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3rd Person Narrative from Luke's perspective

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The Son of God

Luke Introduces himself:
You might have heard my name a few times in the Bible. (ask the audience).
Have you read the Gospel of Luke?
What about Acts?
My name is Luke,
I am a doctor, You can call me Dr. Luke.
not like Dr. Neely, Dr. Thresher, I am not a PhD, I graduated through Medical school of Rome. I am a physician which in Greek it means 'one who heals'. It was more like a family tradition, my father was a doctor, it is natural for me to follow his steps.
Many people thought I was one of the twelve disciples, but I am not. Actually, I have never met Jesus personally. However, I worked very closely with Paul on his ministry trips. We are good friends.
Even though I am not one of the disciples, yet, the Holy Spirit empowered me and give me visions to see many things that had happened in Jesus’ time.
There are so many stories that I knew about Jesus, But, there is one, one story I really can’t forget, that was a great miracle, a prophecy, a life changing experience!
Here is what I wrote: (read transfiguration)
Summarize Context
During fifteenth year of the reign of Caesar, Pontius Pilate being governor of Judea, and Herod Antipas being Ruler of Galilee[1]. he is the one who beheaded John the Baptist.
When Herold heard the miracles Jesus did on Jairus’s daughter which Rev. Ed was preaching last week. and he is confused about who Jesus really is.
Some say he is Elijah
Some say John had been raised from the dead.
One of the old prophets had risen.
Who is Jesus?
I remember before Jesus was going to Jerusalem. While Jesus ministered to people at Galilee, He secretly told the twelve disciples that He was going to die, and rise again on the third day.
However, nobody really understood what he meant…
Story (Body)
Eight days Later, Many of his disciples are still confused by what he said.
The sun is going down, it is getting darker outside. I can see the lamps are lit, smell the oil burning from the lamp. In a house, Jesus is having dinner with his disciples.
They are finishing up the dinner, Jesus stands up and says to John, Peter, and James, “let’s go to the mountain and pray.” The three disciples are kind of tired from the long day of ministry with Jesus. They are thinking, again? We are really tired Jesus. Can’t we just take a break? As they were thinking, Jesus puts his shoes on and starting to walk towards the door.
It does not seem that they have a choice. All three of them following Jesus out of the door Walking towards the mountain. Going through the village, It is about a few miles from the house to the mountain.
Peter, John and James are exhausted from the walk. Wondering in their mind what does Jesus bring them this time. An hour later, They are finally at the top of the mountain. Jesus kneels down and lifts his hands, starts to pray. Peter, James, and John kneeling on other side too, trying to pray. On this side, Jesus is focusing on the prayer. On another side, the disciples seems pretty focus too. (Step more closely), you know what they are doing? I thought Peter was saying Amen and nodding! (act struggle and trying to stay awake, nodding).
As Jesus is praying, and the disciples are sleeping. Suddenly, there was a great white light shining from where Jesus is. The light was so bright.
The face of Jesus looked different! Almost as when Moses’ face were shining after he had seen God. It was the glories light shining from Jesus. And it is brighter!
Look! His face, and close, his whole body is shining with white light!
Wait! There is more! Jesus is not the only one there! Looks like He is talking with two people!
NO, NO, NO! that can’t be! That can’t be them! It is Moses and Elijah! The bright light is bouncing off of Moses and Elijah’s face too.
Shhhh! What are they talking about… (one hand on the ear, try to listen to the conversation).
Exodus… Redemption… death… 3rd day… salvation at Jerusalem…
On the other side, Peter, James, and John. Wakes up to the bright light! They see two people talking to Jesus in his glory. However, they have no idea what they are talking about. Because they missed that part when they were asleep.
As Peter stands up and try to listen
Elijah and Moses are walking away from Jesus, ready to leave.
Peter jumped up trying to stop them and said to Jesus: “Master, it is good that we are here. Let us make three tents, one for you and one for Moses and one for Elijah”
Luke’s comment: (He does not know what he is talking about, he does not know that Jesus is going to die on the cross and rise again on the 3rd day. accomplish the salvation plan to save the world ).
Just as Peter was saying this, a bright white cloud came covered them, they screamed and so scared of the cloud. They all get down on the ground covers their faces and trembling.
They hears this voice from the cloud loud and clear:
“This is my Son, My Chosen one; listen to Him!”
As soon as the voice stopped, they look up, only Jesus was standing there!
All three disciples know, Jesus is the Son of God! They need to listen to Him!
That’s what changed my life.
Why did I write this?
This is why!
Listen to Jesus! Because He is the Son of God. Listen to Jesus! Because He is the Son of God!
- He is above the Law, above Moses
- He is above the Prophet Elijah
- He is the Son of God, God commanded us to listen to him.
I want to tell you guys, the seminarians at Moody Theological Seminary, you need to listen to Jesus!
When somebody cuts you off in traffic, you are so angry really wanted to cut the off just to get it even.
Jesus preaches, “Love your enemies; do not hate!” (; ).
Listen To Him
When you are serving in the church, facing tensions with interpersonal relationships, you feel like it is too complicated for you. People are so hard to serve, they always complain no matter what you do. You just wanted to quit.
Jesus reminds us, “You must become like a child to enter the kingdom” ().
Listen To Him
When you feel drowning in the water of discouragement, despair, unappreciation, frustration, or anger.
The many stories and healings of Jesus teach us, “Have faith; it is enough”
Listen To Him
How are you going to listen to him?
[1] The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2016). (). Wheaton, IL: Crossway Bibles.
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