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Did God really create the universe?

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In a very real sense, the Book of Genesis is the most important book in the world, For it is the very foundation upon which all other 65 books of God written Word have been based.

   If we want to understand the New Testament, we first need to understand Genesis. The New Testament contains at least 200 direct quotations or clear illustrations to events described in Genesis-more than from any other book in the Old Testament.

   All the great doctrines of Christianity-sin, atonement, grace, redemption, faith, justification, salvation, and many others-are first encountered in Genesis. The special creation of all things by the eternal, self-existent God-is revealed in the very first chapter of Genesis, The foundation of all foundations.

   Once you understand this, it is hardly surprising, that the greatest attacks on the Bible have been directed against the integrity and authority of Genesis. Since the only alternative to creation is evolution, these attacks are all ultimately based on evolutionism, the assumption that this complex universe can somehow be explained apart from the infinite creative power of God.

 Before we get started I want to give a little background on the authorship of Genesis. It is argued the there were 2 writers who wrote the creation account in Genesis 1 and 2, based on the different names used for God on these chapters.

      From Genesis, however, there is a real substance to the documentary idea, In fact it seems very likely that Moses was the compiler and editor (per say) of a number of earlier documents, written by Adam and other descendents, after all, the events in Genesis took place long before Moses was born. It is reasonable that Adam and his descendents all knew how to write and therefore keep records of their own times. (for instance in ch 5:1 speaks of the book of generations of Adam) probably kept on stone or clay tablets, and probably handed down from father to son until they were finally acquired by Moses. Then Moses compiled them into the book of Genesis. Genesis is still considered as one of the books of Moses since the present form is due to him, but it really records the eye witness records of the creation of time, as written by Adam, Noah, Shem, Isaac, Jacob, and other descendents.

   The Hebrew word for “generations” (toledoth) was translated in the Septuagint Greek by the Greek word genesis which as we know translates to ( the beginning).

  In summary, we can be absolutely confident that the events described in Genesis are not merely ancient legends or religious mumbow jumbo, but actual eyewitness accounts of the places, events and people of those early days of earth history, written by the men who were there.


   Now with that being said please turn with me to Genesis 1:1


The History of Creation

1     In the beginning  God created the heavens and the earth. 2 The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.

3  Then God said,  “Let there be light”; and there was light. 4 And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. So the evening and the morning were the first day.

In the 1:1 says “In the beginning  God created” This is probably the first words ever written down either by Adam or written directly by God Himself. One who really believes Genesis 1:1 will have no problem believing the rest of the scripture. God or {Elohim}is eternal, existing before the universe. Therefore nothing is impossible with God, and He alone gives meaning to everything. No attempt is made in this verse to prove God; it was recorded in the beginning when no one doubted God.

Vs 1:1 says God created: No other reference, whether in ancient paganism or modern naturalism even mentions the absolute origin of the universe. All begin with space/time/mater and universe already existing in a primeval state of chaos, then they attempt to speculate how it might have evolved into its present form.

     Modern evolutionism begins with basic particles of matter evolving from nothing in a “big bang” and developing through natural forces into complex systems.

   Pagan pantheism also begins with basic matter in various forms evolving into complex systems by forces of nature personified as different gods and goddesses. But the concept of the special creation of the universe of space and time itself is found nowhere in all religion or philosophy, ancient or modern, except here in Genesis 1:1

Genesis 1:1 records the creation of space ( the Heaven), of time (“in the beginning”) and of matter (“the earth”) Some please understand the tri-universe, space/time/matter which makes up our physical environment was created by the triune Godhead, Father/Son/Holy spirit.

  The existence of the creator and the necessity of a special creation of the universe is confirmed by the most basic principles of nature discovered by scientist.

 The laws of thermodynamics are the most universal and best proven generalizations of science, it is applicable to any and every process and system of any kind.

   The first law stating that no matter or energy is now being created or destroyed.

   The 2nd law stating: that all existing matter and energy is going forward irreversibly toward ultimate destruction. Now since this eventual death of the universe has not occurred and since it will occur in time, if this continues, the 2nd law proves that time/space/matter had a beginning. The universe must have been created. In order to have an end, you must first have a beginning. So the big bang theory of it all started from nothing and then rapidly expanding into the present complex universe contradicts both these basic laws and Scripture.    

V2  “And the earth”: Evolutionist and certain theologians proposed a long gap in time between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. The gap theory, however, requires a worldwide catastrophe at the end of the geological ages, in order to account for the globally flooded and darkened earth described in Genesis 1:2. However the gap theory is self-defeating geologically. The geological age system (which is the necessary framework for modern evolutionism) is based entirely on the principle of uniformitarianism. A form of pagan religion which denies any such worldwide catastrophe ever happened.

V1:2 was without form, and void. The verb “was” in Hebrew is being  and does not denote a change of state. It only rarely is translated “became ruined and desolated” as the gap theory proposes. The King James translation “was without form and void” is the proper meaning

1:2 “was upon the face of the deep” the universe, as first called into existence by God was still unformed and unenergized, not ready for life yet. It would not be perfect until God said “it is very good”. The earth was suspended in a vast of water “the deep” and darkness.

1:2 “And the Spirit…..moved. The Spirit of God started to move upon the face of the waters, Waves of gravitational energy and waves of electromagnetic energy began to pulse forth from the great breath.

1:3 “God said”  So now the Word of God speaks in v1:3. The result is light, the energizing of the universe through a marvelous electromagnetic force which maintains all structure and processes in matter. I say this so you can see the complex world God made. These varied energies include not only visible light, but also short wave radiations, ultraviolet, x-rays, infrared, radio waves, as well as heat, sound, electricity and so on. Light , the most basic form energy, is mentioned specifically, but it’s existence implies the activation of all forms of energy. Light was not created, since God Himself dwells in light. Before God created the sun, moon , stars etc, He was light.

 So as I rap this up I want us to look at Darkness in v4: Most of the visible light rained down from space and further. The newly form earth now begins to rotate on its axis which gives us Night and Day, which has continued ever since.

 I’m going to stop there for today, my point with all this is I hope you walk away today knowing that none of this just happened. It is to complex, to well thought out and pain stakenly planned.        

  Just in the first 4 verses we can clearly see with out a doubt that the earth had a intelligent designer. I  plan on spending several more weeks in this subject and I hope you invite someone to church to hear and be educated in the fact of creation, because a evolutionist best friend is a uneducated Christian. 

   Satan wants you to believe that the bible is a hoax and none of it is real, but I want you to know here today. That every word in this book, is nothing but the Gods honest truth. And you can bet your life on it!!!!!!!!!!

So as we stand and sing If God is dealing with you today, just step out and I will come to you and we’ll pray. If you are looking for a bible believing, God fearing Scripture preaching church, well look know further, If God is leading you to join His family and ours then come on. What ever the reason, you come today. As we sing

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