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Wedding | Arnold-Kishtock

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Wedding Ceremony for Emily and Christian

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Jeremiah, Christian and Groomsmen take their places
Bridal party enters
Emily and Dad enter
Dad hands off Emily to Christian

Opening Prayer

Let’s Pray together: Thank you God for this wedding day, Thank you for the opportunity we have to be part of this special day, thank you for the chance to celebrate this marriage late into the night, thank you for the moments we’ll all have today to see old friends, make new ones and laugh along the way. Thank you god for love that already fills this place because of who you are. Thank you that we all get to be part of the marriage of two of your favorite people, Christian and Emily. I ask you to bless this ceremony and the resulting marriage. I pray all we do here in this space would bring you glory. I ask that you would bring many years of favor and health to the friends and family who are present sharing their time, love and support with these two amazing people. We turn our attention to you first in prayer as a sign of honor and worship and ask for your peace and blessing on today’s ceremony. Amen.

Welcome and Introduction

no really everybody take a deep breath, these are the moments we don’t want to rush.
My name is Jeremiah, I have the honor to marry this beautiful couple today and we have been talking about this day for a while so I’m glad you’re all here to celebrate with us. On behalf of the Bride and Groom I just want to welcome you and thank you for being present and supporting them today.
This wedding is a special one, I mean every wedding is special right!? But this one is special and unique in a way that has me even a little emotional as I speak (write) these words. Christian and Emily, from the very beginning of our conversations about compatibility and strengths have made it clear that they wanted their relationship and today’s ceremony to feel authentic and natural. Their hope is that today would be a day of authentic vulnerability and true words spoken from the heart. today we will hear verses, poems and vows, we will see Christian and Emily exchange rings, we will even see two names become one, ALL done with a deep and intentional desire for clarity and authenticity. You will not see rituals that do not have meaning to these two but only those things that they have deemed theirs. the words they speak to one another are from their hearts to each other and without reservation.

We all still good? ("I do’s”)

*now turning my attention to Christian and Emily*
How are you guys doing? We still good? great, let’s do this.
We’ve spoken a lot over the past 6 months about what marriage is and what marriage isn't so none of this will come as a surprise to you but for the sake of clarifying whats at stake today I want to remind everyone what marriage is. Marriage
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