response of God's grace and repentance of others. But instead let's be models for the kids the models of Grace for all people. And this is the time to respond cuz we've all failed. We've all sinned and fall short of the glory of God and we will be can improve that's the heart of God.

We could be more like Jesus right now that we have them before. The perfect model for us has been said Jesus is there and we can follow him more closely. So, how are you going to treat those around you better this morning? And continue in Ford. How do you wake up everyday and say I'm going to do forget about the past and remember God's grace for them right now. is spirit of God begin the healing process not only in this church, but in The Dalles in America Sprint Lord God you

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