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Good, Good Father

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God is the loving father able to take care of us.


Please Listen Carefully

When calling a doctor or another office, you’ve probably heard it; perhaps you’ve wondered why they’re still saying it
Want two things
A person who cares, who can understand your need and have compassion
A person who is able to handle your situation

A Model For Prayer

Last 2 weeks:
We can approach God
We respond to God, we respond better when we know God
The next several weeks we base our investigation of prayer on the most famous prayer: the Lord’s prayer

Our Father...

Jesus opens prayer in recognition of the One to whom we pray
Jesus helps us understand that God desires to have a relationship
Prayer should be a familiar meeting with a loving parent

…in Heaven

The Father is able to handle our prayers
With power
With wisdom
We have confidence in prayer because God is the loving father who is able to take care of us
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